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Tom Cruise: Leaving on a Private Jet Plane

Tom Cruise: Leaving on a Private Jet Plane

Tom Cruise arrives at Austria’s Salzburg Airport on a private jet on Thursday (November 19).

The 47-year-old actor is abroad to film Knight And Day – co-star Cameron Diaz will also fly across the pond to continue shooting.

Tom‘s wife, Katie Holmes, is in New York shooting The Romantics – she recently began filming a wedding scene with her co-stars and was spotted in a bridesmaid dress!

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise arriving in Austria…

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  • christine

    He looks good.
    Who knows, maybe this whole gay/anti-gay thing about him stems from something that happened to him in the past…. maybe his early days in Hollywood….

  • lizzie

    give your money to charities instead of travelling on a private jet selfish man.

  • Kookabear

    He does look good. Happy and relaxed. Nice to see

  • Who Cares

    Two words: WHO CARES

    I’m so tired of seeing pics of this overrated idiot. His days as a box office draw are so over thanks to his rants about PPD and a whole medical science. He saw to that himself. I wish the best for his little girl though. She’s cute. He’s not.

  • dian

    Ah Tom you get better looking as time goes by Katie is one lucky lady

  • You’re Right # 2

    You’re so right # 2!!!!!!!!

    All he does is give tons of money to Scientology, fly around on his private plane and spend tons of money on clothes for his robowife and child! How about people starving in Africa! What about AIDS! There are all kinds of charities but Cruise does nothing but give millions to a cult!! Pitt does alot. Clooney does alot. Matt Damon does alot! But Cruise? NOTHING!! Have u ever seen him in Africa or somewhere else helping people? Never!! What a selfish creep! Not to mention that that private jet is helping to kill the environment!! But what does Cruise care! I guess he’s better than everyone else. Yuck. I’ll never see another movie of his again.

  • AM

    that is Tom’s Plane N808T

  • Ma
  • Anak

    He is sooooo handsome! Salzburg is a wonderful place to be in vacation…

  • Tommy: Idiot Cult Member

    Scientology practices ‘putting people at risk’
    November 20, 2009

    DANGEROUS dismissal of psychiatry and mental health problems must be part of a Senate inquiry into the Church of Scientology, a Melbourne cult-counsellor said yesterday.

    Cult Counselling Australia director Raphael Aron said Scientologists put vulnerable people at risk by taking them off psychiatric drugs and treatment, instead treating them with vitamins and E-meter readings.

    Mr Aron supported Senator Nick Xenophon’s call in Federal Parliament on Tuesday for a Senate inquiry into the Scientologists. The senator tabled letters citing forced abortions, forced labour, child abuse, extortion and intimidation.

    Scientology was cited in the case of a Sydney woman who murdered her father and sister after her parents allegedly made her stop taking psychiatric drugs because of their Scientology beliefs.

    Bankstown Court was told in July 2007 that the parents instead imported non-psychiatric treatment from the United States. A judge later found that Scientology did not influence the daughter’s treatment in that case, but Scientologists make no secret of their disdain for psychiatry and psychology, believing that Scientology offers spiritual healing instead.

    Former Canberra Scientology director Dean Detheridge told The Age that members who had suffered breakdowns were restrained, sometimes for months, on remote farms where no one could hear their screams.

    Despite his rank, he was treated as slave labour, working 15-hour days for the organisation, then three hours on a cleaning job to feed his family.

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said he had concerns about Scientology, which was found to be a religion – and thus tax-exempt – by the High Court in 1983.

    A spokeswoman for Senator Xenophon said yesterday the Senate would decide next week whether to launch an inquiry. She said his office had received more than 500 emails about Scientology, running at ”40 or 50 to one in favour” of the Senator’s stance. The letters tabled in Parliament included allegations of sexual abuse, lying about the death of children, suicide brought on by remorseless pressure to give money to the church, and penal camps for recalcitrant members.

    A former member said she was forced to do ”hard labour” – breaking and carting rocks to build a car park – to redeem herself for supposed ”crimes” against the church that she committed so she could see her son.

    She said she was not allowed to speak until spoken to, had to address staff as ”sir” and had to seek permission to contact her family.

    Another describes how she was pressured to have an abortion, became embroiled in a cover-up over child abuse and was subjected to an intimidation campaign after leaving.

    A third person described how a staff member aborted herself with a coat-hanger to avoid being placed into ”the penal colony”.

    A Church of Scientology spokeswoman said it would make a ”measured response” today because the church was still gathering data on some allegations. But earlier, spokesman Cyrus Brooks said: ”It’s an outrageous abuse of parliamentary privilege from a senator who would not even meet with us several months ago.”

    A federal police spokeswoman said the allegations were matters for state police.

    NSW police said they were examining documents.

  • Beth Marriage

    Is he going to Austrailia or Austria?

  • Lisa

    He is in Salzburg, Austria… the small country between Germany and Italy, in the middle of Europe. I am living there so I know what I´m talking about. It´s crazy what´s going on here becuase it doesn´t happen very often that celebrity THAT famous like Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz come to Austria and especially Salzburg!

  • Leeann

    #2 and #6 : how you know Tom Cruise didnot donate money,
    perhaps he is the type who donate money but kept it to himself.
    don’t judge others.

  • minnie


    At least he left the bimbo robot wife and brat home.

    Here’s the latest about the brat

  • Two

    Stop telling people how to spend their hard-earned money, #2.

    You’re a self-righteous buffoon, #6.

  • three


    Stop telling people how to spend their hard-earned money, #2. WHY SHOULD S/HE? YOU CERTAINLY DON’T STOP TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO SAY AND NOT SAY.

