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Camila Alves & Levi McConaughey Play in the Park

Camila Alves & Levi McConaughey Play in the Park

Camila Alves and cutie pie son Levi McConaughey go out for a fun day in the park on Wednesday (November 18) in Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old model is expecting her second child with longtime love Matthew McConaughey in late December/early January. Levi, 16, months, is their first child together.

Matthew, who turned 40 earlier this month, wrote on his blog that he had the best presents ever for his big day.

“Got everything I need for a perfect 40th…a happy and healthy lady, son, and another baby on the way,” he wrote.

FYI: Camila is using her BOB Revolution stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Camila Alves and Levi McConaughey‘s day at the park…

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camila alves levi mcconaughey park 01
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 02
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 03
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 04
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 05
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 06
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 07
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 08
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 09
camila alves levi mcconaughey park 10

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  • Jenn

    Why is she wearing bowling shoes??

  • jmsjmmaa

    That little boy looks like a midget?? Is he???

  • Trilby

    That little boy is delicious!!!! And shame on the paparrazzi for stalking him and his mom while they play outside. I’m disgusted with the way photographers harrass young children. It should be completely against the law to take pictures of the minor children of celebrities without their permission.

  • Red Two

    Is this Baby Special Needs?

    He looks as if he may be…

  • ava

    This poor baby has the distinct look of little people. Interesting! His parents are both normal, tall people. How did that happen?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..he might be suffering from dwarfism. that’s what it looks like from these photos.

  • R Forever

    I mentioned on Popsugar long time ago that this baby looked like he suffered from physical delayments in growth…I was jumped on right and left saying he was a normal sized baby..well, I am a nurse who has had 4 children of my own and I am certain this child has some physical problems. He doesn’t look normal and I hope I’m wrong but he does look like he suffers from “something” His face is sunken in and he looks malnurished. He looks very unhealthy.

  • J

    What are y’all talkin’ about? That kid is adorable. And Fyn, you sound like a dumb ignorant a s s. Go F yourself, you wet dog, smelling, pasty beast.

  • John

    Poor woman!!!!
    Pregnant and running around with that kid! Does she not have a babysitter?!
    And the kid is weird. his head is just too big!

  • lee

    Your comment is so offensive with serious racist undertones.
    You’re basically saying that you don’t understand why guys are attracted to anyone but white ladies. GET REAL, it’s 2009.

  • ynop

    The kid is kinda cute, but needs a haircut! His hair constantly looks like a toupee or wig.

  • cassie

    she looks ready to go! =)

  • sibil

    He could be the brother of Jessica Alba’s daughter. They look so much alike. lol Give him time that’s all I’m saying.

  • Dee

    I totally get what everyone is saying about th kid. Something looks a little…off (to say the least).
    Maybe its a “condition”, maybe he’ll grow out of it (i hope).
    I think in a few years we’ll know for sure.

  • simmy

    #11: Fyn’s (#7) comment is explicitly racist, forget undertones. Goodness knows what Matthew has been absorbing to look the way he does of late. Substances that may well affect his offsprings in some way. I sure hope not.

  • Florence

    I’m sorry to say this but Levi does look as if something is not quite alright with him. You can see it in his face and body and perhaps that is why they decided to have another baby so soon after having Levi. That sometimes happens when a parent has substance abuse problems it is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  • coors lite


  • Brasil

    This is probably the reason we rarely, if ever, see Matthew with his son, he is ashamed of Levi. Matthew really looks unhappy nowadays, like he is trapped or something.

  • renuka

    people get a life. levi is perfectly fine.

  • blah

    There is nothing wrong with this baby. People need to stop being racist. Hes a beautiful baby from a beautiful brazilan woman and a hansome white man. Get over it. Matthew likes darker women not white women.

  • blah

    Thats why i cant stand white women, they think every man should want their ugly asses. Face it your white men want latina women now becsaue we look better than the average white woman.

  • sillyme

    I’ve been saying this for a while…the baby looks like he’ll be a midget.

    He’s cute…but, still…

  • anon

    I doubt the boy would be up walking if he did, he would be having the start of many surgeries. Not all babies are born with perfectly round heads, it just takes time for the bodies to catch up with the bigger heads.

  • buddymcphee

    WTF…That baby is 16 only months old…how tall do you think a 16 month old is?? He looks perfectly healthy. I think what you’re trying to say is that “he’s not as cute as I thought Matthew’s baby should be”.

  • Rio

    Camilia isn’t Latina at all, she is a biracial(half-black/halfwhite woman) from Brasil and Brasil is not a Hispanic country, nor is it a Spanish speaking country. Brasil is strictly European and African and so is Camilia.

  • Donna

    He is an odd looking child. It’s very possible there is a medical issue going on here. If not, maybe he justs needs to grow into his body and looks.

  • ava

    Katie-Lee, I wouldn’t call Hispanics fat and ugly if I were you as many white women are no prizes. Have you seen the people of walmart? I thought so. Dumb c*unt.

