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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri to a matinee showing of the the Broadway musical Lion King on Broadway in New York City on Saturday afternoon (November 21).

FYI: Suri‘s red silk dress is Holmes & Yang, designed by her mom and stylist Jeanne Yang!

Yesterday, the mother-daughter pair were seen taking a stroll through Manhattan while on break from shooting her new movie, The Romantics.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise watching Lion King on Broadway…

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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 02
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 03
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 04
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 05
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 06
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 07
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 08
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 09
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 10
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 11
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 12
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 13
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 14
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 15
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 16
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 19
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 20

Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • annab

    She should carry Suri more appropriately when wearing a dress. Showing her panties like that…I always put some small shorts on my daughter when she wears a dress. Even though she is a little girl, there ought not to be photos showing that. Of course most people don’t have photos taken of them all the time, taking in all their awkward moments.

  • Boe


    they pimp their kid..the Jp’s live their life!

    I have never seen Zee or Shi in high heels & no sox or leotards in the cold OR out at night.

    Katie is a dingbat & Tom shagging Diaz? LOL
    he’s closet..right Jared?

  • chase

    @ least we know she wears underwear now and people stop makig negative comments about it! Suri is such a cute diva!

  • Khristinne

    Maybe she cries because she is finally cold LOL!

  • lakers fan in boston

    katie for once didnt look so bad in the last pics where she’s walking by herself in the day time
    other than those shorts, or whatever they are, she looks ok 2 her standards

  • Linda


  • Marti

    i hate so much suri!she is a very spoiled child!!and her mum could provide to give her more cold clothes,and possibly flats!!!she is still a young baby but her seems yet an hollywood star!!

  • Anon

    The people who are ‘pimping’ the child are the photography agencies. They request photos of the big celebrities and their children (of the Cruises and the Jolies (when they can get them) in particular) to be taken because they know that every gossip blog worth its salt will host them. Exposure = cash.

    The day I see a photo of Katie Holmes wearing a T-Shirt that says ‘I’m ready for my close-up!’ is the day I’ll believe she enjoys being stalked by paparazzi.

  • to #51

    Amen! I’ve been saying this since suri was 6 mos. old. All the money and “designing” talent Katie has doesn’t mean much without a brain. Also, I’m suprised that Suri’s father doesn’t care.

  • pooter

    Very cute pictures!!!!
    What a lovely family.

  • http://Justjared luvsajbp

    if if have nothing nice, I would not say anything at all.

  • JMHO

    Jared, take down the picture of Suri with her underpants showing. You effing animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you not one spec of decency anymore??????????????? A__hole!

  • disgusted

    I’ve been watching too much HLN and Nancy Grace but I think pix like these should NOt be posted. too many sickos out there. a lady on 1 of the HLN shows says she posted pix of her kid on facebook and the pix ended up on some perverts site and somehow the perv traced her and now has her address and personal info. be careful of what you post, people

  • AGA

    @lisa: @49-Great Post Lisa..nearly my thoughts exactly! I’m more a J-P fan as well and it drives me mad when posters say “they are pimping there kids” when in reality the J-P kids have only been seen a handful of times all this year!! And the people on here that are complaining that Suri is dressed too old…will be the same complainers when the J-P kids come out “They are dressed like hobos” Shi is dressed as boy”
    ETC ETC. I DO NOT agree with some of Katie’s choices,but she’s not my kid,BUT i do believe T/K love her very much and for people to say she is better off with CPS…Well that’s just silly!!!

  • Street Walkers

    Walking the streets of NY at night in thrashed sparkly high heels, panties flashing, black shorts and sheer hose, see through top, bright pink dress summer dress with bare legs,…and a blankie.

  • dani

    Katie has absolutely no fashion sense at times. She looks dreadful in that shorts outfit. The jeans aren’t so bad–she actually looks put together there..

  • tidbit

    the kid is probably tired as the Lion King suggests kids be 6 or older:


    Disney on Broadway performances are recommended for a general audience. As an advisory to adults who might bring young people, Disney recommends its productions for ages 6 and up. All persons entering the theatre, regardless of age, must have a ticket. THE LION KING runs approximately two hours and forty-five minutes, including a fifteen-minute intermission.

  • A Hetero Father

    would flip out if his little girl went out dressed like Suri. …and Kate holding Suri with her butt showing. why is Tom okay with this? for the first time it is obvious to me that tom is gay. he is oblivious to females dressing provocatively.

  • Gigi

    how could you post the pic of her in her underwear?! it’s so rude!

