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Rachel Bilson: J.Crew Holiday Shopping

Rachel Bilson: J.Crew Holiday Shopping

Rachel Bilson and a few of her gal pals — including Heroes star Kristen Bell and their stylist BFF Nicole Chavez — go on a little shopping spree at The Grove shopping center in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (November 18).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress stopped by California Chicken Cafe for lunch and went shopping at the Le Sportsac and J.Crew stores.

Rachel stepped out in her favorite studded See by Chloe boots, White + Warren cardigan and Ferragamo scarf.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting in a little J.Crew holiday shopping…

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rachel bilson jcrew 01
rachel bilson jcrew 02
rachel bilson jcrew 03
rachel bilson jcrew 04
rachel bilson jcrew 05
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rachel bilson jcrew 07
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rachel bilson jcrew 09
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Photos: INFdaily, Owen Beiny/WENN
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  • bob


  • sharon

    HMMMM someone commented on her acting career in the last thread I guess this is what they meant by acting (lol) maybe they should give a award for doing nothing …Oh I read in IN TOUCH mag that her and Hayden are taking a break that things where going to fast for her …maybe that explains why she and hasn’t been seen with him even though he HAS BEEN WORKING!!

  • haha

    does she get paid to shop?

  • sotrue

    I love her and her style but this is not a good outfit. Is the blond behind her Kristen Bell? I know that they are friends…

  • dollhouse

    wow here she is shopping again putting on her fake “i don’t want the paps follwing me” face even though SHE probably tipped them off

  • me

    what ugly legs on an ugly girl

  • coco

    Unemployed, coffee, shopping, my kind of peoples.

  • Dim lightbulb


    it’s called contractual arragement any couple be it together all the time or semi show more affection, and love then these two boobs ever would. Your right though she has shopping as a career and not b/c she is instyle editor which by the way is crap I never have a clue who she thinks can afford the designer shit she pressed out in that magazine.

    Breaking up with RB would do HC a world of good only he now seems to drug induced fool to understand he is being used badly by this press attention media whore. God the scarf and boots are horrid looking does she dress in a dark room or something.

  • liz

    jared why you stopped talking about her new movie? what happened? she does not leave the country and start shooting? I think you’re being paid to invent rumors too

  • jessica

    This girl spent the entire year going shopping and restaurants, it’s incredible, she is 28 old years and doing NOTHING. Must be horrible to be nobody, you feel a useless, I think Rachel is just this.

  • rb posts are always funny

    because you are all insane.

  • ivanka

    i dont understand why alll the haters? leave her alone, give me a reason?

    she dresses so well but those boots are a nay

  • grrrr!!!

    OMG… I really want to KILL her!!!

  • ahari

    Things were moving too fast for her? Are you efing kidding me? She must really be mentally challenged if only seeing your supposed “fiance” once every four months for less than 24 hours before he disappears for another four months is moving too fast. Please. This has gone beyond ridiculous.

  • reedley

    Short dresses/ MIni skirts are NOT really for her… it only enhances her being vertically challenged. She’s trying very very hard but still & obviously failing!

  • Jessica Play

    She looks great. Is she coming back to TV?

  • sterling

    Well if Midge(t) is really that “pretty, famous & a fashionista”?!
    Why is it that she “can’t” even get any high-profile beauty / fashion endorsement deals?
    She’s been doing all these self-promos sporting high-end/popular brands and kissing the azz of every fashion designers by going to their yearly fashion events since forever but still “nothing” coming up roses for her just like her being getting an acting job.
    So that goes to say infinitely that “she’s not all that (& most likely will never ever be)” as what she & her PR gurus’ claims of delusions were…

  • zzz

    RB and KB are BFFS. off to uganda together.
    i think the stylist gets celebs discounts, which would explain why they go shopping together.

    still hiding the ring? god.

  • Zzzzzzzzzzz!!!

    Oh please…..The boots are hideous and the scarf that looks like a feathered boa and too short of a skirt that, shows her “thunder Thighs” shows that the girls that are jealous of truly attractive girls LOVE Ratchel and can accept her. Ratchel looks like a cheap cocktail waitress at best here.

    Here is something to be jealous of. Let’s see how Ratchel fairs when she is 38 years old. She does not even look good at 28!

