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Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston heads home to Los Angeles on Sunday (November 15) after a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends.

The 40-year-old actress took a private jet home and got a smile out of a customs agent as she made her way to the hangar.

A male friend met Jen at the airport – they exchanged a big hug as soon as she saw him. Cute!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston coming home to L.A. after vacation…

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Credit: SC; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Violet

    Assassin is not about Jennifer – John started writing that track TWO years ago – before he even met Jennifer. The concept of the Battle Studies album about heartbreak was first mentioned by John on the Mayercraft TWO years ago. It has nothing to do with Jennifer, tho I’m sure people thinking that is increases sales. It isnt about Jessica either – John dumped her about 12 times in the few month they dated and was embarrassed to be seen with her. He has mentioned a lot his first love, his childhood sweetheart, who now lives in Japan. Hense his obsession with Japan.

    PS I agree that Bet is a retard. Jen Hens are Twi-Tards the worst offenders of tragic, its because they are all fat and lonely, bless.
    I do think John and Jennifer are friendly – they have to be. John’s manager Mick was married and is now seperated from Jennifer’s longtime friend and producing partner Kristen. Kristen was also in Plan B original partnership lineup with Jennifer and Brad Pitt. I do believe the second union of John and Jen was for show however – not a PR contract, but more they were still friends and went to the Oscars together (to save Jen facing the Brange alone). Even at NYE IN Cabo John and Jennifer were in different locations with different people. I think it’s more supportive than romantic, and the fact they are both repped by the same PR company (as is Jessica Simpson) is a factor in all the tmedia coverage. John is totally still playing the field, he is always with different girls.

  • Alex

    Bet – how can John Mayer be waiting for her at home when she is in LA and he is shagging his way though NYC? In Ian Halperin’s new book about Ange, he states Maniston is asexual. No freaking surprises there. Also, Jen’s mate Leigh is stalking Mayer on Twitter – he’s completely ignoring her and not replying nor even following. Judging by the bitching she does, you can safety assume he isnt with Jen. Note Leigh is also following fake ‘Shiloh’ . Typical of JA/her friends/her fans – bitter and twisted and sick in the head.

  • mary joe

    her face is chancing becoming more manly,

  • Kiki

    She looks like Dustin Hoffman in a wig.

  • anitaquintero

    la adoro

  • Emilia

    She is living proof that money and fame cannot buy happiness nor credibility. bland actress, bland looks and bland personality. She is high maintainance and wont go anywhere without fake tan and a blow dry. No wonder men wont put up with her for long. She should also should start dressing her age – she is approaching 41 and dresses like she is 21. She should go back to sitcom, that where she belongs, and where she has her most success.

  • Princess

    She looks happy and relaxed. I wish I was filthy rich like this lovely lady.

  • bet


    why it concern you about John, your idol landed from the plane run run run, before more lunatics arrive to the thread. i do not even understand you guys, why you bother by John.Is that becuase i am not allow you talk ofcourse your usuall rant of your idols. i do not want to talk about them. i want to talk about Jen and john.

    Jen was wearing his gift watch the whole year, she want to make sure to make her remind him when he is not arround. Most of the song is about jen. John refuse to answer any qeustion about jennifer anison. i smelling something. Who else in the world he has to hid from world to go to , the only for jennifer ansiston. on Assissen there is part he said ” when the roads is quite, when no one is around to track my move”‘ Who else in the world track his move, only for jennifer aniston.

    i can feel thier soul they are belong together.

  • bet


    when a lot of money involve , it can be done.

  • Violet

    Bet, you are mentally ill. Go and see a therapist like your idol Jennifer. John has been spotted by numerous people making out with women. He is not answering the questions about Jennifer because THEY ARE WITH THE SAME PR TEAM. Its publiciy leaked by CAA. I’m sorry you are fat and lonely, and wear Big Bertha panties, but you are completely nuts. Scrill down on John’s Twitter to his Tweet about finally finishing writing up the lyrics to Assassin – TWO YEARS after he started it. Its all there in FACT. He told the press he DUMPED her – that’s how much he cared for her. He slept with tons of girls since. He friendly with her because of association.

  • bet


    we did not see him one single women out in public after jennife Aniston split. that said a lot , that he is not over her, he want her and ofsoures she want him too.

  • bet


    we did not spot him. that the same rumor that is spread about your iodl they are spliting up. Since we did not see john with anywomen making out. we consider him, a gentel man.

