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Adam Lambert Falls Down, Takes Second AMAs Tumble

Adam Lambert Falls Down, Takes Second AMAs Tumble

Adam Lambert attempts his way up a set of stairs before taking a tumble on stage while performing his new single “For Your Entainment” at the 2009 American Music Awards at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday (November 22).

The 27-year-old American Idol vet recovered very well, tucking and rolling into his next position. Overall, Adam, who closed the show, gave a very provocative performance, shoving people’s faces into his crotch, acting out S&M fantasies and kissing both men and women.

Watch Adam take a tumble below! Earlier in the evening, J.Lo fell on her ass during her performance.

Adam Lambert Falls Down, Takes Second AMAs Tumble
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  • jenna

    his performance made me cringe.

  • OMG

    That was repulsive and disgusting. A cat in heat is more entertaining than that shit.

  • apO

    I thought the fall was part of the show because it seemed more like he rolled instead of falling.

  • Isabelle

    Ouch…that entertainment hurt my ears.

  • jdub

    damn…i thought that tumble was part of his performance. but now looking at it, you can see her did trip. he deserves that for giving that disturbingly horrible performance.

  • muhammad

    he is hot..i loved his performance…he is a great singer..

  • hello

    “Earlier in the evening, J.Lo fell on her ass during her performance.”

  • Jenna

    Talk about trying entirely to hard… And failing miserably.

  • asdfjkl;

    IT’S AT THE 1:30 MARK

  • bogus

    yeah, made me cringe, too. sex sex sex sex sex. give it a rest.

  • emmaa

    That must’ve been a slippery stage

  • shenanyginz

    wow nice save. thanks for whoever posted where he fell. I wouldn’t have been able to sit through the entire performance. horrible.

  • grossedout

    that performance was much anticipated and very disappointing!! I didn’t get it at all. it was more like “for your shock value” rather than “for your entertainment”. yuck!

  • Kate

    Seems he’s getting gayer in his mannerisms and performance
    His voice went out a few times, the trip was awful and the forced sexual acts was just not right…..He really should have thought the whole thing through more thoroughly….even Madonna would not have put on such a show and she’s been raunchy in her past

  • Geri

    What an embarrassing performance for him. That was really an Epic Fail for him.

    The talk all around the internet is all pretty bad, and I don’t mean on other idols fan boards (as some will say). Music sites where there is no vested interest in anyone in particular are laughing.

    If that is supposedly the next best thing, then I think I’ll pass.

  • Rhonda

    I thought he said he was cutting back on the gayness, wasn’t selling! To bad he changed his mind. That was bad…………………

  • mo

    terrible performance… and you wonder why the gay community has negative image

  • Perri

    I want to know what Adam has done to warrant all this attention, including getting the cover of Rolling Stone after he lost. I read that Kings Of Leon waited for years to get that cover, but he got it right off the bat. With Whitney, Eminem and Lady Gaga there, I don’t understand why he was chosen to close the show tonight. He tries too hard and mostly comes off as annoying, I didn’t like him on AI and I still don’t.

  • Cindy

    I have to say the same thing what apO said. It kinda look like he rolled instead of falling and I was actually wondering about that part whether it was part of his performance or something. Anyway I love him! and good performance, but wish it could have been better though!.

  • usedtobeafan

    I am so pissed off — i waited all night for that performance. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO NOT CLASSY!!!!!!!!!!! JUST PLAIN AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dnick

    its funny because many people said that it was epic and great live blake lewis just said that he doesnt know how they will display it on tv or how it will look but he said it was great so maybe thats how they aired it

  • alycia

    his performance was weird and disgusting.half time he was screaming and the other half of the performance wasn’t listening because i was trying to figure what the heck was going on…i can’t believe he closed the show…that ridiculous.

  • nicky


    VILE & REPULSIVE! Adam should be ashamed.
    Besides the fall (good save) he sang FLAT, the rest was VULGAR.

    He would have been better off just singing. Instead, cocky and overconfident in his own gloriousness and forgot that we all dont like to HANG OUT UNDER DARK ROCKS!.

  • I thought

    I thought the tumble was supposed to be there. It was just akward. And look at the double standards we have here? The women singer’s–Gaga, Underwood, Rhianna, etc etc can be as undressed and sexual as they want, the rappers can be as fowl mouthed as they want but when a male is trying for provocative sexiness. You start whining like immature babies. Sex is a natural part of life. Is violence?

  • Baby Haha

    no one impress his performance!
    Epic Fails!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    definitely the 3rd best performance of the night, behind jay-z & a-keys. that performance was pure sex! and he didn’t fall.. he rolled. it was apart of his performance. grinding, face humping, and rolling. ahahahahaha..

  • alycia

    @I thought: how was carrie underwood being sexual?i think lady gaga is pretty gross just like ada,

  • Wentlover

    I love Adam and his music….but this performance was embarrassing and lacking completely. His voice didn’t sound good at all….it sounded flat and forced. I didn’t like the S&M crap… just sucked. I hope this doesn’t hurt the release of his album tomorrow.


