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Suri Cruise: Fun with Caution Tape!

Suri Cruise: Fun with Caution Tape!

Suri Cruise learns the many fun uses of caution tape on Thursday (November 19) on the Long Island set of mama Katie Holmes‘ movie, The Romantics.

The 3-year-old used tape as a limbo stick, a mask and a trampoline for her stuffed animal bear.

Yesterday, Suri‘s famous daddy Tom Cruise jumped on a private plane and headed to Salzburg, Austria to continue filming Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise playing with caution tape…

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suri cruise fun with caution tape 01
suri cruise fun with caution tape 02
suri cruise fun with caution tape 03
suri cruise fun with caution tape 04
suri cruise fun with caution tape 05
suri cruise fun with caution tape 06
suri cruise fun with caution tape 07
suri cruise fun with caution tape 08
suri cruise fun with caution tape 09
suri cruise fun with caution tape 10

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# 1

sick of reading about this poor child/adult who really ought to be in playgroup with her peers. Enough….but hey – why do i read it ?

# 2

Stepford daughter.

# 3

It’s either Suri or Violet, if not both, we see everyday. They’re not the only celebs who have kids, and yet we see Cruise or Affeck’s children’s faces everyday. Geez, I wonder why.

# 4

Suri is the cutest thing!

# 5

^^^^ jealous adults…what a shame.
she is so cute

# 6
Sonia0404 @ 11/20/2009 at 9:49 am

So autistic and so diapered.
They cannot keep her in a more children friendly environment? such as with other kids, while her female pimp pays to work?


# 7
Sonia0404 @ 11/20/2009 at 9:50 am

@Anna: @BO:
You call that cute?
You’ve gotta get put more.

# 8

Enough with all the diaper talk. There’s no evidence that she still wears one. Anyway, Suri is so adorable. and she looks like she’s having fun.

# 9

She really needs to keep that sweater on because I’m in LI and it’s pretty chilly here. I’m wearing a sweater, scarf, and light jacket.

Why does this child not have a seasonal wardrobe? Does she have so much clothing that she only wears once (and then it’s tossed?) that they haven’t gotten through SUMMER yet so they’re still going through stuff?

Maybe they’ll get to WINTER clothing in 2012 and that will be in the dead heat of the summer.

Having fun in and out of the caution tape? It’s called caution tape for a reason, meaning: keep out!

But, heck, Homely the Beard never receives much education, what does one expect her hired help?


Does she have so much clothing that she only wears once (and then it’s tossed?) that they haven’t gotten through SUMMER yet so they’re still going through stuff?

Good point! You crack me up!! LOL!

Good question, #1. Why do you waste your time on people you dislike?

She’s not autistic and her mother likes spending time with her, #6.

Actually, there is evidence of a diaper. When Katie was filming in Australia (August), Suri Cruise Italia has posted pictures with Suri in a diaper. Her skirt blew up and there was a little blue diaper, plain as day. She’s a cute kid, but it depends on the day almost. One day she’s super cute, the next day she’s looking “holmely”–like momma. Oh well, she does the best she can…just like the rest of us. I just wish that the Cruises would stop bragging about her (and themselves). They are first to shower compliments on each other, aren’t they? Do you remember on the Oprah show (the couch-jumping episode), Oprah asked Tom what attracted him to Katie. He said “her body of work.” HUH? Did he mean Dawson’s Creek and Disturbed Behavior? Maybe he super role in Batman? WTF is he talking about? Does he think if he says it’s true, then it must be true? Does he think we are idiots? Her body of work is laughable. And Katie…she can’t stop fawning over Tom. “….he’s SO a-MAZ-innnngggg….” Everything with her is “amazing.” eeeghh!

^^I saw those photos, but like you said, that was 3 months ago. Recently, there have been many photos of her wearing tight pants. If she was wearing a diaper, I think there would be an obvious bulge.
Personally, I don’t really care if she wears them or not. That”s her parents’ business.

Loveeeeeeeeee that kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning like her mamma!

Stop picking on a little child..Suri is a beautiful little girl. Leave there parents alone .. There wonderful parents. Tom is one of the greatest stars ever. and by the way L.I. was beautiful yesterday so maybe won’t be picking on something else. You are sad pathetic people ..

Say it like it is @ 11/20/2009 at 11:13 am


LOL ! and ITA and w/ Sonia0404′s post too.

its robo-bride's pet @ 11/20/2009 at 11:17 am

Although for once the child looks like she is doing something normal, isn’t this a closed set? It is always amazing to me how many pictures are taken on the closed sets that Katie and Tom work on. Absolutely Amazing and Awesome that a pap can get past all the security to take such clear pictures.
Katie Holmes = PIMP

She seems happy, loved and has had the wonderful experience of seeing the world. Most of you complainers should worry about your own dysfunctional families and stop all your hating and envy. If you don’t think this child is cute then obviously you are miserable people and lash out at everyone and everything…get a life of your own!

Say it like it is @ 11/20/2009 at 11:22 am

Ido not want to pick on a kid.
I am picking on her folks.

Every pic shows hersmiling, running,jumping, doing what a kid should instintively do at her age. She shouldbe at preschool/nursery like Violet Affleck .
HOWEVER, her folks should have her in a school. Playmates. She is always around her best playmate named Mommy, and hords of other adults.
Suri drinks out of a bottle sometimes. She always wears ballet shoes, flats,hard womens flats like those little desginer buckled number. They look like Ferragamo’s and might be Ferragamo’s made esp.for her.
She is never dressed like a child like Violet Affleck, Mathilda Ledger, Harlow Madden, Nahla Aubrery (HalleBerry’s kid).
She is never weather appropriately dressed.

Odd. Strange family.

#18, where did you read that it wasa closed set?

She plays with straight jackets at home

TWO- ( # 12)………….. How do YOU know that Suri is not autistic.

Don’t be an idiot and post such a stupid comment.

There is so much proof that she IS. It’s just a matter of time when people will find out and then, you can eat crow.

scorpius07 @ 11/20/2009 at 11:59 am

@Sonia0404: Heh, just about to say the same thing. Hopefully the tape was a prop for the movie, because kids shouldn’t be playing anywhere near a caution anything!

And hey, if that was the case, then at least we know she’s creative enough to think of a whole bunch of ways to play with a mundane object.

#23 – you looking at pictures is NOT proof and you sound like the idiot. I have an autistic neice and an autistic nephew and you can’t see it from pictures!

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