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Ashley Greene to Jared Followill: Happy Birthday!

Ashley Greene to Jared Followill: Happy Birthday!

Twilight actress Ashley Greene (in D&G) hops into a cab with newly single Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill after celebrating his 23rd birthday at NYC hotspot The Box on Thursday (November 19).

Staff from the box came out with sparklers and wished Jared a happy birthday. Also there to celebrate included Gossip Girl couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr as well as Jared‘s older brother Caleb Followill with model girlfriend Lily Aldridge.

Earlier in the evening at the same venue, The Cinema Society and D&G held the after-party for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

From one Jared to another: Happy Birthday, Jared!!!

20+ pictures inside of Ashley Greene celebrating Jared Followill‘s 23rd birthday…

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ashley greene jared followill birthday 01
ashley greene jared followill birthday 02
ashley greene jared followill birthday 03
ashley greene jared followill birthday 04
ashley greene jared followill birthday 05
ashley greene jared followill birthday 06
ashley greene jared followill birthday 07
ashley greene jared followill birthday 08
ashley greene jared followill birthday 09
ashley greene jared followill birthday 10
ashley greene jared followill birthday 11
ashley greene jared followill birthday 12
ashley greene jared followill birthday 13
ashley greene jared followill birthday 14
ashley greene jared followill birthday 15
ashley greene jared followill birthday 16
ashley greene jared followill birthday 17
ashley greene jared followill birthday 18
ashley greene jared followill birthday 19
ashley greene jared followill birthday 20

Photos: Justin Campbell, Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • A

    I continue to be amazed at how gorgeous Jessica Szohr is and yet takes the most unflattering pictures every time. She always looks so rough. You would think someone that looks like her would be photogenic.

  • amanda

    Those Followill brothers are hot. Can I have one, please? I’ll take Caleb.

  • tori

    new rachel bilson pics on limelightpics

  • lolita

    bunch of fame-whore. their band sucks

  • ugh

    You’re better with Alisa, Jared. JFC. Team Alisa all the way.

  • julia

    Ed Westwick is hot!!!!

  • heh

    i just lost sooooo much respect for him….

  • Perri

    Jared always seemed the type to go for a major model or an actress. Now that he is through with Alissa (who was not really a model) he looks to be going that route.

  • jaxxs

    Alisa is a model, but put it all on hold when she met jared – she’ll be back don’t worry! She’s way prettier & sweeter and more real then anyone out there! He’s “through” with Alisa? I heard it was the other way around!

  • Lauren

    Who’s Alisa?

  • lol

    This whore couldn’t wait for him to be single.

  • seriously

    Ashley Greene you are a worthless w h o r e and a terrible actress, go die.

  • Luna

    She was waiting for him to break up with his girlfriend since forever and started hooking up with him in Vancouver I bet. She has no class whatsoever and I don’t know why people still post about her. Also, I just saw New Moon and she was really terrible.

  • Cheryl

    Everybody in the cast is off doing some promoting stuff and this b!tch calls off a fan event pretending to have a flu when everyone can see she was off hooking up with this asssssssshole. I hope they both enjoy their STDs and Alisa deserves better than an overbearing stuck up lame “rock” star.

  • heh

    Agree #15. I hope Ashley feels content knowing she just broke up a five year relationship.

  • Steve Model

    What a lucky girl! I luv her in the movie!

  • wWowW

    This Ashley Greene girl gets around it seems.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ashley looks really cute
    ive really started 2 like her not 2 long ago
    pretty face, nice smile, nice body, and decent legs =]
    i like her dress as well

  • leslie

    She is seriously depressing in the Twilight fandom. Everyone is always on Nikki Reed’s case for being a famewhore etc and this chick is 10 times worse.

  • kristom

    OMG..Ed Westwick is looking damn hot..sizzling!!!

  • lala

    Wow these pictures totally cement my belief that Szhor is a lesbo and she and Ed are each other’s beards. TEHEHEHEHE.

    PS. Wasn’t Ashley in town to do some other charity/fan/etc. function the night before? Why is it suuuuuuuuuuch a big deal that she’s out with her friends at a birthday party? LOL Its kinda ridic how I bet the very people who are now all affonted for “Alissa’s” sake probably based A just as much as they’re basing Ashley now when Alissa first started dating Jared. LAME.

