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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri to a matinee showing of the the Broadway musical Lion King on Broadway in New York City on Saturday afternoon (November 21).

FYI: Suri‘s red silk dress is Holmes & Yang, designed by her mom and stylist Jeanne Yang!

Yesterday, the mother-daughter pair were seen taking a stroll through Manhattan while on break from shooting her new movie, The Romantics.

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise watching Lion King on Broadway…

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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 07
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 08
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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 12
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 13
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 14
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katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 16
katie holmes suri cruise lion king broadway 19
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229 Responses to “Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Lion King on Broadway!”

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  1. 101
    Pathetic!! Says:

    Hopefully Katie will take some kind of parenting class before it’s too late. High heels and baby bottles don’t mix for a kid Suri’s age.

  2. 102
    Anonymous Says:

    It seems to me that Suri is ok with the paps as long as they are not in her face and screaming her name like a bunch of rapid hyenas!
    I think the Cruise’s for all of the criticism they’re receiving are trying to give Suri a normal life. The child seems to love the outdoors and seems really happy as many of the above pics prove.
    Regarding Bella and Conor, when they were younger the paps were far more respectful when it came to celebrity children, not so anymore.

    That the paps would take a pic of an an upset child and any agency would buy it is of a concern to me. The children of celebrity parents should be off limits to the paps, they were previously and should be again.

  3. 103
    to nm #93 Says:

    @nm: Exactly! Objectification: To present or regard as an object
    They present her as a cute, ultra-lovable DOLL in hope to inspire fascination.

  4. 104
    Poor child Says:

    She always looks so anxious; it’s so wrong for such a young child. Poor kid, why isn’t someone protecting her?

  5. 105
    Tom calls the paps himself Says:

    That the paps would take a pic of an an upset child and any agency would buy it is of a concern to me. The children of celebrity parents should be off limits to the paps, they were previously and should be again.
    The Cruises or some of their own PR persons calls the paps. Thousands of photos just prove that the paparazzi are tipped off to the comings and goings of Katie and Suri.

  6. 106
    Anonymous Says:

    They don’t need to call the paps.
    The paps stalk that family because they know the pics sell.

  7. 107
    queenie Says:

    She looks just like her mother she even have her legs. Cute baby but she is a pr monkey.

  8. 108
    nm Says:

    @Stupid is as stupid does….:

    i complete agree with this. either she is an idiot or she hates suri, but if she was an idiot, she wouldn’t stay bundled up, in a big winter coat, and ugg books while her daughter is wearing a sleeveless summer dress, and thin flats, that expose her legs. so if she knows how to take care of herself, but doesn’t do the same thing for her daughter, i think she hates her daughter. but mind you, sociopaths/abusers can seem very normal and even nice in person. their actions are just a little, cough*, way off. so i think she is sadistic toward this little girl, because she has no conscience, doesn’t feel guilty or worried that her daughter might get pneumonia, or get some other problem as a result of the cold. just like in the beginning when she was doing her play, suri would always cover her eyes when the paparazzi would wait outside the hotel’s entrance. and day after day after month, after months, she would carry suri out even though she was clearly freaked out, and people would makes posts on blogs saying how she could easily take the back door/entrance to avoid the flashing lightbulbs. but DESPITE her daughter’s emotional reactions, she cared more about the publicity. she is a sick sick person, as sick as tom if not worse..

  9. 109
    Stan Says:

    @Anonymous:lol, did u write this with a serios face, Normal life, that’s a JOKE!

  10. 110
    Homely is a dumb beotch Says:

    Homely is an F-list hacktress and an F-list parent. Perhaps the most inept parent in Hollyweird. And please don’t bother getting preggers again as the world can’t take that much ugly or stupidity. Dumb azz troll.

  11. 111
    Say it like it is Says:

    I think Katie is not nutty,but lets Suri do as Suir pleases, noboundaries, because according to Sciencefictiontology, Suri is a mini adult. BULLS*t. but that is how these people think. The older lady in the photo with Katie is her mother.

    Kaite looks a mess.Unkempt and dresses like a college student.
    She looks unhappy. Unkempt. Dirty looking even .All of the weekly mags, are saying there is disruption there.Star,InTouch,Us Weekly,etc. Time will tell.

    One thing is for sure,if the honeymoon,amazzzzing , UGH,over, Katie will find out how amazzzzing Tom is becauseeven though she will get tensof millions per the prenup,no Suri.

    Katie really sold herself,and her little mysterious womb there toTom and the Church of Sciencfictiontology .
    There is not getting out.

  12. 112
    Taylo Says:

    If she hates being photo’d so much, why does she walk everywhere?

  13. 113
    elsie Says:

    here comes de brat.

    autistic brat

  14. 114
    kelly Says:

    I hate suri!!!!

