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Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston heads home to Los Angeles on Sunday (November 15) after a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends.

The 40-year-old actress took a private jet home and got a smile out of a customs agent as she made her way to the hangar.

A male friend met Jen at the airport – they exchanged a big hug as soon as she saw him. Cute!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston coming home to L.A. after vacation…

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jennifer aniston home from cabo 01
jennifer aniston home from cabo 02
jennifer aniston home from cabo 03
jennifer aniston home from cabo 04
jennifer aniston home from cabo 05
jennifer aniston home from cabo 06
jennifer aniston home from cabo 07
jennifer aniston home from cabo 08
jennifer aniston home from cabo 09
jennifer aniston home from cabo 10

Credit: SC; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Beth Marriage

    Did she wait for Brad at this resort and Text him?

  • blondie

    Where is Jen’s fashion sense?

    Is she on her way to High School
    for an outdoor picnic?

    The plane!!!
    The plane!!!

    Dress casual….but NOT THAT darned casual.
    This is not dump the TRASH day.

    This is NOT rake the leaves from the yard, day!!!

    The hat and the jeans?
    Why, Jen?

    WHY are you trying so hard
    to be so miserable looking.

    Are the TAX people after you
    for hiding money off shore or something like that?

    Did someone hack into a Swiss Bank Account
    and find hidden treasures,
    in your mama’s name????

    What is the problem????

  • Madison Marriage

    She should try to get married. It would bboost her popularity!

  • bet


    everyone do not have the same fastion or same style. some people are not in the new thread, some people want to wear what make them confertable, Fastion is not about what is the new threand. it about what makes you feel confy and what make look good on you. Jen make jeans lovey lovey and make it new syle in her owen ways. and it is her singinture style. She does not have to be J. lo to trying evey freaking things that arive on the market.

  • bet

    Beth marriage

    did you just come from reading your joke of hollywood intouch. no she just texting her soulmate John mayer.

  • kim

    @funny as hell: Sinking ship= highest paid actress in the world, Oscar winner, most powerful actress in the world, Mother of 6. Oscar winners Clint Eastwood,Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and Robert Deniro 2 days ago on Extra all have stated they want to work again with the “sinking ship”. Well I’m sure Steve Zahn would love to work w/ Aniston again.Btw tdid Management ever break $1 million

  • you can really tell

    @bet: you’re an idiot bet if you think assassin was written about her. wait. change that. you’re just an idiot period.

  • carly

    @astrogal: it’s the quality of the photos. they were obviously taken from far away therefore using zoom.

  • dani

    Poor Jen. Desperately trying to remain young and relevant.

  • you can really tell

    @bet: oh wow. i see the new game. we all knew it was coming. bet I beg of you stop being a paid poster for Aniston R Us. or is it JJ that pays you? either way, it is ridiculous to think that John Mayer wants this 40-year-old vacuous control-freak Barbie that was a PR nightmare gone horribly wrong. I expect we’ll have a couple of Aniston threads for the next few days. She has to make the most of that sham by calling the paps and informing them where she is so we can continue the lie that was Mayeriston. So continue to troll here, there, everywhere and spread lies and distort the truth. It’s what you get paid to do.

  • you can really tell

    And, what a surprise – back from Mexico, where she recovered after having her lips done. Wonder if there were other procedures, as well. Face filler? Anyone?

  • bet

    you can real tell

    i can reall tell when two people love each other. you can feel the soul. ha ha ha.

  • you can really tell

    @bet: ZOMG!!!! You are hilarious if for nothing else this: “sup

    all women are hop for soulmate. you have to wait untile your soulmate comes to yourlife. in this case john mayer is her destiny. he is her soulmate. this is the destiny of hop of finding your soumate.”

  • bet

    you can real tell


    i can realy tell when two people love each other, you can feel thier soul. it easy. ha ha ha . at this time both of them does not have no one in thier life. go figur, both of them do no want the media to touch the subject. it is imprtant to them, becuase the people like you not to interefer with thier life. Did you see she drive Bentley, just like john he love cars.

  • you can really tell

    @bet: wow, troll. the people like me that interfere with their life. lolzzzzz I’m not the one posting a thousand times how it’s so obvious he loves her and has written songs about her. These are lies. It’s called a whisper campaign. Try to get people to question the truth and subtlety change their minds. No, I did not see nor car what car she drives. Unlike you I don’t scour the Internet for information about this woman. Fact is this PR Sham is over now,but she has to make the most of her money by parading around in too-small bikinis after calling the paps. Other people manage to go away on vacation, without paparazzi. You think it’s a coincidence they know where she stayed? “An inside source = JA or Huvane” otherwise, she has shitty friends who keep going to the tabloids so which is it?

    I’m done now though. This was fun but I’ve given this woman and you her paid poster far too many hits than she deserves.

  • bet

    you can really tell

    what campain about what? becuase one is living his or her freaking life. how obvious are you? it about love not hate. why it concern you? i am writing about love, why it irritate you? question

  • bet

    you can realy tell

    if you think it is campain then i happy i campiaing for love than hate spread.

    i am telling i can tell when two people love each other, you can feel thie soul.

  • ellie’

    Such anger not showing off coming home from vacation.. Looks happy & refreshed.. I happen to think she is beautiful and that bikini she looks great in .. But it is your opinion as usual.. Why on a site when you hate someone that bad,… Oh your interested.. I see now.

  • bet

    i can really tell

    you said ” unlike you i do not go to interent and look about her information”

    then why you park you ass here in her thread, and distract people who love her to injoy a good converstion rather than hate.

  • anitaquintero

    tonto mister pitt

  • anonymous

    Anyone still believe in John? Wait and see…………Taylor Swift has been flirting w/ him………she is very young but so into him. John got her for Half of My Heart, he adores her……wait & see.

