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Rachel Bilson: Amber Valletta for Monrow!

Rachel Bilson: Amber Valletta for Monrow!

Rachel Bilson comes out to support actress pal Amber Valletta at the launch party for the new Amber Valletta for Monrow collection at Ron Herman Melrose store on Thursday (November 19) in Los Angeles.

Of course, the 28-year-old actress wore an Amber Valletta for Monrow creation — a cream pleated 50′s dress.

Earlier in the day, Rachel was seen stopping in at the Four Seasons Hotel for a business meeting before heading to her mother’s home in The Valley.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson supporting Amber Valletta for Monrow…

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rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 01
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 02
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 03
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 04
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 05
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 06
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 07
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 08
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 09
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 10
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 11
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 12
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 13
rachel bilson amber valletta for monrow 14

Photos: Limelightpics, John Shearer/WireImage
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  • tori

    at first i thought the guy with her was hayden

  • jamie

    is not hayden, is her lover LOL

  • Rita

    YAWN get a job, Rachel!!!

  • liz

    my god, does this chick do anything besides parties, shop and go lunch!! and his new movie jared? she would not shoot it? or you made that up too?

  • kate

    get a job rachel! (2)

  • jessica

    is so cool, she supports all the designers launch their collections, and last year, nobody was supporting it in the launch of edie rose LOL

  • jessica

    and what happened to edie rose? I never heard! still exists?

  • anon

    Who’s the new guy Rachel?

  • someone

    Jared, Natalie Portman was at the premiere of Twilight yesterday, can you please post here? Or your contract with Rachel does not allow you to publish it?

  • me

    rachel looks terrrible, the always ugly legs and her face – she looks like a witch

  • me

    little girl’s dress on an ugly midget old woman

  • nana

    She baits the paparazzi and then pretends to be annoyed with them.

    Bilson says, “When I’m older I really want a family – probably off somewhere really remote. I want to raise my kids where they don’t know what a camera following them is like. I have a seven-year-old sister so aware of paparazzi it’s unbelievable. It’s too weird for me.”

  • sotrue

    Rachel looks gorgeous as usual!!

  • male

    Amber Valletta looks just like Radha Mitchell

  • Bella

    BAD OUTFIT. How the hell do people call her fashion icon?

  • baby

    how tall is Rachel Bilson? she seems so petite

  • Jacob

    Rachel looks like a little kid in that dress. No offense to Amber, but they kind of have a daughter and mother picture going there. No one is ever going to take Rachel Bilson serious because she still looks like she’s in high school.

  • juliana – brazil

    I don’t hate Rachel, but I don’t know how Rachel wants to be hired for a movie, Jessica Alba is a horrible actress, but she go to classes of interpretation, the only thing I see Rachel doing is shop or going on launch of clothes. Rachel, you have 28 old years, stop acting like a spoiled child, I feel bad for you, you have so many haters, but they all have hatred because of his fake life, get a job and some respect, maybe when you do that, his career that never existed, will have a life.

  • @juliana – brazil

    rachel is too stupid to take a class, she can’t learn, she is so dumb that she could only be accepted at a community college and even there she could not pull it and had to drop out
    she is definitely mentally challenged, some simply call her retarded

  • @juliana – brazil

    why should she bother about working, hayden already promised to marry her and have children with her, not only that he gave her the engagement ring he said it in an interview in german magazine that they don’t have the date yet but they will get married and will have children and will settle down together, she is set for life
    she will continue shopping for the rest of her life, and he will have someone who waits for him at home, it is perfect arrangement for an insecure guy like him who could not get anyone better, the kids will be in special ed classes

  • @20

    How you can wish evil to a child that don’t exist yet? God, have a life! Poor children, neither for the person that I most hate in the world, I’ll wish she had a child with special problems, shut up.

  • padme

    @#9 – someone -
    I agree…let’s see more postings of Natalie and other much deserved celebs instead of little peons like Ratchel. JJ – for dear life….please please please stop posting Ratchel!!!! She doesn’t deserve all this attention when there are tons of other talented, more interesting celebs.

  • @21

    Hey, don’t put words in my mouth, I did not say I hope they have special ed kids, I said they will have special ed kids. Most retarded ppl do not produce talented or smart kids. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • @23

    I work with special children in a school, I really don’t want this for anyone, but if you want it for them, I hope your children have this problem too.

