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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri to a matinee showing of the the Broadway musical Lion King on Broadway in New York City on Saturday afternoon (November 21).

FYI: Suri‘s red silk dress is Holmes & Yang, designed by her mom and stylist Jeanne Yang!

Yesterday, the mother-daughter pair were seen taking a stroll through Manhattan while on break from shooting her new movie, The Romantics.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise watching Lion King on Broadway…

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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 02
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 03
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 04
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 05
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 06
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 07
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 08
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 09
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 10
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 11
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 12
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 13
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 14
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 15
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 16
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 19
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 20

Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • anon

    they are just beyond adorable:)

  • ysl

    The more I respect and side with this family when I see how some nuts are so heartless and disgusting.Lowest of the low.

  • sweetiepie

    its a totally inappropriate life for a 3 year old child.

    she wears high heels, its november and she doesn’t wear tights, she is always up late, cause there are a lot of photos in the night of her and so on…

    and she shouldn’t be presented to the paparazzi in this way. many other parents in this business manage it, that their children aren’t photographed every day.

  • rose

    YAY! Jared finally took the photo down. What took you so long?

  • lol, Katie stints

    To 147, 149. Thanks for the details. Isn’t it hilarious that 2 of Tommygurl’s Academy Award WINNING exes are cast in Nine! Veteran singer and shapely long leggs Nicole K. and sexy Penelope C. I love Daniel and Marion too. In addition, I am soooo glad that the Cankle Queen was not cast in the movie. REJECTED. Moreover, Homely is so lacking in the talent department and has ZERO sex appeal! Pigeon toes, poor posture, weird proportions and all. Furthermore, I think my eyes and ears would bleed. And I know others would feel the same. Ahahhhh lol. P.S. Homely STUNK on SYTYD too.

  • TOMKAT & ysl SU*CK

    Regarding: 1 TomKat fan, 6/7 diff. posts.

    #139 to 144. Same name changing troll for 6-7 posts. Usa, Leggs, Usana, Cupcakes, Amway… etc. your a pathetic, demented, delusional, worthless Loser.

    TomKat and said pinhead troll: unpatriotic, clueless and possibly all inbred too.

    TomKat critcs: rich blessings and heavenly karma

    Add ysl #153 to the list too. What a low brow, brown nosing loser! What’s there to respect regarding the pr and money wh*ores?

  • Not Impressed by JA

    That first picture is cute but i agree, she looks like a sexualized little girl. She looks like Carrie Bradshaw mini version in Sex in the City walking fierce in tye streets of NY.
    Even the attitude and her walk scream now : WOMAN.
    That’s so freaky and so wrong !

  • anja paps

    poor suri =( her parents who should be blamed!

  • blankies and kids


    Well Zahara is 4, correct? a yr older and she is ALWAYS clutching her blankie, does the little tom boy sometimes. It’s none of yours or anyone’s business if children under 5 cling to a blanket. on this thread, all posters love to do is tear down, children, for the most stupid reasons! believe me, Suri has the life many children would love, leave it alone already.

  • z-shi-do the same


    Right on! Yet, the other family dresses the little girl same age as this child, in boys clothing, carrying swords. So that child loves to play boy stuff, or wishes she was a boy, whatever…this Suri loves playing dress up like mom…what’s the big deal? And will NEVER see anyone on here critize Angie for making (yes she does), encouraging, whatever, her little girl dressing like a boy, down to fugly shoes, whatever, that’s their business, just like this little girl who seems to love to dress up like mommy. Believe me, this child is well taken care of, the best of everything, and loved. and thats’ all that matters. Just once, wouldn’t you like to see the other family put down for dressing a girl like a boy, and I mean all boy? Never happen. lol. And, lets not forget the crtizing of Suri carrying a blanket, well, Zahara is older and carries one, Nothing Said! As does Shi, sometimes, with her boy gear.. Suri carries one, and it’s “How dare she”!@…But Imagine if Katie dressed Suri like a Boy???? OMG!!!! This thread would have to close LMAO! You bet! Hypocrites JP Fans Inc. you better believe they are. One sided, to the point of being sick, if you ask me.

  • MJ
  • emma #2

    I believe that there are a lot of AJ fans and Kidman fans here too , they can’t stand the fact that Suri is cuter , and for that matter Katie too’
    For Halloween the Jolie pitt kids were dressed as dead Vietnamese soldiers or something, and the little girls favourite toy is a sword. exactly , no complaints from anyone, if there were any its only 2 or 3 as opposed to Suri
    There is nothing beautiful about a woman who is always dressed in black and looks like a witch, its hard to comprehend, but she is a do gooder or something, mostly doing good for herself.
    And whats more if the Jolie kids were taken out to various things the paps would be there to capture the scene, but it looks like they are the ones that are isolated. Suri gets taken everywhere, its a shame the paps spoil it for her. agree there should be a law that says the paps have to stay a certain distance from the kids. So what if Katie didn’t get the role in Nine, she’s not the first , or the last actress that its happened too, its also happened many a time to you precious Kidman too.

  • Jay
  • AEP

    I wonder if it bothers Chris Klein that his kid is being pimped out and not dressed appropriately. Abused actually.