  • Alex

    Bet – John Mayer was in NYC playing his album launch gig (I was there) – unless he has a ‘Prestige’ like Christian Bale, he was not in LA waiting for Chinnifer Maniston. John was shagging around NYC, The Chin was with the only male who’s ever wanted her – her dying dog Norman. LOL

  • bet


    yes but he come back again and again for her, and also, she was wearing his gift watch for year , i think she knows about John that you and me do not know. A good heart.

  • bet


    no John was there waiting for her and making amazing love making sestion.

  • Violet

    BET – IT’S VIOLET, LEARN TO SPELL YOU DUMB DOUCHE. I’ve seen Mayer the Player out socially – he is not pining over or dating Jennifer, trust me. He takes what he can get – and he gets a lotta women. The girls he chooses are much younger and much prettier than Jennifer.

  • bet


    john is very intelectual man, he does not care about look nor under age girls. he is looking for Soul, and he found it and he is going to stay. that what he said recently on E! online.

  • Alex

    OMG Bet – I’m completely sorry I didnt know you were actually mentally impaired/retarded. Whats a sestion Bet? Never heard of it! Bet you are a a complete and utter twat. I get the feeling you cant keep a man either, just like your idol.

  • Violet

    Bet, go play with traffic darling.

  • Violet

    Bet – I saw that interview on E! online – he said nothing of the sort you LYING SWINE. Didnt even mention JA. He did mention his childhood sweetheart however….

  • bet


    he did not mention Jennifer aniston also, he refuse to anwer any question abuot her, he is hiding something. he mention his childhood sweetheart and he said it does not mean we have to settle with your high shcool sweetheart. he trying to said we date people until you find the right person to settle with. the same way like your idols.

    john love her and love her soul.

  • Olly

    Poor washed up lonely Jen, she’s is one of life’s losers. No man wants her, she’s too needy and desperate. Vince Vaughn hit it and left, Mayer pissed and shit all over it and left. Still shipping for her and John Stamos though – about time she got a shot at a good guy who might put up with her immature ways.

  • Lara

    Jen, she is going to go to pieces when her dog dies, she has no other unconditional love. Maybe she should become lovers with Jessica Simpson – they have so much in common. They both dated and got dumped by John Mayer, they both are dumb, like having lightlights, fake tans and plastic sugery and both would have dead dogs so would be reunited in greiving. They are a match made in heaven!

  • bet


    from all men you mention , jen found her soulmate that is john. John said it too, it written all over his song. you can feel it john is a good heart for her. She was wearing his watch the whole time , i am sure she knows more about John than you and me. he said on his song ” i am assassin and i steal your heart”

    no one want to be chased by every man, you want one, and the only one your soulmate, that is john.

    i said it is not about look or weather one isGreek heritag or weather one person is pure white blood hertige of french it about soul searching and Jen found his soul she staying .

  • Danny

    Bet you dumb bitch, you are a waste of space in society. I am begging you please try and get an education, this is a wonderful country where you can get an education at any age

  • JenHagsSUCK

    Danny, Danny, Danny. Leave bet alone. She is our beating stick and the laughing stock of this board. Why would you want to take that away from us? Why do you hate america? LMFAO.

  • jillybilly

    Jennifer Aniston is gay! Why does this escape you sheeple?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Everybody quit ragging on Nippy for her awful mop of hair.
    Obviously she didn’t take either of her hairstylists on vacation. And we all know she doesn’t know how to take care of her hair alone.
    Poor Nippy. I wonder if Bet is the one that wipes her a$$ because here is hair there too. BWAHAHAHA!

  • Maria from Texas

    WOW, This pathetic woman? She’s getting uglier by the seconds. WOW, LOOK AT THOSE UGLY THIN LIPS. Not just her lips., everything. What Cougar dresses like that? Not even Myley, Megan, or Kristin would be caught wearing those ugly torn pants. BET, you are her best bud, talk some sense into this wo-man. SHE IS UGLY BEYOND REASON. YIPES, YIPES. Bet, how many men after Brad? 5, 6, or 7, , we have lost count. Why Bet, Why., nibody wants her?

  • Tia Telly

    Yeah, she is getting really old. She plays the whiny girlfriend, thats her specialty

  • Liverwurst

    She is just completely adorable and yet, classy!

  • Liverwurst

    @lizzie: Brad and Angie always fly private jet…ALWAYS.

  • Liverwurst

    @jillybilly: @ManLESSton, I likely: @ManLESSton, I likely: HI LUCKYL! How u doing you pathetic waste of space?