  • MR

    The more exposure, the happier. The father loves seeing the kid’s pictures everywhere. He thought they are cute/the paps captured the real moments. I wonder Katie makes a scrapbook of Suri’s paparrazi pictures. I really wonder.

    I really think they treat her like an “adult” as per Scientolo teaching and let her do whatever she wants. Going to those concerts and shows, it hurts the kids eyes and ears.

  • about pedophiles…

    I know some people are going to be outraged by what I’ll say and I’m sorry about it but seriously, many pedophiles have probably started a few months ago already to masturbate over Suri’s pictures. Her parents dress her like a little woman, if not as a mini-ho most of time. The high heeled sandals, her little legs and feet not covered, the flashy summer dresses even in November, etc.
    The thousands pics of her have already drawn much attention and many pedophiles surfing the web probably have already many sordid phantasmas or sexual and violent scenarios involving her.
    She is an ideal image to their distorted minds, a “sophisticated” “sexualized” little girl.
    It’s all the fault of the way their parents dress her and pimp her out for the paps on a daily basis.

  • Good for you #58

    You make a ton of sense. So does Katie. How could she possibly know that she and Suri would be recognized at a Broadway play? Especially when Suri is in her Miami hooker disguise and Kate is dressed as Robin in the Hood or some other man. To that matter, how could anyone who is out in public know they are out in public? I refuse to believe it until everyone wears t-shirts saying, “I’m in public.”

  • moi

    Why does this child always look feral? Does this household not own a brush?

  • Desperate Housewives

    Katie and her greedy mother. Tacky family.

  • What-a-brat

    At least she isn’t wearing some kind of kiddie g-string. Would it surprise any of you if she owned one? She is having her usual hissy because she didn’t get her way. Boo-hoo Suri. A birdie is going to poop on your lip, and your face is going to freeze that way.

  • pretty young girl

    So what if she drinks from a bottle and wears high heels. Shes a little girl . If it were Shiloh Not many people would be saying negative things.

  • Denise

    #71…I agree. Katie dresses this child like a grown ass woman. All the way down to her bare legs and heeled sandals. A Pedophiles

  • Denise

    #76..We’ve never seen Shiloh with a baby bottle since she was and infant.
    Secondly, Angie and Brad do not dress Shi like a grown woman.

  • Janis

    That little Holmes-Cruise brat, is a Paris Hilton is the making.

  • Kerry

    I’m willing to bet anything, Isabella is not like Suri.

  • danielle

    @76 pretty young girl

    No you are right they would not be saying negative things–they’d be saying even meaner things. When Shiloh was last seen in what looked like a Halloween costume posters were saying she was a lesbian, a man stuck in a woman’s body–transgender, and she had gender issues. They said that Angie was too cheap to buy her new clothes, too self-absorbed to dress her appropriately, and so on and so on.

  • AGA

    #76….You obviously have’nt been on a J-P kid thread recently,b/c if you had you would NOT of made that statement. The last thread that involved Shi was terrible “Why is she dressed as a boy,a HOBO” “Those kids look like that are dressed from op-shops”ETC ETC Oh the most stupid one…”Shi is def GAY” all b/c she is going through a tomboy stage. And all that is the BEST stuff,some of the other racist,despicable stuff I will not repeat.
    So,dont spout off total BS-when you know nothing!!!

    BTW—–JJ Take down the pantie shot of Suri,it’s wrong and preverted

  • Kerry

    Puzzled @ 11/21/2009 at 6:36 pm #34

    The underwear picture is probably planned to show that Suri is no longer in diapers. Why carry a child in such a manner while she is wearing a skirt without any leggings? Katie has been carrying Suri in a ‘proper’ manner for the past months in order not to show the diapers , they are probably reading all these blogs and mags saying that Suri is still wearing diapers. well as evidence to say, Suri is not wearing diapers anymore, they probably staged a photo to prove. If this turns out true, the parents are sick and if they are listening to the PR team to stage this, they really need help.
    I thought about that too. That Katie showed her child’s crotch on purpose to show that she is not long in diapers. That is just disgraceful.

  • Jennifer

    Katie is a sick mother, to expose her child’s crotch like that, just to show that she is wearing panties.

  • Jennifer

    #45…Katie has always gone -out of her way to make sure Suri’s dress was down and her diaper was not showing.
    Now that she has panties on, Katie is letting the world see under the girl’s dress. Don’t tell me this photo shot was not done on purpose.

    Katie is a sick mother.