  • kim

    His face looks older than his age like those kids who age prematurely and also there are dozens of pics with him and his dad on the beach playing walking with dog etc. Ive seen more pics of him with Matthew than Camila at

  • Fyn

    Your comment is really nasty, but totally spot on:-)
    I am so sick of political correctness.
    Camila Alves is butt ugly—-has nothing to do with her ethnicity—she is just not an attractive woman.
    And you are right, Katie-Lee—–all my house cleaners are Brazilians.
    Illegal, too, I’m sure!

  • barbie

    I don’t get where people see an ugly woman/funny looking kid. When I look at these photos, I see a healthy, very pretty, very pregnant women, and a tiny cute, engaged child (at 16 months, I do not expect a giant). Less of the nasty comments….they’re cruel and unwarranted….

  • Steve Model

    Wow he is more than 10 years older than her!

  • KJ.

    White women are uglier than Hispanics…are you KIDDING?? All those supermodels that have just been posted – how many of them were white or at least half white? Practically every last one of them.

    I still think that the baby is very ugly and that there is probably something wrong with it. But NO, I don’t think that has anything to do with the mother. Camila seems like a good mother, and if there are any problems I imagine that the blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of Matthew McConaughey. Being a celebrity won’t prevent all those drugs from affecting your offspring.

  • coco

    She is just ugly. Sorry.

  • moma

    Ele não é “especial” ou anormal seja lá o que isso for. Ele apenas uma criança feia. Sim os pais são icones de beleza, mas o menino é feio.

  • Say it like it is

    OH STOP it people please.
    Camillia has Matthew. Getover it. They are happy and stay private. Mathew M is pretty much private in his private life.
    The baby looks likea baby.He is cute as all are, but some babies need to grow still in their babiness.

    Have a Happy THanksgiving all and be thankful.

  • FYI

    Camilla is pretty, she is indeed from Brazil. Brazilian women come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, just like women from other countries.
    Levi does look smaller than a 16month baby.
    Levi’s parents can check if their son has any problems.
    Really…what is the worse that can happen with Levi? That he may suffer from dwarfism?
    From all appearances, he looks a happy kid.

  • Say it like it is

    The pic of him on the slide is odd looking. Just a pic.Look at pics of him with his parents and he is in his swimsuit .His limbs are not dwarfed.

    At least he is dressed for the weather.

  • FYI

    Coincidently, Matthew Mc did make a movie about dwarfs- ie- his parents in the movie were played by little people, and Matthew, played their son, who was normal.
    How strange? Maybe Matthew has ‘dwarfism’ in his family? we don’t know.
    Levi does look like a small person, the big head, the short arms, nevertheless, Levi like any 16month baby is a delight, just look at his smile!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ka-blamo

    and here I thought I was the only one that thought this kid looks like he has a future in riding the shortbus.

  • Say it like it is

    Search justjarred here for matthew mconaghey .

    Look at the pics of the baby at the beach.His head is big. All babies have bigger heads.His samllbodied.Hisarmsare long. He isnot drawfed. Upper limbs are long.Lower limbs are fat,bowed.Babies have fat legs that are all in one. His legs are bit bowed . That can be corrected with corrective shoes.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s so fugs
    it’s not even cuz she’s pregnant, she’s just plain fugs

  • anna

    you think he looks like a midget because he looks like a mini adult! but he’s mini because he’s a baby!! not a midget! I think he’ll be an ugly kid but a hot man! that happens more often than you think!

  • julia

    CUTTING IN! I’m brazilian and everyone ia a mixture of everything here, we’re not hispanic, just a crazy mix. Most people come from european ancestry, maybe a few blacks down that path. Here she’d just be considered tan!

  • julia

    ps: he looks ugly ina a few pics but so cute in others! maybe they’re just bad shots?

  • anna

    I wouldn’t call her ugly, or pretty, I’d say she’s normal. She’s not someone you’d see and be frightened, come on, half you people must be uglier than she is. He’s not that pretty either, but he has an amazing bod and charm that makes him hot! maybe the baby will take after those traits..hopefully!

  • g!na

    as others are saying about his little people features- I see it all the time in his pics when they are posted. I don’t mean to be mean but Levi looks like he has some type of DWARFISM. Maybe not severe but when i see him in a bathing suit and you see his chest & legs better there is some sort of distortion with his body.

  • jess

    Levi’s head is so big and his body is tiny! I seen pics of him @ the beach and his body looks disformed. Hopefully, he will grow correctly. He looks like a midget.

  • http://JUSTJARED candy

    sweet little baby, you must learn to kind, he is a child

  • ellie’

    You are sickos .. Levi is one adorable baby with beautiful parents .noting wrong with him.. Is there something wrong with BP baby.. He has the biggest head ever. I don’t think so…To make fun of children your an embarrassment with your comments..

  • ellie’

    He is probably one of the cutest babies .. Just look at that face.. Get a life you stupid morons..putting down a baby.