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Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crashes, One Fatality

Miley Cyrus Tour Bus Crashes, One Fatality

One of Miley Cyrus‘ tour buses was part of a deadly crash that took place this morning about 45 minutes south of Richmond, Virginia.

The buses were on the way to Greensboro, North Carolina for a show on Sunday when one of the four vehicles in Miley‘s caravan drifted off the road and overturned. One person, presumed to be the bus driver, died, while nine other people sustained minor injuries.

Miley was not on board and is not on the scene of the accident, Richmond’s WTVR reports.

State police said that the roads were wet from rain Thursday night but are not to blame for the crash. An investigation is underway to determine exactly why the bus drifted.

“It was one of our tour buses, but not Miley‘s,” her manager told TMZ. “It was one of our buses that transported our lighting crew.”


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Photos: WTVR
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  • sarah

    What’s up with the pic of Miley? Seems kinda innapropriate. But neways, rip to the driver who was killed. :(

  • Haley

    Yeah I think the pic of Miley is innapropriate too. This is serious.

  • Say it like it is

    Sad. That is really awful for the whole traveling crew.The bus driver who drives the entertainer is the lead driver too.

  • nananaaa

    O-M-G…that’s soo saad..RIP

  • laura

    I have to agree. People love this site because it’s so positive… that picture seems like it’s supposed to be a joke…

  • Emma

    The picture of Miley is really inappropriate; someone died. As is the “RIP!!” at the end. Be respectful. It makes it seem like you’re not sincere.

  • alba


    the photo it’s from one interview once weeks ago not of the accident!!

  • PrettyNPink

    um yeah, it doesn’t matter when the pic of Miles is from—jared chose to add that pic to a sad story and that is HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE!

  • KC

    maybe trampy Miley was shakin’ her azz from the bus in front and distracted the poor bus driver

  • jenna

    To show that picture of Miley during this tragic happening is a disgrace.

  • PrettyNPink

    Were you just released from prison or a mental ward?

  • franzi


  • the african darkside

    Richmond? Two hours from my location. It’s always strange to hear about celebrity folks in virginia. Although many may perform here. Wish the injured well.

  • celia

    That’s scary. I bet her parents were freaking out. I’m glad she wasn’t on board.

  • k

    Classy Miley pic there, Jared.

  • alynn

    Jared, that pic of Miley seems to be making light of a tragic situation, at the two explanation points after RIP – someone died, show some respect

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she was’nt on the bus so i’m not sure why this is news worthy and that photo you used of miley, jared.. was fcuking stupid. you’re a lame for using that photo. seriously, why use the ‘huh, i don’t care, whatever’ look photo?

  • Shawna

    Add me to the list of people who says that picture is completely inappropriate! Please take it down!

  • Frannie

    Yeah, that pic says something like “whatever, who cares?”, it’s completely disrespectful. Shame on you Jared

  • janelle

    Whoa…I love you Jared and I think your site can’t usually do wrong but the pic of Miley and the two exclamation marks seem very disrespectful. I’m sure you didn’t mean to but maybe you can take them off. It just makes the situation seem light when it’s tragic.

  • Ilia

    Oh man, I was hoping she would be the one… Damn it!

  • jo

    There’s something more than distasteful about this post and what it seems to be saying…it’s OK because it wasnt Miley’s bus or her on it. Just because Miss Miley the princess was not on the bus doesnt make the death or accident any less tragic. These are real people whose life is no less valuable independant of what some think.

  • SN

    Seriously that picture is disgusting. I love this site because it’s upbeat and fun, but you can’t be upbeat and fun about someone being killed. And the “RIP!!”… email that to the dead man’s family. I’m sure they’ll be comforted by the double exclamation mark.

    Not cool.

  • happy girl

    The picture of Miley is inappropriate. May the person who died rest in peace.

  • Burch

    Some of you need to take the sticks out of your arses.

  • Kate

    I thought the same about the picture. It’s an actual PERSON who just passed…someone with family and friends.

  • wow

    I’m sure you are right – i think people are saying jj should not have used that picture.

  • amy

    so sorry about the driver. my prayers are for his family & friends. I am relieved that God chose to spare Miley at such a young age. I think people – even JJ sometimes say things at a time like this that don’t come out as meant. I’m sure the JJ staff realizes how devestating this is to the family of the bus driver & also the injured & Miley & her whole team & crew. Thanking God today for all those spared in this tragedy. Prayers for Miley & the team too.

  • istar


  • Karen

    Shame on Miley for making lite of this tragic event.

  • anon

    Shame on JJ for putting that bad picture when a member of her crew has died and people have been injured. Now we know how much you try to manipulate people.

  • SN

    You’re gross.

  • Gossip Girl

    @Karen: Dude, that pic is a Capture from Miley’s interview from Jay Leno a Few Weeks back. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Steve Model

    This is terrible. RIP

  • http://none Wes

    very inappropiate pic of Miley with a Fatality that occured, that’s just awful taste.

  • Kindra

    @Ilia: Are you freaking serious? Don’t wish someone dead. Freaking jerk.

  • Ivy

    Omg, what a tragedy..this is terrible

  • LuckyL

    As long as it wasn’t Miley the death was expendable, right? What a bucn of f******

  • LuckyL

    As long as it wasn’t Miley the death was expendable, right? What a bunch of f******

  • emmaa

    Jared what is with the “RIP!!”? Have some sensitivity and respect.

  • nichole

    What pic of Miley? I do not see a pic of Miley….Are you all talking about the pic underneath the article because that is not MILEY.

  • PrettyNPink

    Uncle Bill will receive a tribute at Sundays show. When you are on tour everyone is family. Even guitarist John Taylor of JB called Miley tour bus driver Kenny to see how he was, he said he lost a dear friend. Those wishing it was Miley are either immature and have not experienced death yet OR are heartless and just out of prison from rape convictions.

  • jez

    What picture are you all talking about?? The bus? Don’t get it…

  • abbiwadewiltse

    wow that sucks to bad someone died

  • http://facebook abbiwadewiltse

    wow to bad someone died that sucks

  • Alice

    @jez: Dumba$$,obviously there WAS a pic of Miley and JJ has taken it down after so many complained that it was an inappropriate pic of her.On other sites it says the whole crew called the driver “Uncle”,and he was a much respected member of the crew!!
    To the posters wishing bad stuff at Miley—-I hope Karma comes back to you ten-fold..Why would any sane person wish some-one young and that they don’t know..that that person be in a bus crash!
    JJ-This site is getting worse and more negative every-time i log on,I think i’ll stop all together…you have let your site go to SH*T!!!!

  • Karly

    This is terrible!

  • bob

    wheres tha pic? i dont c it!