  • Steve Model

    She has a big forehead

  • lexy

    As JJ’s employer Rachel probably didn’t like that people had positive things to say about Natalie so she complained. Notice there were some trouble makers who kept bringing up the Polanski stuff in the Natalie threads – probably Rachel and her hired help!
    Business meeting?? LMAO!! Is she finally going to “star” on a VH1 Has Been Reality Show?? A new straight to DVD movie?? Or was she meeting with her attorney to find out about community property/divorce laws in Canada? Maybe she’s trying to make sure she’s currently a common law wife to HC b/c her funds are running low. Neither she nor her dad are very successful.
    She probably knows she can’t act. I’m guessing that’s why she didn’t want to see NYILY – despite “promoting” it on a few talk shows and that this is her ONLY job in quite some time – she couldn’t bother showing up to the premiere! She couldn’t stand to watch her own bad acting!!!

  • amy

    Godawful dress, really bad fitting, makes Rachel’s breasts look saggy & her stomach look fat & that pleated skirt is ok on a tall, toned tennis player, but not on someone short & dumpy legged. Amber looks so much more sophisticated & adult standing next to Rachel. I don’t get this girl at all, she seems incapable of learning how to be elegant when others of her age & in her profession pull it off effortlessly. What’s her problem, why can’t she get it right? She has money & a stylist so surely it shouldn’t be so hard!

  • @JJ

    Why no mention of the mystery man, JJ? You usually mention this in posts of other celebs. Good to see a girl still so attached to her mommy at her age.

  • Fata$$

    HC, dude, that is some fata$$, ugly mom-in-law ur marrying into there. Genes, man, genes will out. Beware.

  • kk

    1. That guy is gross! He’s way ugly. He reminds me of Leiv Shrieber…yuck!

    2. She’s wearing her ring.

    3. It’s been 82 degrees all week in L.A. so why is she dressed so inappropriately.

    4. She hates the farm, she just wants to keep other women away from Hayden. LOL

  • kk

    She want to raise her kids someplace remote? Hayden, if you believe that I’ve got some land on the moon which may interest you! LOL

  • lakers fan in boston

    what’s there 2 even say about rachel anymore
    it’s daily posts on her
    she’s so overexposed on this site and the fact is that most ppl are fed up with the daily posts
    i think it’s pretty obvious she must be paying jared or something

  • lexy

    Maybe it’s one of her brothers! It’s interesting how she talks about her sisters and the paps yet somehow her brothers manage to avoid the paps…and her!

  • @20

    Never did HC say in that interview that it was Rachel he said he is not rushing it no wedding date in the future whenever it will be. Children are something he will consider but, there is NO discussion on it to date.

  • Dim lightbulb

    The dude is not her brother I don’t think they even bother with her if at all. As for HC lets all call this what it really is a prearranged relationship. Wear her ring, Don’t wear her ring she has been playing hide and seek with the damn thing for almost a year now. Knowone really cares if she owes it or not. It’s the I DO’s and the name on the document that count not the rings. Granted it’s also not cool to use this ring as some pretty black strapless she can put on or take off. Also it is bad Karma to remove your fiance’s ring for any reason but, for work reasons. She removes this when she wants to act like she is out window shopping for better men.

  • Dim lightbulb

    The dude is not her brother I don’t think they even bother with her if at all. As for HC lets all call this what it really is a prearranged relationship. Wear her ring, Don’t wear her ring she has been playing hide and seek with the damn thing for almost a year now. Knowone really cares if she owes it or not. It’s the I DO’s and the name on the document that count not the rings. Granted it’s also not cool to use this ring as some pretty black strapless she can put on or take off. Also it is bad Karma to remove your fiance’s ring for any reason but, for work reasons. She removes this when she wants to act like she is out window shopping for better men.

  • Cruella de Vil

    OMG! Looks like a Dimwit midget standing next to a tall gorgeous model. Seriously, this chick is an eyesore already. Good for Amber Valletta though.

    Rachel’s dress is atrocious and the color washes her out. People have the audacity to call her a fashion icon? Oh please!!!! Enough already of this mindless special needs troll-twit!

  • Cruella de Vil

    I first thought it was Hayden too. That is how bad Hayden has been looking lately though. Just sayin!!

  • Smiliehex

    Laureen16 how is your special need kid.

  • Gasol16

    IDK Smilehexe??
    How is your poor mum you booted out and put in a home for the elderly? Some love you show! My son is doing very well with no thanks to you.
    Love midget’s now?

  • Cruella de Vil

    Or I should say Yvonne! LOL! Damn hypocrite.

