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Jude Law: 'Sherlock' Won't be A Modern Punk-Rock Version

Jude Law: 'Sherlock' Won't be A Modern Punk-Rock Version

Jude Law walks home from Manhattan’s East Village on Thursday (November 19).

The 36-year-old actor is currently starring as the title character in a stage production of Hamlet on Broadway. The show runs until December 6 and has already made more than $2.5 million, the AP reports.

Jude is also gearing up to promote Sherlock Holmes, where he’ll play Dr. Watson to Robert Downey, Jr.‘s Holmes.

“People think the movie is going to be, like, this modern punk-rock version where we’re all wearing high-tops,” Jude told EW. “It’s actually more true to the books than they’re guessing.”

Sherlock Holmes opens Christmas Day (December 25).

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Photos: Katie B/Eaglepress
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  • coco

    The Law no looko happo! What’s wrong?

  • julia

    Jude Law is great!

  • Väder i Berlin

    Yah! Hopefully the film will be good.

  • luisaonline

    Finally Jude was spotted on the street of NY, Thanks JJ!

  • sheryl

    Hi there, handsome
    *blows kisses at Jude*

    Update, Jared, the play after this past weekend has earned 7.1 million; 2.5 million was the cost of the production, which of course has been earned back now.

  • Pole

    My gosh, he’s looking sexy and rugged *yum* Pissed at the paps and tired too but very sexy.

    Love you Jude! It’ll just be a little while and then you’re back home with the kids *blows Jude lots of kisses*


    he looks tired, still handsome thou

  • yep

    Da Judester is lookin’ fiiiinnneeeee!

  • judith

    Awesome Jude Law!

  • laughalot

    Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer….Britney knows him well.

  • ericap

    Jude!!!! I’m watching The Holiday tonight, LOL!!!!

  • dolorescraeg

    jude darlin’…let’s see that million watt smile…..looks like you’ve got alot on your mind……when your through with hamlet take a long vacation with the kids and rest….rest…rest….

  • Boner

    The Sherlock movie looks AWESOME! Downey and Law!!!!

  • elle

    Hey sweety You need some rest HUGS!!!
    thanks jared :)!!!

  • BBoy

    Old english closeted douche. Yes,he’s 36, but looks ten years older.

  • Jude is sessy

    Love Jude. Can’t wait to see him as a ‘sexy’ Doc Watson!

  • sheryl

    @BBoy: Actually in person, he looks younger than 36.

  • sheryl

    @dolorescraeg: Actually, he looks to me like he just got out of bed, got dressed, and took off walking.
    *thinks about Jude getting out of bed…or not*

  • Eloisa

    Thanks JJ. He’ll probably take a good vacation after too much work and things happened. Best wishes Jude, you deserves it. xoxo

  • james

    he looks great!! thanks jared, yer the best!

  • http://sexy sharyllee

    I saw Hamlet last week, WOW He looked very young. beautiful skin.. He smiled at us I said ILY in my fingerspelling to him., My granddaughter saw him sign back “ILY” to us in a chauffer car.. He is very nice.

  • james

    id like to add… I LOVE YER STYLE JUDE!! effortlessly dapper!

  • coco

    He is being stalked by NYU undergrad girls that live right next door to him in the dorms waiting for him day and night to leave his apt or go on his terrace. Leave the guy alone! Look how stressed out he is. Time to move!

  • Emily Easter

    His Hair looks good today!

  • Daphne

    He looks obviously annoyed at the paps. I can tell just from the photos he’s walking really really fast, even faster than he usually does.

    @James, Yeah I hear ya. That outfit is super stylish, not sure why (other than the man of course).

  • sweetannie

    Judeeeeeeeeee! You look great, but a bit tired and annoyed. I m seeing dr parnassus tonight only for you.

  • Pole

    @sheryl: Mmmmm.. I like the way you think. *thinks about getting Jude into bed :D

  • Jazz

    Jude’s looking quite breathtaking here, I can see why he is catnip for the ladies. I’ll be seeing Sherlock Holmes for the hotness that is RDJ, but looking at Jude won’t hurt either!

  • jami

    I don’t know…to me it looks like he slept somewhere other than his own apartment woke up disheveled and walked back home. Why on earth would he wake up from HIS home put on these uncomfortable clothes to go to a store and back home?? I think if he did that he would have thrown on some jogging pants or something like he usually does. Just my thoughts.

    He is still incredibly sexy…I agree there!

  • dolorescraeg

    we have no idea what time of the day it was and where he was coming from or going to…but when jude walks in the city he doesn’t wear jogging pants unless he’s going to play soccer with his kids…he could be on his way to meet someone.
    whatever…there’s only one jude and i love every inch of him.

  • vinnyblue

    looks tired, but still handsome!!
    Go Jude!!
    Love your HAMLET!

  • sheryl

    @dolorescraeg: You’re right, no idea where he was going.

  • jami

    Sheryl and Dolores, you are both right in that we do not know where he was going. Agreed.

    However, Dolores you are not right in saying that you know exactly what he would wear every day or minute in NYC. That is just your opinion based on a few papz photos you have observed. My opinion is what I stated based on a few papz photos I have observed.

    Gosh, I forgot what a backlash there is when you paint Mr. Law in anything other than a perfect light. sorry to offend ladies.

  • sheryl

    @jami: Jamie, you are pretty much saying the same thing. You may think what you said paints him in a bad light, but I don’t. I simply think it’s just as much a stretch for you to think he wouldn’t put on jeans to go out in the morning. You’re the one that sounds offended.

