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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth Hold Hands at GQ Party

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth Hold Hands at GQ Party

Alexander Skarsgard and Straw Dogs co-star Kate Bosworth pass through the crowd at the GQ “Men Of The Year” party held at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont on Wednesday night (November 18).

Although Alex denied dating anyone on the red carpet, one partygoer tells, “Alex and Kate were holding hands and seemed like a couple. At one point, they held onto the smalls of each others’ backs.”

Last month, Kate, 26, presented Alex, 33, with a Scream Award. They too were reportedly holding hands at the after-party.

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# 1

I think I just got sick to my stomach…

# 2

Ah yes, the ever present anonymous source said so. **rolls eyes**

# 3
true blood @ 11/19/2009 at 11:07 am

He looks good but tired.
Where are the rest of the pics?

# 4
Mrs Northman @ 11/19/2009 at 11:08 am

I LOVE Alex!! He’s sooo hot!!!!! There’s a cute item on him below :)

Love you eric!! xoxox

# 5
MyHeadInDClouds @ 11/19/2009 at 11:08 am

no effing way. argh! turning green with envy now.

# 6

I know – I love the “anonymous source”! Having said that, I think Kate is great & wouldn’t mind at all if they were dating.

# 7
ilovepeople @ 11/19/2009 at 11:08 am

@ Stacy – lol I love you

# 8

Why is it that whenever they are suppossedly holding hands or having dinner together, etc, NOBODY takes a pic????
this is BS, as usual!

# 9

well, since he just gave an interview specifically denying dating either KB or ERW, this seems slightly suspect. He’s hot as always, tho.

Poor celebs can’t be at the same event without rumors spreading at the speed of light!

i think im gonna throw up. ewwwwwwww alex!

On one hand, we have Alex himself stating very plainly that he’s not dating anyone, they are just rumors, and that the only women in his life are his mom and his sister. Then on the other hand we have this anonymous partygoer who claims they were all over each other. Hm. So who would benefit the most from the partygoer’s claims? Alex? No, it makes him look untruthful. Kate? Well, she has those Chris Martin, homewrecking rumors swirling around her right now, doesn’t she? Let’s put two and two together.

Excellent point Amanda.

You should date me. Lucky, Beach.

He should date me. Eww, lucky, beach.

Jared, I don’t get you. Alex is nice enough to give you interviews and then you post this unsubstantiated crap? You and Lainey should both STFU and DIAF. You’re going to turn Alex against doing any kind of publicity because all you do is post rumors and lies about him. Listen to what the man says: he’s not dating ANYONE. Does your post today mean that he’s a liar? I hope he refuses to speak to you or your cohorts again. You should remove your posting if you had any decency.

Holding hands means nothing and as someone else said there’s never any proof for moments when celebs are on a date or something

Hes dating someone, she just isnt on “the red carpet”…

It makes sense in some way .Why would she be there? She wasn’t In GQ this year .

maybe he just likes kate but isn’t dating her, yet.

@hans: All you do is troll the internet all day looking for Skarsgard postings, don’t you? Get over it. He’s not dating ERW. Go follow her around and hold her makeup brushes or something. Whatever it is that you normally do.

GOD PEOPLE, PLEASE. you´re delusional and lured by gossip schemes. they are co-stars.
“He was asked at the GQ party if he was seeing anyone, and he said that the only women in his life are his mom and his sister. He’s not dating ANYONE (i.e., ERW or KB). Let that be the end of it, people.”


too you gossipy people, let me tell you this;

really, dont mean no harm. :) just give the guy a f break! he´s sweet.

Anonymous source, no picture, again? Stop spreading this rumours, Jared. He was nice with you once, do you remember?


