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Miranda Kerr: Friend of a Farmer

Miranda Kerr: Friend of a Farmer

Miranda Kerr and a gal pal grab a bite to eat at Friend of A Farmer in the Flatiron District of New York City on Friday (November 20).

The Parmesan & Herb Encrusted Shrimp is delicious there!

On Thursday, the 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel walked the VS fashion show and attended the VS after-party at M2 Ultralounge. Miranda‘s boyfriend Orlando Bloom looks like he was too busy in L.A. to attend!

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107 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Friend of a Farmer”

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  1. 1
    Whoever Says:

    Cute! I think she is adorable

  2. 2
    pup Says:

    Nice body.

  3. 3
    reba Says:

    Nice body? Amazing body! Whatever she is drinking in that one photo looks disgusting though! LOL.

  4. 4
    a fan Says:

    Love her she looks cute and I love everything she is wearing .
    She looks tired though can’t say I blame her .

  5. 5
    Gasol16 Says:

    Finally! Show a woman who is worthy to get a thread. Someone beautiful and of normal height! Thank you!

  6. 6
    What a cutie-pie Says:

    Miranda looks like a doll, literally. Cutest model in the VS stable. Seems very sweet and down-to-earth too. If Bloom-boy lets this one go he’s crazy IMO.

  7. 7
    los Says:

    Awfully not the natural face. It seemed plastic operation on a nose and cheeks is made and face similar rubber sometimes Miranda can change a color face if to use a special voice-frequency cream.

  8. 8
    n Says:

    perfect body!!! Can’t say the same about her face though. But i do love that dress!

  9. 9
    dundies Says:

    that dress is insane

  10. 10
    Karly Says:

    Luv her, so beautiful. Great body!

  11. 11
    allspice30 Says:

    Very beautiful! I love the dress!

  12. 12
    abc Says:

    Like makeup can change a face…

  13. 13
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    dont really like her in that dress, i just hate animal print, i find it tacky
    she looks way better in the candid pics
    she just looks so cute altho i gotta say i was disappointed again by miranda at the VS show, they never really seem 2 dress her that well
    only alessandra is consistent at looking good at the VS show

  14. 14
    she looks... Says:

    beautiful, but, why and the hell did Orlando not attend the VS show?

  15. 15
    @14 Says:

    Because he wasn’t interested? He was seen out and about in LA the day before and the day of doing not much of anything.

  16. 16
    @15 Says:

    that *******, I hope that is not true.

  17. 17
    @16 Says:

    It’s completely true. In fact he was seen at a club called ‘Voyeur’ on Miranda’s “big night” (apparently with Lindsay Lohan, though I’m inclined to take that with a grain of salt – there is, however, video footage of him leaving the club on his motorcycle so that part is certainly true). True love; ain’t it grand? Let’s get real here. Miranda gets what she needs out of the relationship. She gets to drop his name and increase her fame. I think at the end of the day, that’s all she really cares about.

  18. 18
    LOL!! Says:

    Well, since you haters brought the same, tired argument over to this thread, I will simply copy/paste my response from the last one…
    Oh, this is too easy…
    Hater double standards:
    If Orlando goes to see Miranda while she is working = he was paid.
    If Orlando doesn’t go to see her while she is working = he doesn’t care about her.
    If he is seen in the vicinity of another woman, with no pics to prove it = he is cheating on Miranda.
    If he is seen with Miranda with no pics = it didn’t happen.
    If he is seen with Miranda, with pics to prove it = set up.
    Keep ‘em coming haters, we can all use a good laugh.
    Oh, and @63 (from last thread, #17 on this one)..
    What is wrong with him going to the hot new club in town? Which, by the way, isn’t a “strip club”. It’s a fancy club/restaurant which happens to have female ‘entertainment’. No one is “shoving money into their underwear”.
    Also, notice that he brought his bike to the club? If he was aiming to find some company that night, he would have brought one of his cars, instead
    Can’t you guys at least TRY to be a bit more original?

  19. 19
    @17..... Says:

    Lol… know that “she gets to drop his name and increase her fame”……how exactly??…..oh that’s right, you look at photos of her and can immediately tell what Miranda is thinking and feeling because you have special mind reading powers!!!…..gee, what an amazing ability and of course it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she’s with Orlando and that you’re are a delusional jealous hater……..lolololol.

  20. 20
    @7 Says:

    There is an obvious language barrier, so I will give you a benefit of a doubt, and believe that you just didn’t understand.
    The article that teased about Miranda being a “plastic surgery angel” ended up saying that unlike other angels, she seemed to be all natural.

  21. 21
    melli Says:

    Miranda is to skinny ,she looks like a littel girl or boy.

  22. 22
    Pleeeease Says:

    Those of you who say he didn’t attend her show because he doesn’t care are talking your butt. You don’t know why he didn’t go and that video only showed what he supposedly did for a couple of hours, not what he did on the remaining 22 hours of that day. Unless you’re psychic you don’t know if he was “doing not much of anything”. Oh true almost forgot that you ARE psychic LOL
    Him leaving on his motorcycle only tells us that he didn’t drink so he wasn’t partying like an animal.

  23. 23
    @17 Says:

    Me thinks Miranda’s been able to get her name out there by herself for a long time now. She’s everywhere.

  24. 24
    lizzie Says:

    I prefer Vodianova

  25. 25
    yes! Says:

    I adore this girl!
    Such a sweetheart.

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