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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri to a matinee showing of the the Broadway musical Lion King on Broadway in New York City on Saturday afternoon (November 21).

FYI: Suri‘s red silk dress is Holmes & Yang, designed by her mom and stylist Jeanne Yang!

Yesterday, the mother-daughter pair were seen taking a stroll through Manhattan while on break from shooting her new movie, The Romantics.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise watching Lion King on Broadway…

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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 04
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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 12
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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 14
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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 16
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 19
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Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • Poor little girl

    Still in high heels and wearing no socks in cold November

  • Karly

    I like her high heels.

  • Poor little girl

    Dragged for photo-OP by her mother who’s more interested in showing her cuteness to paps than keeping her little feet at warm by cold night. Not any socks for Suri. Never. Just high heels for this 3 years old girl.

  • anonymous

    First we discover Suri’s still drinking from a bottle (horrible for the teeth) and now it appears that Suri in high heels was not just a one time thing. She’s walking everywhere in them, and on cement, too. Are they not content to just wreck her teeth? Are they trying to destroy her feet as well? What’s wrong with Katie Holmes? What a nut job to allow this foolishness.

  • Mandy

    Suri is autistic IMO. She shows many signs.

  • From an ex-scientologist

    @ 11/08/2009 at 2:09 am From Marc Headley aka “blownforgood”

    Well, Tom needed a girl and between Dave Miscavige and him, they were not coming up with anything workable, so — time to bring in the expert. Greg Wilhere was brought in for this job again. He had done it before, he just needed to qualify the girl a bit better this time.

    It was agreed that they needed a foxy Scientologist that was on purpose, in ethics, yadda yadda blah blah. They set-up an audition unit at CC int that called in just about every Scientology actress anywhere under the sun, moon and stars. The “audition” was for a possible part in a Tom Cruise movie and several personal questions were asked about the person and what they thought of Tom, Scientology etc.

    Video tapes would get made daily of the auditions and sent up to Dave to review. This went on for weeks. Well, it turns out that no girl in Scientology was good enough for Tom. All auditions were rejected. They would need to fish outside the pond for this one.

    Plan B – Who do you want? This was the question Dave asked him. If you could have any girl, which one would you want? We will make her a Scientologist!

    Well Tom Cruise wanted one girl more than any other – Jennifer Garner.

    “How do we get to Jennifer Garner? Somebody who knows Jennifer? Good idea – who do we know that knows Jennifer? JJ Abrams!!! He does the Alias shows with her. Let’s have him do a project! We already have a director for the next Mission Impossible instalment, damn! I’ve got it, we will fire the current director that is contracted to do the movie and get JJ on board. Once JJ is on board we will get Jennifer on board and that’s it -we have her!”

    So once JJ Abrams is on board, Tom finds out from JJ that Jennifer Garner has a big thing for tigers. Tom figures this is a sure way to get her. What does he do, he buys here a freakin’ tiger. Not a tiger skin, not a tiger stuffed animal toy, a real live freakin’ TIGER in a cage and all.

    Jennifer is so freaked out that she thinks Tom is nuts! Turns out the tiger was not the best idea.
    Who is next on the wish list? Scarlett Johansson!

    We all know about that story. One meeting at CC Int and she was history.

    Awesome factoid: Scarlett did not star in MI:3 because she was shooting another movie – The Island – which just happened to star the same actor that supposedly boned down on Tom’s last wife! Karma baby! Damn that dude is out to get Tom!
    Okay, Greg Wilhere is now flying back and forth between LA and New York interviewing actresses and trying to get Tom some tail. Somehow Katie Holmes ends up on the list and the rest is history.

    Now hear is the part that baffles all logic and only Tom, Katie and Tom’s lawyer know the truth behind this. If Tom cannot have kids with Mimi Rogers who now has two kids from a latter marriage, and Tom cannot have kids with Nicole whose pregnancy was reason for their divorce, then how does he manage to get Katie Holmes pregnant 2 hours into their relationship?????

    Maybe the kid that Nicole was carrying was Tom’s!!! But she was really sleeping around and could not deny it. Either way, all the stress killed the baby and we will never know.

    So that brings us to the current situation. Is Nicole up in arms because the kids are basically turning into Scientologists anyway. What does she have to lose?

    And where the hell did Suri come from? That is a damn good question.

    Marc Headley aka “blownforgood”

  • TL

    It breaks my heart to look at Suri…

  • rainbow

    #7 why?