Personally I’ll believe Alex himself over anonymous sources. I think it’s too cute that he says the only women in his life are his mother and sister ♥

Man, it’s must be strange ending up in a place where the paps follow you and gossip is made up just because you’re friends with someone. I hope he’ll be able to keep his head clear and just ignore it.

god this is crazzy. is america a catholist country, world centre of bigott, the town of singapore, the scyllops of Krete or something?
1. this innocent man is going to an f* _award_, where he is hanging out with his co-star and _friend_. (but perhaps men and women cant be friends in usa? its like, not 18th century enough?)) so this means he is “dating” her. does this mean america´s dating system includes “man and girl in the slightliest of conversation” means “all sin of ***** breaking loose uncontrollably”. really?
in swe, I usually have both guy and girl friends. noone is arresting me if I would like to hang with my buddy male mates or having fun. I promise you. and people do not “date”, people just hang and meet and its not a dramatic mystery of losing your chastity traits when looking in a boys or girls eye, who might just be your buddy.
2. he is having fun, yes. he´s the most sweet and innocent of a man and you´re picking on him for having a good time? well, some people actually like to go out and spend time with people. the dude works uite a lot, and sais he doesnt get out of his room most of the time, rather not going out that much in LA beacuse he find most venues shallow, but when he is having a innocent good time and being nice to others, I guess he is the troll of hell again.
REALLY america I love you, I really do, but your practically INSANE when it comes to paparazzi, celebtrites, dating and rumours.

Doesn’t look real? Looks like her head is photoshopped on.

btw, in swe people are just f*ing and loving each other if they want to, its not a _dramatic thing_ and noone cares if they´re having sex or not. I guess its your heritage of quite moralistic religion speaking. BUT THIS HASNT GOT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ALEX IN THIS PIC. I promise.

@Pole @ 11/19/2009 at 12:04 pm “Personally I’ll believe Alex himself over anonymous sources. I think it’s too cute that he says the only women in his life are his mother and sister ♥

Man, it’s must be strange ending up in a place where the paps follow you and gossip is made up just because you’re friends with someone. I hope he’ll be able to keep his head clear and just ignore it. ”

Thank you. :)

plus, whatever (!) if he is in love with/effing/kissing/hanging out with miss KB. (which I doubt). the world will keep on turning, guys. things happen. why is this even relevant.

Alex looks good at that event and his interview is even funnier when he talks about the twilight guys. lol, I love a guy with humor.


Han lyder så sød og klog i interviews – jeg synes, det er helt vildt synd, at han knapt nok når at lande i LAX, før paparazzien er efter ham – og når sladderpressen så samtidigt laver det ene rygte efter det andet.. det er skidesynd for nu at være helt ærlig..

Love both of them. Can’t wait for Straw Dogs!

Relax, folks, it’s probably just a friends doing a booty call thing.

Oh wow, is he going to marry her. She is hot!

Alexander Skarsgard to delicious looking. I just wonder how these folks find love so quickly….I guess I don’t leave the confounds of my room enough to find love. LOL!!!!

*swoon* *drool* he´s the best looking in the whole of chateau marmont.

pardon my caps locks.

@ pole; jagvet, det är så himla synd för han verkar ju verklligen göra allt för att bli tagen på allvar och bli respekterad. sabla cirkus.. :/ diggar alexander, han är så j*a rolig/dejlig/fantastisk etc. och supertrevlig, i en positiv mening. :)

Giddy aunt @ 11/19/2009 at 2:03 pm

Whew. Love this man soooo much! He seems lovely — inside and out. Nice to know that he’s not “dating” ERW. She’s ickky.

Oh — you Swedes out there — don’t confuse Christian morality with comments by idiot bloggers on gossip sites. Just because you use your churches as discos and art gallerys, don’t confuse theological doctrine with ignorance. I don’t believe you’re quaified or capable of having an intelligent discussion of the Puritan movement in the US. It wasn’t all about abstinance — although I know you guys think that EVERYTHING has to do with sex. As I recall Vikings would rape BEFORE they pillaged. Did they rape them dead or alive, ummmm? American’s make money first… then we f_ck.

ASkars can boink whemever he wants. It’s a free country. But if he chooses to fratrenize with female actresses that are ****** — then as the old saying goes…” lie with dogs and get up with fleas”. I bet you’ve heard that one in Sweden too…Proverbs! Oops– there’s that Puritan-thing again…

btw, i´m sorry ´bout this latest spam, wont write anymore as I´ve taken up so much space.. also want to point oút I really like america, americans and american culture, most of the time you are sophisticated, inspiring and cool, but the paparazzi phenomena is always quite scary. ok, now i´m done posting, sry. ;)

Step away from the Submit button, “swegirl.” You’re practically spamming.