    You’re a self-righteous buffoon, #6. NO MORE SELF-RIGHTEOUS THAN YOU. NO MORE A BUFFOON THAN YOU.

  • Kimberly Nurse

    I wonder if he is buying carbon off-sets, hah

  • minnie

    # 16- you are so right about TWO.

    he’s such an die hard idiot fan of two weirdos.

    Don’t mind him. He will in the near future find out how silly he has been supporting these two idiots

  • ellie’

    I care about Tom Cruise never ever missed a movie and never will , he is one of the best actors ever..Da* is he still good looking gets better with age..

  • http://JUSTJARED harry

    these are some stupid bitches, that man has always been gay, those marriages are for his image.

  • tidbit

    Movie has “BOMB” written all over it.

  • Two

    Why, #21?

  • Two is an A*shole

    You’re a self-righteous buffoon, #6.
    EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Who the f*ck do you think you are to call me a baffoon, you low life piece of obsessed garbage?

    Have u ever seen Cruise in Africa or in New Orleans helping anyone? No! Do you see him at fundraisers? No. Do you hear anything about him helping a charity? NO. Because he doesn’t. He only gives to Scientology. If you can prove otherwise, lets see your information. Otherwise STFU. And don’t tell me the burden of proof is on me. The proof is that there is NOTHING about him giving to charities ANYWHERE.

    Do not call me names you freakin’ obsessed, delusional piece of sh*t. SOme people may put up with it, but I won’t.

    Drop Dead with you Cruise/Holmes obsession and get a friggin life

  • trudy

    Tom is in Salzburg, huh? That’s good.

    Lets hope he stays there.

    I love that there are only 22 comments on this thread. No one cares about him anymore except when he’s with his wife or daughter. LOL.

  • janice

    I’ll bet he is glad to get away from his homely looking ho!

    Cameron might make an “honest man” out of him while in Austria…if you know what I mean. lol

    His beard hasn’t done it! lol

  • thanks jared

    love him

  • anonymous

    no.24 you will fall flat on your face because the movie will do so well.
    Many fans are for him but people dont hang out in trash boards.

  • twilight

    Cool plane and so good to see Tom! I MISS HIM<3

  • galloway

    Happy Anniversary Katie and Tom……

  • f-14

    Tom really looks so handsome and so young.

    Not many guys in Hollywood age finely as he does.

  • …..

    God bless him and his
    family. He should have been the sexiest man alive.
    Not only he is good looking and talented but
    a man of wonderful qualities. Loves his family
    and so All American.

  • iron chef

    Cant wait for Knight and Day.

  • play


  • sotos

    HOT *wiping drool off my face*

  • teehee

    to the few haters using different monikers = get a life

  • @tee hee

    Well, I think the Cruise lovers number two or three and they are the ones using the different alias. Been on JJ’s threads for a loooonnnngggg time now and most of the haters are separate individuals. You can tell by the writing, the times, etc. The Cruise/Holmes lovers post one right after another and they sound the same.

  • ivanka

    I dont like Cameron but I like Cruise a lot. I rather see Reese doing this with Cruise or Julia Roberts than annoying Diaz.

  • @

    Always the Top Gun in Hollywood for a long long time and he is still my man.

  • cruisefan

    News like this should be featured

  • 90210

    Tom is pure hotness but most of all
    the nicest man in H’Wood.

  • Alley

    yep this movie will be crap and so will be his zombie war brides movie. I wish them and there spoilt brat would rack off.

  • xxx

    trolls hate him because is BIG. Some Brangelina fans,Kidman fans are so threatened because of fear and envy. Why be bothered with someone if you’re happy,content and confident of your fave celebs.

  • @xxx

    You are the one that brings up Brangelina and Kidman. No one on this thread cares about them. I think I speak for most of us “Trolls” we don’t like Cruise for a lot of different reason, but Pitt/Jolie and Kidman aren’t three of them.
    Myself and several others find it very difficult to support a man like Cruise who is part of a cult that has hundreds upon hundreds of exmembers who testify about its cruelty (physical, mental and emotional). It is incomprehensible to us that Cruise is out there supporting a cult founded by a sci-fi writer who even said if you want to get rich start a cult. A founder who was a homophobe and wife beater. Who would openly brag about the money his cult was bringing in for him to lavish upon himself and his lifestyle. Cruise supports a sci-fi writer’s idiocy. The cult is truly awful. It is not a religion. It exists to make money for a select few. What do the Brange and Kidman now have to do with this cult? Nothing.
    We can dislike Holmes on her own merit. She can’t act, dance or sing and the only reason she got the part on Broadway and the dancing and singing parts is because she is Mrs. Tom Cruise. It is kind of hard to respect someone like that. Kidman who was married to Cruise at least exudes and has a great deal of talent.
    So please stop your generalizing and blaming others because some of us have OUR EYES WIDE OPEN.

  • To the halwit maniac

    That cretin posting over and over icky sentimental praises (post #26, to 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, etc.)
    No one’s buying your gushy “fanclub”. Tom and Katie have no other fans than you and TWO and maybe ellie’ here on just jared. And I bet even them are ashamed of your mediocre attempt at compliments. Your posts are simply idiotic and you sound like a retard.
    Get a life, go outside your mother’s basement covered wall to wall with Tomkat pics. Try to make friends (that is difficult for you, isn’t it?). If you are really unloved, alone, distressed by real life… then maybe put a gun in your mouth and splatter these walls with your brains.

  • to the halFwit

    I meant, the fool with no friends

  • mary joe


  • Tia Telly

    I don’t think his marriage is a fake. He loves Katie and she gave him a child.

  • Vic

    Can’t wait for his new movie!!!!!!