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Megan Fox: 'I Made My Mom Call Me Dorothy'

Megan Fox: 'I Made My Mom Call Me Dorothy'

Megan Fox opens up to the New York Times in her Screen Test segment, released this weekend.

The 23-year-old Transformers bombshell spoke about her Wizard of Oz obsession, swimming and her tattoos.

On The Wizard of Oz: I wanted to be Dorothy for many years of my life! Until I was about six, I would wear my hair in pigtails and I think my grandmother made the costume – the little gingham checked jumper – and I had ruby slippers.

“I made my mom call me Dorothy. I wouldn’t answer her or listen to her if she called me Megan ’cause that wasn’t my name.”

On swimming: “I was a swimmer when I was a kid. I was on a competitive team from the time I was 5 until I was 14 and I used to compete in state championships. I thought that’s what I was gonna be.

“I have a pretty strong butterfly still. I’m much slower than I used to be, which is very sad. But it’s still decent – my form is there, the speed is gone.”

On getting tattoos: “When I get tattoos, I don’t necessarily think them out. I don’t put a lot of thought into them the way that some people do. They’re sort of more impulsive purchases.”

Check out the video for more from Megan, including her movie with Mary-Kate and Ashley, the X-Men and what gives her panic attacks…

Megan Fox: NYTimes Screen Test
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  • Helen

    “For most years of my life…till I was about 6″ Hmmm that’s not very many years considering 1st thing most of us remember is something from when we were 3 or 4

  • hotty megan

    more quotes……………………….

  • deadpool

    what a twit! She’s inlove with herself UGH. Hey Megan it’s not older women that hate you you dumb silly girl. IM a guy and I can’t stand looking at you. I ain’t buyin this whole act of hers in this interview. And her life itself, wow she hasn’t been anywhere and yet she thinks she is qualified to make generalizations about drugs, middle america and the outside world???? Yeah, airhead is an understatment.

  • haha

    @deadpool: yet you make generalizations about her, someone you don’t know, i guess it takes one to know one :)

  • Mimi

    Sounds stupid and dumb, no more Megan fox!

  • Anna

    Megan Fox is a bombshell? Why???


    AWW Megan you are so cute!!! haha

  • julie

    LMAO the best part is, I’ve seen so many of her clips, her photos and quotes but never heard her talk and now that I have she just sounds so brain-less. Her voice is like an annoying blonde cheerleader’s. LOL. Um, i was, like uuuuuuuuuuugh, um hehe, uuuuuuuuuuum. LMAO

  • thighmegatampon

    very little self-awareness if she thinks the only reason she was type-cast as a mean girl is her hair color.


    i totaly love her…. she is so cute… but her voice really annoys me…. she is kinda strange….. but when she will grow up a bit, she will become a nice lady….. hope xDDDD

  • Xtina is my IDOL =)

    I agree with #3 and #9!!!!!

  • whizzer

    She really looks like a SHE-DEVIL!

  • eee

    And nowadays she want to be called angelina, she will no answer unless they call her AJ! Uhmmm You are very pretty why you are not happy on being just MF? Even teh way she moves her hands at the back of her neck….on the interview her pose she copies AJ

  • like a rollinstone

    She wanted to be Dorothy and now she wants to be Angelina Jolie. What a stupidity. I don’t like her bitchy looks.

  • eee

    No, I must correct myself! What I first saw was an image of her with her hands at the back of the neck …after watching the whole video I must admit that her movements are not a copy of a AJ, MF is more expressive and nervous.

  • Jeff

    She’s a bucket o’ crazy, but there’s something interesting about her.

  • julia

    I don’t think she looks like aj at all, now YOU’RE typecasting her for her hair color! she’s much dumber and prettier..angelina has a different sort od bauty that I don’t find attarctive at all, every one of her features are exagerated. Megan has a normal beauty.

  • anna

    at least she’s trying to change her horrible image! not sure if she’s succeeding! but thumbs up for trying!

  • twilightzz

    aww megan is so cute! love her!

  • riders

    She look like so cute girl.

  • yepie

    its her eyes they are small and look very asian but not pretty asian yes she has a pretty eye color but the shapes of her eyes make her look evil and her nose looks very fake

  • guest

    Not a class act! She should stop talking. Angie has acting talents.

  • blah

    i cant stand this bitchhhhhhhh she is so irratating

  • Anna

    I dont know…I used to find her annoying and superfluous. But she’s growin on me! I think the media portrays her to be this super sexualized, somewhat ditzy girl. But I think she’s more intelligent and laid back than that in real life, and not at all like her Hollywood image.


    I agree with #24!!!!!!!!

  • dundies

    LOL if they had kept the tape running, she would have continued to talk about herself

  • khristi

    I think that she is actually very bright and she seems to also understand what her image is in Hollywood. I think as woman, we all want to hate her because of what she looks like, but at least she isn’t going out to parties and being at every single event that comes around. I also think that her boyfriend is extremely good looking.

  • sshhii_baby

    I used to think she was so naturally pretty. Until, she messed with her nose. She is still pretty but in a fake, plastic, playboy kinda ways. She tries TOO hard to be a bad-ass and that is what turns people off. Young and immature but overall, a sweet girl. Atleast, she isnt messed up like Lindsey or slutty like Paris..

  • sshhii_baby

    that was supposed to say s.l.utty…

  • jdub

    ahhh i love megan

  • coco

    I did the same thing Megan. We are soulmates. BFF!!!

