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Miranda Kerr: Friend of a Farmer

Miranda Kerr: Friend of a Farmer

Miranda Kerr and a gal pal grab a bite to eat at Friend of A Farmer in the Flatiron District of New York City on Friday (November 20).

The Parmesan & Herb Encrusted Shrimp is delicious there!

On Thursday, the 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel walked the VS fashion show and attended the VS after-party at M2 Ultralounge. Miranda‘s boyfriend Orlando Bloom looks like he was too busy in L.A. to attend!

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • Whoever

    Cute! I think she is adorable

  • pup

    Nice body.

  • reba

    Nice body? Amazing body! Whatever she is drinking in that one photo looks disgusting though! LOL.

  • http://justjared a fan

    Love her she looks cute and I love everything she is wearing .
    She looks tired though can’t say I blame her .

  • Gasol16

    Finally! Show a woman who is worthy to get a thread. Someone beautiful and of normal height! Thank you!

  • What a cutie-pie

    Miranda looks like a doll, literally. Cutest model in the VS stable. Seems very sweet and down-to-earth too. If Bloom-boy lets this one go he’s crazy IMO.

  • los

    Awfully not the natural face. It seemed plastic operation on a nose and cheeks is made and face similar rubber sometimes Miranda can change a color face if to use a special voice-frequency cream.

  • n

    perfect body!!! Can’t say the same about her face though. But i do love that dress!

  • dundies

    that dress is insane

  • Karly

    Luv her, so beautiful. Great body!

  • allspice30

    Very beautiful! I love the dress!

  • abc

    Like makeup can change a face…

  • lakers fan in boston

    dont really like her in that dress, i just hate animal print, i find it tacky
    she looks way better in the candid pics
    she just looks so cute altho i gotta say i was disappointed again by miranda at the VS show, they never really seem 2 dress her that well
    only alessandra is consistent at looking good at the VS show

  • she looks…

    beautiful, but, why and the hell did Orlando not attend the VS show?

  • @14

    Because he wasn’t interested? He was seen out and about in LA the day before and the day of doing not much of anything.

  • @15

    that bastard, I hope that is not true.

  • @16

    It’s completely true. In fact he was seen at a club called ‘Voyeur’ on Miranda’s “big night” (apparently with Lindsay Lohan, though I’m inclined to take that with a grain of salt – there is, however, video footage of him leaving the club on his motorcycle so that part is certainly true). True love; ain’t it grand? Let’s get real here. Miranda gets what she needs out of the relationship. She gets to drop his name and increase her fame. I think at the end of the day, that’s all she really cares about.

  • LOL!!

    Well, since you haters brought the same, tired argument over to this thread, I will simply copy/paste my response from the last one…
    Oh, this is too easy…
    Hater double standards:
    If Orlando goes to see Miranda while she is working = he was paid.
    If Orlando doesn’t go to see her while she is working = he doesn’t care about her.
    If he is seen in the vicinity of another woman, with no pics to prove it = he is cheating on Miranda.
    If he is seen with Miranda with no pics = it didn’t happen.
    If he is seen with Miranda, with pics to prove it = set up.
    Keep ‘em coming haters, we can all use a good laugh.
    Oh, and @63 (from last thread, #17 on this one)..
    What is wrong with him going to the hot new club in town? Which, by the way, isn’t a “strip club”. It’s a fancy club/restaurant which happens to have female ‘entertainment’. No one is “shoving money into their underwear”.
    Also, notice that he brought his bike to the club? If he was aiming to find some company that night, he would have brought one of his cars, instead
    Can’t you guys at least TRY to be a bit more original?

  • @17…..

    Lol… know that “she gets to drop his name and increase her fame”……how exactly??…..oh that’s right, you look at photos of her and can immediately tell what Miranda is thinking and feeling because you have special mind reading powers!!!…..gee, what an amazing ability and of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she’s with Orlando and that you’re are a delusional jealous hater……..lolololol.

  • @7

    There is an obvious language barrier, so I will give you a benefit of a doubt, and believe that you just didn’t understand.
    The article that teased about Miranda being a “plastic surgery angel” ended up saying that unlike other angels, she seemed to be all natural.

  • melli

    Miranda is to skinny ,she looks like a littel girl or boy.

  • Pleeeease

    Those of you who say he didn’t attend her show because he doesn’t care are talking your butt. You don’t know why he didn’t go and that video only showed what he supposedly did for a couple of hours, not what he did on the remaining 22 hours of that day. Unless you’re psychic you don’t know if he was “doing not much of anything”. Oh true almost forgot that you ARE psychic LOL
    Him leaving on his motorcycle only tells us that he didn’t drink so he wasn’t partying like an animal.

