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Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009

Miranda Kerr rocks the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City on Thursday (November 19).

The 26-year-old Aussie model strutted her stuff in several different sexy outfits throughout the show – loooove the custom-made plaid bra and panties in wool plaid by Holland & Sherry!

Don’t miss the show with Miranda and your other favorite Angels, airing Tuesday, December 1 at 10/9c on CBS!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show…

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101 Responses to “Miranda Kerr -- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009”

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  1. 76
    Lust Says:


    You waste your time, if they don’t want to get it they won’t….

  2. 77
    whatever Says:

    I was referring to the lack of news about his films.

    If the shippers are convinced that the reason why he and miranda have not been seen together is because he is so busy working on his films, then why hasn’t there been any new updates about his films?

    I was not one of the ones who said the photos of them together = set up.

    But if it has been a while since they have been together and there is no updates about his films, then yes the question does come to mind, why would he not have the time to go see her model in New York?

    If he is not actually doing any filming yet, he could have done all his working by phone, internet, and fax. He could have texted the people he is working with, just as easily as he could have Miranda.

    He could have just stayed in New York after he got back from Dublin.

    I do not assume to know why he went to Dublin in the first place. How do any of you know it was in fact for work?

  3. 78
    @77 Says:

    You mean the haters?
    Yeah, no matter what happens, they refuse to admit that they may be wrong.

  4. 79
    ?? Says:

    What’s that crazy idea that they didn’t want to be seen together? They travelled on the same plane and left the airport together. They just didn’t want the paps to be after them.
    For the last time, you don’t know what he’s doing in LA. Stop thinking that his whole life is documented in pics because it isn’t.

  5. 80
    @77 Says:

    Ok. I’m here. I’m all ears. What are we supposed to “get”?

  6. 81
    @78 Says:

    So you are saying that a fax would have the same impact as a sit down, face to face meeting?
    You must be very young, with no experience in business.
    Why do you think big companies spend small fortunes sending their best sales people around the globe?
    Face to face, especially with a star, will accomplish much more than a phone call.

  7. 82
    @78 Says:

    In one breath, you say that you weren’t the one to claim that pics meant a set up, then in the next breath clain that NO pics mean that they may have broken up.
    Thanks for proving my point!

  8. 83
    Cutest Says:

    Cutest face of all the Angels.

  9. 84
    Karly Says:

    she has nice eyes!

  10. 85
    whatever Says:

    @ 83

    Can you prove that they are still together?

    Whether they are or not is really between them anyway. Can we at least agree on that?

    All I’m saying is that if he is so busy working on his films or promoting them that he doesn’t have time to attend the show, where are the updates about his films?

    Since he is such an important A list star, where are all the updates about his upcoming projects?

    You never answered my question about his projects. And I never said that NO pics mean that they have broken up.

    All I was asking is where are the updates on his films? Why wasn’t he there with her, if he is not working on his films.

    Does not mean they have broken up or decided to take a break.

    It does raise that suspicion though because of how much time he enjoyed spending with her over the past two years. Now all of a sudden he’s not. What’s up with that?

  11. 86
    KOL Says:

    again this chipmunk face….

  12. 87
    this is interesting Says:

    I think there could be many reasons why Orlando was not there.
    I like hearing both sides of speculations. I have no reason to think they are not still a couple. Busy time for her for sure and I think he is busier then we know, they will get to spend some quality time together for Christmas.
    Those are my speculations…

  13. 88
    @66 Says:

    I just got to your post and spot on.
    I love you. lol

  14. 89
    XxRaquellexX Says:

    Miranda Kerr is a beautiful, smart sophisticated woman. Some of you people’s nasty comments just proove that you are a bunch of ferals. Like everyone I am sure Miranda has flaws like the rest of us. But she is still amazing. And those people that are posting such disgusting comments about someone else. Someone you dont know. I would like to know what you really look like. Cause you are super ugly on the inside.. And just remember they picked Miranda Kerr as a VS model for a reason..HELLO SHE IS HOTT… And get over it she is dating Orlando Bloom so move on

  15. 90
    @86 Says:

    An unbelievable amout of work goes on behind the scenes for any movie made. With him trying to start up his own production company, he will be spending more time behind a desk than in front of the cameras.
    And when have we ever received “updates” on his smaller or indie films?
    We didn’t know that they had started to film Haven until we got pics from Grand Cayman. We didn’t know about Sympathy until we got pics on him from the set. And we didn’t have confirmation about Main Street until he showed up in Durham. And we probably won’t know when he starts The Cross until we have word that he has travelled to Australia, or New Zealand, or wherever they decide to film.
    Exactly what kind of updates are you expecting to hear?
    He could be working on four different films for all we know.