  15. 115
    Anna Says:

    Jared, What are you thinking!

    Take down Suri’s underwear.

  16. 116
    Anna Says:

    “Celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have thought twice about naming their daughter Suri if they’d known that it means “pickpocket” in Japanese, “turned sour” in French, and “horse mackerels” in Italian, suggest Today Translations.”

  17. 117
    Shawna Says:

    You people are sick to suggest Katie did that on purpose. Like she gives a rat’s @ss whether or not you know if Suri is potty trained or not. You have no idea what happened in that moment. Things happen. Maybe Suri fell and she just scooped her up. Maybe she was throwing a tantrum (and yes, EVERY 3 year old does) and Katie grabbed her whichever way she could. She could have immediately put her down a minute later but the paps had to be there and get the shot as quick as they could. The only one disgraceful here are you idiots, who have nothing better to do than dream up up conspiracy theory’s on the internet.

  18. 118
    Jokergurl Says:

    Celebrity children are meal tickets for the pap s****r photographers they make their money off of celebrity kids pics. Schwarzenegger should enact a law where these a-holes can’t get within a certain distance of these young children, they are just vultures. If I was famous and a parent these photogs would have a lot of busted lenses and busted heads.

  19. 119
    elsie Says:

    # 117 (Shawna)

    heck- so you are another TomKat obsessed fan.

    go get a real life.

  20. 120
    k Says:

    It looks like aliens have an aversion to brushes/combs!

  21. 121
    emma#2 Says:

    Suri swapped her little princess shoes for boots and a back pack, or didn’t you lot notice. I’m willing to bet that Suri plays dressups all day long, and for a little girl that is so often seen with no jacket she seems remarkably healthy, give it a rest
    Also Sunday Rose is not a pretty child neither is Honor Warren and thats the Truth, and the truth doesn’t mean much on this site.
    Everything about Suri is beautiful, look at her eyes, her hair , her little face, everything.
    Look how content and happy Suri looks before she becomes aware of the papparazzi. Everybody has a right to take thei r child to the theatre in peace including Katie Holmes.

  22. 122
    Shawna Says:

    #119 – I have a life, thanks. I have 3 children of my own to raise. I like to go on the internet after the are in bed. Horrors! I just think it is pathetic they way you vultures prey on people just trying to live their lives.

  23. 123
    AutumnM Says:


    It sounds as though you have some sort of fascination with Suri. Suri is a VERY cute little girl, she absolutely is. However, she is NOT the second coming or the most beautiful child ever like you and some others on this site would like to pretend. I personally think IMAN & DAVID BOWIE’s daughter is the most beautiful kid in hollywood, however they are not out making sure she’s in the papers all the time nor do they dress her innapropriately for her age, like Tom and Katie do. Iman & David Bowie actually have something called COMMON SENSE, which is something Tomkat obviously lacks.

    Fact of the matter is that Tom & Katie are PUBLIC FIGURES, so they WILL BE JUDGED. Period. No amount of complaining from you will change that. I personally think the way they dress Suri is wrong. Tom and Katie need to get a clue. This girl is a TOTAL SPOILED BRAT! As evidenced by the pics of her screaming and crying! And don’t tell me that it’s because of the papz either b/c i’ve seen plenty of celeb kids get photographed and they don’t act the way Suri does. But I don’t blame Suri of course for any of this. I blame Tom and Katie for their inept parenting skills. They are IDIOTS! and should NEVER EVER EVER EVER reproduce again in their lives.

    Lets see:

    -They don’t set boundaries
    -They dress Suri like a woman, heels and all! Which yes gives pedophilles plenty of fodder! I guarantee many are looking at Suri in a perverse way due to the way her stupid, idiotic parents dress her. Sad, but true.
    -They don’t seem to let her socialize with many kids her age, if any at all.

    Face it. Tom and Katie are not doing a good job with Suri. Of course she aint my kid, so what do I care, right? But they are turning this one into a little spoiled diva. Wait until she gets older. Tom & Katie surely will have their hands full and they’ll have NO ONE to blame but themselves at the end of the day.

  24. 124
    LuckyL Says:

    She’s made this poor child into a pedophile’s dream.

  25. 125
    LuckyL Says:

    The underwear picture is probably planned to show that Suri is no longer in diapers. Why carry a child in such a manner while she is wearing a skirt without any leggings? Katie has been carrying Suri in a ‘proper’ manner for the past months in order not to show the diapers , they are probably reading all these blogs and mags saying that Suri is still wearing diapers. well as evidence to say, Suri is not wearing diapers anymore, they probably staged a photo to prove. If this turns out true, the parents are sick and if they are listening to the PR team to stage this, they really need help.
    I agree completely.

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