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Heidi Samuel: Heidi Klum's New Name!

Heidi Samuel: Heidi Klum's New Name!

Heidi Klum hits the Victoria’s Secret after-party in a sexy black-and-white ensemble at M2 Ultra Lounge on Thursday (November 19) in New York City. Earlier in the evening, the 36-year-old supermodel even walked the VS fashion show!

The next day, Heidi, 36, legally changed her name to Heidi Samuel, her husband’s surname.

DO YOU THINK the Project Runway host should be professionally known as Heidi Samuel or Heidi Klum?

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Credit: Don Emmert/AFP; Photos: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty, WENN
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  • AutumnM

    I like her black/white dress! Very cute. Seal and Heidi are an awesome, loving couple.

  • LuckyL

    What the f*ck does it matter what we think?

  • amber

    eww she should have kept her last name

  • Jennifer

    Men suck. We live in a Patriarchy society.
    Why should the woman change her name, Seal should have changed his name. Seal sucks and so does Samuel.
    I hope she divorces him and finds a real man. A real man is not afraid to change his name to the woman’s last name.

  • loyal

    I think it is Heidi’s choice and all up to her. And good luck to Jennifer, can’t imagine her having a man in her life.

  • kjnk

    @loyal: lol re: the jennifer thing

  • meh

    no. celebrities names are part of their identity. thus they should keep their original or whatever for professional purposes. it’s so annoying when they change it professionally.

  • jules

    all white women should marry black men n produce biracial children ,white race are close to extermination..hope in the next 50 years there wont be this racist race on earth…

  • je_me_souviens

    that’s so’s like announcing who my history teacher will be..

  • Whoever

    I don’t think any difference. At the any day it is just a word

  • S

    @Jennifer: Agree on the patriarchal name changing shit. Sista!

  • Felicity

    I don’t think she’ll ditch her pretty german surname. She’s proud of her heritage! And ‘Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Samuel’ – just doesn’t sound right.
    Also, everyone knows her as Heidi Klum. That’ll be hard to change.

  • GR

    Generally I agree that it’s pretty sad how women are expected to change their surnames, and are looked down on if they don’t. But Heidi has obviously done it out of love, and since she wants to do it I can’t see how this can be faulted. That said, I’m not convinced everyone will remember to keep calling her Heidi Samuel. I know I’m too set in my ways.

  • Ashley

    I love her, but i prefer Heidi Klum not Samuel

  • Monroe


    i’m guessing you’re not married and doubting if you ever will be.

  • tgk

    Given the average length of high profile showbiz marriages, save you the trouble Heidi.Cindy Crawford was smart enough not to become Cindy Gere.
    Or maybe you can do like Kimora Lee Simmons who still uses the name of former husband after the divorce and wedding n°2.

  • George

    No matter what she changes her name to, she will ALWAYS be known as Heidi Klum.

  • George

    No matter what she changes her name to, she will ALWAYS be known as Heidi Klum.

  • nativenyker

    It just doesn’t have the same allure as Klum….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Alice

    @Jennifer: WTF is up your ar*e??
    Seal would prob change his name if Heidi asked him to!! Have you ever read all the romantic and heartfelt stuff he has said about Heidi.
    And maybe THEY want all there names to be the same as there kid’s.
    That’s the difference between Gere & Crawford….no kid’s! If Heidi wants to change it….who are we to judge..NOBODIES

  • jesi

    She is CRazy for having this ugly man as her husband.i can imagine her family.he is uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyshe is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,take her to a mental institution soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy biachhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • jesi

    (jules) you are crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for saying that shit what is the matter with you?why white women has to mary ugly blacks man? crazyyyyyyyyyyyy.this woman is beautiful and seal did hoodoo to her . she will wake up one day but too late for her too late!

  • Not Impressed by JA

    jesi @ 11/22/2009 at 10:17 am (jules) you are crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for saying that **** what is the matter with you?why white women has to mary ugly blacks man? crazyyyyyyyyyyyy.this woman is beautiful and seal did hoodoo to her . she will wake up one day but too late for her too late!
    What are you fuming at ? Why are you so angry at ?
    She is lucky. she could have married Jordan Bratman, aka miss Christina Aguilera !

