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Gerard Butler: Bloodshot Eyes!

Gerard Butler: Bloodshot Eyes!

Gerard Butler shows off a red, bloodshoot eye as he signs autographs outside London’s Capital Radio on Wednesday (November 18).

Poor Gerry!!!

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor celebrated the November 27th release of his new movie, Law Abiding Citizen at London’s Soho Hotel.

Other pictures include Gerry surfing through the perfect storm in the latest issue of L.A. Signature Magazine.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler‘s bloodshot eye

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gerard butler bloodshot eyes 01
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 02
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 03
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 04
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 05
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 06
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 07
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 08
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 09
gerard butler bloodshot eyes 10

Credit: Dominick Guillemot; Photos: Dave M. Benett/Dave Hogan/Getty, INFdaily
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  • FRannie

    Erm… wasn’t he 40?? It says he’s 29. mmm

  • plez

    Looks like a small vein burst not bloodshot. But I do think he looks rough. Slow down GB you are not 20 anymore

  • behind us already

    Jared, we dealt with the long ago on the last thread – so slow!
    Its just another day on the LAC Disaster tour. YAWN

  • erin

    your headline reminded me of this…

    Oh, sweetheart, put the bottle down
    You’ve got too much talent
    I see you through those bloodshot eyes

  • Jihan S.

    Geez, that’s a little embarrassing. I still like them thought. :)

  • Jihan S.

    Typo! I still “LIKE HIM THOUGH!” (that’s even more embarrassing :)

  • Josie

    That’s the same eye he was stabbed in when he did Coriolanus on stage ages ago. Maybe that old injury was acting up?

  • Swansong

    It’s a broken blood vessel, not bloodshot eyes. People can get them when they’re under a lot of stress. I got one when my son was very ill in the hospital. Other than the ouchie in his eye, he looks great!


  • Darling

    Leave him alone. He’s exhausted and has been under a tremendous about of stress and pressure lately. Broken blood vessels happen all the time. He needs some much needed rest.

  • Mia

    He talked about it in one of the UK TV interviews.

    A blood vessel or vein burst in his eye while he was sleeping.

    JJ, shame for using ‘bloodshot.’ Bloodshot it’s not.

  • jules

    HOT! Those Signature Magazine pics are freaking hot…

  • Yank The Chain

    Gerry..U need some rest dude..His eye isn’t bloodshot..Broken small blood vessel..and yes, it is caused by stress etc…Take it easy my main man :)

  • Wow

    Those magazine pictures are beautiful. Now there’s the world’s sexiest man.

  • Josie Jay

    Great movie. Very cool dude

  • McK

    Takes a while for them to go away good thing he’s not shooting.

  • Bloody Eyed Monster

    Yes it does….about 10-15 days.

    Unfortunately for Gerry….as it stands right now – he is on the UNOFFICIAL list of men who will NEVER BE NAMED THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE by the magazine.
    This list is unofficial, like I said, but the men listed – speak volumes.
    Theyve all had wayyyy to many PR snafus and public perception of them is shot.
    Owen Wilson
    Vince Vaughn
    Jonathon Rhys Meyers
    Will Smith (could cross out but not anytime soon)
    Tom Cruise
    Gerard Butler
    Lance Armstrong
    Mickey Rourke
    John Mayer
    Ryan Philippe
    Alex Rodriguez
    Keith Urban
    Ben Affleck

  • Run from your Fans!

    How did Nick get invited to go with Gerry anyway. He’s like a barnacle.
    Ugh GO AWAY dude. You annoy the sh** out of us.

  • Mrs Gerard Butler!

    Dunno what everyone is talkin about! Look we’ve finally got to see Gerards red eye…….AWESOME!!!!! :o)

  • Gaga but not a Lady

    Why the fuuuukkk are people asking Gerry if he would do a 300 sequel???
    Sure, they COULD – if they could find a way to work around the fact that HE WAS DEAD AT THE END OF THE MOVIE.

  • blood vessel

    probably burst while he was taking a dump.

  • A Guide to Shanghai


  • Mrs Gerard Butfcuk!

    Ew his eye is really gross.

  • CDC

    “probably burst while he was taking a dump.”


  • Forget it!

    The fannies are going to come running any minute now to refute the very IDEA that Gerry takes dumps!
    Fram? Swan? Mia/Alphaba? GFW?

  • Seriously…

    I don’t think Gerard Butler is capable of choosing a decent film project.

  • From t m z…

    . ive seen him when the cameras arent on him and he isn’t ‘on’ for the clubgoers to gawk and marvel at and his pr team isn’t working overtime to make sure the paps get him and paint him as a dirtbag.
    (remember that model party in nyc: “dont take pics of me bc im looking at women”…um, that was for the benefit of the paps/journies. he knew that would make the papers, come on people think!)

    he’s laid back and silly but not obnoxious. its a smoke screen.
    and you all are falling for it.
    he isn’t perfect and loves pretty girls as much as the next guy, but he is mad busy, a nice guy and has said on more than one occasion he has a specific “type” that is as he has said “tough to find in one person but it’s there.”

    its all a man-made pr image. they wanted to create a ladies man/action star/someone everyone wanted and was a “bad boy.”

    problem is, they went overboard creating it and it backfired so now they are cleaning it up.

