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Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston Heads Home After Cabo Vacation

Jennifer Aniston heads home to Los Angeles on Sunday (November 15) after a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her friends.

The 40-year-old actress took a private jet home and got a smile out of a customs agent as she made her way to the hangar.

A male friend met Jen at the airport – they exchanged a big hug as soon as she saw him. Cute!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston coming home to L.A. after vacation…

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Credit: SC; Photos: Flynetonline
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I agree, she has had nose jobs!

No ,no nose jobs she had a deviated septum done..that’s where the scrap the bone down so you can breath better…. we do know a lot of others that have that get plastic surgery..Jen so beautiful..

Some of you posters are pathetic rubes. There is nothing natural about her. If you think all the time & money she spends on her looks have been well-spent, then fine. But this “she’s so natural” b.s. is sad and foolish. You can’t possibly be that naive.

Venus @ 11/19/2009 at 2:55 pm
In the past they did it in the same way. They two are surely together. That’s why Angie is looking so sad and thin.

Oh OF COURSE they’re together. And next week Brad is going to announce he is leaving Angie and the kids for good and moving back in with Jennifer. And the week after that Jennifer is going to announce that she is pregnant with Brad’s baby. And the week after that they will get married all over again in a $3 million blow-out and live happily ever after.
And the world is going to end on 12/21/12. Just like the movie said.

Forgot to ask Venus: are you always this stupid?

That’s your opinion which your entitled to.. Jennifer is a natural beauty. You know how healthy Jen is by working out and does everything natural is so healthy for the mind ..Just try it.. You might feel better about yourself..I hope you believe that about all of hollywood that there all fake then. even the young ones up and coming…If your only to believe she had work done.. No boob job no nose job.. Shes gorgeous, she does have the girl next door look.. and with that kick a** body can where anything the woman looks 10 yrs younger then what she really is..

I agree she’s not an attractive woman at all. She never has been, whether its her thin lips, or small beady eyes. or enlarged jaw and chin, And huge big nose. She doesnt have any beautiful features. And I agree she’s ageing quite badly. And i forgot about the greyish, blonde scraggly hair

They don’t need it like they don’t need a lot of things, #21. They just want it.

They can, they just don’t want to, #24.

So if she does look 21 or 22. How come none of these 20 year old actors are asking her out on dates or trying to be with her. Usually when an old woman looks young, All the young men start trying to date her. Maybe she looks young to her female fans and thats it. But she looks old to the rest of the world

I do believe its a woman’s choice to be with or without a man. I also believe it a woman’s choice to have or not to have a baby.. I really don’t know why the concern about someones love life..Jennifer when ready will do as she pleases.. I would hope beauty or be rich would mean Jen have to have a man or anyone for that matter. I’m sure any woman would agree to our own rights as woman..If not your awful lonely and can’t be alone or make without a man .. now that’s sad..

Who is hiring these posters? Huvane? Jared? Judging by the appalling grammar & spelling, the posters you’ve hired are out-sourced. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, unless you are an advertiser.

So, maybe you aren’t pathetic rubes. You’re just trying to make a living. If this is the case, I apologize.

roTfLmAOoo!! went on YouTube to check out this JM … ‘Assassin’
that ass-hole has been creaming about… like she’s on that pay
roll also.
Anywho someone left a comment and I quote… hahah ……………..
” he couldn’t get shot in the face enough times for me” haahahahaha
My sentiments exactly.. Oh! and the song stinks too…imO

Oh please stop with the grammar, that is so old already.. you don’t sound any better yourself.. That doesn’t bother myself or others. Stop also using fake names.. No need to apologize now that’s silly too!!!

That’s wonderful that you had to see John Mayer good for you, that says to me how interested you are about his life as Jens.. You care!

@ ellie’
now elle’ U know you don’t want to f.uck with me, so Scat B!tch (.)

ManLESSton, I likely @ 11/19/2009 at 8:30 pm

I’m putting my money on 100mph. You go girl!

@ellie’: Cha-ching! I’m sure they pay you and the others a pittance per post. Hopefully, you’re working your way through school and won’t have to do this forever. Good luck.


who what the f@ck you are talking about . common people. are you talking about Royal family and common people thing. the girl is an actress who born in New york with a working family. and she is not also pretending to be royal unlike some living un imaginary life and buying casle all over the place ,to pretend playing it.

Hi ellie’ dear

I left you a message,last night on the last page of Jen’s thread. I thought you were still online.

Something is going on,bet is right about John’s new album. You Tube
says above his video,John Mayer Battle Studies-Assassin Jen Aniston Breakup Song. There is another picture of John and Jen there
too,with another song.


sorry to tell you but John is taken away by Jennifer Aniston. he is gone . like his song assassin, he said i am gone gone by jennifer aniston. he has to kiss a lot frogs before he find his princess. Jen i s the only woman he that he keep saying many times he respect and admire. that a says a lot about his feeling about jen.

Hi my freinds Jade and Elle’

Hi my freinds Jade and Elle’

she looks so desperate sometimes
does she even no the guy 2 say…
havent been impressed with her lately
she’s been kinda boring

Like I said once a PIG always a PIG..This a comp your a** can’t make me leave anywhere honey!!

Hey my friend Bet & sweet jade..
I have to check this out..

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