  • Anonymous

    The paps taking of pictures of celebrity children should be outlawed!

    The paps stalking celebrity children should be outlawed because this is what this is with Suri Cruise, it’s stalking!

    Why should her parents be forced into hiding her because they’re being harassed by increasingly pushy paps who know no boundaries and will dsiregard all llevels of decency for a pic.

    Suri seems lke such a happy, carefree child when not harassed by the paps.

  • Three


    The underwear picture is probably planned to show that Suri is no longer in diapers. Why carry a child in such a manner while she is wearing a skirt without any leggings? Katie has been carrying Suri in a ‘proper’ manner for the past months in order not to show the diapers , they are probably reading all these blogs and mags saying that Suri is still wearing diapers. well as evidence to say, Suri is not wearing diapers anymore, they probably staged a photo to prove. If this turns out true, the parents are sick and if they are listening to the PR team to stage this, they really need help.
    I agree completely.

    Read more:

    So do I.

  • Beatriz

    Suri is such a cute little girl and I always liked all her outfits. But I was really disapointed when I first saw her in highheels!! I totally agree high heels is way too much, a mother should never allow that! She is so small and so cute!!

  • Three


    Not really, Suri’s bottoms are quite big consider her age.
    Heck, don’t blame me, Homely the beard flashed her to the cameras.

  • carrie

    Why is that child wearing heels?

    Absolutely disgusting parenting.

    Heels were designed for women to make their hips sway more when they walked, make their legs look longer and their bottom more pert. Why does a 3 year old need this?!

    I’m sure she’ll be a little tart when she’s older. And Holmes will have no one to blame but herself.

  • lizzie

    I feel sorry for Suri she has to wear trendy clothes…

  • ET

    Suri seems like a girly girl :)
    that’s sweet, but should she be wearing heels at such a young age …
    i hope they don’t let her wear heels all the time even if she wanted it ..
    as it’s not good for the developement of her legs and body …
    she is one of the most adorable HW kids out there :)

  • Celebwatcher

    I lover Suri’s hair. Why wouldn’t Katie want to show off her beautiful daughter.

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  • dabu


    You are the one with a problem. First off all babies are cute and Suri in my opinion and many others isn’t the cutest out there. Violet Affleck, Shiloh, Honor, Sunday, and a host of others are all as cute in their own way.
    You are the one that is obsessed.
    Furthermore, if you look at the pics of the JP kids at Halloween, they are clearly taken as candids and not as photo ops.
    You say the JP’s don’t take their kids everywhere? Weren’t you the one on the last thread or so that complained the JP kids were gypsies and were going to grow up warped never having a home? And didn’t you shut right up when someone else pointed out Suri is the gypsy this year?
    Yes, you don’t see the JP kids because they are HOME out of the PAPs cameras leading normal lives with mom and dad. They are in France right now on an estate specifically purchased to afford them privacy so that their kids can grow up as normally as possible. All the kids are learning languages, take art classes etc. They have friends.
    Suri is dragged around to adult oriented activities that she clearly has no interest in.
    Katie Holmes sucks big time as a mother. For some reason any common sense that Tom had with Bella and Connor appears to have left in his divorce. Bella and Connor appear to be two of the most grounded, intelligent, and sweetest kids in Hollywood. So kudos to Nicole and Tom. But Suri appears to be over indulged, allowed to do whatever she wants, and appears to be a total brat.
    No child is cute when she is overly tired, acting out, and allowed free reign to be a brat.
    Yes, you are the one obsessed. Always bringing up Kidman and the JP’s on a TomKat thread. Somewhere in the deep recesses of what functions as a brain in your body you must know Suri most of the time isn’t exactly exhibiting normal behaviors for her a child her age.

  • ….

    Lovely mom and child!

  • sonya

    Happy Anniversary Tom and Katie and enjoy Thanksgiving and the Christmas occasions.

    God bless you and most of all God bless America and our troops.

  • anonymous

    The trolls are pathetic breeds are are so useless. Its clear they are little in no. and use various names to make people think this world is full of downright mean people when that is not the case.

  • pawpaw




  • boo

    A lot of little kids “run warm” and it is difficult to make them wear what is appropriate. It’s not like she’s walking long distances. She is going from a warm building right into a warm car.

    As far as the bottle goes – so what?!?!?!?! She won’t be drinking from one the rest of her life, they fly everywhere so it probably helps her ears and I’m sure her teeth are well cared for.

    I am surprised at the really harsh comments here when there are far worse things you can do to your kids. At least she’s not selling them to TLC.

  • dabu


    You do realize by using the name anonymous you are supporting the anit-Scientology movement don’t you?

  • @boo

    No, she is selling her to a wider audience–the entire world through the pap photos. Katie knows that she is not as marketable alone as she is with her little pap princess.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think of it that way.

    It is really sad how people can come to a website and write such disgusting things about a child. I maintain that children should be off limits for comments.
    Post the pictures if you must but disable the comments.

    Suri seems like a happy, loved and well cared for child.

