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Alexander Skarsgard: Sexiest Bad Boy

Alexander Skarsgard: Sexiest Bad Boy

Alexander Skarsgard is categorized as a “Vampire Hottie” and “Sexiest Bad Boy” in People‘s latest Sexiest Man Alive issue (with Johnny Depp on the cover).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor says, “Ever since I was a kid, my mom would scold me for being a bad boy. ‘Don’t fight with the other kids, don’t talk back to your elders, be nice to all the girls.’ So here I am actually getting an award for being a bad boy. Thank you, People magazine. I can’t wait to tell my mom.”

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Photos: HBO
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  • true blood

    He is sexy but Eric’s more misunderstood than a genuine bad boy.

  • Mary

    I think I just passed out for a second, wooh he is hot!

  • Liv

    That’s a screencap of Generation Kill. Man, he was hot in that.

  • Xtina is my IDOL =)

    He’s TERRIBLY HOT! Wow, too bad I don’t actually see men like this out there. Well, it’s better that way. I’d pass out otherwise :p I don’t know why but I LOVE BAD BOYS! XD

  • on

    @Xtina is my IDOL =): Oh my, who doesn’t ;)

  • Used to be

    He used to hot until he started hooking up with the skankiest women in Hollywood.
    Total famewhore who is turning into a total diva!

  • ErinN

    You are such an a** Usedtobe. Actually read about his career and his reputation is that of a very nice guy. Its not like he is a teenager, so he has been out there for awhile. If he was not a nice guy it would have leaked out by now.

    Gossip bloggers who are trying to jump on his fame bandwagon to get hits make this crap up. (Not saying you JJ. Because hasnt Alex been very nice to you in interviews? He could easily say “Get Lost” if he was a jerk).

    All I know is I want to see more of him in any role. He is talented and something different in a world of same old same old.

    @trueblood. Agree Eric is more than just a bad boy. But he is the hottest one on the show to many, many of us fans.

  • MAC


  • Wendy

    Yes he’s hot, but @true blood, eric is NOT a misunderstood character. He’s more involved in business, and emotions mean nothing to him…

    Alex of course is different. Having met him, I can say he’s a genuinely nice person, and gorgeous to boot! He deserves the title of Sexiest Bad Boy!

  • Pole

    That quote is just adorable ♥ Kudos to Stellan and his wife for raising Alex well. Obviously he’s sexy as hale too – quite a killer combination..


    Very cute :)))

  • Franck

    hot as hell !!!!

  • Gina Glam

    He looks good!

  • liza

    He is a hot @ss man. But I agree on the show they make him the bad guy when in the books he isnt even bad. Hes just a fun and interesting character.

  • Claudie



    [Soo agree with Ytina is my IDOL!]

  • Shell

    @Wendy: Well, that’s subjective. Your opinion is not fact. I agree, the character is misunderstood by some of the audience at least cause he’s more of an anti-hero than a bad boy.

  • Squirrel

    Oh, he’s such a sweet hottie.

  • true blood

    @Wendy: Wendy, please don’t tell others their opinions are wrong. Even Alex thinks Eric is misunderstood. Direct quote from TV Guide interview: “Eric was kind of misunderstood,” he said. “A lot of people would come up to me and say, “Oh, you’re the evil, the bad guy”. I always had to defend him because there’s more to him than that.


  • macy

    @Used to be: There’s no real proof that he dated either KB or ERW. Oh, I forgot–anonymous sources who somehow always forget to even take a photo with a camera phone. Odd, that.

  • london chica

    Jared chose a better pic than the People one.

  • Kylie


    Yeah, it’s kind of unfair that he’s considered the ‘bad guy,’ when, really, he’s just a terribly hot bad ass. :)

  • honey

    I love the photo but I think JJ should have used the ass shot from Gen Kill. lol.

  • editrix

    The man is gorgeous. He should have been chosen as People’s Sexiest Man Alive!!!!

  • Karen

    @honey: There’s an ass-shot? I need to see this movie.

  • passion

    He IS the Sexiest Guy Alive! Shame on People Magazine!
    That photo they used of Johnny Depp made him look like a gerbil. They know they made a mistake.

  • Liv


    Don’t get too excited. It’s of him taking an acting dump.

  • Lola

    People totally got it wrong this year! We all know that Alexander Skarsgard is the sexiest man alive<3

  • curious

    @Karen: Actually, do get excited! The context is of him taking a dump but they show an amazing shot of his gorgeous ass cheeks when he pulls his pants down.

  • Emily

    Sexiest man alive!
    love him!, hot as hell…

  • Eva

    Alex recently said in a Swedish magazine that he has a small penis. Don’t know why any man who admit they have a small one but yup, that’s what he said, lol.

  • Pole


    I think he said it in a radio interview. To me he sounded a bit like he was joking.

    Anyway – he’s a big guy. He might think it looks small compared to everything else but that doesn’t mean it is *whistles*

  • Eva

    @Pole: Okay ;)

  • megan

    omg so freakin hot!!!!!

  • Jen

    can’t wait to see his sexy self on true blood again

  • Hulla

    Rediculously hot and talented.

  • celia

    All I have to say is….DAYUM! OMG! He’s so unbelievably hot! Look at his body!

  • wendy

    Beyond HOT!!!

  • Deedz

    Rofl, love that quote. Love Alexander~ :D

  • Question

    What’s the name of the Swedish model that Alex dated for a few years? Anyone know?

  • ally

    her name is sara tun i think

  • Lauren

    he is so amazingly HOT.

  • holly

    i am in love with alexander

  • Jessica

    sigh! His body is so epic.

  • http://DIANA DIANA

    dear alexander,
    please run away with me. :) you are sooo yummy.

  • jade

    he is gorgeous! He is so handsome and has an amazing body!

  • Rattlesnake

    on a scale of 1 to 10 he gets a 5 from me, i just DON’T see the appeal…. he does not look healthy !

  • ErinN

    @EVA for the love of all that is holy that was a joke Alex said about his p*enis. He is known for having a quirky sense of humor. That is one of the reasons his long time fans love him. Nice guy, sense of humor. He and his gracious plenty are legendary. If you don’t believe me…. on Generation Kill Disk 4 of commentaries James Ranson comments about the “dumping scene” and getting a glimpse of his equipment. He jokes that Alex is “huge”, and then further says the footage is out there and for America to FIND IT! Alas, no one has so far.

    If you havent seen Generation Kill, watch it. It is rivoting and the main reason I think he has the acting ability to do bigger roles. I hope he does.

  • ErinN

    @Rattlesnake. I admit at times he looks tired. He is healthy, but his schedule has been intense all over the globe.

    No problem you or others don’t find him attractive. I find it funny you would bother coming to an article about an actor you don’t like. But it is free world.

  • katkat

    LOL he is so silly! I freakin’ love this man! He is sweet and hot!

  • Jaded

    I’m just glad they didn’t pick R. Patt to be the Sexiest Man Alive.