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Levi Johnston: Playgirl Preview

Levi Johnston: Playgirl Preview

Levi Johnston rocks the red carpet in a lilac shirt and tie at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party held at West Hollywood’s Voyeur on Wednesday (November 18).

The 19-year-old father of Sarah Palin‘s grandchild also dropped by the GQ “Man of the Year” party and shared his Thanksgiving plans at the event… and they didn’t include turkey with the Palins!

“No! Definitely not,” Levi told when we asked if he’d be joining Bristol and company after Sarah‘s invitation on Oprah. “It wasn’t even a true genuine invite to me!”

Check out the video preview of Levi‘s Playgirl spread below!

Levi Johnston: Playgirl Preview!

10+ pictures inside of Levi Johnston at the Hot Hollywood Party…

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levi johnston hot hollywood party 01
levi johnston hot hollywood party 02
levi johnston hot hollywood party 03
levi johnston hot hollywood party 04
levi johnston hot hollywood party 05
levi johnston hot hollywood party 06
levi johnston hot hollywood party 07
levi johnston hot hollywood party 08
levi johnston hot hollywood party 09
levi johnston hot hollywood party 10

Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP, PITNB; Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN, Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • Ari


  • Fyn

    Now why would I want to see this Neanderthal naked?
    I rest my case.

  • alex

    what a gross disgusting greasy fame hour.
    he doesn’t care about his kid, only getting more attention.
    he needs to go back to wherever he came from.

  • loyal

    This wet behind the ears little boy needs to grow up and be a man. Stop slamming his baby’s family. Jerk. He should be praising the Palins. Without them he would be worthless and wouldn’t be living all Hollywood. The liberal press just likes to use this stupe to try to embarass the Palin’s.

  • Rhonda

    cute and not to smart. gay boys love that

  • Kimberly Nurse

    Wow, he looks great! Can’t wait to see him!

  • xxx

    He is actually pretty cute, but unfortunately he’s a DOUCHE.

  • coco

    Short ugly loser please get a job. No one wants to see your little carrot stick. I am shocked that anyone had sex with him. Very mean eyes!

  • Kim

    He totally looks like Henry Cavill. They’ve got the same short arms and everything.

  • Marie

    I would buy it to spite that horrible Palin woman, who does nothing but trash other people and then whine constantly about how people are soooo mean to her. Also, Levi is pretty cute and shy!

  • Elle

    Oh my gosh, He is sooo cute! Too bad we don’t get to see his peen

  • Miss D

    Levi is kind of short, right? Anyone know how tall he is?

  • Maria from Texas

    Levi, you are aive young man. Don’t you get it . Liberals are taunting you to say stupid things about the grandmother of you baby,. They are using you. Do you honestly think that the liberal media would be interested in you if you had not knocked Sarah Palins daughter.?These vicious- comments are going to come back to haunt you. And now exposing yourself for money. WOW-PATHETIC. What is your son going to say?

  • lsam

    He is bad. Just wants publicity for himself and using the Palins to shock the public. He needs to grow up. What a douche!

  • dee

    loser!!!!get a life already!!…stop using the palin family’s name to make money…!!!

  • jass

    he’s definitely using the fame from the Palin’s skirttails! He would be a nobody if it wasn’t for him getting Bristol pregnant.

  • kasey

    He’s such a tool. The only person he’s hurting is his son. I feel sorry for the boy when he get’s old enough and realizes what a douche of a father he has.

  • kasey

    He’s such a tool. The only person he’s hurting is his son. I feel sorry for the boy when he get’s old enough and realizes what a douche of a father he has.

  • blah

    how is he a loser? He didnt tell that little whore to open her legs and sleep with him… It takes two to make a baby. He should not be the one taking the blame

  • Dale

    I am no Sarah Palin fan so I find his actions to be very amusing. As long as he pisses off Sarah, I don’t care what he does.

  • dee

    Dumb blonde male version 1.1
    he is a jackass

  • Mat

    What is going to happen when it all goes away…. Hollywood and the tabloids only used him to get information on Palin. Kathy Griffin for boy candy. What about his child?

  • sad

    @Dale: The sad part it really isn’t hurting Sarah Palin at all, just giving her more air time. The ones really hurting are him, his child and the mother of his child.

  • ava

    douchbag go away!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    he is such a LOOSER!!!!!!!!! I’m feeling sooooo sorry for his baby and baby’s mama, I’m sure that Bristol didnt knew what kind of a person he is before she had his baby, I’m sure that now shes understand what a mistake she made….. he is just USING her family!!
    shame on you Levi!

    WHAT A LOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cedric

    Man he looks so hot!

  • redistributethis

    This moose t**d should go back to the woods.

  • Iggles

    Wow, the conservatives are out in force today!

  • CMA went pop


    It’s not so much conservatives its people that think talking shit about your baby’s family and your baby’s mother is classless and jsut stupid. He hasn’t done anything to deserve all the press…and by all the press I mean Jared consistently putting him on here because Jared is a flaming liberal.

  • midwestmikey

    the only reason this BOY is famous is because he knocked up a vp running mates daughter an of course the LIBERAL media is running away with this little punk stories like this remind me of what is wrong with our society as a whole not to mention whats wrong with hollywood
    no wonder I quit going to movies he is being used and hes not smart enough to figure it out

  • Tammie

    What an idiot!

  • JR

    Sarah Palin should be thankful to Levi, If it wasnt for him NO ONE would care about her dumb book, And what else would she talk about???
    Please, Nobody is using Levi, And he’s not as stupid as you think….
    They are using EACHOTHER to gain publicity, AND rake in the money…If anyone is stupid, It is the public for buying into everything!!!

  • Steve Model

    I hope he retains custody of his son!

  • jaye

    I have no clue why he is considered a celebrity. I heard someone on a tv tabloid news show call him a ‘STAR’ . sheesh. As much as he bad mouths Sarah Palin, he should thank her for his 15 minutes of fame. She used him and now he’s using her big time. He wasn’t doing anything in Alaska ( aside from killing moose) to take care of his kid, at least now he has a few bucks, one would hope. I bet he’s breathing a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to marry Bristol. If it all goes away, which it will, he can at least say that he got out of the woods and saw a little of the world; which is something Palin should have done BEFORE she decided she’d make a great Vice-President.

  • Karly

    I’m very excited to see this!

  • Jorge DelNorte

    Levi is drop-dead gorgeous. So butch! I’d do him in a New York minute!! Love the guy!

  • cannotwait

    I can’t wait … i think he is HOT and sexy. mm’mmmmmmmmmmmmm :)