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Victoria Beckham: Yogurtland Family!

Victoria Beckham: Yogurtland Family!

Victoria Beckham picks up her sons — Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 4 — from school and takes them to Yogurtland for some sweet treats on Friday (November 20) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Meanwhile, dad David Beckham and fellow soccer star Landon Donovan of the Los Angeles Galaxy addressed the media’s questions following the team’s training session at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. The Galaxy will take on Real Salt Lake for the 2009 MLS Cup.

25+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham and her Yogurtland family…

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victoria beckham yogurtland 01
victoria beckham yogurtland 02
victoria beckham yogurtland 03
victoria beckham yogurtland 04
victoria beckham yogurtland 05
victoria beckham yogurtland 06
victoria beckham yogurtland 07
victoria beckham yogurtland 08
victoria beckham yogurtland 09
victoria beckham yogurtland 10
victoria beckham yogurtland 11
victoria beckham yogurtland 12
victoria beckham yogurtland 13
victoria beckham yogurtland 14
victoria beckham yogurtland 15
victoria beckham yogurtland 16
victoria beckham yogurtland 17
victoria beckham yogurtland 18
victoria beckham yogurtland 19
victoria beckham yogurtland 20
victoria beckham yogurtland 21
victoria beckham yogurtland 22
victoria beckham yogurtland 23
victoria beckham yogurtland 24
victoria beckham yogurtland 25

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  • renuka

    love love love her =]

  • M.T

    Ew EW EW EW Oily Face wish your Face

  • Ali

    Sh has Fugly kids.

  • M.T

    * WASH


    romeo is adorable…….

  • free

    that oldest kid looks strung out on something
    the middle one is gay

  • ivanka

    victoria is so beautiful
    cruz is the cutest and looks so much like david
    the oldest one is not cute at all

  • Moon


    YOU are one hell of an Ugly specimen of human being – in and out!

  • boo

    Oh my gosh those kids are so cute! I wish VB would do some more of her reality show.

  • nance

    Only shallow lost souls adore VB. I pity you all. The woman does sod all for good causes, prefering to parade her designer clad bony a$$ all over the globe. Words cannot describe how much I dislike pig foot.

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    Those kids are adorable. Only a child would insult a child. And children can be so cruel. JJ seems to be the place for childish insults though. Don’t care much for the parents but those kids are cuties. But isn’t Romeo a little old to be carrying a teddy bear around in public? Maybe he’s just carying it for his younger brother??

  • khristi

    You don’t speak bad of people’s kids-I do hope that she grabed something to nosh on in there because God knows she needs it.

  • bimoli

    I love this family!!!
    Cute boys.

  • wendy

    She is the hottest, most stylish mother in LA, next to Gwen Stefani, no one can touch them!!! Always looking amazing from head to toe, and great mothers, and savy business women!!!

    She looks so hot here, love the new hairstyle, and this whole outfit is simply sexy!

  • LuckyL

    ^^^Totally agree

    I love this family. The boys are all so handsome.

  • LuckyL

    God, what happened to America holding their child’s hand instead of letting them run around like animals?

  • LuckyL

    Or babying them by putting them in strollers or holding them 24/7?

  • LuckyL

    -Especially- when they are the same age Cruz and still in diapers? Hmm

  • LuckyL

    Yeah, there’s so much bad about this family *rolls eyes*

  • Lea

    fyi, this is the yogurtland in sherman oaks. not n.hollywood.
    get the facts straight.

  • Eric D. Midget

    Ugly stick figure with no soul.

  • AutumnM

    Suprisingly average looking kids to be honest

  • Ruth

    Why are the papz allowed to photograph children? They are not celebrities and must find this very very distressing. None of us know these people yet everyone has a nasty comment about this or that kid?
    Can any of us imagine what it must be like to go to a supermarket and be surrounded by tens of photographers, screaming and yelling at the mother who is trying to protect her children.

    I dislike Victoria Beckham but no one deserves this. She seems to be a very loving and protective mother.

  • Jilly Bean

    Cute kids, great family!

  • Eve

    I’d love to see YOUR face… i’m sure fugly does not even begin to describe it! Bitter bitch!

  • Steve
  • Mia

    form Matt Heckmans (don’t be shocked if it disappears out of thin air)

    Also on Al brings up that The Reading Eagle ordered Dana to stop at one point after Kate Gosselin contacted the editor

  • Tara

    she is wearing no bra so that everyone can see her boobs and have kids with her.. disgusting!

