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Lily Aldridge & Caleb Followill: Pink Carpet Pair

Lily Aldridge & Caleb Followill: Pink Carpet Pair

While modeling a sequin football jersey, Lily Aldridge gives a little cheer on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at NYC’s Armory on Thursday (November 19).

In the audience cheering her on was her boyfriend, Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill, and his brother Jared (both in dashing Burberry).

After the show, the trio hit the pink carpet for the VS after-party at M2 Ultra Lounge (Lily in Herve Leger). And after that, they celebrated Jared‘s 23rd birthday at The Box.

10+ pictures inside of pink carpet pair Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill

Just Jared on Facebook
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 01
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 02
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 03
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 04
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 05
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 06
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 07
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 08
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 09
lily aldridge caleb followill pink carpet 10

Photos: Eugene Gologursky/WireImage, Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • blah

    wow. he certainly scored didn’t he?

  • Raichill

    He is so cute. She is not so cute.

  • gigi

    i’m sorry- i just dont think shes cute!! with her crazy looking gums, flat chest, and weird eyes, its just not working for me!! gross!!

  • meg

    agreed. he can do MUCH better. didnt jamie fox say it best (he was talking bout miley when he said it but still) when he joked “ill take a mouth, with an extra large order of gums . . .” NOT. CUTE. blah.

  • lauren

    her eyes are waaay to set apart!! also didnt she used to date that ugly loser with the orange jew fro from incubus who’s like 3 feet tall??
    caleb is one MAJOR step up for her!!!

  • emma

    Totaly shes fug i mean shes skinny but thats about it along with milliosn of other girl in america not impressed grosssed out.

  • Tom

    She’s gorgeous, why doesn’t she model more, she’s way prettier than Miranda Kerr, who’s face is weird.

    Sorry but all the chicks that wrote comments seem to be the same person there time is literately minutes part from each other and tone sounds like a personal vendetta type of hate and you can’t see her gums, so unless you’re talking about other pictures your shit about her is just petty jealously.

  • Tess

    She is beautiful. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress she is wearing. Unfortunately, Caleb doesn’t look that great in these pictures.

  • ana

    Caleb is so hot, love his eyes, and his girlfriend is beautiful, he lucked out, hope their happy

  • jess

    hmm. it seems sort of funny to me that the only person on here saying that she looks good and accusing others of multiple posts was followed by two other posts within minutes of each other . . .
    come on. . . we’re not that stupid lol

  • ^_^


  • Lisa

    I love KOL music. It amaze me that Caleb, his brothers and cousin grew up in the Pentecostal church of God faith with his dad as a preacher and now get women that’s anything but Pentecostal-she is the absolute opposite of that.
    Pentecostal women cover up head to toes never show skin. Never cut their hair. Wow that’s just amazing.

  • Tess

    I have only posted once before this, so you are totally wrong! I am sure the vast majority of posters would find her pretty, which leaves you in the minority.

    I get the sense certain people are pissed that they date models and have gone Hollywood. Well, that’s what most musicians do. An average Jane doesn’t have a chance with most rock stars.


    there are many posts right after something is posted: NORMAL, happens with every post.
    5 hours later: 3 posts in ten minutes: FAIL.
    p.s. lily allen’s gums are GROSS and you CAN see hr fed up mouth in pic #2 – its just an observation and LILY- ITS TIME TO GO OFFLINE!!!



  • jennifer

    i love caleb followill. I’ve seen KoL in concert a few times. LOVE THEM! and I he’s also so amazing :)

    needless to say i don’t really like lily…

  • cole

    haha lmao “an extra order of gums” bahaahahaha

  • connie

    Caleb and her seem totally good together, saw them at another award shows holding hands in most pictures……. she is f-cken hot and and not in the plastic way, love that she never got the Hollywood model teeth caps that everyone else does, seems so naturally pretty, he I just love his voice and think is face is hot. Hope KOL is working on new CD.

  • ava

    thanks Jared, can always count on you to supply me with my KOL fix, Caleb looking good should shave his beard or a closer cut, Jared should change his hairstyle, don’t like the side bangs thing on him, and Lily is just beautiful, found out she comes from a famous father, has a famous sister, so I hope she not a celebtard and has her head on right besides just being great looking.

  • Raichill

    The fourth photo with her is just awful. She is scrawny with duck lips.

  • theadora

    its pretty obvious thats there a problem when someone never smiles in photos and has to do that stupid keira knightly pose-
    um your boyfriends famous-
    cant he afford some braces for you or something???

  • robotdance


  • Nina

    She’s very pretty but that is the tiniest dress I’ve ever seen. It all looks glued in place, haha :) I think they make a cute couple. And @ theodora, I highly doubt she has a money-problem.