  • SubSub

    I don’t hate her, but she deliberately goes out of her way to stay stupid s.h.i.t. She needs to grow up and focus on her acting skills instead of finding trivial things to say in front of the camera. She looks so nervous in that clip, too. She’s cool, but she should not try so hard.

  • A


    She says many, not most.

  • http://twitter@rodneyclint rodneyclint

    It is pretty much a fact that women hate beautiful, sexy women who are in the spotlight. It happens in high school with the cheerleading squad and it happens in adulthood with models, actresses, etc. When basically 90% of the male population loves a woman and her picture is everywhere, a lot of normal women are going to dislike her and lash out against her. Ever notice that most negative comments about her are from women? I see nothing wrong with her, she’s beautiful and she’s trying to become a better actress and she isn’t hot drinking and partying like girls who are much younger than her. There’s something very real about her personality and I like that she mostly keeps to herself. I love how you all are pointing out that she’s “talking about herself”, well numb nuts it is an interview and I’m sure they are asking her questions and she’s simply answering them. You people need to grow up and stop using the internet to try and act all big and bad and make yourselves seem smart when you all sound jealous and dumb. This was a very innocent and fun interview.

  • Tia Telly

    I would like to swim with her. Its great that she was an athlete!

  • xxx

    Words cannot describe my HATE for this girl!!
    Seriously, she is just another dumb bimbo who thinks the world revolves and them and their looks.
    Megan, I hate to break it to you, but there are more important things going on in the world right now. War, Crime, Poverty, Economic downturn.. shall I continue? The world does not revolve around you, you ignorant little b….tch.
    Get over yourself.

  • whatever


  • xxx


    I’ve got news for you “rodney clint” nobody is jealous of this “woman.” If you could even call her a woman that is….
    I don’t even think she’s that hot.. but anyone could look like that if they had the same amount of surgery and make up put on as this thing does.
    Can I ask you why anyone would be jealous of her??
    When she loses her so called “looks” she will have NOTHING to fall back on. She has an awful personality, no talent, nothing. She has made no contribution to society. Once she hits 35 the real world is gonna sink in… that life is not all about looks.
    You see girls like this all the time… during the 20s they lap it up cos they’re good looking and having a great time and then reality sinks in when the start to get a couple wrinkles and they realise that there is more to life than looks. Life ain’t about how many guys done there buiness while watching you walk about half naked in a movie…. its about your personality, the relationships you build and what you contribute to the wider population and the people around you.
    I’m pleased to know that I don’t look like this COW because I am a million times more of a woman than she could ever be so STFU!!

  • Ka-blamo

    Impulsive tattoos are for the vapid.

  • bethh

    i loveee megan !
    soo gorgeouss , im so jealouuss!

  • lakers fan in boston

    god, that was boring 2 hear
    i barely made it through half of it
    at least she didnt say anything stupid

  • Julie

    she is fake,..plastic surgeries, and dumb. shut up and go away, did brad tell that story to Oprah about shiloh wanting to be called a peter pan character?. stupid Megan, get a brain of your own,

  • Marieme

    I thought this was really charming. Smart girl. I like her.

  • donna

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkk! now that we knew about your ‘wizard of ozz’, so what you want us to do? scream, run around naked? why would i want to know you megan? you are no body important! you are so boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

  • Amanda

    @dundies: It was an interview. They were asking her questions about herself. Who would you expect her to talk about? They cut it to make it look like she was just talking about various subject, but there was obviously someone asking the questions when the camera was off.
    I thought the Dorothy thing was cute because I babysat for a little girl of about the same age that did the same thing. It must just be a 5-6 year old thing.
    I have mixed feelings about Megan. At first I thought she was kind of a ditzy bitch, but I kind of like her a little bit more now. I sort of think that she just makes herself out to be this oversexual ditz and it isn’t what she actually is. I don’t understand why anyone would want to come off that way but it just seems like she can be really intelligent and nice. She seems confident, but I haven’t seen anything that makes her seem overconfident. I have developing opinions I guess.

  • Karly

    So did Bay really have her wash his car, or did he ask her to do more?

  • Mary

    I am a chinses student,l cant understand this message,l love Megan,she is beauty.lf you can help me,and this is my MSN,lolita.spears@live.

  • Mary

    i love Megan,she is beauty,but i cant understand this news,if you can help me,and this is my msn, you.

  • Jokergurl

    I agree with xxx, she has had plastic surgery just look at her in Transformer’s I and Transformers 2, she’s lovely now, but they did a good job, still looks a bit plastic. Anyway, young actresses are supposed to promote themselves to the public, it’s called publicity folks. Some stuff she says is funny as hell, other stuff she says is just foot in mouth stuff. But what actor doesn’t put there foot in their mouth at one time or another? I don’t think it matters though because she’s in high demand right now. Is she a good actress? I don’t think she’s that bad, she’s got charisma. I think the being compared to Angelina Jolie is just part of the media, yes they’re both pretty, both have tattoos, dark hair, light eyes but the comparison stops there I think.

  • Nai

    Why are most of you constantly complaining and bitching about this girl? If you don’t like her then don’t watch a freaking video that is about HER. She’s a down to earth girl (so she seems) that knows how lucky she has become. She didn’t sound stupid at all like some of you are saying and she obviously has her insecurities. I think she is beautiful and a breath of fresh-air than the usual bimbo’s we have to listen to. Get over it, people. She’s not going anywhere!