    WHat a bunch of wussies. Cannot take a little of “IN YOUR FACE”. Go back and hide in your comfortable corners and wa-wa about someone else, like Taylor swift who cannot sing a note.
    GO ADAM>>>>>>

  • Thomas

    Loved it!

  • Lori

    I saw the AI tour 3 times, met Adam in a Meet and Greet too. I was so looking forward to the cd tomorrow but after tonight, no thanks.

    He was more like a circus act tonight. We watched the show at a local bar and the place was packed. When Adam came on, the place started to laugh at his antics. Epic Fail was the main word used tonight and they were right.

    Best of luck Adam, but you’re a fake.

  • rpatzfan

    horrible and cheap. youre gay we know! ,and he looks ugly with that crater face

  • merdrew

    I’ve never seen anything so shocking on broadcast tv as that, what do you call it, performance or spectacle?, and I hope to never see the like again.

  • Vancouver

    I love Adam, but it was awful!
    #20, I can’t agree you more.

  • shelby

    I know he’s young, but someone should’ve told him that this was going too far.


    WOW…I would like to see anyone of you get up on that stage and do better…

    Talking about facial features, you are very mature!!!
    The music and vocals from everyone on the AMA’S were questionable. The sound system was horrible, BUT ADAM performance was OUTSTANDING. This coming from a 35 year old Mom of one.

  • Reflecting

    I’m with Adam. However he needs to tone it down. Christina Aguilera hurt her career with the Dirry music video. It was an amazing song and music video yet many couldn’t handle the content. Adam should learn from Christina and tone it down.

  • me2 XFan

    What a jackass… Pitiful disgusting performance. Sorry I was once a fan…. Even his voice sucked!

  • gmonkey

    Wow.. what a crappy performance. Adam, I was a fan of your talent on AI, but not of the strange need to push your gayness down everyone’s throat (pardon the pun). Why? Shock value is what people go for when they have no talent.

    If you really look, you’ll see most of the people on stage with all the dancers, lights, explosions and gimmicks need all those things to divert attention away from the fact they have no talent…..

    But Adam can truly sign… NONE of this over the top crap is necessary.. it work(ed) for some.. the Freddie Mercuries, Ziggy Stardusts and even Marilyn Mansons of the world, but for most it just shocks, annoys and turns off. Especially when you debuted to the world (through American Idol) as a gracious, well-spoken personable young man.

    You just turned off probably 80% of the people who really liked you from the show with that performance. Not good dude..

    Makes me wonder if there really is much talent left in the music industry right now, or is it all processed, electronically altered crap that simply can’t be reproduced live on stage.

  • peezy

    Wow I been hearing so much hype about Adam, ECSPECIALLY BY JARED! but omg, after seeing this I am wondering what do people like about him?

    -Shoving faces in your crotch
    -singing flat and off key
    -Weird moves, and falling down!

    Not even Lady Gaga would do such suggestive acts on stage…lol

    He needs to go sit down somewhere…NEXT!!!!

  • Mel

    Too funny. J-Lo, Lambert—the music is so bad they need all these gimmicks and silly stage moves to entertain people. Otherwise, people would actually have to hear them sing and, well, that would be horrible.

  • n_n

    the “Oral sex”… the “fall down”… the “kiss with the boy/girl” was all “For our Entertainment”??? coz i don’t like it at all O_O

    Toooo much for just one performance don’t you think Adam?

  • omg

    good singer. not his greatest performance but whatever .

    come on guys it wasnt that bad. all he did is just shove a guy in his crotch. thats it. the other things i see on stage all the time.

  • aiken and lambert

    he’s the slutty version of Clay aiken. they have very similar voices. Clay is the nerd and adam is the popular slut.

  • Emily

    ew. trying too hard to get attention

  • cindi

    I love Adam but he was trying way to hard tonight.
    Wow that was really bad!! Still think he great though.

  • Curtis

    Funny how Carrie Underwood can have a troop of women simulate a hand job on the microphone stand — several times — and no one says anything. J LO can have writhing, shirtless, “boxers” all around her sexiness, no one says anything. But Adam Lambert….. LOL.

    I do think this performance will hurt the launch of his career, though. All the hypocritical fake prudes — really, homophobes — who aren’t posting about C. Underwood or J Lo or Eminem & 50cent’s half-bleeped performance, etc. etc., and who probably half-liked or greatly liked the infamous Super Bowl kerfluffle were never going to buy his music anyway. But the tripping, the awkwardness, unprofessionalism showed through.

    Unfortunately Adam Lambert has also boxed himself into this persona. He sees it as “dress up” and playing, is really a nice and fairly down-to-earth guy, but people are going to remember this.

  • IUsedToLikeHim…

    That was repulsive. I can certainly live without having my face shoved until his stuff. That was terrible and I couldn’t even watch the last half of it it was so repuslive. Goodbye Lambert…

  • Jon

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! Adam didn’t fall, it was a staged roll during which he picked up a prop from the floor of the stage. ADAM WAS HOT! You are all reacting EXACTLY how you are supposed to, it is all staged, and your reactions were already calculated before they even happened.

  • Liam

    i really dont understand all the hype that surrounded him during AI … he has a really horrible voice.. just hit up the Key Club in LA and you’ll see the same sh#t going on there as well.