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Rachel Bilson Texts Back to Urth

Rachel Bilson Texts Back to Urth

Rachel Bilson is out and about West Hollywood after stopping by Urth Caffe on Tuesday (November 11).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress was also seen shopping at the Le Sportsac Boutique.

RB is reportedly set to travel abroad after getting three shots at a medical office. She is currently getting set to shoot Criminal Empire for Dummy’s, also starring Chris Evans and Harvey Keitel.

10+ pictures of Rachel Bilson texting back to Urth…

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rachel bilson texts urth 01
rachel bilson texts urth 02
rachel bilson texts urth 03
rachel bilson texts urth 04
rachel bilson texts urth 05
rachel bilson texts urth 06
rachel bilson texts urth 07
rachel bilson texts urth 08
rachel bilson texts urth 09
rachel bilson texts urth 10
rachel bilson texts urth 11

Credit: Pedro Andrade/Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, WENN
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  • heidi

    Rachel keeps switching agencies. Anybody know why? She’s with CAA now but a few months ago she was with UTA and before that WMA. She’s gone through a lot of agencies since the OC ended.

  • meh

    really? she cant get coffee without someone hounding her? cmon let her live her life without being constantly in the camera lens

  • coco

    Yay more unemployed people getting coffee!

  • dollhouse

    Um…why is she ALWAYS photographed doing absolutely NOTHING that is interesting. All the pics ever are of her getting coffee or shopping….WHO CARES??!
    She must tip off the paps all the time.

  • Stuck On Stupid

    Damn!! Her a$$ is getting HUGE!! Yeah….So called Miss. Private and hating the paps. You know the girl loves the press attention while doing nothing! DISGUSTING!

  • Jean


    It’s not unusual for actors to change agencies many times in their career. The business aspect is always in a state of flux. You adjust accordingly. Just like the stock market.

  • Lilac

    does she ever do anything except shopping and getting a coffee?

  • antwacky

    @ Rachel keeps switching agencies. Anybody know why? She’s with CAA now but a few months ago she was with UTA and before that WMA. She’s gone through a lot of agencies since the OC ended..

    Yet NOTHING still happened to her hackting career. And its not the agency whos the problem, BilPUKE it is!

    @JJ – She is currently getting set to shoot Criminal Empire for Dummy’s…
    Saved your PAID sweats on this Jared, its still written in the water as it might or never at all going to happen.
    Anyhow, what had happened to her little role on that little movie called Waiting For Forever ?!
    Goes straight to DVD already and you didnt post it ?! LOL

  • http://deleted tatu

    someone should put some sences in both adam and rachel’s mind,she is dating a guy who is never with her and looks gay and adam is apperently with a new girlfriend ,who looks like his older sister.atleast rachel is dating a sucsessful actor,adams new girl is plain and simple ugly,i miss rachel with him.

  • nicole

    seriously people the paps photograph her every move because she’s a celebrity, they just happen to snap a picture of her doing daily errands or whatever, it’s not her fault. and she’s still acting, so she’s actaully doing something…btw hayden christensen is absolutely much more appealing then adam brody.

  • http://deleted tatu

    ya if u r talking about gay wise,

  • comrade

    I suggest that her paparazzi allies would always put this Lil’ Moe behind a fence, table, tree, truck, or just about anything that would hide her “gigantic & hideous bottom half” as there nothing flaunt about it!

  • LongIslandKid

    who is dis irrelevant bish???



    She’s photgraphed more the Paris Hilton. How did that happen?

  • A Disgusting Combo

    Flat/No B00bs w/ Thunder Thighs!!!

  • antonia

    @ 2

    Urth cafe is a celebrity hangout. There are always paparazzi there. So, if you go there you pretty much know what’s going to happen. I mean, she’s not stupid. She knew they would be there, they’re always there. Writers and producers also hang out at Urth. They have good lattes.

  • Mary

    She’s really cute. The only thing that annoys me about her is that she pretends as if she hates the attention and doesn’t court it. I can’t stand celebrities like that. Jared, I want to see more Sophia Bush on here! And the Chris Pine walking posts need to also reappear, lol. Where is he anyway? Do you know?

  • sophie

    Zero personality – no fire, no zip, no zing, no sparkle. Why’d anyone wanna hire her? HC at least comes across as likeable when he’s interviewed. She just comes across as an idiotic, over-processed ditz.

  • U-HAUL

    Urth to Rachel: U need a brain!

  • lexy

    I imagine she’s “switching” agencies b/c they dump her. CAA is for A listers – do you really think these people want to rep some unemployed has been?? How does it look an agency representing people like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks and Rachel Bilson??? LMAO!!!
    @ Nicole – please this woman is at best a D-lister. She gets her pic taken b/c she tips them off. Do you really think paps hang out at a Pasadena clinic or underground parking garage or some of the other off the beaten path places they always seem to “find” Rachel at?? NO they don’t. They take photos to earn a living and pictures of RB wouldn’t earn them enough money to buy gas! So she has to supplement their income by tipping them off. She’s not Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears – no one is waiting outside her house to follow her around.

  • periwinkle

    DROP DEAD Bratchel!
    She and the Kardashians $hitsters should play corpses… they’re both useless & worthless even in real life!