  • ———–

    The paps are stalking that family. Outright stalking them!
    The picture agency owners boasts about how much money they make on Cruise family pics.

    I think it’s a credit to the Cruise’s that they are trying to let Suri enjoy her outings with the paps constantly pushing a camera in the child’s face and screeching her name.
    It’s disgusting what the paps are doing and the tabloids with their cover stories on this child.
    It’s also disgusting that people here are labelling a toddler with names I won’t repeat!

  • ayrin

    do scientos celebrate Christmas? really?
    maybe they have a family gathering, but Christmas? They believe in Xenu, don’t they? maybe they can remember when they believed in the meaning of Christmas, long ago. Seems hypocritical to me.

  • AutumnM

    The crazy TomKat fans defending this behavior of Suri wearing high heels are as nuts and deluded as Tom & Katie themselves. You guys are not living in reality, just like your idols.

    Letting a child play dress up and wear high heels around the house IS FINE! But letting a frickin’ 3 or 4 year old GO OUTSIDE with HEELS on a REGULAR basis is downright STUPID and idiotic. Anyone who thinks this is okay is a COMPLETE IDIOT!

  • angels

    I heart them! My heroes!!!!!

  • *_*

    sad to see trolls spend their weekends because they are unhappy and bored spending everyday with Tom,Katie and Suri.

  • @*_*

    Not everyone who disagrees with how TomKat is raising their child is a troll you know.
    Personally I am apalled at how they parade her in front of the paps on a daily basis. What kind of parent does that? Not a good one. She deserves privacy. She is powerless and cannot force her wishes on her selfish parents. She is obviously uncomfortable much of the times with the flashes and crowds and yelling. Who, but selfish parents, would CONTINUOUSLY put their child through that?
    What kind of parent would allow their child to be sexualized the way they do? Heels, nail polish, colored lip gloss and dresses?
    What kind of parent would continuously allow a child to wear heels even tho every podiatrist out there will tell you that a child of this age has soft bones that are still forming and heels are really really bad for them when worn continuously?
    TomKat that’s who.

  • tweet

    My advice to the lowlives – stop doing drugs.

  • nik

    Great family…

  • ———–

    How exactly are they parading her in front of the paps?

    The child is going to plays, playing in a playground, on a movie set with her parents, going to dance class, walking with her grandparents, eating cupcakes, carrying her stuffed animals, wearing her rain boots, carrying an umbrella and occasionally wears her dance shoes on the street with her mother carrying an extra pair of shoes because we see pics from the same day and she doesn’t wear those heels 24/7 or for long periods of time.

    It is disgusting how the paps surround that child and a credit to her parents that they ignore it and let Suri enjoy the world around her.

    Many of the pics show a very happy child. I hope that the paps back off and if they don’t they should be forced to. It’s not right how they follow that child and don’t seem to care about how they get pics or who they run over and climb over, as long as they get them.

  • roRo

    Nowadays its forgotten what the Bible says about leaving up to God on making judgements. Do something worthwhile about your lives as in feeding the poor,comfort a friend,volunteer,adopt a pet,take care of the elderly,remember the Katrina victims and other worldwide citizens suffering than worrying what kind of parents Tom and Katie are. I dare to call all of us are not perfect people or perfect parents. I know Im not.

  • newmoon

    poor kid being sexualize by the media when all this is innocent and normal and the paparazzis always bothering them.

  • gipsey

    She’s like a little model. I like her.

  • Lisa2

    Suri wearing her “heels” for a few hours is not a big deal, it isn’t like she is playing outside in them. Most of the time Katie has her in her little flat ballerina shoes or even Mary Janes. She has one pair of “heels” and it isn’t like she wears them everyday. Most little girls love to play “dress up” and walk around in their mothers shoes. In Suri’s case, her parents can afford her dress up clothes to be “real” and she can wear them out with her regular clothes. Suri has always been a girly girl wearing dresses rather than pants. She wearing nail polish is no bif deal as well, Bonnie Bell has a whole line for little girls along with some newer companies that are non-toxic like “Suncoat” and “Piggy Paints”. As far as Suri looking under dressed for the weather, she never seems to complain that she is cold because many times she is holding a blanket rather than being wrapped up in it. Most times we see her she is going in an out of buildings from cars.

  • tyra

    This is why I quit sites like this because shame on lowlives ripping on a wonderful family especially a child.


  • Morgan

    I feel sorry for Suri. Look at Suri and then Violet Affleck and there is no question who is the happy kid. Cameras don’t lie.

  • ———–

    They are both happy kids as confirmed by pics. One though(Suri) is harassed constantly by paps climbing all over themselves and others to get pics and upsetting an otherwise happy child!

  • @roro

    You know RoRo I do everything you say from adopt a pet, take care of the elderly, do volunteer work (including working with Katrina victims) and more–and guess what–I still think Katie is an awful mom.
    Go read your bible.

  • dabu

    @Lisa Two

    No Lisa Two.If you go back through the pictures Suri has at least THREE pairs of heels. These are not play heels. These are heels that are about $500/pair designed for ignorant parents like Holmes and Cruise to foist uipon their daughters not caring about the potential harm to their physical development.