  • blackjack joker



  • jami

    Sheryl, I am not sure of what he wears or when. I really don’t care either. I am just saying based on my observations that is what my OPINION is. dolores, is clearly saying and I quote “when jude walks in the city he doesn’t wear jogging pants unless he’s going to play soccer with his kids…he could be on his way to meet someone.”

    That sounds to me more like someone who knows exactly what this man does and how he does it and when he does it at all times. just saying. No opinions there- it is stated as a FACT.

    I think I made it pretty clear several times that my OPINION was based on observations, as I said on another board, an educated guess.
    So, I beg to differ that what dolores and I are saying is the same thing.
    Look, I am not offended that you don’t agree or that others don’t agree. You don’t have to. In fact I am not even one bit surprised. It is just that when I initially saw the pictures that is what popped into my mind and I felt like sharing it with everyone. I don’t think it paints him in a bad light either, but by the tone of some of the reactions that is how it felt that it was perceived.
    Now, we do know that it can be difficult to interpret tone or intent through writing. so, I will leave it at that. Really, I am not the least bit offended that you all don’t agree. I am just responding back with my opinion like you all are.
    However, I do get tired of some people on board that claim to KNOW every detail of Jude. When in fact it is ALL specualtion and opinion etc.

  • sheryl

    “Why on earth would he wake up from HIS home put on these uncomfortable clothes to go to a store and back home?? I think if he did that he would have thrown on some jogging pants or something like he usually does.”
    That also sounds like someone who thinks they know exactly what this man does. Just sayin’.
    We can get into this “it’s just my opinion” debate all day, when we both already know that’s all any of us have. I’m sorry, but you do just seem a tad bit hypersensitive about it and ready for bear because a known fan is reluctant to agree with what could turn into gossip. If there was more than this picture, then sure, I’d be ready to venture futher down that path, but not from “he wouldn’t put on jeans to go out in the morning” logic.

  • dolorescraeg

    to one and all,
    only jude knows where’s he’s coming from and where he’s going and why he’s wearing what he’s wearing. opinions will always differ but that’s why we’re here. if my comment sounded like i really knew the answer i am sorry….it was just an opinion like everything else i post…..
    we can only offer an opinion based on observation and sometimes patterns….that said…..wherever the heck he was going i certainly hope he had a good time….i’m only sorry it wasn’t with me.

  • azlyn

    starlite starbrite…i wish i may i wish i mght..have jude with me for just one nite.why cant i just get this man out of my this is what its like..knowing u cant have somethibng u really really greedy.

  • AA

    New jacket and boots look great Jude!

  • yep

    are you married to him or something? Some psychedelic supernatural connection to Jude’s mind or are you just very opinionated because someone said something about “your” boy?
    You are being overbearing and a total b*tch here! I guess you are one of those girls who think just because they have sex with a celebrity all night long in their dreams they are entitled to knowing the “truth”?
    Jeeezzz, what kind of person are you? Awful.

    And who the ef is dolorescraeg? His manager? Stop being so incredibly patronizing. You people are crazy. It’s a pop culture board, we are not in court here. Cut others some slack!

  • Sara

    Love Jude!

  • Danielle

    I agree Sheryl. You don’t take anyone disagreeing with you well. You are clearly broaching on megabeyotch behavior. Chill the ferk out and allow someone to say something you don’t like without going all napalm on them.

  • sheryl

    @yep: Uh huh….and where did you come from? Gee, I wonder. The only people/person that would possibly care about the itty bitty comment I made up there, and about what Dolores said, and not about what Jami said, is one who will hide behind a fake name to say such things because she’s pissed off at me for disagreeing with HER at one point a long time ago and hasn’t “spoken” to me since. Oh, the irony, huh? Quit being a petty baby.

  • jami

    Sheryl, why are you making this so personal? Just wondering? i could care less if a “known fan” doesn’t agree with me. Why on earth would you think that i need your approval to think a certain way? You wouldn’t need my approval or anyone elses to form an opinion and voice it. Just because I have always appreciated your judgement on other topics doesn’t mean anything about having different opinions. OH, sorry you don’t want to debate about “opinions” . Nevermind.
    I am beginning to wish I never opened my mouth in the first place…

  • sheryl

    @jami: ME taking it personal? I just agreed with Dolores that we don’t know where he was going to or from, after you all but underlined in your initial statement that there can’t be any other explanation for him wearing jeans except he stayed somewhere else last night, then turned it around on Dolores when she sounded like she knew exactly what he would wear at any given time…then called the feedback “backlash.” wow

  • Pole

    Getting back to Jude.. I think he looks good. He could wear almost anything and look good to me. Even worn out grey t-shirts, purple trackpants and grazy coloured Nikes. It’s one of my favorite things about him – that he wears what he likes and doesn’t follow trends.
    I wouldn’t mind if he wore jeans and suits more often though.

    *blows Jude more kisses*

  • yep

    Sheryl, I know you probably won’t believe me but I never had an arguement with you in the past. I am not Jami. I came here, reading the posts and found you unbearably bossy and bullheaded, totally over the top opinionated and rude in your fake-friendly explanations. You react like a child whose lollipop has been taken away over a comment on why a celebrity whom none of us really knows (and it doesn’t matter how many autographs you got from him that hardly counts as knowing) is wearing what on the streets of NYC. And obviously other people notice this too.
    Kindergarden called, it wants its b*tchy two year old back!!!

  • Gina Glam

    How many kids does he have?

  • Pole

    He has four children. Three with his ex-wife and a daughter from September.