  • eh

    Where’s matilda??

  • Allison

    Whatever you think of Suri Cruise, I think it’s really distasteful to publish photos where can see her underwear. She is a little girl and it’s just not right. At least crop the photo if you feel you need to show her crying.

  • yyy?

    She looks kind of happy in some of them…

  • Jetty

    Yes, she still drinks from a bottle… and that little Garner troll still wears diapers at 4 years old~!! It is clear that these celeb women (and men) make horrible parents, disciplinarians, etc. They are just producing more self-indulgent, arrogant, egotistical people like themselves and turning them out into the world probably to end up like most celeb children, spoiled, drug addicts, etc.


  • so sad

    These parents, or that mother for the matter, is pathetic. Why drag Suri all over the place if the little girl doesn’t feel for it. Why force her out of the house (for the paps maybe?) and always dress her as a doll? Why sexualize her so much!? Suri’s just 3 years old!! I think Suri’s gonna have a lot of resentment towards her parents when she’ll be older. That is if it doesn’t turn out that she’s really autistic.

  • a realist

    No socks, and heels… terrible.

  • Sophia

    Suri is starting to freak me out. She is a kid that dresses like an adult. That’s freaky to me.

  • katie n

    She is very cute and seems happy in some of the photos. As a child she is bound to be cranky and cry sometimes.

  • poor Suri

    Katie has her boots on and stocking because it’s now almost winter. Why isn’t Suri wearing any boots, or at least some socks under her high heels??

  • Denise

    It is sexualizing a small child to put her in heels and fancy, adult dresse. No socks like normal parents put on their child. This child is being sexualized. Katies does not dress her like a child.

    And for her to turn the child’s butt to the camera and let them get that crotch shot of her panties is just disgusting.

  • Anna

    Jared, please take down the photo showing Suri’s underwear or at least blur it. As mentioned above, it’s very distasteful and an invasion of her privacy. Also, I’d hate to see pedophiles get their hands on something like this.

  • Anna

    Jared, please take down the photo showing Suri’s underwear or at least blur it. As mentioned above, it’s very distasteful and an invasion of her privacy. Also, I’d hate to see pedophiles get their hands on something like this.

  • stephanie

    it shouldent matter to any of you people ..
    ..your not her mother or a family member ?
    so why does it matter to you people so much ..
    mind your own damn buisness
    the high heels are play shoes oviously ..
    like tthe poor little girl is surrounded by paps ..
    id say she is upset omygod

  • vivian

    This child looks as an old woman!! that is bizarre.

  • Allie

    Why is it that Suri is never wearing clothes to suit the weather?! When she was a baby they wouldn’t put her in a coat and now she’s getting older and they have her in open toed, strappy, high heeled sandals in the freezing cold!

    And why isn’t she wearing shorts or tights under her dress? She’s a little girl, so it’s highly probable that her dress will fly up as she playing, shouldn’t her parents put something under her dresses. It’s disgraceful.

  • Desperate & Awkward

    Desperate & Awkward. As always

  • janice

    Tom got Katie that job so she couldn’t go with him to Austria. Wonder if he and Cameron Diaz are getting it on? Cameron has such a great body and personality…also a decent actress.. none of which the homely golddigger has.

    Tom’s going to go broke buying Katie D-List Homely jobs.

  • Kaylie

    Maybe it was just a split second, so Im not blaming Katie, but those photos of Suri with her panties showing should be taken down.

  • rainbow

    It’s amazing how haters will always find something to criticize.
    You guys say that Tom&Katie treat Suri like an adult; Suri is never happy; they never do anything fun, even though there have been tons of photos of her at the park and other fun places. ; she’s not potty-trained; she never wears a coat………………………… Well, here you have a mother and daughter seeing The Lion King which is a wonderful show for children. Suri looks happy in some of the picks. She’s wearing rainboots in some of the pics. She has a coat. You can clearly see that she is pottty-trained, although personally I don’t think that pic should have been posted. And yet you still attack them? Why don’t you just admit that you hate the family and will never be satisfied with anything they do.

  • Jody

    Why should any of you care if Suri’s privates are showing if her own mother doesn’t?

    Obviously, Katie Holmes could care less if pedophiles look at her daughter. Sick!

    I wish Child Protective Services would take Suri away from them. Suri would be better off being raised by a pack of dogs.

  • N.I.N.E.

    Not In Nine Everyone else is. Begged to be cast. Marshall can’t stand her. Now she’s cast herself and Suri in the musical from H.E.L.L.