  • heh

    no number 21, some of us adore the hell out of alisa. but what jared did or what it seems like what he did and how he did it, was so wrong.

  • Lauren

    #22 — what’s the story? What happened with him and Alisa??

  • ^_^

    during the vancouver show he hooked up with ashley and she asked him to end the engagement with alisa. jared contemplated it and i guess alisa heard about it, and booted him to the side. she sacrificed her career for him – stayed with him for 5 years only to get dismissed. sucky situation, jared’s a dick for it. whatever, if he’s happy and she’s happy without him what more can you ask for?

  • Hannah

    #17, I was thinking exactly that! Chase Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, and now Jared? Sigh.

  • xxx

    Wow, Ashley!! Sausage down a hallway anyone?? Whats this your third guy in a month? Maneater alert!

    Don’t get the fuss with this cow… can’t act and not pretty. And she is so fkn arrogant.

  • idiot

    Hey Ashley congrats on officially becoming a hoe you cuuuunt! You are worthless and you’ll always be known as the slutt that broke up an engagement and oh I’ve seen your privates she-male

  • idiot

    Oh and congrats to Jared for ditching an amazing girl for a cuntt that is probably only good in bed but lacks brain activity

  • omg

    whorrrrrrrrrrrrrres like ashley greene should be put to sleep.

  • willa33

    Tell me this douche*** let beautiful Alisa get away and is now seeing this fat ugly cow Ashley They use to be a cool band, now there a joke – whos next on his list – taylor and miley

    Hey Alisa your beautiful and your way better then him!

  • wtf

    Jared you suck. Ashley is such a slut
    agreed #30

  • katie

    #24 how do you know that actually happened?
    and plus just because a couple is together for 5 years doesn’t mean they’re meant for each other even though i thought alisa seemed really great for him but break ups happen.

  • jalicelover

    ashley has a lot of male friends, doesn’t mean she dates them all. She looks gorgeous.<3

  • jennifer

    what the fuc.k? Since when was Jared single? And what the hell is up with Ashley Greene? Everyday it’s like she has a new guy….

  • hmm

    I think they are both disgusting losers.

  • BP

    I went to high school with this Ashley Greene it’s hilarious to see her doing the same things she did in high school for the media. She always wanted the taken bastards and her group of hoochies, Caitie, Irene, Elizabeth, Andrea etc are some of the vilest people I’ve ever met. Always putting up a show for the guys

  • undiscosed

    anyway he looks sad.

  • ana

    They look amazing

  • ana

    I’m sorry,but if I could date chace,ian and jared I wouldn’t care if everybody would thing I’m a whore.Let the girl have fun!She’s young,pretty and rlly should enjoy.

  • A

    where did you hear that story about jared?

  • Karly

    She is so lucky to have him!

  • gotit

    According to Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge (and Caleb Followill’s Girlfriend) she’s been telling friends, Ashley did NOT breakup Jared and Alisa. Jared and Alisa broke off months ago, it was mutual and they are on good terms.

    Jared has been with many women since the breakup, and is not looking for a relationship.

    Jared and Ashley are not dating, Jared considers her a friend and a hookup. Jared knows the others she’s been with and he’s not interested in pursuing anything more with her.

    However, Jared was in NY to “see” a certain someone else he is interested in, but when that didn’t work out for him, it was off to the New Moon after-party for his backup plan.

  • ET

    i have no idea who she is … another pretty thing :)
    anyway she reminds me of emma watson ..

  • ET


    oops wrong page..i was going to comment this on the girl named jessica stam

  • ET

    ashley looked much better here than the LA’s premiere.

  • lilly


    I really hope not all girls think like that. Have some class girls. it’s not a bad thing! you don’t need to be a slut just bc you can.

  • gabb

    ugh i dislike ashley greene,it seems she just wants fame from dating people that are more talented than her.Wasnt she dating chance crawford?…plus she is SLUTTY all naked in the internet,,probably jared saw does pics and felt in “LOVE”… they will be done in less than a week…good thing alisa broke up with him..she can do much better.

  • Jade

    I luved her in twlight!

  • Bey

    I now really dislike her. Grrrr. Way to go breaking off a stable relationship Jared.

  • ame

    i hate her so much way before twilight and now i dislike her even more… she is a $lu+ but if Jared wants that well that is your life… but definitly alisa was more appropiate for him and they really seem to have a great relationship… just hope Jared isn`t turning into a douche***