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'Oprah' to Go Off The Air in 2011

'Oprah' to Go Off The Air in 2011

The Oprah Winfrey Show will air its last episode on September 9, 2011, it was announced today.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Oprah informed her staffers on Thursday of her departure and will officially announce the news on Friday.

OWN, the forthcoming cable partnership between Oprah and Discovery, launching in January of 2011, may be a home for a new Oprah show, but no deals have been confirmed yet.

“We have the greatest respect for Oprah and wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors,” CBS said in a statement.

“We know that anything she turns her hand to will be a great success. We look forward to working with her for the next several years, and hopefully afterwards as well.”

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  • sotos

    I know it’s a year away and no one knows what future brings but Its kinda sad isn’t it?

  • Lola

    Oprah is supposed to be on television FOREVER!

    I remember coming home from frickin’ kindergarten to see my mom watching it! And I’m 26-years-old…

  • celia

    NO!! This is really depressing?! Why?! She’s been on tv since before I was born. I can’t comprehend the world without Oprah’s show. This makes no sense. I hope they change their mind before 2011.

  • Molly

    I’m bummed.

  • Kelly


  • Jessie

    In my opinion, Oprah’s done a lot of good in her career and I admire her for that, but it seems since she involved herself in politics, her program has turned stale. She helped to buy Obama the presidency and hurt her own image, in my opinion. I was disappointed to see her act like a giddy teenager about him. Haven’t heard her say anything recently–maybe she realizes she back the wrong “Messiah”..

    She was such a “breast care” advocate, but I haven’t heard a word from her about the rationing proposed, yesterday, unless it was on today’s show. I didn’t watch.

    She’s smart to quit while she’s near the top of her game. I heard, earlier than today, that the networks weren’t going to pay her the same as in the past.

    Maybe she’ll buy her own station.

  • Say it like it is

    Oprah,good citizen.Does well for mankind with her wealth.
    Lovedloved old Oprah shows which were not Jerry Springer style shows. I liked her having the audience ask questions.
    She could have done both.
    I like being postivie and lookig for good first.
    BUT Oprah ‘s shows the past 10 years to me have been;celeb gap fest where she gushes over them, new age quacky psychobable which is dangerous,cooking shows, make-overs,ask the doctor ,BORING!!!!!!

  • mare

    the announcement does not make sense in the wording. It states it is ending Septe. 9th 2011. Her season never begins until September.

  • katie n

    End of an era!! It will be a sad day… but like someone said, things can change during the coming two years.

  • Julie

    I’m so glad finally a black/station was used to help Obama win. until this year all white media station has been helping the wrong man except Clinton, yea Oprah!, good job, she was do to go off any way, she said this before Obama election, thank god for Oprah, and good luck to her.

  • Nicole Qiu

    its the end of a era..indeed…there is no doubt that TV industry is going to fade out. kinda sad…>.<

  • T Pain





  • Orchid

    She is so…ummm…….chubby!

  • anon


  • Chau

    Good! It was getting boring anyways. -___-

  • ewww

    Yeah I hate that FAT FUG BITCH

  • Janie

    Good Riddeance!
    but 2011?
    man, that’s like eons away.
    I guess she needs ratings the next 2 yrs.

  • voq


  • bebe


    I guess you are running low on your CRAZY MEDS, Looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oprah

    All of the followers of Oprah’s religion Oprahism must be crying themselves to sleep atm.,

  • congrats

    congrats on a very successful run.

  • Kayla

    I wanna be just like her. I will use her career model as my guide in creating my own brand.

  • http://aol Patti

    It will never happen. You watch, as the time gets close to 9/11 she will not want to throw in the towel. She has to much of an ego.

  • ?

    She’s still got her deal with HBO to produce movies and is about outTurner Ted Turner.

  • Tom

    That’s great news… She started to show her true colors with the Presidential race and I hope she takes Kanye with her.

  • xxx

    WOW! I can’t imagine the show ending………..

  • MAC

    about time! her show is getting repetitive anyway

  • Ilia

    Finally this fat cow will be off the air.