@Giddy aunt:

I TOTALLY agree with you on thaT! i´m so sorry if I presented me that way, it was kind of blunt but its hard talking serious and be poignant in this walking gossip posts! :) I understand you perfectly and did a disclaimer up here about how much I ADORE america and its aimeable and witty, amazing, wise people :) I know most people are supercool, aware and liberal and all. I just dont understand the “be with someone of opposite sex and get a reputation” and paparazzi but I know its not all like that, that you can be friends too. gosh, i´m really sorry if I went on it to hard. I have the deepest respect for america and its awesomeness. there are a lot of bigott people in swe btw. peace!


Det virker helt skørt, at han kan være en seriøs og respekteret skuespiller hjemme i Sverige og så bliver han bare til overskrifter, når han kommer til udlandet. Som du siger – han er tydeligvis meget mere end bare en (utroligt lækker og sexet, flot) krop.. Og tag det ikke så tungt med posterne her – der er mange, der synes at overse, at vi er mange, der ikke kommer fra USA og ser anderledes på tingene..

Giddy aunt @ 11/19/2009 at 2:30 pm

No worries. Swedes are cool. Many of us have a Swede or two in our ancestrial woodpile. But don’t blame America (or Puritans for gosh sake) for the pappz. The paparazzi got their start (hence the name) in Italy — and in Europe — where the press was much more salacious than in the US. Unfortunately, this phenomenon hit our shores — and like most things American — we found better and more lucritive ways to spin it. All this fuels the film industry in HW — and allows it to employ and enrich so many foreign actors. So, in order to do what they love (which is act) and be paid handsomely for doing it, they must deal with the press, the gossips and the pappz. Not a terrible tradeoff when so many American have no job at all.

I loved ASkars the moment I saw him in Gen-Kill. I would love to see him hooked-up with some really cool chick — but what he has in talent he lacks in taste (it would seem). It’s okay — I will still watch him (adoringly) and blog about him on occasion.

Lacks in taste? Kate Bosworth is funny, smart, and beautiful! Seems like excellent taste to me.

Giddy aunt @ 11/19/2009 at 3:19 pm

@46 I would normally agree, except she seems to get “up-close-and personal” with otherwise attached or married men (like Chris Martin). Some may think this is okay — but leaves a bad taste — especially as it’s a recurring theme with KB. That said — I prefer her to ERW. But, if he were my son or brother — I’d tell him he could do better than either of them…

ugh she’s such a ****, throwing herself onto every guy. Get away from him!

@ giddy aunt. you are very right. and the papz started in italy with la dolce vita and the likes. I really agree with you and I´m not a hater at all, I even actually have a lot of understanding for the Puritans of the world or what you would call it. :) I know its not like that, but really anyone shouldnt care, moral-wise that is, who he is (or not) f**ing. I think we´re all on the same sane level when were not using Caps. ;) I just got upset, really, because I really feel he is a nice person and he is really working for a serious acting career, and have done nothing wrong in my book, and suddenly when he comes to hollywood they make up all these lies or negative connotations, with no back up at all. I feel bad for him, although I know a lot of it is just sensational-filled. some gossip is good, but its to bad we only see him in these columns up and about “being sexy”, when he is a serious nice actor/person with a lot of integrity. but the integrity isnt shown when only appearing on a picture “looking hot” and with some gossip chick he just happen do be around or wth. its a shame. :/ there, essay. ;)

funderpants @ 11/19/2009 at 4:27 pm

So if he’s with her, and she hooked up with the Coldplay dude, who’s married to Fishsticks Paltrow, who was engaged to Brad Pitt back in the day, it’s almost like Alexander and Brad got it on! Let’s all just sit in a little puddle and imagine that… instead of looking for confirmation of a relationship with this emaciated weirdo.

Wow, great couple! She is hot, what a lucky guy

You’re actually buying into the rag Star’s story?! I’m sure you’re too smart for that! Kate and Chris and Gwyneth have been friends for years and that was a ridiculous story to sell magazines. Maybe it worked but I hope not.

He is Stupid @ 11/19/2009 at 10:13 pm

He is so stupid to still “hang out” with her after Chris Martin. Loser. He is the one who is desperate!!!! Of course the story was true. If it was not they would have sued since they threatened to sue. If they sue and it true and it’s ever proven to be true through pics, etc. they could stand to lose so much more. I think she is trying to win him back after what she did. She did what she did because she really wants Martin however that will not happen anytime soon if at all. Therefore she goes running back to the stupid idiort Alex who will follow her around like a puppy. Why do guys always want the ***** who are totally playing with them? And to be with homewreckers(ERW/KB) is like a slap in the face of his mother and we all know why to that!

