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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Piggyback Pair

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Piggyback Pair

Jennifer Garner and cutie pie daughter Violet Affleck go out for ice cream on Saturday (November 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Violet, 3, got a piggyback ride from Jen, 37, on the way in and loved being almost as tall as her famous mama! Choosing chocolate ice cream with a sprinkle cone, Violet enjoyed her frozen treat as she and mom left the ice cream shop together.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck going out for ice cream…

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jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 01
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 02
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 03
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 04
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 05
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 06
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 07
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 08
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 09
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 10
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 11
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 12
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 13
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 14
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 15
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 16
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 17
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 18
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 19
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 20
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 21
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 22
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 23
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 24
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 25
jennifer garner violet affleck piggyback 26

Photos: WENN
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  • coco

    “Hello Paps – we are on our way to get ice cream in Santa Monica. Do you want anything? Ok – vanilla for you. See you there!”

    Violet looks very cute here!!!

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    violet is so adorable and jennifer looks great

  • enough

    Enough of this boring hag.

  • josh

    I hate myself for saying this about a child but this violet kid got some ulgy ears… I mean her mom’s ears

  • hong kong

    most beautiful mommy daughter duo! Jen is sooooo pretty and little Vi is a cute little china doll! Love them 4 ever :)

  • Erin

    And…..cue the haters.

  • lisa rose

    Goldie Hawn’s daughter – I think her name is Kate Hudson – has the same ears and never had them fixed and it hasn’t held her back one bit! You go Violet – I think she’s beautiful and will be an even bigger sex symbol one day than Kate Hudson – IF she wants that, that is.

  • truth teller

    who cares

    Jennifer is a hillbilly girl

    ugly as fk

    Ben got desperate

    Poor Ben

  • kasey234

    why do we see them EVERY FREAKIN DAY.. come on.. I can make an album with the pictures of this child and her mother..

    and why does Jennifer always look like a homeless woman on the street. Trying too hard to be anti Hollywood. Most average moms do not look like this.. They are active and care about their appearance. She looks like she just crawled out of bed.. and she has nannies to help so give me a break..

    Really.. and yet the people who love to say other celebs are pimping their kids when they are seen are always saying how wonderful it is to see Jennifer and her two children.. EVERY DAY…
    yeah .. double standard much.

  • Liz86000

    Nice mommy-daughter time. And nice Cartier bag!

  • Jennifer

    it is nice to see a competent mom like jennifer and a really happy kid like violet.

    Jennifer doesn’t expose her child’s rear end to the paparazzi to get publicity like Katie Holmes does. Disgusting!!

  • Lindley


    Katie Holmes is a good mother. Jennifer is so pretty. Even with no makeup. She has such a happy kid too. :)

  • carrie

    is she single mother ?

  • Pattycake

    I’m with you Kasey234. Last weekend their pictures were posted 4 separate times, then almost every day this week, and again this weekend. All you others, just how do you define “pimping your kids”? Because this is it for me. (BTW, there’s a brand new law in LA that forbids the publishing of celeb children’s pictures when “they are in a family setting.” Since that law passed I’ve been watching the sites to see who is still allowing their children’s pictures to be used. So far, it’s only Jenn. Even the picture of Deacon Phillippe who this week was briefly shown with Reese was taken near her ranch which is an hour outside of LA.)

  • :0)

    @enough: It’s very simple— stop looking @ the pictures and making comments about them!!!

  • stella

    Does Ben EVER take care of these kids? Has he even seen them in the last year? goddd damnnn

  • Dana

    Jennifer Garner is the ONE that Tom Cruise wanted. She was number one on his list. Jennifer obviously wasn’t interested so Tom decided Scarlett J would do. We all know she was turned off by him as well.

    Not a single woman on Tom Cruise’s list was interested in meeting him with the potential to become his wife. The cult even auditioned every possible female member of the cult but no one was interested.

    Tom wasn’t even interested in Katie Holmes, In fact, like most of us, he had never heard of her. Boy, I’ll bet he wishes he could undo the last few years since he met her. She’s like the kiss of death….he’s practically lost everything since he got messed up with her.

  • sara

    talk about shallow and mean people here !!
    jiseees, let the woman and her child be alone. let them live their life. and for godness, it’s not like she wants the paparazzis to take a picture of her all the time.. she LIVES her life, dresses herself and her kids like she want..!

  • love love love Jen :)


    super cute :)

  • Tazina

    Jennifer has lost more weight since having the baby. She looks fantastic. I don’t know why it’s just the trolls on here who care or still make superficial comments about Violet’s ears….who cares…if she doesn’t like them she can have plastic surgery on them later.