  16. 91
    ???? Says:


    Hey all what you said about Miranda and Orlando. I have to agree with you! All what you see, all what you said i see the same.
    Over one month we saw the both not together. OVER ONE MONTH. And soon we have December.They both seems so happy when the other is not on the side. Orlando was at the U2 Concert had so much fun, he goes out for dinner with his friends. I think he is busy but we all don´t see that. And Miranda? Well she looks not good. Thats my opinion. I mean she looks not happy, like at the time with Orlando!
    Orlando seems so differnet since few weeks. But i think you all will not see that, that he is more happier alone as with Miranda. He looks so happy, relaxed and that all without miranda. He seems as he have fun in his life.Like he love his life again! And he can enjoy his Life!
    I saw that all not at the Time with Miranda.

    That all is my opinion!But you all don´t want to see that Orlando und Miranda look not good together and not happy. I will not say that they have split but i would say think about. That is not normal for a couple. I mean when they both are so busy and i would try to see her. I would fly to NY to see her at the VS show. I would spend every time i have with my Partner. When i know he is very busy. I would try to see him so often i can.
    But you all want to see Miranda on Orlandos Side. What i can´t understand. I see that they have problems. But ok…They both are more happier when the other is not there! They both seems more relaxed when the other is not there.
    And since APris they both are so differnet. They goes seperate out of the Cafe, seperate shopping, and so on! Normal for a couple what is so in Love? NO.
    In NY they had a lunch. I remember the press wrote a romantic lunch. WHERE. They both looked not like a happy couple. Miranda looked like she would cry under her sunglasses.And Orlando? He looked everywhere but not to her.
    In LA at the Airport. As he talk with her, why she can´t looked in his eyes? Why she smiling when she was alone? And why he was so happy as miranda was not there?
    HE did not want to be photgraphed with her! And since this day is orlando there and miranda there.

    Think about

    I wish you all a nice Sunday!

  17. 92
    birtanemcici Says:

    hahaha thats so cool i never seen persons who are in a relationship that dont see eachother for that long time.i thing they are not together anymore because there was said that he couldn`t go to the vs show because he was to busy hahaha to busy???? busy of what to go to an club with lilo? to go to cinema with friends or got to the concert i think he just dont wan t her anymore because he had wait enough for an answer of his question and now its over he want family and she want her carriere so when they go their own way its ok she can have her carriere and he will find his love again earlier or later ang get his biggest wish of his own family. so if they are split its not important because they are not the first stars wich spilts and they will not be the last ones.fact is that he dont want to spent his freetime with her like we all can see the last weeks and moth not like before

  18. 93
    LOL! Says:

    Wow, two posts in a row.
    Both with the sama amaaaazing psychic insight.
    Both with the same subject and tone.
    Both with the same syntax problems.
    Sure, we believe that these are from two different people.
    Sure we do.
    And once AGAIN, we have an example of the hater double standard….
    Orlando and/or Miranda photographed alone while smiling = ‘proof’ that they are happier apart.
    Orlando and Miranda photographed together while smiling = ‘proof’ that they are posing for the cameras.

  19. 94
    LMAO Says:

    Wait, I’m having a “psychic” moment right now! Paris Hilton is thinking of the meaning of life and wondering what to wear with her top and Shakira is suffering because she lost her inspiration and can’t think of any new sexy movements.

  20. 95
    @91 Says:

    thanks, well said!

  21. 96
    robeshow Says:

    It’s utterly absurd how some of you people can post so many negative comments about this woman. Seriously? Calling a Victorias Secret supermodel ugly/fat/etc…? If this girl is ugly, then who IS beautiful? I feel sorry for those of you with all of this negativity, sitting behind your computer screen just being bitter and jealous. Let me guess, Victorias Secret asked you to model for them, but you turned it down because you didn’t want to be associated with all of those ugly women? Shame on all of you haters. You people are just as ugly on the inside as you probably are on the outside. Get a life.

  22. 97
    Phhffft Says:

    Stop picking on Miranda, when y’all know that she’s the best! :)

  23. 98
    notinto Says:

    since when were models allowed to have chipmunk faces? that is not a trait models should EVER be allowed to have. tooo average. I see fat/chipmunk faces on almost every normal girl I see. It shouldn’t just be about having nice features. models should have nice features AND amazing bone structure. not into this girl…such a cabbage patch face, yuck

  24. 99
    IMG Models Says:

    Miranda Kerr is represented by IMG Model.

    IMG Models on Facebook:

    Become a fan now!

  25. 100
    Mick Says:

    Wow! So damn sexy. Love her hips. She on of the sexiest figures ever.

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