    Jen is still looking good, accept it guys and she’s not longing for John…..wait and see. Someone else……….be happy it’s not John.

  • huh

    Jen is horrible for the enviroment. First, a spokesperson for a bottled water. A plastic bottles are the worst for the enviroment. Second, why is she using private plane when she is the only one traveling? It’s not like she has kids she has to take with her to suntan in Mexico.

  • bet


    john is not like your idol, he is not in to underage girls.

  • bet


    by the way Half my heart is about jen. it about a man affraid of commitement , but a woman come to his life that take half of his heart and do not know what to do about it.

  • bet


    she is not spoke person for inviroment, she does what she can, she is rich and faboulas, live life to the fullest. why not.

    unless some out there they use the image to get the publicty and does complitely different thing.

  • Venus

    Look at her. She create a hippie-look. The same does Brad Pitt.

    Strange coincidence!!!

    In the past they did it in the same way. They two are surely together. That’s why Angie is looking so sad and thin.

    And sorry, this kiss is ridiculous. A Kiss in the air. Shame on you!!

  • bet


    she has been wearing like this i mean since we know jennifer come to hollywood seen. come on please.

    she wear the same like john with no too much effort to it and always she wear the same cloths. john wear most of the time jeans with no much effort to his cloth, but your idol put too much effort in his cloth ,completely different style ,

  • anonymous

    Paps hound her, that’s why she has bodyguards, that’s why she has to take private jets. You should have seen her last when she used LA airport. Terrible! So, she does have a good reason.

    Regarding plastic bottles: gees, everyone is using plastic nowadays.

    Please forget John Mayer and Brad Pitt. She has real good projects coming up.

    And to those who don’t know and have not seen other pics in Cabo: She was w/ 4 female friends who have been her friends for 20 yrs, non celebrity ones, mind you.

    Anyone saw the article on the 2nd book she narrated w/ her own Dad? Loukoumi Good Deeds teaching children to do good deeds. She may not have kids but she’s helping make a future better world by teaching kids become good people (unlike you haters), a more effective of making a difference. And the yearly Xmas promo for St Jude’s Hospital for children w/ cancer has been done. So, you will see her & other celebrities do the promo come December (in case you think she is trying to outdo Angelina again).

    She is doing what she can do, does not publicize her contributions, does not use it to promote anything but the real causes, etc. So, she also doing her part, unlike what haters like to say and think.

  • Julie

    she looks like a dude. ugh, sad

  • blondie

    Do you think that maybe
    she dresses this way,
    so that the common folk
    will think that she is not a snob,
    and think that Jen-Jen
    is one of the people…

    So real.
    So down to earth.
    So giving and natural.

    Nothin’ fake about her, is there?

    How did you manange to do all
    of those many movies, in so short a time?

    And now, you are getting ready to start
    on, yet another grueling movie,
    and on many different locations,
    is it not???

    Beneath who’s Thanksgiving table
    will Jen-Jen park her little adorable tush-tush???

  • anitaquintero

    te lo mereces…
    miss you

  • Lurker


    Bet, dear bet STFU already…… You are one delusional fool. It does not matter how many times he dumped her, they are soul-mates? .. What in the H@ll are you smoking? Why would you want your idol with someone who has humiliated her over and over again… WOW, low self esteem much?

  • Madison Marriage

    Why could she not get pregnant. Is she still on the pill or the patch? The patch is dangerous.


    jennifer looks amazing! i love her!!! she’s the best!!! plz keep posting more and more about her, we’re waiting!

  • PB&J

    Who gives a damn about JM and JA. I like her style, but do not care about how lovelorn John is. He’s a douchenozzel.

  • jake

    The JOhn Mayer album is all about Jessica Simpson. Thats why he broke her and Tony Romo up. JOhn Mayer is still in love with Jessica

  • zee

    look at that mouth, yuck………

  • aw!

    It’s not just the duckface going on….Does she EVER wash or brush her greasy hair?!

  • megs

    YOu Jen fans are a joke. Angie fans just post cruel opinions but they dont resort to flat out lies. Jen fans come up and have to resort to pure lies and posting up slanderous stories. Anyways Jen has had lots of failed relationships since her divorce But Brad has been with Angie on a long term basis. Jen has already lost this whole thing a long time ago. How can you compare a long term relationship that resulted in kids to woman getting dumped repeatedly by every man in HOllywood. Her ship sank a long time ago.

  • Jane

    Old dried up hag. Selfish to the bone. I bet she never taking her mother gave her life, who raised and nurtured her on vacation.

  • soo

    fu ck ing
    LOVE her

  • the observer

    Never see Jennifer linked to Courteney, Sheryl or Laura anymore.
    Is it possible that these long-term BFF’S (who are mature women)
    are no longer interested in a relationship with Jennifer who is
    stuck at age 25 mentally and emotionally?

  • Jordan

    I just love Jennifer! Beautiful inside and out!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    Let me most this again. I did not edit the first one.

    She is selfish to the bone. I bet she has never taken her mother, who gave who life, who raised and nurtured her, on vacation.

  • Denise

    #94, There is nothing beautiful about her, inside or out.

  • Kimberly Nurse

    She has not aged well.

  • lee

    Jennifer Aniston is just an all round UGLY person

  • Gen X

    She is not pretty, and never has been. She has had a lot of face procedures. Botox, a couple of nose jobs, face filler.

  • ellie’

    Jennifer is so beautiful and loving.. Shes so affectionate how can anyone hate that..

  • ellie’

    Jennifer has a ton of friends even all her A-list like her that she adores being with. But not to proud to treat everyone with an hello.. and respect.