  • Kayla

    she’ll be richer than ever. I will jump on Oprah’s business model and make my brand international.

    Oprah will get more money with her clones, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray.

    Oprah needs to make her brand more edgy and ahead of the curve culture wise.

    Her brand was getting too bland. The people who were in her audience did not reflect who she was. They were more suited for Phil Donahue. She was wearing Louboutins while the audience were wearing doc martens. Not good The disconnect was visable. She also plans on being very vocal politically so it’s best to drop all those people who kept her from rising politically. If having a political though and expressing it made people turn off then they were not true watchers of the show.

  • anne

    why is she trying to look like michelle obama?

  • Ali

    It is time for her to move on and begin a new venture, or retire and focus of philanthropy (like Bill & Melinda Gates) – certainly she has enough money to do that. Why doesn’t she put her energy behind making schools for poor children first quality? There are so many needs in which she could be a dynamo.

    I started to tune her out when she started screaming and becoming a parody of herself. I cannot stand it at this point. I’ll tape her show if there is someone interesting on, but I fast forward through all the hype. I cannot stand her screaming; I cannot stand the audience screaming.

  • Sasha

    FINALLY. overrated show is finally coming to an end. it’s about time.

  • Ronda

    I like all the work Oprah has done to help people over the years. It’s actually a very smart business move that she’s embarking on to have her show under her own Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) .

    With an estimated 2 billion and counting she can afford to do whatever the heck she wants to do. Go Oprah!!

  • minnie


    she’s a phony anyway

  • cubedweller

    I’ve gotten a lot from Oprah over the years, particularly about 5 years ago. But recently I think she has lost touch with her wider audience and market. There is far too much emphasis on the STUFF – bragging about her homes, her clothing, her shoes. The magazine sends a double message – simplify, become more spiritual, but do it wearing these “must-haves”. Things like $1,000 handbags and $500 t-shirts. Please. The favorite-things shows are the ones I completely avoid. And the braying celebrity worship gets old as well.

    I will be interested to see what she does next, but she will not be happy unless she is front and center.

  • RD

    She is responsible for electing the most incompetent and lazy president ever.
    By the way, is Obama still sight-seeing in Asia?

  • hihi

    I can’t believe some of you. After all she has done for people all you do is insult her and all you’re asses are doing is just sitting behind a computer bashing someone?Well, I applaud you guys because you must be SO proud.

  • Rhonda

    Why wait, do it now! Good Riddance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Rhonda

    Oprah, has jumped the shark, probably needs ratings. Sarah Palin gave her the best ratings she has had in years! announce your leaving so people will watch.

  • Rhonda


    he got back this morning so we should have date night real soon. Michelle hasn’t been out of the house since hula hoop day

  • coco

    My vajayjay is paining. Ouch.

  • Annabelle

    She needs to give 90 percent of her money away to all needy people, crawl in the hole and dissapear forever.

  • Alice

    While some of you sitting behind your computers try to remember how much Oprah has done for people all over the world & how successful she made herself coming from humble beginnings She has shown people that you can start with nothing and end up a billionaire!!
    Anyway,WHY would she do a show for CBS,when she is going to have her OWN network??Sorry folks but I don;t think this means that she is retiring,just doing her stuff on her own network.
    Go OPRAH…..If she had listened to some of you whiners,she would not of done any-thing…like most of you!!!!!

  • happy girl

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She is my life. I have been watching since I was a kid! No Oprah! No!!!! Don’t go!

  • emmaa

    No! I have watched Oprah like my whole life!
    This is still a while away though. I love Oprah

  • Annabelle

    God, reading the posts here, it seems there might not be a life after Oprah! Don’t you have anything better to do?
    It’s another stupid show. Just like many others outhere.No wonder people are screwed up.

  • lurker

    @Sasha: I AGREE!!!

  • edna

    I don’t watch that show so it doesn’t even make a difference, but too bad for her fans.

  • anonymous


    It’s not a “black” station. It was a black woman who bought the presidency for a black man. Too bad he couldn’t have won on issues rather than his race–white or black.

  • Jamaicafest

    After all these years I guess its time for a change.