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Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr rocks the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City on Thursday (November 19).

The 26-year-old Aussie model strutted her stuff in several different sexy outfits throughout the show – loooove the custom-made plaid bra and panties in wool plaid by Holland & Sherry!

Don’t miss the show with Miranda and your other favorite Angels, airing Tuesday, December 1 at 10/9c on CBS!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…

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101 Responses to “Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009”

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  1. 51
    FCS Says:

    LMAO! See? You are UNABLE to tell me why I’m wrong. Unable to explain why he didn’t pose and why he left the place like a burglar if he was paid to attend. All you do is repeat the same, wishing to make it true.

    Run little bunny, run! Who knows when I might start questioning more of your “theories” LOL

  2. 52
    WTF Says:

    And you keep pretending to be blind…he didn’t run, he sat beside her brother and was pictured attending the runway and even announced few days before he was coming by her mother….and it was Miranda herself who told the press he had shopped at a DJ store just after the show….tu à compris???

  3. 53
    Mia Says:

    It is a waste of time trying to explain thing to shippers…they just beleve what they want…

  4. 54
    FCS Says:

    I didn’t say he ran, I said that the only pictures of him were a blurry one taken from a corner and another one of him hidden behind some flowers. If someone is paid enough money to take a plane, I expect that person to POSE and enter through the front door, not to avoid cameras as much as possible.

    So Miranda said he bought some clothes at the store. Whoooaa! Big deal! My life won’t be the same after knowing that.

  5. 55
    Kris Says:

    Orlando Bloom was at Voyeur on the 19 nov…he couldn’t care lesse about the vs runway and his supposed gf….

  6. 56
    FCS Says:

    Yes, it was us “shippers” the ones who licked Ted C’s butt until one of his boys wrote an article we didn’t like.
    It is us the ones who see what we wish to see in pictures and take our extremely biased interpretations as gospel.
    It is us the ones who completely ignore sightings of them together proven to be true.
    It is us the ones who insult a model for doing what models do and then lick another model’s butt for doing the same.
    Are you sure you want to go that way?

  7. 57
    ??? Says:

    So true! he was at voyeur and lohan was there too….!!

  8. 58
    @??? Says:


  9. 59
    whatever Says:

    Funny how he went to the Voyeur which is a Strip Club and not to see his girlfriend do the same thing basically.

  10. 60
    May Says:


    ahahahah! So true!!

  11. 61
    nah Says:

    LOL Do a little effort and don’t be so fake, if he had gone to the show you’d have said he was paid to go.
    Excuse me if I LMAO next time you say it’s us the ones who say we know everything he thinks, wants and plans.

  12. 62
    whatever Says:

    @ nah

    poor baby. truth hurt so much don’t it.

    I don’t think he was ever paid to go anywhere to see his girlfriend.

    My question is why would he go to a strip club where he would have to pay to get in, and also probably pay to shove money into girls underwear, or do they not do that anymore? When he could go watch his girlfriend model underwear in a supposed “respectable” manner, and not have to watch others try to shove money into her underwear?

    When I say “respectable” manner, I am questioning why she is the one wearing the “thong” or are alot of the girls wearing them on stage as well?

  13. 63
    nah Says:

    I don’t know why he went to that club, I don’t know who he went with or what he did when he was there and I don’t know why he’s staying in LA for this long. I don’t claim to know why he does what he does, and I certainly don’t think I have the authority to say WHY he does what he does. That’s the difference between you and me…baby.
    Given you’re so fast to jump to conclusions, what will you say next time they’re seen together? Rhetorical question.

  14. 64
    whatever Says:

    Rhetorical answer….yes I do know what Rhetorical means. But I have a right to say what I feel just as much as you do.

    I don’t care if they are ever seen together again or not. I would not comment on them being together, because I really don’t care.

    All I was wondering about was why he was going there and not to see her.

    If I knew for a fact why he was there or what he did while he was there, I wouldn’t be wondering now would I?

  15. 65
    LOL!! Says:

    Oh, this is too easy…
    Hater double standards:
    If Orlando goes to see Miranda while she is working = he was paid.
    If Orlando doesn’t go to see her while she is working = he doesn’t care about her.
    If he is seen in the vicinity of another woman, with no pics to prove it = he is cheating on Miranda.
    If he is seen with Miranda with no pics = it didn’t happen.
    If he is seen with Miranda, with pics to prove it = set up.
    Keep ‘em coming haters, we can all use a good laugh.
    Oh, and @63..
    What is wrong with him going to the hot new club in town? Which, by the way, isn’t a “strip club”. It’s a fancy club/restaurant which happens to have female ‘entertainment’. No one is “shoving money into their underwear”.
    Also, notice that he brought his bike to the club? If he was aiming to find some company that night, he would have brought one of his cars, instead.
    And no, Miranda was NOT the only girl wearing a thong. Ale was wearing one as well, and probably other girls too. I just don’t have the inclination to do your ‘research’ for you. Selita, Adriana and Gisele have worn them in the past, too. Will you apply your judgement to them as well, or is this just another Hater Double Standard?