  • Gasol16

    The only reason that it be. I hate to see anyone opening doors and such for Ratchel when, she is perfectly capable of opening doors herself. That is was got my blood boiling. Something Miss, Hypocrite could not even comprehend. I say Miss with Miss. Smilehexe b/c she cannot even land a date still and still pining away over Hayden to come and fix her sorry ass life. Gee…I feel sorry for you.

    Your a joke. Go back to your German boards and preach on. LOSER!

  • coco

    More unemployed people going to parties and shopping. What no coffee? Where’s the pastries?

  • @ Gasol16

    Don’t worry seems that the Imdb crowd jump on the love them or leave them band wagon many can’r deside from one month to the other if they should like HC or RB or hate them. They are the ones I feel sorry for b/c those wishy washy ppl need to find out who they want to support or not.l RB who is mentally challanged who needs assistance in everything aspect of her life, has to live off the public just for attention and has limited connections via daddy and her play toy b/f. That is the one I totally don’t feel any sympathy for at all. That little light you see flickering is her career light fading away.

  • Hollyfreak

    Two dogs; puff faced pug on the left – broad shouldered boerbul on the right. WTF is with the tights pug face is wearing! Gross. The Hollyfreak world of freaks just got freaking weirder. HC, who has starred opposite some of the most beautiful bodies in TT, has settled for a flab face hamster w/o the ahh cute factor. Why chose a remedial actress w a face of a squashed monkey? Guy is either a paedo or gay!

  • blairite

    @ 30 – That guy is gross! He’s way ugly. He reminds me of Leiv Shrieber…yuck!

    I’d say that RASHchel and the anonymous guy looks utterly match. She looks like that she’s about 5’10″ standing besides him rather that her actual height that is 4’10”. She should really hooked w/ these type of guys that would make her less visually & vertically challenged that she actually is!

  • me

    What’s with the another guy? she truly has broken it off with Hayden. Why don’t you all see this for what it is?He said no marriage and she did too.The reason jj didn’t say nothing about it because he knows that she has another boyfriend and it is not Hayden.Hayden has already finish his movie. She haven’t seem him in a month so what that tell you all.And not planning on doing so. So need to put that out are your minds that they are still together.They have spilt.She need to come clean about it soon.

  • sharon

    @Smiliehex: You got a problem with special needs children my 9month old neice is special needs also …and Gasol 16 is a friend of mine and anyone who works with or have a special needs child is ok in my book :)

  • Gasol16

    Like I said before. It disgusted me that Rachel cannot even open the car door for herself or open her own gate to her house?! I guess that was her house? I don’t care where she lives. I’m not planning on visiting her ever! So…I got insulting with her lack of intelligence she is displaying. I was not the first one to say she is Special Needs or acting like it. People before me were saying it. My son is autistic and a proud parent of a son doing wonderful and applying himself in school. Plus, I have worked with wonder kids that are special needs and would rather work with special needs then regular ed mouthy kids.

    Smilehexe should never work or be around the elderly. She is arrogant and a very impatient and an umbalenced individual with a God complex. How sad and as a result no man in her life. A pity.

    Thank you Sharon! Smilehexe should really write down rules on what and what should not be said on the board. She loves to think she rules all the boards. She has tried to control what people say on Jen’s board and Imbd until, people told her off and she left once again Imbd for the second or third time already. I guess she is bored and needs something to do in her miserable existance she calls a life. Her sanctimonious attitude is so hypocritical on her part. It was a month ago she thought it was funny that another poster wished Rachel dead. All I did is insult Rachel and thought it was funny and, Rachel has brought all that on herself with all her media w**ring! DUH?! I never wished the woman dead. I would not even wish that on Smilehexe but, she needs to STFU and, if does not like one’s opinion then, move on and ignore post. How simple is that. You think Miss. Einstein could understand that?

    Just wait until Hayden and Rachel are spotted back in jj together again. Then, Smilehexe will be bashing them again. It is a little hard for her to take seeing the reality of Rachel and Hayden together! LOL! I think Rachel and Hayden are just like each other now and, should get married and do it soon!

  • sharon

    Actress Rachel Bilson has threatened to quit Hollywood and live out her days in the middle of nowhere when she becomes a mum. The former “The O.C.” star currently spends time in Los Angeles and boyfriend Hayden Christensen’s remote Canada farm, and she insists she’ll give up life in Tinseltown altogether if she discovers she’s pregnant.