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'New Moon' Eclipses Box Office Record

'New Moon' Eclipses Box Office Record

The Twilight Saga: New Moon pulled in a massive $26.3 million at North American box offices in midnight showings on Thursday (November 19).

The previous record was set by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which made $22.2 million in midnight screenings when it was released this past July.

The vampire romance movie will rake in a total of around $100 million in its opening weekend. That’s bloody amazing! went to the NY screening last night and had so much fun meeting the cast at the after-party at The Box!

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  • Janeth

    Is this what the world is coming to? Watching and paying for crappy movies.. oh gosh! Wait 2 years see where these tards end up.

  • em

    Oh wow. That’s incredible!!! Congrats to them.
    What was it like meeting them??? Postttt!!

  • BBoy

    Wow. 100 million. That’s the money it could’ve gone to feed America’s hungry children. Such a shame.

  • Amalie

    yay, that’s just awesome.
    I’m happy for them.


    Did anyone see it? Is it good? Rate 1- 10. 10 being the highest (meaning is very good)

  • eee

    horrible film

  • j

    i hope the next few Harry Potter movies break their records. actually, i know they will.

  • Bethany


  • Jen

    It might not be the best movie in the world, but I think girls, women (and yes some men) are in love with the idea of romance in these movies. Unfortunately, this movie is very far from reality (I’m not talking vampires here) in terms of how relationships really work.

  • Emma

    I love Twilight. Anything with RPattz, I’m there.

  • tenamoore

    Why are people hating Rob and all the cast are just doing thier job amd looks like it has paid off hasnt it and concrats to them :)

  • Anna

    Congrats to them!!

  • who cares

    Didn’t like the last one, but gave Chris Weitz a chance. C+

  • ivanka

    @BBoy: exactly

  • celia

    Wow…I am ashamed of America…particularly American teenage girls.

  • celia


    Oh they will. Records are made to be broken.

  • Kayline

    I just love ROBERT! I think he is a great guy!
    I dont f*cking care about Twilight Saga!

  • Bo

    I will not see New Moon
    Catherine Harwick is the creator of this film she hand picked all the cast from Twilight
    That is one part of being a great director, she also made this film a warm love story. essentially creating what it is today without the cast No New Moon. get it?

    in a business dominated by 95% male director

    I hardly call new moon this overly cgi’d up, buffy the vamp wanna be a real film worth seeing.

    Bring Catherine Back


    wow congrats, who doesn’t like money! …horrible film, it teaches young girls to be useless overemotional tw@ts :( lammmme

  • Amanda Dubs

    That’s amazing that you got to meet them Jared. I hope to one day as well. I LOVED the movie. It surpassed Twilight on every level.

  • Jane

    coooool you met them. what r they like?

  • Steve Model

    I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Jasmine

    Jared please don’t be bias and put a post up about the atrocious reviews this film is getting. It’s critically panned.

  • Rita

    People are so stupid.

  • Ka-blamo

    I just creamed my manties. *splooge*

  • NewMoonMovieIsAwesome


  • Ivy

    I’m not surprised! I kind of expected this to happen. The whole thing is huge..

  • lakers fan in boston

    no doubt that this movie was gonna really sell
    but the question still remains, did it suck or was it decent
    not watching regardless but i hope it sucks so all this craziness can end

  • Becky

    I saw it today at midnight, n I loved it definnetly go see it.

  • Bryan

    People are daft, and the fact that it made more than HP which is twice the movie twishite will ever be and the fact that Meyer isn’t even fit to lick Rowling’s dropping, is reall a shame


    I loved new moon, I love Kris and Rob, I love everything in the history, and if someone don´t like, sorry but I don´t care!!…. I love team ROBSTEN, go for more and break all the records!!!!!!!!!!…

  • iampopculture

    when is the whole ‘vampire’ trend gonna be over and done with? I like the Twilight series but when will it end?!

  • devin-alicia


    i know… the movie was great and taylor lautner is AMAZINGLY HOT!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    it’s so funny how they’re not even real vampires. hahahahahaha.. i know a couple chicks who’ve seen it twice already. ahahahahahahahaha.. crazy bishes. a couple of hours ago i bought my tickets for tomorrow and the lobby was filled with nutty little girls.

