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Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr rocks the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City on Thursday (November 19).

The 26-year-old Aussie model strutted her stuff in several different sexy outfits throughout the show – loooove the custom-made plaid bra and panties in wool plaid by Holland & Sherry!

Don’t miss the show with Miranda and your other favorite Angels, airing Tuesday, December 1 at 10/9c on CBS!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…

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101 Responses to “Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009”

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  1. 26
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i have yet 2 like anything she’s worn at the victoria’s secret show
    i always expect big but she never brings it
    so far i think heidi looks the best

  2. 27
    Stephie Says:

    Actually, I think Heidi’s figure is beginning to show the aftereffects of numerous pregnancies. Her midsection looks thick here – and why are they covering her legs in every pic? I don’t think she’s gotten back in shape yet. Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio both have beautiful figures although I think Miranda’s face is prettier than Alessandra’s..

  3. 28
    UgLY Says:

    Flat butt, wide tv screen face, forgettable face = little boy face = tranny = miranda.

  4. 29
    @22 Says:

    Internationally known actor that has been in several of the most seen movies and is still popular = B-lister?

    One of the best paid models in the world that lands more and more jobs each day = Z-lister?

    Care to give examples of A-listers?

  5. 30
    FatBoy. Says:

    She should have avoided the pre-show bagel and chips.

  6. 31
    Hates Fake PR Stunts Says:

    Heidi worked it the best. Miranda is attractive, but not the upper tier attractive you people have to admit and she has no sex appeal.
    She doesnt know how to work it like the better models.

  7. 32
    FCS Says:

    Oh so this week she’s no longer anorexic, now she’s fat. Ok, thanks for letting know.
    And one of the few models with a particularly feminine face, a tranny?
    I think you can do it way better than that.

  8. 33
    Tiffany Says:

    I was wondering this…Orlando flight to Sydney in Feb for the DJ runway and now tha she was in NY he stayed in LA….it is kinda strange…the others angel’s boyfriends were there tu support them…maybe VS didn’t offer him enough money….

  9. 34
    FCS Says:

    Or maybe he didn’t go just like he didn’t go last year. Orlando pretty much trashed the delusion that he only attends her gigs if he’s paid for it when he went to her DJ runway and hid from the cameras.

  10. 35
    WTF Says:

    He hid from the cameras?? He hid so well that everyone could see him standing first raw…really logic…

  11. 36
    WTF Says:

    Oh, and last year he was in Moscow for Land Rover, not clubbing in LA….

  12. 37
    FCS Says:

    If he goes to Oz to see his girlfriend’s runway, it’s logical to seat in the first row. However he was hardly visible in those pictures, and later he came out through the back door and hid behind some flowers.
    And how do you know he doesn’t have business to do in LA?

  13. 38
    WTF Says:

    He was papped all week going to restaurants, seeing movies and clubbing…I judge from what I see and you?

  14. 39
    LOL Says:

    Oh, no big deal since she holds his heart in her hands I guess…Lol!!!

  15. 40
    FCS Says:

    You judge for what you see? LMAO! You mean you’ve seen that mystery appearance fee he’s paid for not posing with anyone and not entering and coming out through the front door?
    Yes he’s been going to restaurants and clubs, but he’s clearly also been training and we don’t have pics of him at the gym. Again, how do you know what he does when he’s not papped?

  16. 41
    WTF Says:

    The important thing is that you do, of course…!
    He didn’t attend the VSFS, that’s a matter of fact, it is not a supposition!

  17. 42
    FCS Says:

    Show me where I said he went?
    BTW it is NOT convenient for you gals to talk about facts, LOL! You’re known for believing almost impossible theories over facts, and for blatantly ignoring them if they don’t match with what you wish to believe.

  18. 43
    WTF Says:

    Yes, and you shippers ignore the truth, qhich is he didn’t go the VS fashion show, it is indeed a fact, but just go on repeating your own old theories, it is fun!

  19. 44
    FCS Says:

    I’ll repeat what I said in my previous comment, just for you: Show me where I said he went?

  20. 45
    WTF Says:

    I didn’t write you said he went, learn how to read correctly, I wrote ‘the important thing is you do’ meaning ‘you know what he does when not papped’, since you asked me how could I know that…Believe what you want, I don’t care!

  21. 46
    FCS Says:

    I think I read correctly. You said:
    “you shippers ignore the truth, qhich is he didn’t go the VS fashion show”
    and I never ignored that he didn’t go to the VSFS, okay?

    I don’t know what he does when he’s not papped and neither do you. He could be in LA for business or to follow a special training, we don’t know. You are the one taking conclusions about his reasons for not attending the VSFS, not me.

  22. 47
    MIRANDA (who) Kerrs Says:

    Orlandhoe didn’t go see blubberface.
    Try again, fans.

  23. 48
    WTF Says:

    I didn’t take any conclusion, just pointed out his absence, but that clearly freak you out, cause you are trying to justify him, as if you know him and his plans!

  24. 49
    FCS Says:

    No, dear. Someone suggested he had to be paid to go, and I joined this to point out how ridiculous that theory of yours is. Then, as always, you weren’t able to back up your ridiculous theories and, as always, didn’t address the obvious logic gaps in the idea that he was paid to attend the DJ runway. Nothing new, you expose an absurd theory and then you shrink when someone questions it.

  25. 50
    May Says:

    Everyone knows Dj payed him….just the shippers are blind…

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