  • Sheri

    With all the wackos out there (case in point, the pedophile in the Shaniya Davis murder) it’s in poor taste, and dangerous, to post this little girl’s pictures with her underwear exposed like that…you never know where people get their jollies. Shame on you Jared.

  • Bunion Baby

    Aww…Suri is going to need the cutest surgery.

  • Why?

    It’s not Jared’s place to take the photo down, it’s Suri’s mother’s place to prevent this from happening.

    Quit blaming everyone except the incompetent mother who uses a baby for publicity. This is child abuse with a capital A.

  • Stupid is as stupid does….

    Katie is either an idiot or she hates Suri.

  • Puzzled

    The underwear picture is probably planned to show that Suri is no longer in diapers. Why carry a child in such a manner while she is wearing a skirt without any leggings? Katie has been carrying Suri in a ‘proper’ manner for the past months in order not to show the diapers , they are probably reading all these blogs and mags saying that Suri is still wearing diapers. well as evidence to say, Suri is not wearing diapers anymore, they probably staged a photo to prove. If this turns out true, the parents are sick and if they are listening to the PR team to stage this, they really need help.

  • Pantie Press Conference

    is kate trying to prove that suri is potty trained again? she flashed suri’s panties back in july–making her cry then too. the NEXT DAY suri was spotted in diapers. check x17 vidoes.

    so obvious. kate sucks as an actress.

  • ayrin

    now the daughter is wearing heels higher than her mother, and considering how small she is, I bet the heels can be considered even more damaging for a kid this small than they are for an adult.
    At least they have the money to fix her feet, legs and column when they need it. Nothing can be done for ugly hammer toes, though, or katie would have fixed hers already.

  • Mommy Dearest

    Just get divorced and give the kid to Tom already.

  • Desperate Indeed.

    It’s like Katie is trying to grow a friend. Only one she’ll have.



  • Catalina

    Suri will get hammer toes just like her mother Katie.

  • ayrin

    @Desperate Indeed.:
    remember that suri is considered a “woman”, a strong one for all that, now, she’s dressing like one.
    just pathetic.

  • The Holmes

    All this contract stuff is no big deal. Katie’s parents had an open marriage. Katie’s used to the idea.

  • rose

    #35, I went to x17 video, and there are NO recent videos of Suri. So you either saw an old video or you’re making things up.

  • Anne

    What is wrong with Katie Holmes? Even a podiatrist today commented on the damage to a child’s feet by placing them in heels. New York in November is cold, most people bundle up. She is bare-legged in those shoes. She is never appropriately dressed like other children, she is never seen with playmates only joined at the hip to her mother, always clutching her blanket or sucking a baby bottle. I think the they need to take parenting classes before it’s too late and permanent damage has been done to little Suri.

  • rainbow

    Also, I think it’s disgusting that some people are saying that Katie purposely let Suri’s underwear be photographed to show that she is potty-trained. If they care so much about what the public thinks, they wouldn’t allow her to wear heels after getting bashed for that. Obviously, they are just trying to live their lives, and don’t pay attention to the nasty things that are said about them.

  • Susie

    NO sox in the freezing NY night & day? WTH????
    Child Abuse!!!!

  • Susie


    you like a 3 yr ld’s high heels? You demented human!
    It is wrong & unhelthy for the fet & back & development & NO SOCKS!

  • http://SURI penny

    I get the feeling, looking at the photos, that Suri is finding the cameras very distressing. She’s just a kid, she didn’t ask for all this. Shame on the photographers for harrassing a child.

    She should be able to go for an outing with her mum without all this.

  • lisa

    I don’t usually comment on a Holmes-Cruise/Suri thread.. I am not a fan nor a hater. I am a JP fan and I don’t like when they get ragged on so I will not do it to Tom/Katie. I really think they love each other and seem to be happy.

    I think sites like jj or any site should stop posting pictures of Celeb children. I love seeing the jolie-Pitt kids. guilty as anyone else.. but with so much happening to children they need ot be off limites if their parents have not approved the shots. It just creates openings that should not be there. THE jps get critized for “pimping” their kids. well I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen those kids. Suri is shot a lot.. and I don’t know if it is on purpose or circumstance.. I hope the latter.

    JJ please.. no more pics of the kids.. Please.. They are not celebs.. and should not be put on this site as if they are.

  • Boe

    high heels (even low heels) mess up your spinal cord!