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Gabourey Sibide is Purplicious Pretty

Gabourey Sibide is Purplicious Pretty

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe attends “The MOMA Film Benefit: A Tribute To Tim Burton” at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Tuesday (November 17).

The 26-year-old rising star has been promoting her film with appearances at The Late Show with David Letterman and the Governor’s Awards.

Affectionately known as “Gabby” to her friends, she was born in Brooklyn Bed-Stuy (New York City) and grew up in Harlem. She has just finished her next film, Yelling to the Sky, which co-stars Zoe Kravitz.

More pictures inside of Gabourey Sibide getting purplicious pretty…

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gabourey sidibe purple pretty 01
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 02
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 03
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 04
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 05
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 06
gabourey sidibe purple pretty 07

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • Ilia


  • coco

    Go Gabby! Great actress. Talented girl.

  • g!na

    Beautiful confident woman & great actress!!!!!!! pure talent and not a celebrity kid who gets their acting jobs because of their famous parents! Gabby is a regular person who got her acting part because of her talent! Nothing handed to this young girl.

  • Sav.

    Looking gorgeous! God bless.

  • Khristinne

    Far from being racist or hating fat people, but i noticed something in comments about this lady. Everybody is nice and positive , wich is not bad , but why people are sooo mean when they see good looking and slender girls! a possible answer is that people are happy when they see someone looks worst then them.

  • IluvUuLuvMe

    Barney called, he wants his. . . oh, you get the picture. Hahaha!!!

  • toni

    being overweight doesn’t mean looking worst; this girl is appreciated for being talented first of all; all those ladies who are considered to be beautiful are critized not because of their beauty, but because they pretty often show a superficial attitude towards life in general

  • ****

    I realise a party isn’t a party unless it has “pigs in a blanket” but this is overdoing it a bit.

  • Kate

    Someone needs to get this girl a makeup artist…her face is too shiny!

  • haha

    Grimace where is Ronald?

  • Paul

    This Gabourey Sibide lady is a walking heart attack waiting to happen IMO.

  • ck_always

    What the hell …she’s wearing my curtains! LOL! Oh lawd …

  • fischerspooner

    fat,fat, ffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, fat… it’s sick

  • kim

    Gabourey honey you need a stylist ASAP ! ! There are ways to dress that please any body type, and you need help if you’re going to be promoting a movie.

    Look at Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah – c’mon girl get a stylist ! !

  • steph

    oh poor thing, her face it so greezy :(

  • Chelsea

    @LongIslandKid please learn how to pronunciate the right way before commenting on other people. And also so what if she’s fat or her face is greasy. People have got to stop commenting on the littlest things like this, and She’s a talented celebrity and that’s that.

  • aeg

    @Khristinne: I like that comment!

  • VNY

    It’s because she actually HAS talent is why people are so nice and admiring…whereas a lot of the ‘prettier’ people don’t. I DO think that jealousy of the prettier people does come into it sometimes, hence the mean comments. Also, Gabourey just seems like such a nice PERSON – perhaps that’s why people like her as well.

  • cainvx

    her name is Gabourey Sidibe, not Sibide. i think you just had a typo jared

  • Guy with no Girl Friend

    What is that disgusting blob? This is just plain putrid. I feel like i want to throw up.Yuck!!!!!!!!
    She looks like she has her own gravitational pull.
    Seriously guys are not attracted to these kind of women, if she is one.
    *looks under hood….finds a cows vag*na. Mooooooooooo…………………..
    She is a boner shrinker. Lose weight or GTFO of Hollywood.
    Give me more Hot skinny women in good physical shape and a good body, i need to get my fap…fap…fap… on.

  • Anne

    Don’t be cruel to this poor girl. I guess it takes guts to go to hollywood where even the fat character’sin movies wear fat suits. I will give her that.

  • Preach

    She looks Nice! Who says she isn’t trying to lose weight?

  • ck_always

    @VNY: You’re just another ignorant bandwagon riding reader. You probably didn’t even know this girls name less than a year ago, stop preaching world peace. She did one movie which probably 95% of JJ’s readers haven’t even seen and are just spreading the same ole hoopla throughout the grapevine.

    Jealousy has nothing to do with it. Sure, she’s probably talented and got lucky with a ‘successful’ starting movie which is going to boost her career. Unfortunately for her, it’s not going to take off anytime soon because someone of her weight and look are not going to make millions and attract more viewers. Hate it or love it, that’s realistic and Hollywood is about profiting. Yes, she is confident, but she also keeps making stupid fashion choices. She does need a stylist and then some if she’s going to keep trying to stand out in public like she has recently. Being proud of who or what you are is great, but think about how you’ll be perceived in all eyes ..not just the eyes you wish existed.

  • liverwurst

    I think she’s actually lost a little weight already. I hope so, she seems lovely and deserves to live a nice, long healthy life : ]

  • Memei

    Who ever is her stylist is really not doing right by her. They should dress her in more neutral/dark colours not things like this. Such a pretty girl and they her making her look clownish. Oh well

  • Iman

    I know! That is was I was thinking! She looks gorgeous but is in some serious need for some blotpowder!

  • Tom

    She will be on Celebrity fit club in a few years.

  • **JAMIE**



  • Shurly


    Are you sure EVERYBODY is nice and positive ? Because from what I’ve read so far, it’s the contrary !! They’re even meaner to her than to skinny wannabe stars !!