  • Green Eyes

    Seeing this kid in heels really creeps me out!!

  • andee

    i live in ny and i dont see any parent making their child wear heels in this cold season. so inappropriate for this weather and for suri’s age. so weird!!

  • Anonymous

    Katie is more concerned with comforting her crying child, not with paps who would take pics of a child with her underwear showing.
    I think it’s wrong for that pic to be posted.
    There are pics of Suri in pull-ups before so her parents weren’t hiding anything.

  • Green Eyes

    Denise #18 – I agree with you 100%. Very improper, and what type of mother would hold their daughter up that way anyway, knowing pics would no doubt be taken. That is not how you hold a toddler!!!!

  • to jared

    next time jared, please be more careful. there was no need to put that picture showing off the child’s panties without some blurring. just because the mother hasn’t got the sense to protect her daughter’s modesty it doesn’t mean you can’t..

  • pr person

    Nice rain boots you pathetic piece of crappola parent! Where were those boots when it was ACTUALLY raining?!

    Uggghhh! The stupid moron knows she is being photographed, she knows that her daughter has nothing (no tights, leggings, shorts, etc…) on underneath her dress, yet SHE chooses to carry her in such a manner that the photogs get a great shot of her bottom?! THAT is pathetic and disgusting!! Way to go FOOL!

  • Anonymous

    Suri wears dresses made for toddlers and sometimes she likes to wear her dance shoes.
    I see nothing womanly about her dresses and for those who aren’t in NYC , it was a rather nice day today, quite sunny.

  • nm

    i have never seen a greater, and more sadistic objectification of a little girl.

  • Sheri

    I see a lil Lohan in the making, pathetic parenting!!

  • kerrina

    @Why?: thank you, people shouldn’t be angry at Jared,that child should be wearing something underthat dress.I always put shorts under my 4 year old dresses and skirts. Besides looks at how Katie is holding her, the freak is now trying to make her daughter a sex symbol.

  • EXACTLY!!!!

    pr person @ 11/21/2009 at 9:46 pm Nice rain boots you pathetic piece of crappola parent! Where were those boots when it was ACTUALLY raining?!

    Uggghhh! The stupid moron knows she is being photographed, she knows that her daughter has nothing (no tights, leggings, shorts, etc…) on underneath her dress, yet SHE chooses to carry her in such a manner that the photogs get a great shot of her bottom?! THAT is pathetic and disgusting!! Way to go FOOL

  • Ali

    I think Katie needs to protect herself and her family a bit more. One never saw Nicole out in public with Connor and Bella when they were little. So Tom certainly knows how to negotiate that. It will do long-term harm to Suri to be so exposed to the photographers and the media. They are like a pack of hungry animals with their camera flashes going and screaming inane comments at the little girl. It must be terrifying and also disgusting. Why would one ever walk the streets with her? Why not have her driver drive her to a secure side entrance, drive her to play dates and exit the car quickly. It’s just sad to have a beautiful child and expose her like this. No good can come from it; just falseness.

  • about pedophiles…

    #71…I agree. Katie dresses this child like a grown ass woman. All the way down to her bare legs and heeled sandals. A Pedophiles

    Pedophiles looking at Suri probably formulate in their sick minds something like “she’s shaking her little ass on the sidewalks, she thinks she’s sexy”…
    In fact, the way Suri is offered to the public by Tomkat PR team (via daily arranged photo-OP) is quite disturbing. Their publicity campaign is aimed at seducing, at gaining “love” with Suri’s images.

    And then just look at those “fans” posts here. Or particularly at the hundred comments from the madwoman who’s posting over and over with tens of different nicks, claiming her “love” for Suri; she is salivating on Suri’s pics and can’t hold back at all, posting her “love” 25 times per thread.
    — Then what results would you expect on pedophiles? Suri must be literally salacious fodder to them.

  • dabu

    One of the celebrity baby blogs showed Sunday Rose and Suri with the same white jacket. They had a who wore it best contest. Sunday won big time! Comments basically felt that Sunday was appropriately dressed for the weather and Suri was not.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that Suri is ok with the paps as long as they are not in her face and screaming her name like a bunch of rapid hyenas!
    I think the Cruise’s for all of the criticism they’re receiving are trying to give Suri a normal life. The child seems to love the outdoors and seems really happy as the above pics prove.
    Regarding Bella
    That the paps would take a pic of an an upset child and any agency would buy it is of a concern to me. The children of celebrity parents should be off limits to the paps, they were previously and should be again.