  • Heidi Klum-Samuel

    I prefer Klum and think she should go double-barrel if she wants to claim her hubby’s name. Beautiful loving couple. She’ll be pregnant again within the next 2-3 years.

  • Heidi Klum-Samuel

    I prefer Klum and think she should go double-barrel if she wants to claim her hubby’s name. Beautiful loving couple. She’ll be pregnant again within the next 2-3 years.

  • jenna

    Enough already with this woman.
    Who cares?

  • colbie samuel


    what the hell. i doubt seal forced heidi to do that. and personally samuel is an awesome last name. so you can go to hell.

  • stella

    sounds weird at first, but when you think about it, it was weird when Victoria Adams changed to Victoria Beckham….and now a lot of people don’t even remember that her last name was once Adams. So Im sure in a year Heidi Samuel will sound normal

  • definitly klum!

    legally talking she can be samuel and in the fashion world, she can be klum, like amy lee, legally she have her husband’s name but everybody keep calling her amy lee because that’s the name everybody knows her.

    if someone told me, hey let’s go to this runway show, because heidi samuel’s be there, i’d say.. who is she? but if someone told me heidi klum’s be there, hell yeah!! let’s go right now!

  • definitly klum!

    @stella: it’s different! victoria beckham sounds better than victoria adams, and heidi samuel will never sound as heidi klum

  • lily

    Are you kidding? She just keeps on popping babies out and look at her body! Amazing

  • Ronda

    I agree with number 26 why not both last names?Heidi Klum Samuel sounds great. Like Longoria Parker. People still know her as Eva Longeria no problems there.

    Heidi has already built her name and image in her own right, adding Seal’s name will only enhance all they’ve built together. She’s still a fierce individual with a helluva career behind and before her. Go Heidi!!

  • khristi

    I’m all for woman’s rights, but when it becomes male bashing than I think it’s a problem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking your husband’s name-I wouldn’t want my husband to take my name. To Jennifer who posted earlier, it seems to me that you have deeper problems-maybe you just don’t like men because you secretly want to be one.

  • Cynthiia

    Heidi klum is better !

  • RaisingChild

    Wow what a big deal, she is giving up the name she made her career with. Now that is love!

  • cymar0415

    i love the black and white dress—so chic!! and i think she should use her last name “klum”–its just what she’s been known by for so long. that would be like beyonce changing her last name to “carter”–just doesn’t sound right lol

  • Chau

    I liked her as Heidi Klum, but she loves Seal. Haha.

  • Rhonda

    isn’t she about 3 kids to late for that? Is her career in that bad of shape she has to pull a stunt to get attention. disappointing

  • Jane Jade

    She is always pregant, good for her!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i no she’s trying 2 be a good wife and all but heidi samuel is horrible compared with heidi klum
    she should at least dont klum-samuel
    at least they’re not annoying as a couple

  • emma.

    Whoa. Seal does not suck. Step back.
    I think they were made for each other.

  • elsie

    looks at that lump of flesh sticking out under her arm pits…guess….she had to squeeze into those dresses

  • definitly klum!

    @elsie: i saw the same, supermodel but a human woman after all =D

  • she shall remain nameless

    I actually like her maiden name better….it sounds more unique than Samuel.

  • oy

    That woman is not human. She’s had four kids and one just five weeks ago? Amazing!

  • Katie Momjeans

    She is like a super baby making machine!

  • sparkle


    you have never been married obvioiusly poor thang lol

  • sparkle

    I am a black women and I like Heidi. Heidi has morals and she has a family, and these people on her are jealous of her relationship. Most Women change their last names when they get married. Its these new young women that are talking trash, they don’t know any better and won’t be married longer than a week when they get married.

    Heidi loves her man, When that white man dropped her after she got pregnant that wonderful black man helped her get back her self esteem that she lost. And you all can call him ugly or whatever that BLack Man is taking care of his family.

    Ask Heidi she can tell you. He is laying the PIPE and she is happy

  • Jeannie

    Do you know what a wonderful husband he has been all those hard years? When her boy pal Briatore ditched her on her announcement of 1st pregnancy, Seal has taken over being the father. He has stood by her all that time through pregnancy with another man’s child, and shown love for that daughter ever since. He truely surely deserves her. Are you a high school girl to judge him just by his looks?

  • Jo