    JJ must be blind to keep posting threads on this useless tool. Enough already dude!

  • ahari

    Hard to go off to Uganda when you’re smack dab in the middle of filming a movie, which Kristen Bell is. What would Rachel be going to Uganda for anyway? Surely not charity work with AIDS orphans, I doubt if there are any red carpets there.

  • Bogus

    Another day, another post about RB and her junque life. Surely we must be overdue for a reunion with her bogus boyfriend/fiance and their oh-so imitation intimacy. The counterfeit copy-cat and her fraudulent fashion style fails, yet again, to make a statement. Let her go to Uganda, tho IMHO that’s another crock of sh!t. It’s far too little, far too late for her to do a pretend AJ come-back. Charity should be genuine and there’s nothing genuine about this little piece of nothing.

  • antwacky

    @ 12 – i dont understand why alll the haters?

    Watch and learn from this MISTRESS OF SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION!

  • C.duh

    @22, yes, exactly, and does absolutely NOTHING to deserve so much attention. Papped every single day for accomplishing nothing but walking the streets of HW going in and out of shops and having lunch/coffee. I’ve heard rumors she goes to all the exclusive shops asking for freebies. Why isn’t she being bashed shamelessly like Lindsay? At least Lindsay has an excuse, she’s apparently zonked into oblivion on all kinds of substances, what’s this fame wh*re’s excuse? Brain damage? Or just stupidity?

  • Mickey

    she is very hot and attractive.check out Rachel’s sexy video at w w w . u s e x e d . c o m/sexy/

  • ?

    @C.duh: Because it’s only a rumour but Lohan’s doing it is a matter of fact. They all sponge for freebies in Hollyweird, it’s obscene. These people are sh!tting money yet behave worse than any pavement panhandlers. They don’t ask, they demand. Diamonds, jewellery, clothes, cars, services, respect etc when, truthfully, they deserve none of it.

  • lexy

    People we see RB on this site all the time b/c she pays JJ and the paps. The paps are in this for the money and pics of an out of work has been isn’t really going to earn the paps any money so HC has to foot the bill to keep his woman in the “press”. Come on, where else would you find Kristen Bell – an up in coming actress who is constantly getting tv and movie roles – playing 2nd fiddle to RB?? Only here on JJ!
    She probably didn’t realize Uganda wasn’t a new mall of some sort and had people in need of actual help (as opposed to shopping malls) so she didn’t go!
    @25 – RB isn’t big enough to demand anything. She’s not Lohan or Britney Spears – household names. That’s why she can’t seem to find a talent agency – no one thinks she’s talented. HC is paying for ALL her stuff.

  • http:/ Stone

    She believes in accessories, eh?

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Go figure? A young Hollywood starlet out shoppng!

  • rb

    And just what will these two dimwits show the Ugandans to do ? Shop and lunch all day everyday !

  • sharon

    Seems to me that she spends more time with her bf Kristen and that stylists who i think is a joke than HC maybe her contract with HC has expired and know she has Kristen’s shirt tails to ride on ….believe me there is more to come and it’s all coming around like Karma but sooner or later she has to rely on herself and that’s gonna be the fun part to watch!!!

  • chris23

    It’s curious once tv and movie offers started coming in she suddenly decides things are moving too fast with Hayden. I’m just saying.

  • me

    midget freak with ugly legs and no brain

  • @chris23

    Her showmance is more a work of fiction than ever. A barely there, unresponsive fiance & she thinks it’s moving too fast. If true, then Rachel should get her mom to counsel her about what a true relationship is! This girl is a piece of work, everything she says & everything she does reveals a girl of shocking stupidity. I am beginning to believe those posters who regard her as retarded. It’s the only explanation. She is a simpleton.

  • The Brave & The Bilson

    Just read a heartwarming story about an attractive and brave person who’s 28 years old (same age as Rachel). When Laura’s storm-damaged yacht foundered in rough seas she risked her own life to save her dog’s nine puppies by placing them in a milk crate, balancing them on her head and swimming 75 metres to shore in 5 metre high waves. Find it amazing that a world that gives us people of such bravery and strength also, for some reason, gives us insipid creatures such as Rachel. I know which girl I respect.