  16. 66
    Lust Says:

  17. 67
    @65 Says:

    Well, considering the fact that he has several movies that he is trying to get off the ground, I would say that he was in LA for business. And remember, he was recently in Dublin, surrounded by rumors of another indie film. We didn’t know he was even ther until a fan posted a pic of him at the Dublin airport. We don’t have any idea what the man does 24/7.
    And if he has several irons in the fire, why travel across country to be with Miranda during one of the busiest times in her year? With all of the VS promotions, interviews, photo ops, etc., they wouldn’t have had much time together anyway, and he would lose time in LA.
    We don’t know what he does during the day, but isn’t the man allowed to eat? Going to restaurants, and clubs at night, doesn’t mean that he isn’t busy during the day. I work about 50 hours a week, yet I still have time to go out to eat.
    Give the guy a break.

  18. 68
    nah Says:

    I don’t remember saying that you have less right to say what you feel than me.
    You don’t know why he didn’t go to her show. Fine, neither do I. So maybe we can agree that we don’t know and leave it there, until there’s something that really leads us to a conclusion.

  19. 69
    whatever Says:

    @ LOL!!

    As far as the other girls – Their signigicant others were there to support them. Or did you conveniently forget to remember that part.

    I say again why would he not want to be there to support her the way the other girls boyfriends and husbands were?

    Just speculating here, I don’t know anything for sure. But maybe she no longer holds his heart in her hands. Why do you shippers think that could possibly never happen. Because it is Orlando Bloom and the sun shines out of his Ass? He could never say anything like that and then have a “change of heart” later on.

    Like it or not shippers, your fairy tale romances don’t always have a “happy ending” now do they?

  20. 70
    @70 Says:

    You don’t even read things before you post them, do you?
    Or did you forget that Seal wasn’t there either?
    Heidi is a new mother, and this was her first time on the runway since the birth of her baby, and her HUSBAND ABANDONED HER!!!!!
    See how stupid that sounds?
    And there you go again…
    We don’t think that Orlando (or Miranda) is the spawn of Satan, so you claim that we think that “the sun shines out of his @ss”.
    Hater double standards always bring the LOL’s!

  21. 71
    @70 Says:

    Relationships end, so it’s not that it could not happen. But I think it’s a bit premature to assume that only because he didn’t attend her show.

  22. 72
    @70 Says:

    Please point out where anyone described a “fairy tale romance”.
    I sure didn’t read anything like that.
    Just because people don’t think that him not being there means that they have broken up, doesn’t mean that we think that they live in a land of white picket fences.
    You are putting words in people’s mouths again.

  23. 73
    LOL!! Says:

    If he travels with her = he’s a ‘handbag’.
    If he doesn’t travel with her = they’ve broken up.
    Haters have an answer for everything.
    Spin baby spin!

  24. 74
    whatever Says:

    considering the fact that they haven’t been seen together since October 9, 2009 and it is almost December, yeah I would say something is a miss.

    and the fact that on that October 9th sighting, he didn’t want to be seen with her.

    According to Jared when he first broke the story that Orlando had flown into LAX solo. It was only later that photos had come out of her actually being there with him.

    I don’t remember the actual story but I do remember that one exited the airport down stairs while the other exited upstairs. Why would they go to such lengths not to be seen together, when they have been together all this time. why hide it now?

    Why haven’t they been photographed together since?

    Clubbing and hanging out is not the same thing as working.

    Neither one of his films that he actually did film have release dates yet. and none of the other actors in the other movies he is suppose to be working on have even mentioned them.

  25. 75
    @75 Says:

    If they aren’t photographed together = they aren’t together at all
    Photographed together = set up
    And again…
    Since when does “clubbing” (going out to one or two clubs in a MONTH) = not working?
    Do you never leave the house or go to restaurants?
    And Orlando hasn’t mentioned the films either. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t just in Dublin. Or that he isn’t working behind the scenes to get distributors for the films.
    Again, you are assuming things because there aren’t pics, then accusing “shippers” of doing the same = HATER DOUBLE STANDARD.

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