  • lala

    @bet: stupid bet, you said you hated John remember ? what happend your employer said it is ok to say nice things about him? lol I don’t have problem with the JM boy I kind of like him just for dumping her user a*s not once but twice.
    The funny thing is when there is a pic of Brad or
    Brad and Angie she will sent one too.. lol. Just watch her user a*s.

  • dawne

    I get weary when I see just how hard she tries to be shabby chic………a private jet; talk about a carbon footprint! I cannot believe someone with this little to offer this world has so much money and does so little with it other than indulge herself. What a turn off……no damn wonder men run like scalded cats after finding out just what she is about……….or rather what she isn’t about.

    What an empty life for someone who was blessed with such luck. I would feel a moral obligation to share the wealth; and definitely not feel worthy based on such frivolous input to the world.

    Noone should have that much money unless they found the cure for cancer……but, no, a laugh track and an ensemble that struck a chord with tweens and teens and twenty somethings……….convinces me once again that we reward all the wrong things. Scientists looking to extend life and its quality, maybe, or really talented people who ‘share’, but someone like her………NO.

    Jealous, vain, revengeful, nasty, untalented, insecure and numbingly narcissistic.

    She should be schlepping toast in a diner, not jetting around the continent tyring to look cool. Imagine all that money and no children, no partner, no real charities and no heart.

    Just palpable ambition with an addiction to fame.

    I think of the zillions of struggling single moms etc. as an example of whom are worthy of such good fortune. I don’t know how she sleeps nights, frankly. Butlers, chefs and ten thousand empty square feet with most of the world suffering on some level or another.

    If she appreciated her bounty and gave back and even pretened to have some humiity, I could bear her, but that is not the case and that is why I abhor this woman.

  • Gino

    Her and Jessica Do have quite a bit in common, But at least Jessica looks like a female.

  • janie may

    Havent you ever heard of the book He’s not that into you. If he’s dumped her and not texting Jen, and not making any attempts to go be with her. Then he’s not into her. This song stuff is a joke. Please post some actual proof that John Mayer is actually persuing Jennifer Aniston. And then maybe Angie fans might believe you.

  • janie may


  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Liverwurst @ 11/20/2009 at 4:05 pm
    @jillybilly: @ManLESSton, I likely: @ManLESSton, I likely: HI LUCKYL! How u doing you pathetic waste of space?
    Aren’t you a stupid idiot, Ellie. It’s not like we all don’t know this is one of your monikers. And no I’m not LuckyL or Jill. They kick your a$$ a lot better than I do. But I’ll keep trying. Dumb Sh!t.

  • bet

    janie may

    yes we heard of he is not in to you. but he keep coming in to yourlife. that is funny.

    the song is not a joke it is real very strong subject about them. and also jen was wearing his watch the whole time, that means there something we all do not know about them. We all keep wondering while the two love bird injoying thier life.

  • bet

    la la

    i love love love john Mayer, weather he is with jen or not. He is one amazing talented man. ye you said he dump her, yet he wants his soumate back , she steal his heart. listen to the song the “Edge of desire ” by john.

    her soul is occupied by john, she does not care what the F@ck happen in the other world of branglooneis, only the media and you freaks obessessed with them.

  • http://guido guido

    la ou elle embrasse l’homme on dirait que jennifer pleure!!!

  • http://guido guido

    * If you enlarge the image or she(it) is with the man * you will see jennifer cry

  • bet


    becuase she miss john. ha ha.

  • elliot

    Good God, Bet, shouldn’t you be clocking-out right about now? Working on the O.T., huh? Industrious.

    Jared, do the advertisers know you’re out-sourcing the comment “help?” Paying poor women in third world countries a pittance to comment on posts. Advertisers see how many hits you’re getting & voila.

    Maybe you aren’t employing these women. Maybe it’s Huvane, but you are just as complicit because you know about it. It’s a win-win situation, right?

    Not all of your readers are gullible.

  • bet


    john and jen are soulmate.

  • http://guido guido

    excuses moi Bet , mais je crois que vous vous trompez tous car je suis moi certain que c’est avec gerard quelle est y a trop de signes entre eux
    et je crois qu’on va le savoir dans tres peu de temps

    Excuses I Bet, but I believe that you make a mistake all because I am me someone that it is with gerard which is has too many signs between them there and I believe that we are going to know him(it) in little time(weather)

  • bet


    jen and john are soulmate.

  • http://guido guido

    Look at this video just before speaking about jennifer he(it) kiss(embrace) the microphone, him(it) is drunk or then he is sick there above

  • http://guido guido

    Look at this video just before speaking about jennifer he(it) kiss(embrace) the microphone, him(it) is drunk or then he is sick there above

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