  • Ugh

    How much does she pay you Jared for posting these endless pictures of her doing nothing? This film thing is so not happening for her anytime soon. She’s not getting offers for anything but XXX rated features and she has to bring her own lingerie.

    From her interviews recently says she really wants to get pregnant now and not rush into marriage. He says the wedding isn’t happening for a while yet and so does she, but she wants some kind of permanent lock on him, so she can still get photographed doing nothing in LA while dragging around HC’s child. I wonder if she will start dragging her younger sister around again Christmas shopping or something as another big hint, and carry around a baby doll like she did last year when she was talking about getting pregnant? I

    Someone should tell her it’s hard to get knocked up when your bf is half-way across the country unless he’s sending you frozen sperm samples. And the way they act together you’d never know he has her phone number + calls her let alone wants her to carry his child and come live with him on his farm. This farce is dead. No one believes it.

  • someone
  • @36

    With that small bag you know she wasn’t wedding shopping. Besides you know she wants to design her own dress and her bridesmaids’ dresses and the groom’s tux and the whole wedding scheme, then hire Hello! and People to photograph it (for a small sum of $1MM). She’s not buying anything at J. Crew for her wedding.

  • Viper

    She wouldn’t take her stylist unless that is who she is marrying she would have MOM following her around for a design. Plus both HC and RB said they haven’t set any date and are not rushing any wedding according to his INSTYLE german article. I’m sure J Crew sells many other things then just wedding things.

  • me

    they are definitely getting married
    but nobody cares

  • lexy

    She’s no fool! She’ll marry him. I think she’s doing it in Canada and has been working on arrangements with HIS mom. Being friendly to the future MIL so she doesn’t tell her whipped son to insist on a prenup! This girl knows HER “career” – for lack of a better word – won’t cover her expensive tastes and media wh0ring but HC and baby Darth Vader will!

  • lakers fan in boston

    my god, does this chick do anything besides shop and go 2 lunch!!
    every single freaking day it’s the same shiz!!
    i use 2 have a big crush on her because she was cute and she could dress well, but i see the truth now
    she doesnt do anything besides shop, she has no job, and im sure that marriage with hayden will never last
    god, she must be super boring 2 talk 2
    what u do 2day hun? SHOP

  • @40

    He doesn’t love her. It’s so obvious from the pictures the last almost 3 years. He needs a beard, she’ll be HAPPY to be that for him, even finally helping put the rumors to rest that he’s gay by having a kid– esp if it means she will be papparazzi bait forever and he’ll pay through the nose for child support. Also he’ll have to freeze his sperm and send it to her via Fed Ex and she’ll have to get her mom or her her bff Kristen Bell to help out with the turkey baster. Still, no sacrifice is too great to be famous. Look at the depths to which she’s sunk already with the hide-the-ring and coy rumors for almost 2 years just to keep interest up in her sagging career before announcing her engagement to a papprazzi in a crowded airport. But there’s no way he’s going to do her himself no matter what. Look at the pics. He can barely stand to look at her and they’re rarely together.

  • @me

    how nobody cares? You only speak of this “marriage” everyday here!

  • me

    and every day i don’t care, nothing changes

  • nana

    What a fake.

    Bilson says, “When I’m older I really want a family – probably off somewhere really remote. I want to raise my kids where they don’t know what a camera following them is like. I have a seven-year-old sister so aware of paparazzi it’s unbelievable. It’s too weird for me.”

  • @45

    HC is a fool if he doesn’t get her to sign a pre-nup. This marriage, if and when it happens, is simply a statistic waiting to happen & he will need to protect his assets once the divorce starts. Most women are money-grabbing b*tches when divorce proceedings start & they have the anti-men court system on their side.

  • blairite

    A Z-Lister Rashchel, who still & trying desperately to stir up anything or dip in to the world of those power couple such as the Brangelinas, TomKats, Robsten, Zanessa, etc. but “cant & wont ever be”.
    Tsk… she and her apathetic & the usual m.i.a. bff-fiance could elope and decides to gone off & hibernate permanently to Mt. Everest, HW would still be clueless what have happened to them. So better luck in their “next” lifetime perhaps – lol!

  • brains

    studys show a man is happier & better off marrying a woman with some brains and is attractive.

    boy hc ur in for a short miserable life

  • brains

    smart wife=longer life

  • brains