  • angel

    Totally adore KOL and Caleb. He is absolutely gorgeous. Looking good in that suit. More pics of him please. I don’t like Lily. Jared needs to sort his hair out.

  • Alex

    She’s friggin gorgeous! Look at her skin and size and legs..! Ah-maziiiing!

  • Sierra

    “”She is beautiful. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress she is wearing.”"

    Me too. That was the first thing I noticed! Love the dress. If it weren’t for that little flower thing at the bottom, it would be perfect.

    LOL @ the catty comments

  • Hailey2

    i COMPLETELY agree with the above posters. . .caleb is hot and young, and she is just average. flat chested, wonky-eyed, weird-toothed (its more then just the gum issue). . .i dont see the appeal. and its not jeaousy- although kol are super hot. jessie baylin is a f-ing GODESS- so gorgeous, and lily pales in comparison. he can do waaaay, wayyyyy better. . .

  • ivanka

    wow eat something pls girl

  • nance

    Do all these women come from the same sperm donor…. Gazelle (or whatever her name is), Kerr and a few others I care to forget. They look like glammed up blokes on a stag night.

  • Jake

    I believe the girl friend are posting the hype junk about them self.
    It’s amazing that they only time KoL get women are when they age getting popular.

  • Jen

    I’m sorry but he is the one that looks average next to her, not the other way around.

  • khristi

    I think Caleb is beautiful and I love Kings of Leon-to the person that posted the comment about the Pentecostal Church of God, did you ever think that they really didn’t care for the faith all that much? I mean they became rock stars and made secular music-so what makes you think that they are going to date a women in a long praire skirt, no makeup, nail polish, or uncut hair? It’s been my experience that true religious guys don’t go for secular woman.

  • lol

    The haters would trade in their two spare tires to look one tenth of one percent as good as that girl.

    Oh, and I forgot that you need to have perfect teeth to be a model. Adriana anyone?

  • Jilly Bean

    They make a cute and lovely couple! Great music.

  • danielle

    he looks like your average 40 yr old computer nerd next to lets see….a VS model? lol good luck to him on this one hes too lucky for his own good!! He must have a wicked personality..

  • Steve
  • vanny

    lol she only came out once in the victoria’s secret runway while the rest of the models came out more than once modeling different outfits.

  • Lissa

    and she came out to a KOL song. TBH wonder if she would be getting all this attention if it wasn’t for who her boyfriend is!
    She is pretty though. He is way way hotter than her. Lucky girl

  • bebe

    OKAY, I am sorry BUT if I have to date A HUNGRY WOMAN she better be cute, AND THIS ONE is not.

  • sammy

    What’s with all the stupid comments about trying to make it seem as if it’s debatable weather she is gorgeous, to whom jealous cows who would die to look like her,

    and rock musicians especially young and good looking ones can get a model in every town, so as long as he is happy with her what the fck do you people with pathetic lives sit in judgement of her looks and their relationship…………. who gives a fck what you people think , get a life, losers.

  • lily

    Like she’s pretty and all and she’s a stick figure(eww) but i don’t understand why every guy actor and musician has to have a stick thin model on their arm…it’s like their trying to prove themselves or something. I don’t think they really ‘love’ them

  • ok then

    sammy– oh the hypocrisy of passing judgment on anonymous celebrity-worshippers passing judgment on the internets.

  • crimsonclover

    they’re both gorgeous – no denying. But after years of being a loyal Follower, I just can’t like these guys anymore. I’m guessing it’s the models and the gossip sites and the cheesy songs. Nathan really needs to break away and do a country album with Jessie.

    Dump these losers.

  • retrobanana

    i dont mind gums showing……its crooked yellow teeth i dislike…anyways she seems to have crooked white teeth. but other than that i think she is pretty damn hot. he is funny looking but kings of leon rule…so either way it balances out…..i like them together god couple. i cannot picture her as a VS model though….she isnt curvy at all.

  • Karly

    The music is amazing!

  • Jordan


  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt even no this chick was a model
    she’s not even that pretty at that
    doesnt have a pretty face or boobs at that
    and as a model, i expect her 2 have awesome legs
    hers dont look that spectacular

  • Hulla

    And that’s why guys want to become rock-stars.

  • sammy

    ok then……… you make about as much sense as those stupid chicks that post how “ugly” this girl is and find every imagined flaw they can peddle………. what I find ludicrous and what I posted about , is how vested these chick or chicks are in pretending that a gorgeous model is some average looking girl, and it never enters their dim witted heads if she is average then what the hell are they.

  • terrsa

    love her hair and skin, and great eyes too, Caleb has beautiful eyes as well, cute couple