  • Alice

    I have read some terrible reviews about this film.Just shows the mentality of kids these days…just put a decent looking face in the film and the silly girls will flock to see it and spend stupid amounts on merchandise! Oh and don’t forget….producers adding in the BS romance between the Co-Stars, and R.Patz walking out of interviews when he is asked about him and K.S. What a tosser and prima-donna!!!!

  • Alice

    I have read some terrible reviews about this film.Just shows the mentality of kids these days…just put a decent looking face in the film and the silly girls will flock to see it and spend stupid amounts on merchandise! Oh and don’t forget….producers adding in the BS romance between the Co-Stars, and R.Patz walking out of interviews when he is asked about him and K.S. What a tosser and prima-donna!!!!

  • Lucy

    I would rather pay to see the Harry Potter movies.. Because those are soo much more well produced, have strong scripts, fantastic screen and sound effects, aaand also an AMAIZING, SPECTACULAR cast.. I’m not trying to be mean tho. I really enjoy reading the Twilight saga. But I’m not into their movies, Starting with the cast.. Gosh, could be any of them just do something good and take an acting class?.
    Believe me .. there’s nothing good about twilight’s movies, just Robert P and Taylor L, they’re HOT.. And I’m sure that’s the thing that keeps making money for twilight. Everything else, is just crap.

  • Beth

    They better enjoy it.. Because that’s the only box office record the saga is going to have. I REALLY liked the books… But, this whole mania thing, it’s just ridiculous.

  • g!na

    I love Vampire movies! Vampires are sexy but True Blood rocks it all! Sookie & Bill are hawt! I love Kstew !!!!

  • Victoria

    I’m a big fan of the books.. And I can fairly say, that if I ever thought this movie will be any better than the frist one, because it sucked so bad, I was sooooooooo wrong!. I’m sorry but I have to say it… the movie was horrible! :(

  • lisa


    I couldn’t agree with you more…

  • Momaz

    A mídia deveria deixa-los em Paz. Isso é desumano. Acredito que ele fará como Joaquin Phoenix: deixará tudo isso por causa do assédio! Isso é Cruel!

  • Krista

    i really think some people are being to harsh on this subject. its just a movie! and if it’s popular, then deal with it people! if u dont care, then dont waste your time reading and commenting on this stuff. i am a huge fan of the twilight series and im not ashamed to admit it. So get over it people!!!!!

  • Mikaela

    I’m a huge Twilight fan and I saw the movie last night. It was TERRIBLE and the majority of people leaving the theatre felt the same. Really dissapointing.
    Also, why are they advertising a really great soundtrack when its hardly featured in the movie? Most of the scenes were really awkward and uncomfortable because there was no background noise at all.
    Afraid the critics are right this time and I definitely wouldnt recommend the movie but I doubt anyone will listen to me :P

  • @Sarah

    I saw it along with my teenaged daughter and her friends I saw the first one it was about a 4 the second I give it a 7. It’s more triangle romance in this the story followed the book pretty much. But for teenagers the movie will give them a fever over Jacob much like swine flu..Sorry no shot for this one I watched the teenager girls walk in normal to the movie come out screaming, blearyed eyed, and having hot flashes over Taylor Lautner or Edward.

    As for world hunger many ppl support those organizations as well. but you can’t always trust where the money you send is going to when you put nickles in a donations box or give to charity. You might find out most of the money stays right here with only a small portion actually funding what you intended it to go. These actors are making a living you can’t hate them for it. Would be like saying you should donate your whole paycheck to feed the hungry or support third world countries who’s government won’t pay to help their own people. If you don’t like the idea of movies don’t go.

  • Gasol16

    I want to see it! I heard it is so much better then the first. If, you want to see it. DO go see it and don’t let these bipolar sounding people let you down. I’m really glad this movie is doing well.

  • mia

    It’s a movie people, lighten the f**k up! If you don’t like Twilight, then don’t go see it and don’t waste your time commenting on stuff you supossedly don’t care about.


    i saw it
    it was terrible boring
    it suckd a$$

  • New Moon

    i am not a twilight fan but so far i like both twilight and new moon. IMO New Moon is a little better than the 1st. Both films are not excellent but are good enough to me.

  • Heidi

    I liked Twilight. It was scary!