  • @17

    Me thinks Miranda’s been able to get her name out there by herself for a long time now. She’s everywhere.

  • lizzie
  • yes!

    I adore this girl!
    Such a sweetheart.

  • can’t wait

    I can’t wait for the VS show, I have always loved the over the top, campy, fun show. Miranda is one of the best, she knows how to rock in on the runway.
    This is Miranda’s busy time, when she has some time off, I’m sure well get some pap photos of her and Orlando together. I hope they get some fun time together.

  • LOL!

    I can’t wait for new pics to show up of Orlando with Miranda.
    Then we can all hear the shouts of “damage control” by the delphidiots.
    That’s another one of their double standards….
    Orlando or Miranda pictured alone = trouble in the relationship
    Orlando and Miranda pictured together = damage control to cover for trouble in the relationship.
    They have an answer for everything.

  • LOL

    Uhhhh!! Can’t wait fot these to to be pictured together after their once in a mont rendez vous….so exciting!!! Lol!!

  • She’s beautiful

    LOL – she certainly doesn’t look like “a little boy.” She’s got a very feminine face and slender delicate figure. One doesn’t have to be “buxom” to be considered womanly. Beautiful young lady.

  • LOL!

    Oh, you make this so easy.
    In your little brain, since they don’t get photographed every day that they are together, they must not be together, right?
    We are back to the ….
    If they aren’t pictured together = they aren’t together.
    If they ARE pictured together = set up.
    Delph-IDIOTS have earned their name.

  • LOL

    Yes, you’re soooo right….he was papped in LA for the last 2 weeks and she was in NY, but this means nothing…it was a sosia, the rela Orlando was in NY…..Lol!!!!!

  • @31

    Actually, a picture taken by a fan proved that he went to Dublin. If that fan hadn’t taken it, we would all be thinking he hasn’t moved from LA in all this time. That shows that we never can tell where he or she have been when they’re not papped.
    However I’m inclined to agree they’ve probably not seen each other this last month as she’s been very busy and who knows what he’s been doing, but I don’t think this is the norm. They did some serious touring around the world together in spring and the beginning of summer.

  • sara

    they were seen together in LA before she went to NY

  • kathy

    They were also sighted together in NY on Halloween, and he was photographed in Dublin on November 6th. He most likely flew in and out of NY when he went to Ireland. Common sense just tells you that they were together in NY without being papped.

  • Tracy

    The only reason why Miranda’s name is known is because of her constantly using Orlando Bloom’s name. there is no article of her without his name being dropped and if you can’t see that, then you’re just not into seeing the truth.

  • Tracy

    Why don’t you leave the Delphi people alone. Everytime someone doesn’t kiss Miranda’s ass, you blame that group and call them names.

    They call it the way they see it. What’s the matter can’t handle a little honesty? Excuse them for not being like you, Mayfrayn and all the other delusional idiots who think her shit doesn’t stink.

  • @36

    The only way that you can blame that on Miranda would be if she was the one writing the articles.
    She never brings his name up, and won’t talk about their relationship in interviews, so unless you are giving her credit as a reporter, editor, etc., it isn’t her fault.
    Her relationship with Orlando has helped her get noticed, just as it helped Kate. But Miranda has worked very hard in her career, and has become one of the more famous and successful models in the world. Orlando can’t take all of the credit for that.

  • @Tracy

    Miranda hardly ever mentions him. In fact if we put all the celebrities together, she would be in the group of those that rarely talk about their partner. Articles about her mention his name because it sells. Just like most articles about Angelina Jolie have Brad Pitt’s name attached to them, etc.
    We definately have a different concept of what honesty is…

  • @37

    You whine about people picking on delphi, then you turn around and pick on Mayfrayn.
    You whine about people being mean to you for “calling it the way you see it”, then call people who don’t see things the same way “delusional idiots”.
    H Y P O C R I T E
    Oh, and “honesty” is something that I would NEVER associate with delphi. NEVER. They (you) lie and spread half truths and imaginings like they are gospel. You wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit you in the face.

  • Jane Jade

    Is she still dating Orlando?

  • @40…..

    I agree, the simple truth is no matter what Miranda does, says, looks or even breathes they will twist the facts to say something nasty about her.

    They do this for no other reason because she is with Orlando, they’re eaten up with envy and jealousy, end of story.

    Delphi = envy, jealousy, hatred and delusional.

  • ????