He is Stupid @ 11/19/2009 at 10:20 pm

BTW why has he been looking like sh*t lately! As soon as he starts hooking up with Cocaine Kate something has not seemed right about his appearance. Could it be that they are snorting the happy powder together. LOLOLOLOL….I bet he will end up in rehab by next year! Dude is seriously high on something! Jet lag my a**!!! Oh Alex, you used to be so awesome and now this!!!! Get your sh*t together, stop LYING, and date decent WOMEN…not coked out homewreckers who will do anything to get attention!!!

OMG Look at the pic where it looks like Alexander is ducking guess who is in the pic Bjorne Larson WEARING ALEXANDER’S SHIRT AND JACKET! I am telling you I don’t think he is with Kate Bosworth or Evan Rachel Wood or any other female. Has anyone else noticed his eyes looking red here lately, always messing with his nose and jittery? I like Alexander but he needs to be himself. I sure hope that he is well and not doing something else. I really feel sorry for him because he seems to be such a nice guy but mixed up with the wrong crowd. He is so talented and has a lot to offer the entertainment industry. I think Bjorne attends more events with Alexander than anyone else. I know they are BFF but hmmmm……????

Personally, I have this feeling Alex is gay. I think he is hot and a fantastic actor but he just doesn’t seem to be into “women” at all…

Don’t beleive the rumors.

True Blood @ 11/20/2009 at 4:50 am

Swedish male into hollywood P…..

They’re not holding hands.

What’S with you idiots not wanting him to have a girlfriend?

Good for him. She’s hot!

Giddy aunt @ 11/20/2009 at 4:50 pm

@52 Maybe. But GP seemed pretty affected by it. And it wouldn’t be the first time a “friend” cheated with another “friends” husband. So, even if its thin evidence, the fact remains that KB seems to like “otherwise-occupied” men. Fair or unfair — that’s her rep. And it will cost her. Trust.

If he is dating someone or does date someone in the near future, i hope its not Kate Bosworth….shes really pretty, but totally unhealthy looking, way too thin.

Shoes,Clothes,Handbags,Purse,Wallets,My feet are wide and “boxy” looking and the way that this shoe is cut creates a slimming effect that really sold me.

@Giddy aunt You are so right. She is completely a troubled person and that is not too hard for alex to find out! It looks like she rushed over to meet up with him without even dressing or grooming appropriately. This girl is so desperate. People there that night say she was so worried because there were so many beautiful women there and she manipulated the situation to keep Alex away from them. She has no one, all the smarts of hwood are steering clear of her right now because of her history and now the Chris/Gwyneth thing, and she is completely desperate to make something happen with Alex. Hope he isn’t so stupid.

@Why. He might not be stupid at all… just a nice guy who believes the best in people. Who knows. He seems to keep life long friends. I would think that would be difficult to do if you were a jerk. Trying to keep an open mind and not judge things we really know nothing about.

Besides, if it turns out he is seeing her casually that is no biggie to me. I believe him if he says he is not in a relationship. From what I have heard from many Swedes is that until committed it is just a friendship. He may simply be thinking as a Swede does IMO.

Also, even if KB has baggage, dont we all? Wasnt a few years ago Robert Downey Jr. considered a total waste? He had issues, but over came them. I am hoping KB can or did too. I believe life is full of redemptions.

A lot has happened to Alex in a very short time and everything is sky rocketing for him. All this is fantastic and at the same time a little scary. He can’t do anything without someone watching. I think he is starting to try to protect his private life as much as he can and I think this can be done by telling a few white lies. My biggest fear is that he will just shut down and all we will hear is made-up gossip and crap! His life is so much fun to follow, but I do only want to hear the truth!!

Creepy Arms @ 08/05/2011 at 8:36 am

I’m not hating on Kate or anything but… she has really creepy arms! They are kind of alien-ish. It’s extremely weird.

he simply CAN’T be dating her, cause he likes intelligent self-conscious women, with humor and big boobies. She ain’t got all those, we saw it on Straw Dogs, now haven’t we?


mother and sister; sounds like Napoleon, only the tall and handsome version :)

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