  • troll

    as a member of the Troll Union I have to say this is just too easy of a target, it couldn’t be much fun bashing her

  • VNY

    Um, did you read my comment properly?? Preaching world peace?! All I said was that maybe people take a liking to her because SHE seems like humble, level-headed girl. And that the ‘prettier’ celebs who people hate on are probably being hated on because they ARE more attractive – therefore people are jealous of them. I never said anybody was jealous of Gabourey. And yeah, I do think she will have a hard time in Hollywood…judging by some of the comments already surrounding her. BTW, I saw Precious and I thought she was outstanding – ignorant, I am not.

  • Lex

    No “they” are not.
    Katie Holmes has cankles (word I learned here), treetrunks, etc…
    “They” are mean to everybody. :-)
    It’s not necessary to call Gabourey names, but she does look really horrible.
    Another sleeveless dress, with those arms.
    And again the fabric and cut of the dress show all the fat on her belly.
    I just don’t get it.
    She doesn’t have to be a size 00 but she should get some advise on how to dress.

  • nea

    I don’t know who she is, I don’t know if she’s talented or not, but she doesn’t look attractive or healthy, that’s just a fact. But I wouldn’t judge her, maybe she has a condition, maybe her thyroid isn’t working properly or something else. She looks very positive, so I hope she’ll get healthier. A lot of people have weight issues, but it’s not really the same if you’re 10-20 pounds or 100 pounds overweight.

    And I’m always jealous of skinny celebrities, clothes just look amazing on a body like theirs :P

  • Shurly

    Lex, whatever dress she wears, you’ll hear somebody talking about curtains. And I agree that it’s absolutely NOT necessary to insult her. Saying “pig in a blanket” “disgusting blob” “plain putrid” “bone shrinker” ??? Really ? I’m sure she’d rather people say she has cankles !!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l




    Gross ugly b.i.t.c.h.

    I bet she smells like urine and j.i.z.z.

  • mary

    Please quite hating on this young lady. She is her own person, if she feels happy in her own skin, than let her be.

  • Whamo

    She looks like she’s going to explode!!!!
    Give me a break people. She’s fat & ugly and will never have another part in a HW movie because….She’s fat and ugly!!
    Say all you want about how confident she is bla bla bla…I cant even look at this hideous creature without wanting to hurl!!!!

  • Whamo

    Mary # 38 I can pretty much guarantee she ain’t happy in her own skin.

  • ohno

    Who’s advising this young lady on her look? Someone is having a laugh at her expense. It’s not funny. It’s abuse. First, get rid of the freaking wig, then sort out the shiny face and last, but by no means least….. more flattering outfits! This is torture!

  • yeah

    She’s got the talent so that’s the most important thing and as long as she’s healthy who cares. Now if she’s not then just get healthy.

  • Lex

    I know, the insults I’ve read are sometimes pretty bad.
    But does anyone care how hard it must be for Katie Holmes to hear about cankles and treetrunks all the time when she is clearly working out like hell to be in good shape.
    Not that I’m a fan of hers, really, don’t get me wrong…
    All I wanted to say is that everybody gets quite harsh comments here, even the beauties (or wannabe).
    So If Gabourey wants to start a carreer in this business, she’d better get used to it.
    There is no way to protect her from it, nor should she be spared when all the others get comments for details (cankles, a touch of cellulite, botox,…)
    Loose weight would be a good idea for her health, but in the meantime she should dress better.

  • minnie

    # 42- what an idiot comment

    What does it have to do with talent? Why is talent the most important thing? And you think she is healthy? OmGosh! Being morbidly obese is NOT healthy. She is a walking heart attack about to happen.

    She needs to lose weight and in the meantime…get a personal wardrobe person to help. Those massive ham shanks of arms need to be covered. It’s so nauseating to look at !

  • edna

    Leave her alone! She’s probably wearing so many dresses now and sometimes it is hard to find the perfect fit, she will learn and do better as she does more acting work and gets more fame. Jennifer Hudson wasn’t the most stylish at first and now she improved a lot, the same with Queen Latifah. Most of us like good movies, not the same repetitive stories and taht’s why we like her. Maybe her face is too shinny, but that’s a little mistake and flashes captures every little detail. Much success to her!

  • Not healthy

    I’m sure she’s a good actress and she may be a very nice person. But really, how can anyone honestly say she’s beautiful? She’s not just ‘curvaceous’ or even ‘chubby’ – she’s drastically overweight, which is very unhealthy – for her. I think it would be far kinder for people who care about this girl to tell her the ‘truth’ and encourage her to lose that weight now while she’s relatively young and resilient. If not, she’s in for a very unhealthy future. As for physical beauty, there COULD be a pretty girl underneath all those excess pounds – but we’ll never know until she loses them.

  • Dottie

    To Gabby: You need to stop letting friends and family from the hood dress you. Ms. O needs to take this girl under her wing. Or any other large black star. Just think of all the really order large black stars on TV at this time. Please, one of you step up and help Gabby. They need to give her some motherly advise about what to do and who to hire to do her makeup, style her hair, dress her properly, etc. With the right help, give Gabby 6 months, she’ll find her own style and we should see great improvement in that time frame even if she doesn’t lose any weight. Last resort, get on What Not To Wear.

  • francesca

    she’s very talented
    and that’s all that should matter

  • @kim

    Maybe she can’t afford a stylist. She was plucked out of obscurity and paid very little for this role in Precious. Not every actor has the means to buy advice and appropriate clothing.

  • lennie

    I don’t know her but I assume that she is talented girl. way to go for that. But it’s just a shame that she is too overweigheted. I hope that success will make her able to take care of her health. It’s sad to see a 26 year old woman looking like 50. Really.

  • scifa

    Godsmacked! Her body is crying out for help. Action is required.