    Hey all what you said about Miranda and Orlando. I have to agree with you! All what you see, all what you said i see the same.
    Over one month we saw the both not together. OVER ONE MONTH. And soon we have December.They both seems so happy when the other is not on the side. Orlando was at the U2 Concert had so much fun, he goes out for dinner with his friends. I think he is busy but we all don´t see that. And Miranda? Well she looks not good. Thats my opinion. I mean she looks not happy, like at the time with Orlando!
    Orlando seems so differnet since few weeks. But i think you all will not see that, that he is more happier alone as with Miranda. He looks so happy, relaxed and that all without miranda. He seems as he have fun in his life.Like he love his life again! And he can enjoy his Life!
    I saw that all not at the Time with Miranda.

    That all is my opinion!But you all don´t want to see that Orlando und Miranda look not good together and not happy. I will not say that they have split but i would say think about. That is not normal for a couple. I mean when they both are so busy and i would try to see her. I would fly to NY to see her at the VS show. I would spend every time i have with my Partner. When i know he is very busy. I would try to see him so often i can.
    But you all want to see Miranda on Orlandos Side. What i can´t understand. I see that they have problems. But ok…They both are more happier when the other is not there! They both seems more relaxed when the other is not there.
    And since APris they both are so differnet. They goes seperate out of the Cafe, seperate shopping, and so on! Normal for a couple what is so in Love? NO.
    In NY they had a lunch. I remember the press wrote a romantic lunch. WHERE. They both looked not like a happy couple. Miranda looked like she would cry under her sunglasses.And Orlando? He looked everywhere but not to her.
    In LA at the Airport. As he talk with her, why she can´t looked in his eyes? Why she smiling when she was alone? And why he was so happy as miranda was not there?
    HE did not want to be photgraphed with her! And since this day is orlando there and miranda there.

    And thats so cool i never seen persons who are in a relationship that dont see eachother for that long time.i think they are not together anymore because there was said that he couldn`t go to the vs show because he was to busy hahaha to busy???? busy of what to go to an club with lilo? to go to cinema with friends or got to the concert i think he just dont wan t her anymore because he had wait enough for an answer of his question and now its over he want family and she want her career so when they go their own way its ok she can have her career and he will find his love again earlier or later ang get his biggest wish of his own family. so if they are split its not important because they are not the first stars wich spilts and they will not be the last ones.fact is that he dont want to spent his freetime with her like we all can see the last weeks and moth not like before

  • LOL!!

    Oh, this is too good…
    I see that you combined your two posts from the last thread, and copy/pasted them here. Complete with the hilariuous typos.
    Since you were lazy, I will be, too….
    (copy/paste from previous Miranda thread)
    Wow, two posts in a row.
    Both with the sama amaaaazing psychic insight.
    Both with the same subject and tone.
    Both with the same syntax problems.
    Sure, we believe that these are from two different people.
    Sure we do.
    And once AGAIN, we have an example of the hater double standard….
    Orlando and/or Miranda photographed alone while smiling = ‘proof’ that they are happier apart.
    Orlando and Miranda photographed together while smiling = ‘proof’ that they are posing for the cameras.

  • sheesh

    Yeah we know they’ve been unhappy and miserable together for two effing years now.
    They are both free adults that live in free countries, if they hated every minute they spend together, they wouldn’t be dating. It’s really not that complicated.

  • @45

    Oh no, you just don’t understand the logic.
    You see, both Miranda and )Orlando are so undate-able that they have to have a contract to get company.
    I mean, what do either one of them have to offer a potential partner? Huh?
    I mean it’s not like either one of them is good looking, or successful or anything. And the fact that both of them are said to be sweet and kind just makes them even more repulsive. They are FORCED to stay together, because no one else will have them, don’t you see that???
    Silly person.

  • xxx

    I love her. Her face is so unique. No other celebrities look like her. But 80% of the other celebs all look the same. Miranda hasn’t had sugery and she doesn’t need it. Miranda>>Megan Fox.

  • melli

    here is a link

    you could see Miranda in natural,she have a body as a littel girl

  • @48

    I think that the little girls that you know have hormone imbalances.
    little girls don’t have breasts.
    Miranda has the body of a healthy, fit, young woman. A body so beautiful that she makes a heck of a lot of money modelling swimsuits and lingerie.
    I think that you have a twisted view of what women are supposed to look like. Pamela Anderson is a freakish extreme. You don’t have to have huge breasts to look like a woman. That is taking sexism to the extreme.

  • ???

    They are supposed to attend together an event on the 26th nov…so maybe they will see each other again straight on the plane…

  • los

    I agree with ???? On 100 %. In show business there can not be a present love.