  • jessica

    She again? Every day, Jared? Really? I’m starting to hate Jennifer because of these daily posts.

  • jamie

    God, Violet is so ugly! I hope Seraphina is more beautiful when grow.

  • sophie

    sooo cute!!!!!

  • cutiepie32

    @Liz86000: Cartier bag? Thank you Liz. I was just going to comment that I really like her bag and I wonder where she got it. Of course it has to be some expensive designer bag, lol.

  • Lee

    Violet looks like an ugly raggamuffin. They are such slobs!!!!!

  • anja

    Violet is soo ugly and a real pig, they should lock her up somewhere

  • Pippi

    Jealous kids having fun on the computer again. Why aren’t you idiots at church or some other place of worship trying to rid yourself of the sins? Hate, envy are the root of all evil. This seems to be the only fun you have poking fun at beautiful people enjoying each other.

    Beautiful *NORMAL* mom and daughter having real fun together. Love them.

  • emma


    they should lock you up for being an nasty to an innocent 3 year old that has done nothing to you

    Go get your brain sorted out.

  • Jane Jay

    Violet is everywhere! The papz must follow her!

  • Hahaha

    Look….. Jennifer Garner has a pet pig!!!!!!!

  • Pippi

    WOW thanks JJ for these beautiful new pics of the lovely Jen Garner and her precious little flower Violet. You certainly outdid youself this time. There was whole sh!tload of photos from this outing and you definitely got the best of them. I’m impressed as you usually only get the most unflattering ones for your website.

    Violet is such a beautiful little girl and is being raised like any other non-famous rich kid. She and her sister will be fine well adjusted adults. Not spoiled Hollywood party girls. I see why some of the hateful people are so jealous of her and her mom. They wish they had for the Affleck girls have. High self esteem and pure natural beauty.

    She will also be as confident as her mom and not paint herself up like a hoochie and wear body revealing clothes and go clubbing every night.

  • plez

    So funny that Jared posted the Suri and Violet back to back. Both families love to whore out their kids to boost their pr.

  • Sarah

    @Pippi: instresting..i usually dont agree with what you say but loved what you said about they wont go clubbing every night. ahhhh cant stand those people that do!!!!!!!

  • teri

    Why did Ben leave her?

  • lakers fan in boston

    awww they look so cute together =]
    they’re always so happy, would have been better if her sister was there
    not the best ive seen jen, but at least she’s trying
    as long as she’s not wearing that big white shirt and those baggy jeans im ok

  • coco

    This marriage seems to be on the rocks. Another website says that Ben landed in LA on Saturday – but he is not with his family EVER!

  • shamrock


    Coco, time will tell and hope for the lovely kiddies that all is well with their familia!! Love Benjamino and wish him and his loves a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING together~

    ciao bella*

  • xxx


    I agree with #1!!!!
    Photo op alert!

  • Leslee

    They are a great family!

  • anon

    I am getting a little tired of seeing Garner for the scheduled photo ops every single day. I must say that when she’s with Violet she seems much happier than when she’s with the baby. Poor Seraphina.

  • anna

    sweetes pic EVER!! je’s gorgeous and violet is by far the cutest hollywood child, and her sister too!

  • anna

    @kasey234: most average moms look better than jen?! yeah right!

  • Mo

    can you imagine how great it must be to have her as a mother? damn she is with that kid everyday doing something fun. wish my mother would have been like that.

  • Pippi

    Mo @ #43 that’s why some of the losers making nasty immature comments are the way they are because of their own miserable childhood. They all were never shown the kind of love and affection that Violet and Sera are so they are bitter. They make themselves feel better by trying to put these beautiful kids down. It’s sad really.

    How do you say it? Oh yeah “MISERY LOVES COMPANY”. Get some therapy clowns.

  • Pippi

    Violet is the cutest thing ever with her little ponytails. Such a precious happy child. I know her little sis will be just like her because they have an awesome mom who is there for them and truly adores them . She always makes sure that they are happy first and foremost.

  • Lola

    Two words: PHOTO OP. I now HATE the fugly Jennifer Garner because of the way she pimps out her kids.

    This b*tch should be ashamed. Hey, Jen, your 15 min ended YEARS ago with Alias. Go back to West Virginia!!!!

  • Pippi

    @Pippi: go obsess over someone else. you act like a freak in EVERY thread. STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cassie

    so adorable!

  • Sydney

    Anybody else notice in the 2nd picture, the guy in the background flicking the camera off?

  • Hahaha

    @Mo: Thats what mothers are supposed to do?? It’s nothing spectacular that makes her unique. They are getting ice cream for crying out loud..trillions of people do that with their kids everyday in case you didn’t know.