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Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston heads home to Los Angeles on Sunday (November 15) after a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends.

The 40-year-old actress took a private jet home and got a smile out of a customs agent as she made her way to the hangar.

A male friend met Jen at the airport – they exchanged a big hug as soon as she saw him. Cute!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston coming home to L.A. after vacation…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston home from cabo 01
jennifer aniston home from cabo 02
jennifer aniston home from cabo 03
jennifer aniston home from cabo 04
jennifer aniston home from cabo 05
jennifer aniston home from cabo 06
jennifer aniston home from cabo 07
jennifer aniston home from cabo 08
jennifer aniston home from cabo 09
jennifer aniston home from cabo 10

Credit: SC; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • fortaga

    “Jennifer Anniston heads home” to an empty house….. like a lot of us.

  • bet

    love love her. i love her confy and relax lay back style. love love her style. She is not trying hard , but still she look chick.

  • bet


    you have to listen to john song ” assassin” may be you will undrstand who is waiting for her.

  • Marsha

    She looks relaxed and happy. I’d say she had a good time.

  • bet

    Most of the time she wear the same thing, even the same shoes, but she just make it feel awalys as if it is new style.

  • Zoz

    nobody wants her.

  • anitaquintero

    beautiful… divina

  • anitaquintero

    i love

  • bet


    No women want everyone. she has one speciall person ( john mayer) of course no one want her except for john mayer. and aslo you need to hear the song “edge of desire”

  • dani


  • effy

    She looks amazing, as always.

  • effy

    BTW, she deserves better than JM

  • Jill

    Oooooh!! She’s got a male friend?! When’s the wedding??
    *Kidding, folks*

  • bet


    i undestand you like her. but you are believeing what the media is telling you. Both jen and john can rise above taboid crap.

  • chris

    Dried up old hag.

  • Ghost

    You can’t get around the fact that she is Hollywoods version of a prostitute.

  • Al

    I don’t like this woman…her moies suck!

  • bet

    listen to song again “half of my heart” may be you all undestand the whole thing.

  • norman

    i hate her

  • serena1994

    i love her. best actress in hollywood xd

  • louisa

    Considering how much Jared loves her I’m surprised he posted such a bad picture of her and it seems pointless to post such old photos. so late. Why does one person need a private jet?

  • astrogal

    Yikes, her face looks rough in these pics with her too-much tanning (it’s taking it’s toll on her face, which is looking older) and those fugly enhanced lips.

    When JA’s pics are approved/edited/photoshopped she can look good (but never beautiful, just cute category) but when she tries to do a “cute” face with the pursed lips, like she’s doing while hugging her friend, she looks weird, very mannish and actually quite plain-jane.

  • vi 1004

    does anyone know where can i buy ( order) the same shoes JA is wearing?

  • lizzie

    yeah Louisa, thats what I said about Tom Cruise. Selfish ppl, they can’t travel in normal airlines because they are not like other ppl right !? pff !

  • jillyro

    Between these pictures and the one that US Magazine had on their cover last week, Jennifer is looking awful lately. That one on the US cover, she looked cross-eyed!! Bet her PR guy got flack for that one lol. In these pictures, she looks average, like her once cuteness has now deserted her. Jennifer needs to stop tanning, her skin is now ruined and it’s aging her, she looks like one of those overly tanned OC wives lol.

  • spongebob :P

    ManFAce…..just look at those jawline and chin, absolutely looks like a man. no wonder men just used her vajayjay and leaves. And those hats, don’t copy your ex, honey, he’s not caming back to you, your too boring, very predictable, doing the same crop all the time. you’re no fun, acts very childish, brain shrinking and still wanna be in her twenties. Wake up woMan.

  • dolly

    i hate her !!! worst actress in HW

  • anonymous

    Cute casual outfit, good body (that’s always been her forte is her style and body). But her face is not so cute anymore.

  • jillybilly

    Why does Missy need to fly in a private jet?

  • christine (WeHo)

    I like her shoes alot…

  • Zoz

    @bet: you freak that’s been over for almost a year.get over it.

  • sup

    Didnt she do this last year with Mayer?! Yeah, i agree…..she is looking a little old and haggard. She should settle…..enough playing. Didnt she say she wanted kids. I guess when the Aniston boat sails into the sunset she will be ready but by then she will be TOO DANG OLD for WHATEVER she wants!!! Why does she do this to herself?!

  • Matt

    I sure don’t see a thing wrong with her. She looks fine. She isn’t
    trying to impress anyone, she is just flying home from vacation.
    Hope she had a good time.

  • sup

    @dani: I hope there’s hope for Aniston. I think, like u, he’s not yet finished with her. Although he did say something weird about T. Swift. I don’t get him. He looks like a grownup boy…..UGH

  • LuckyL

    Sl*tty, despicable b*tch with fish lips to match.

  • Marsha

    She isn’t trying to impress anyone. She is just coming home from
    a vacation. The pictures with the customs agent are good. The
    others are fuzzy and not so good. She looks good, relaxed, and

  • adam

    Did Mayer dump her like THREE times? He’s not getting back with her. He doesn’t want 2 hit that again.

  • the prophet

    Does Aniston perhaps belong to a cult that forbids its members
    from cutting their hair or running a comb through it?

    First the “Rachel” cut, now the “Cave Woman” cut.

  • dani


    yeahhh Sup i read something about Taylor, but i think they’re just friends! besides that would be weird haha! can you imagine?

  • anitaquintero

    tonto bratt….
    fea jolie

  • dabu

    I love how everyone criticizes Kidman for botox, lips etc. Look at Aniston: BOTOX, LIP INJECTIONS, PLASTIC SURGERY. Geez. Not to mention her skin is awful from repeated tanning. Oh I forgot, she is a sweetheart and can do no wrong even when she is doing it.

  • dee

    Aniston is so fake. Her leathery skin looks terrible.

  • ManLESSton, I likely…

    bet @ 11/19/2009 at 10:01 am fortaga

    you have to listen to john song ” assassin” may be you will undrstand who is waiting for her.
    HOT DAMN! AN ASSASSIN IS WAITING FOR NIPPY? Hallelujah my prayers have been answered!

  • bet

    malesston likely

    not only you prayer working. they said he is good in bed. he also said.
    on his song that he want her badly, he worried she will forget about him. he want her back in his life, he is in love with her, and also he said on his intereview he is planing to settel down with special person in his life. you kiss a couple of frogs untill you find your soulmate. i am sure both they find each other, it is a destiny that bring them together.

  • bet


    all women are hop for soulmate. you have to wait untile your soulmate comes to yourlife. in this case john mayer is her destiny. he is her soulmate. this is the destiny of hop of finding your soumate.

  • bet


    it is not about how many times dump, it is about a strong connection and when one soul meet the other, that is the time you do not want to leave . he is kind of person who affraid of commitement , but jen make him to come back again and again , he want her soul.

  • bet

    john said

    love is realy nothing
    but the dream keep walking me up.

  • dineen

    Everything is does is flawless, she is such an amazing person.

  • funny as hell

    I love the jealous rants that the skankalina lovers put on here. It is funny watcing them hold onto a sinking ship.

  • bet

    i love the shirt , the hat and the shoes. i want to get them . i love the pant too, but that pant only look marvelous on jen. she make the pant hip ,stylish and sexy.