  • ne

    she’s NEVER smiling around those kids…what are those kids going to think once they’ve grown up…i don’t care what she says, she always looks somber and miserable, and if she’s doing this for the cameras, then something is seriously wrong with her. because “miserable” doesn’t come off as “cool” even though in her head it probably does.

  • Karly

    I wonder if David will retire soon?

  • sadie

    ha…..Romeo at age 7 with a teddy bear!!!!


  • Otmar’s Romeo’s teddybear!

    7 years old and there are other interesting things about the boy too.

  • elsie
  • lakers fan in boston

    she really tries way 2 hard, i like chicks who dress well but
    i prefer the chick who cares how she looks but doesnt spend hours thinking about what she’ll wear
    which is probably what victoria does
    she’s already really skinny and high ass heels just make her look that much skinnier
    damn, she annoys me

  • Say it like it is

    Where to start…
    No bra.See areola. Wear a bra.
    Pappazai, something has to be done to stop these people from taking pictures like this.
    The name of the boys school is photographed from their school shirts.
    The paps want the money shot, but their is no money in pics like these of the kids. What, the kids are eating ice cream after school.WOW!
    Must say ,Victoriais a good,normal mom.She has time with her kids.they live normally-school,out in the real world at stores,etc.
    I used to think she was weird.

  • my 2 cents

    Her boobs looks better after she took the slicoms out and get a bra lift. All of them must done a bra lift after the implants out. Way to go Victoria. One little problem, she doesn’t look like a mom when I see her with her kids. Unlike other moms she looks so material obesessed and forced to be there.

  • Little Bit Of Info

    lol, romeo does look kinda gay with holding that teddy bear, plus it looks like victoria is having a hard time with little Cruz

  • hanna nefudi

    iloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you victorya and becham

  • karlo

    I wonder if she will retire soon?

  • missme

    I am shocked that she is not eating with them. Not.

  • Raichill

    I don’t see anything wrong with a child of 7 with a teddy bear. I like these boys. The youngest one looks like a typical boy full of mischief. Brooklyn looks like the serious and protective older brother.

  • lizzie

    She used to be my fav spicegirl, now I just think she’s awful.

  • melz

    #44: Lizzie, you got me thinking. I wasn’t a big fan of the Spices but VB was the one I kind of singled out has being OK. When the band split and she hooked up with docile David she just changed or rather her self absorbed nature became more apparent. Everything about her/them is just so contrived. So manufactured and fake. Really, I cannot stomach the pair, especially VB. She may look good on occasion and have sassy hair do’s but her behavior and attitude does sucks.

  • Celebwatcher

    Ugh scary spice!
    ____ is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions.Check out my Taylor Lautner prediction.

  • ann

    who the hell do you people think you are victoria and her family are beautiful she is a fantastic mum her boys are beautiful till you know her you dont have the right to judge her and her children she is agreat mum you dont live with them so you dont know how they live just leave the alone

  • Jane Jade

    They look real to me

  • Erin

    There is nothing wrong with a 7yr old boy with a teddy bear, I love Victoria he is a great Mum. Romeo Looks alike like David

  • Izzie

    Ugly Mum- Ugly Kids! That’s the truth- you don’t agree or don’t like it- too bad. The only decent looking one is the middle one since he clearly takes after his father. Just look at this woman’s family tree- all the way down- fug, fug, fug!

    And to Ruth # 25- they sold themselves to the highest bidder in their ultimate quest for fame- they got what they wanted, so NO I do NOT feel bad for them at all- they have enough $$$ to go off and live their lives in realitive obscurity (ala Demi Moore when she was Iowa raising her girls’)- so NO not one ounce of sympathy for them or for the way that they “use” their children to “enhance” their so-called “perfect family” fakeness. Who do you think calls and or alerts the paps to their comings and goings? Their PR ppl. do so they willingly put their children through this nonsense- NO SYMPATHY- Hate this family!

  • lala

    they may be rich & famous but they are a pathetically ugly family . Especially the youngest one- what a truly ugly child- I bet he’s a strraight up brat as well- certainly comes across in pics.

  • E

    LuckyL and Ali have just escaped from mental institution!