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Adam Lambert & Kris Allen: Billboard Boys

Adam Lambert & Kris Allen: Billboard Boys

American Idol vets Adam Lambert and Kris Allen take the latest cover of Billboard.

“I do consider myself part artist, part businessperson,” Adam, 26, says. “I find marketing interesting, I find publicity interesting. I find the whole process interesting. I think there’s some artists that are really focused on the music and the artistry, but I also think being a showman and being an entertainer is more than just being a musician. It’s everything-it’s something to look at and to listen to.”

Tomorrow, Adam, will be performing his new single “For Your Entertainment” on the AMAs, airing at 8/7c on ABC!

Adam Lambert Talk To Billboard
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  • Sasha

    FIRST <3

  • happy girl

    Adam is too hot for words. Love him.

  • squee


  • Ilia

    He is closing the AMA’s tonight!

  • gcghvbkn

    <3 Kris

  • erin


  • Anon

    You know, Adam has an amazing voice and he is a very exciting performer. I watched AI last season for the first time in years, because I wanted to see what he would come up with every week. But I have to say, Adam looks ridiculous on that Billboard cover and on some other stuff I’ve seen since AI ended. He needs to learn that every day isn’t Halloween. When he is performing and being his artist self, fine, but he needs to dress down and be like a “civilian.” Kris OTOH, needs to get more “sexy” for his performances. his off stage looks are great. On stage he is kind of boring and sweet with a nice voice.

  • Ilia

    Kris is SH**, period! And all these young c***s with the krAdam bull-sh** need to lay-off.

  • sillyme

    I don’t know why, but, in that picture, Adam reminds me of the Penguin from Batman (when Danny Devito played him). Adam even looks like he has a middle aged belly. Awful picture of him. He’s got to be 30 something.

  • Grace

    Glambert, shut up. Your not a superstar.

  • celia

    Kris looks sexy on that cover.

  • amanda

    Adam looked way better when he was on AI, I don’t know if any of you agree with me, but make up and hair was soooo much better. Adam, sack your stylist.

  • lili

    His look is too gay for my taste now.


    He looks like he should be working in a freak show. He’s got a good voice, though.

  • MARI

    He is so articulate! I’m impressed!

  • fifa

    ALIEN FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    kris won american idol yet adam is the superstar. ahahahah.. he’s the one performing at the ama’s.. not copy-cat kris.

  • strong winds

    Lotta good stuff going on in this Adam Lambert.

  • Tex

    “Adam, sack your stylist.” I couldn’t disagree more. I think he looks amazing and edgey – which is exactly how I would define Adam. And, if you follow Adam at all, you would know that he appears in many interviews/photographs looking less made up. Maybe you’re just not a fan – time to stop hating on one Idol to make you feel better about your favorite. Obviously, there are people in high places that disagree with you as well.

  • nativenyker

    He’d be smart to take an active interest in his own marketing!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Ilia

    Adam lambert – ”Soaked” – For Your Entertainment [cc]

  • SuzyQ

    From the AMA pics/videos of Adamn (27 yrs) rehearsing he is much thinner than when I saw him in Aug/Sept several times on the AI tour. He’s wearing something (not sure what though) that makes him look heavy around the middle.. he ‘s not and he’ll be sexy and hot tonight. Can’t wait to see him perform live again. If you haven’t seen Adam live onstage your have missed something very special and exciting. Adam and his beautiful voice have made me want to listen to pop “Music Again”, but only with Adam singing… otherwise it’s back to classical music for me! Most of the recording “artists” today have to have their voices and music electronically enhanced to sell records. They are simply awful live. Adam does not have to have his voice enhanced although he chose to for this album which is fabulous. Adam loves to play dress up…big deal. He’s over the top handsome makeup or no makeup. I say let him have fun! He’s trying to entertain us! Get FYE, its great!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    Darling, come down, I like Adam as a singer, I’m just giving an opinion about his look, I prefer his style when he was in AI over the one that he is carrying lately, just an opinion, and for your info, I’m entitled to one. Take some anti stress tablets and let people express themselves, that’s what Adam is all about, isn’t him?, be yourself. Stop talking about hate, just because people want to have an opinion, Adam would be ashamed to have a fan like you,man.

  • Joe

    Couldn’t agree more with you!

  • Joaquin

    Adam is an amazing singer with an amazing voice, the only problem he’s got is that the poor man has got too many freaks as fans, one of them is you, get a life and take some Hols, what about going out and get laid, maybe for the first time in your f*ucking life! Cheer up!

  • TopTwitsBlog

    I find the fact that runner ups from Idol usually do better interesting.

  • Lyndsay

    Wouw,I’m glad someone said something about free speech and being yourself, I live in the UK and I’m an Adam fan and what I love about him the most (aprat from his voice)is how he encourages people to be themselves and give their opinion, as a fan, I would never stop people from expressing themselves,I respect people for giving their opinions, evern when I don’t agree with them.