  • from t m z…

    57. I have to say that I think Gerard Butler’s conquests and manwhoring have been GROSSLY exaggerated for the purpose of creating a (stupid) lady-killer image around a rather lame and BORING dude.
    He does go out, he does flirt like a mofo (and good for him) – but he is honestly…kinda dull.
    Surprising, but true.

  • another new thread already

    two threads in three hours WTF

  • christine (WeHo)

    Is he trying to get a certain role..??
    Except for when he wore his traditional clothes on his b-day… he always looks AWFUL.
    Didnt ur mother teach u how to be groomed when u step out, Buttler?
    Even slums & jails have better groomed men.
    Sheesh! PICK UP A RAZOR.
    The unshaven, unwashed face look doesnt suit u at all.
    I can practically smell his nasty breath from here.
    He’s walking around like a crazy man… what’s the word for it in his mother tongue?


    How does Ted Casablancas get away with lying about EVERYTHING????
    I mean EVERYTHING?? He knows nothing about anyone!!!

    I hate his page – its Twilight lunacy and he makes sh** up at random. Its a mess!!!

  • p3rp3tu4

    “He ate my heart”

    that boy is a monster……..



    we love

  • required

    G said many times he wants a girl who is NICE, down to earth, funny and can take care of him. This pretty much eliminates half of the posters here who are down right NASTY. Yeah I am talking about you.

    People’s Mag is just a glorified tabloid and nothing special. Who the sexist man is is a matter of opinion. I don’t find Depp sexy at all. But People thinks he is, so be it.

    G is beastly sexy. Grrrr.


    I can practically smell his nasty breath from here.
    He’s walking around like a crazy man… what’s the word for it in his mother tongue?

  • STFU

    Its a teddy bear. JEEZ!!

    AND 32 – shut up, ok? Gerry talks a lot of sh&t. If you dont look like a black leggy model with a flat tummy you aint got a chance with this guy – i am 1000% serious.

    walk on

  • oy

    @required: If People is nothing special, why did you fangurlz nearly snap your fingers off voting for him repeatedly? If he had won you would have been praising People and spreading the word everywhere.

    Now you’re after the People’s Choice Award for him and will probably try to crash their server. If he doesn’t win, will you insult that one too?

  • bloodshot eye?

    Since when is a bloodshot eye “news” or even interesting?
    What is next? Gerry’s ingrown hair? Gerry’s hangnail?

    Good grief, I suppose Gerry’s next bowel movement will be newsworthy. I am so sick of this guy and his press.

  • hard sh-its

    Constipation does that to you eye. Gerry eat more fruit.

  • Fifi

    That’s not true. Gerry doesn’t only date black girls. He’s dated lots of white women and SOME black. Probably more white women.

  • yoda

    OMG, he looks like s h i t. My dad who is 55 looks younger than Gerry. I would say bad genes but his mum and sister looks young and great so I don’t know. Too much partying in his younger years perhaps.

  • just wondering

    I read that Gerry used to have a crush on Emma Griffiths and even asked her to be his date to the POTO premiere. Anyone know if they ever dated?
    Pic of Emma:

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues.

  • http:/ Stone

    Oh yeah, I like to see him try surfing through a perfect storm.

  • anon

    Gerry “dates” white sometimes for variety, but they never make it to girlfriend status. Go ahead and keep trying to tell yourself otherwise, but it doesn’t make it true. Gerry prefers women of color.

  • @anon

    @anon: I know for a FACT that what you are saying is untrue. Gerry has had many white girlfriends. It’s only the poor desperate ‘yay, a white man likes us!’ black women that are trying to tell themselves that he only likes black girls. The ONLY reason you think he prefers black over white is because he said ONCE that he likes black women, LIKES not PREFERS. There’s a difference, ya know. Gerry has also said that he LOVES Australian women, does that mean that he only date Aussies? LOL, I don’t think so.
    And also, the reason you’ve seen him with a black woman (Jasmine) and a SLIGHTLY black looking girl (Kristi), (I’m not even going to mention the multiracial but certainley not black looking Bianca) is because Gerry’s only become famous NOW. Did you see the girls he was with BEFORE 2006? Do you know the colour of each and everyone of them? NO, you don’t!!! So stop saying that you know something about him that you don’t simply based on paparazzi pics and ONE comment.

  • Beth

    @ Blood Eyed Monster
    Tom Cruise has actually already been named Sexiest Man Alive in 1990.

  • Jessica Play

    Maybe he has the Herp. Lots and too much partying!

  • oy

    @@anon: How do you know who he dates? Are you his bedroom goalie? If so, do you wear a full hazmat suit or just the face mask? Do you have to file reports with the CDC or the Census Bureau?

    It’s only the poor desperate ‘yay, a white man likes us!’ black women that are trying to tell themselves that he only likes black girls.
    Do you realize how racist this statement sounds? Considering most of Gerry’s fans look like contestants on The Biggest Loser, they might want to rethink dissing black women for, through no fault of their own, being Gerry’s preference.

  • oy

    @Beth: Yes, it will go down in history as the second Dark Age.

  • LuckyL

    He gets f****** creepier every f****** day

  • yeah

    I’ve wondered myself why most of Gerard’s fans are obese and over fifty. For example….at the Vegas convention, about ninety percent of the people there were AT LEAST one hundred pounds overweight.

    Just an observation.