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Jennifer Lopez: 'Fresh Out The Oven' Music Video!

Jennifer Lopez: 'Fresh Out The Oven' Music Video!

Check out this video for “Fresh Out The Oven” by Lola, better known as Jennifer Lopez – and she calls this “just a warmup track.”

The track featuring Pitbull, which was first released in teaser clips online last month, will not be on J.Lo‘s upcoming album, but it’s an idea of what we can expect from her new music!

Jen also said that Lola isn’t a Sasha Fierce type alter ego – word on the street is that it’s hubby Marc‘s nickname for her.

This video was directed by Jonas Akerlund - take a look and see what you think!

Jennifer Lopez: ‘Fresh Out The Oven’ Music Video (feat Pitbull)
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  • Caro


  • bebe

    JENNIFER is 38 BUT makes music like she is 25, she has to find her fan base and make music for them. She is HOT though.

  • Heather

    Super hot! Love it

  • jamie

    this is cool but so not her style, its good she is trying something different and fresh. anyways i wish j.lo the best of luck!

  • coco

    Booriqua needs to check it boo. Writing a song talkin bout break it off and fresh outta da oven – what does that sound like? Exactly what this song is – shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!! Ima go break one off fresh outta da oven in my Loo wee batons! Desperate much JLOW?




  • mm

    just stop!

  • Sandy

    Put it back in the oven.

  • yankee

    its ok

    this is more impt.for Americans esp women

  • k

    it makes my ears bleed.

  • Lee

    always did like blade runner.

  • Sasha

    J.Lo is 40, not 38.

  • ww

    Brig Back Bennifer

  • Jenna

    HORRIBLE..she looks so trashy

  • ww

    ^Bring Back Bennifer

  • J-HORE

    man skeletor did a number on her, she is so sad now………she only dreams of being jenny from the block , she was at her peak when she was with ben affleck staying out of the lime light has only made the fact that she is a no talent hick louder…when will that bitch learn! I’M STILL JENNY FROM THE BLOCK….NOT!

  • T

    @coco: LMAO @ ur comment

  • PotcLuva

    Let me just say first of all, that I (usually) adore Jennifer Lopez. However, I just think that this whole thing is lazy. The music is unoriginal, the song and video keeps repeating itself and she just looks tired (or maybe that’s just the makeup). I guess I don’t like Lola yet (but I lovve her other song).

    I’m just glad that this isn’t an official single or anything.

  • Emily Easter

    Great Song, great artist. She’s hot!

  • chris

    Hate! I hate this wretch!

  • groovelicious

    Fresh out of the oven but feels like week old bread.

  • Kayko


  • Ruben

    Hard to believe the guy who did Paparazzi directed this vid. I guess you can only do so much when the singer wants it to be her vanity project.

  • true blood

    @Ruben: The only way to save this video is to redo it and insert Alexander Skarsgard naked.

  • Dorie

    She really should be more selective with her material. Everyone knows she isn’t much of a singer, but in pop music you don’t really need to sing if all you want to do is make catchy hit singles. She’s not good enough to rise above crappy material and this is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. And she should try for a more mature sexuality. This ghetto ho stuff only works for the young.

  • Ginger

    I agree with #18… and she whitened her teeth or they must’ve done it while video editing… Anyhow, this song is not good. it sounds like any of her other songs.

  • Bitchin’

    Of course she has to have a rapper on the track. That’s the only way she got cred. The song sucks.

  • mimilala

    Wow, this is terrible! I can’t believe she makes albums. Eek.

    Pitbull is good, though!

  • mary

    jLo has lost everything we used to love her for. this song, the music, the screeching voice, the makeup…….everything about this is just very bad……like horrible.

  • Lawton

    She’s beautiful but the video sucks.

  • ginger

    Wow she needs to give it up … NOW!!

  • Preach

    No Comment on Video!

  • lexy

    Oh please…this woman didn’t write the song. Someone else writes the lyrics and music, she changes one words and insists on a writing credit. I wonder if the record company has to pay MTV and the other channels to show her videos like they pay the radio stations to play her music??

  • anonymous

    LOVE THIS SONG! she looks hot, but the video is too repetitive

  • mif

    She is beautiful, and this is a very stylish video.

    But at the end of the day, shouldn’t it be about the music? And this song doesn’t really stand on its own.

  • Christina

    She looks like Tina Turner. I don’t like her Style, Make-up and simply everything in this video. She should keep her natural beauty.

  • Kaiser

    It seems that she cannot get it right with the music,I wonder if her husband has something to do with the flop. She needs to hook up with some of thebest in the industry.

  • Jo

    Agree with the comments on RumerMill, as the 39 year old mother of twins think J-Lo is really a bit past it, but have to hand it to her she is in great shape.

    Whats this about an alter ego called Lola?!!

  • Jo

    Agree with the comments on RumerMill, as the 39 year old mother of twins think J-Lo is really a bit past it, but have to hand it to her she is in great shape.

    Whats this about an alter ego called Lola?!!

  • tim

    she is so plastic now
    hardly recognize her
    she is NOT HOT
    she is posing trying too hard to be sexy and the song sucks
    anyone could do this song
    nothing original
    doing close ups of body parts does not make a song good or a gal sexy
    pushing her on us
    just sing ladies
    bored with this !
    everyone looks and sounds the same!

  • Anouch

    This song in Europe and the rest of the world will make millions. It is not for Americans.

  • jeremy

    worst song ever omg
    her tone of voice its anoying, she should stick to what she does
    best being a big ass latina and thats it



  • jam

    she can’t sing & serioussly copying beyonce??? that’s really low! i mean beyonce is a swagger jacker herself & copies everybody & having JLO copying her is low from JLO’s part! copying an other copy-cat is the worse! God is there no ORIGINAL person out there no more???

  • BoxOfficeFailure

    When she first came out she had black curly hair and much darker skin, she changed everything about herself. She is old, fat and ugly and her music is a horror show, she is to be pitied more than anything else.

  • [marie]

    LAME… she’s old for this bullsh*t…

    Be old…take care of your kids stop acting like a skeezer..

    I hate it when twenty-somethings do it I DESPISE when people on the wrong side of 40 do it…


  • Italian Japanese Band

    OMG that was horrible!! I love music like the rest of you, but that was just a bad Rihanna/Madonna/Janet/Britney mash-up that just doesn’t work. She should have stuck to the Jenny from the Block stuff.

  • kerns

    Poor thing I feel sorry for her, she is totally Z-List material.

  • Christy

    Not impressed – wish she would go back to the type of music she made back in the day. Awesome dance music – made you want to jump off the couch and dance.

  • may

    this video is HOT
    i can´t believe she´s back and hotter than ever. Loubotins it´s gonna be a hit.
    I´m so happY!!!!!!!!!