  • Vickie

    I agree that Adam is looking freakier and freakier. Of course it’s hard work for him to keep that look up. He has to keep his hair died along with his eyebrows and even his beard when he was in New Orleans. If his chest hair shows it has to be died. He’s a sandy redhead for god’s sake. He has to wear heavy makeup to hide the acne pockmarks on his face. He even wears blue contacts and I have to laugh when I read one of his BSC fans commenting on his beautiful blue eyes. Completely fake. I wonder how much attention he would be getting if he sang beautifully as he is capable of doing and looked like his natural self.

  • Victor

    Hey, if he is talking about being himself, why doesn’t he stop dying his hair,eyebrows and everything else and stop using make up and just sing,….how many people would pay attention to him, then?He is fake,man. So, why should he talk about being yourself?Liar and attention w*hore,who won’t last longer than a year in the spotlight….

  • Victor

    ….also, I’m not a Kris Allen fan either, I don’t think he would last any longer…….

  • Oh….how….lovely…..

    I really don’t care for men wearing makeup. I mean, I know, that many guys have to wear makeup in front of the camera otherwise they looked washed out (in movies and such). But this type makeup is over the top. And then I remember the huge crush I had, as a teenager, on Adam Ant. Wow, he was hot. Haha, I guess I’m really showing my age now.

  • Graham

    He…he,..I don’t like this type of make even in women, Jesus,too much foundation,……..! What a clown. His PR team to blame,though.

  • Hailey

    OH, and something else.
    Maybe him wearing makeup, dying his hair, and dressing differently IS expressing himself. He loves to stand out, he loves to turn heads, thats HOW HE IS. and even if you dont like it, that IS him. so stop hating.

  • MIMI

    There is no one here hating but you,dear. Just people making comments on some pics, not hate, HATE is a big word, you know?

  • Paula

    maybe you are too young to know the meaning of hate, I don’t know. I wouldn’t use that word so regularly, it’s a bid word.

  • Paula

    In case you don’t know… Hate: strong aversion coupled with desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed, intense dislike,hatred, detestation, opposed to love. I don’t think anyone here feels that way about Adam,we are just giving some opinion or advise,maybe.

  • Manuela

    I love Adam and I love watching him, I just want to say I find him more attractive when he wears less make up, I know he is gay and I don’t care as I love his voice, but my advice to him is,…use less make up, you look better, just a say.Love him! He is glamorous anyways.

  • Big Pimpin’

    adam is such a good looking guy. dont like the spiked hair look though. glad kris is still around. a good guy. cant wait to catch the ama’s. good luck to both guys.

  • LuckyL

    Lmao, I like how NO ONE gives a sh*t about Kris no matter how gracious Adam is, semi-promoting Kris’s album and all.

  • Ann B.

    Kris has got nice pics on the album, he looks cute, plus he seems a really nice guy, his wife is a really lucky woman, I saw the vid they did for Christmas,makes me jealous, I’m single,I wish I found a man like that.

  • Tanya

    Uhhf, tell me about that, I’ve looking for a guy like that for very long time, I think men like Kris don’t exist any more,I wish I could find a man who respect his wife as much as Kris does.

  • Marianela

    Everybody at work says I’m gorgeous and wonder why I’m single, they even question my preferences, but the truth is that my sister and my mother have got men who love them and respect them as I’ve never met before, I just say, I won’t compromise until I meet someone like that….All the good ones are taken, look at Kris.

  • forever56

    love adam. love kris. they are bother my home boys from being obsessed with idol. getting both their cds.. but i admit getting adams first.

  • EVA

    Kris= Gorgeous and talented man. Loves his wife, hasn’t got as much success as Adam, but has got a wonderfull love life. I don’t think he cares about succes anyway, and I hope they starT making beautiful babies soon.
    Adam=great artist, good voice,dying for success and fame, I’m sure he will be successfull,no fullfilling love life at the moment, but I hope he’ll find someone to appreciate him.
    2 good guys, different styles, different life, both TALENTED.

  • RON

    Adam and Kris, 2 nice guys with diferent music styles, one hungry for fame and money, the other doesn’t really care as he’s got a lovely wife to wait for him at home,I wish them both good.

  • Pandora

    Adam’s adorable. He likes the whole glam shtick. This *is* Adam being himself or whatever aspect of his personality he wants to portray and as an entertainer he has an outlet for it. It’s not as though he’s an accountant going in to an office job! He is an intelligent and talented guy and is having a blast. Hope he’s around for a long time. I so enjoy him.

  • jamie

    you are so right, except for in Seasons 1, 4, and 6 (Kelly, Carrie and Jordin) but it seems like for the other seasons the runner ups have done better.

    FYI – to all the haters on both sides, according to Billboard Kris will have the worst opening week for any idol winner, even worse than when Jordin’s st album debuted and even worse than Taylor hicks album. Its a real shame because both of them (Adam and Kris are enormously talented too.

  • Jane Jade

    I don’t like Kris single.

  • Layla

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:
    Why don’t you go suck it? And haha yeah, Adam is also the one who got completely trashed by his performance.

  • Idol Fan Forum

    I love Adam Lambert.