  • jessica

    november 11?

  • gilmorie

    Frustrated (movie & TV) Actress… Frustrated Fashion Designer… yet a Successful Mediawh0re & a Generous Paparazzi Friend.

  • bob

    holly cow why do you post such old photos (november 11) of d listers?

  • liz

    I’m glad that she and Hayden don’t spend time together, less time they have to plan the death sentence, obs, “their marriage”

  • C.duh

    November 11 was a Wednesday. Duh. This is ridiculous.

  • @1

    A good reason she is changing agencies is b/c they let her go when they can’t sell her out many will drop them. She can’t act to save her life beyond cue cards and repeat filming. She is not marketable and for any agency that is out to sell their client if they can’t sell her then she is dead weight to the agency then they need to cut her loose. She is only a celebrity b/c of some cable soap opera that ended long time back. She rates like a F when it comes to acting in movies and the best they can sell her is with family connections or connections through her signifigant other who has more name credentials then she does. She rides on HC’s coat tails and that is what she was betting would happen to foward her career. What they have is more arrangement then a crediable romance it shows in their body language how contractual this really is.

  • Josie Jay

    She looks amazing. Is she on any tv shows?

  • me

    Rachel Bilson has no job or brain but she has an a$$

  • Ugh

    How much does she pay you to run endless pics of her doing nothing, Jared? She is unemployed and unemployable, did three sets of reshoots for her 5 minute spot in NYILY (and she almost zero dialog), admits she can’t memorize anything so must act off of cue cards. If her IQ was any lower you’d have to water her once a week. Wants to come across as private serious artist seeking remote home with hubby and kids but calls the papparazzi to record her every move outside the house, openly milks her engagement to SW failed actor Trashden Selloutsen for every bit of press she can get, and gets her daddy to find her what little work she does get. She can’t have kids without expanding that @$$ even more and if you’ve seen the pics with her dragging her younger sister around you know there’s NOTHING maternal about her. Trashden isn’t interested in knocking her up– they’re never around each other. This relationship is such a fake and she is nothing but an OVTA (overambitious television actress) and a lousy one at that. Empty-headed self-obsessed bimbo and Hollyweird is full of them.

  • Poohbear

    IMO the brainless one has flown the scene – ever notice how JJ pulls the trick of old-posting her puffy face when she’s no longer posing in LA! Money for old rope, JJ?

  • ToothyTile

    Love her black boots. Anyone know who makes them? Thanks. :)

  • lexy

    @ Ugh – maybe that’s why she couldn’t bother to go to the NYILY premiere – she knows she what a horrible actress she is! LOL!! Also, no one really believes she’s a private person – you saw those pics from the other day – when she was in no-where California, showing off her shots and medical records. She probably paid those kids to rob her…it’s interesting that they robbed all these names and then they rob her – a has been.
    She’d better get knocked up with some baby Vaders b/c her daddy isn’t that successful (or else both of them would have more work), she’s not talented and she has expensive taste! Baby Vaders are the only thing that might help keep her on the D-list and pay for JJ and her daily shopping trips.

  • @JJ

    JJ you best check your records Nov 11 was not Tuesday was Wednesday of last week. This was not old pic it was yesterdays only JJ can’t get his information correct as always prints only what he wants ppl to believe.

    Knocked up please unless he is Fed Ex’ing to her frozen test tubes I don’t think he has truly any interest in kids. Her only interest in kids is how to use them to give her media attention. I don’t think even if she had kids ppl would even give a damn about her better chance it would be someone elese and not HC..

  • sharon

    No to be mocking this comment but where have you been lately and apparently no one has filled you in or you are running around with blinders on like half the ppl in this country :
    seriously people the paps photograph her every move because she’s a celebrity, they just happen to snap a picture of her doing daily errands or whatever, it’s not her fault. and she’s still acting, so she’s actaully doing something…btw hayden christensen is absolutely much more appealing then adam brody
    One more question you say she is still acting …what acting has she done ??And running errands my butt ,if she is a celebrity why you don’t see other celebrities being papped doing their daily errands ,that’s because they are busy working !!

  • Chef de Vestes de Cuisine

    Is she still homeless?

  • http:/ Stone

    Does anyone out there really care?

  • Cee

    Love her!

  • lakers fan in boston

    another set of pointless pics of rachel
    if she was doing something like ive said a ton of times!!!
    i wouldnt mind the pics, but the thing is she isnt
    she just gets coffee or food in most of the pics

  • reedley

    Well who says that the OC-Relic had left LA?!
    Here she is all over again, doing the “only” thing that she does best.
    So she hadnt left at all … she wont and she cant live being “out” of LA for most of the time…
    That’s an undeniable fact.

  • Jessica Play

    So she’s not engaged anymore?

  • lexy

    So to those who think she’s a celebrity – where do you live exactly that RB is a household name or actual CELEBRITY?? The paps take pics for MONEY. How much money do you think they earn for a pic of an unemployed actress with little name recognition??? Why would they waste their time when they can be trying to get pics of REAL celebs who people want to see pics of and better yet pics of REAL celebs can earn them MONEY?? Get real!!! If you took a poll and showed pics of RB, Kim Kardashian and Leighton Meister – do you think anyone would know who RB was???