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Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs

Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs

Jennifer Lopez attempts a big jump and falls down on her ass while performing her new song “Louboutins” at the 2009 American Music Awards at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday (November 22).

Thankfully she’s pushin’ plenty of cushion as the 40-year-old singer got back up right away, got into a costume change and finished off her knock-out performance.

Watch J.Lo falling on her ass at the AMAs below!

Later in the evening, Adam Lambert also took a tumble during his performance.

Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs
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  • LuckyL

    Oh GOD Jared.

  • CJ

    She recovered well.

  • yaya

    wow. already on youtube on justjared that was fast. didnt waste no time.

  • Whoever

    Time 4 her to give it up!

  • Brooke

    I didn’t even notice it!

  • emmaa

    Ok, I love Jen but I found that boring.

  • Mary

    When I saw it I actually thought it was part of her performance she got up really fast. :P

  • ricki

    i thought it was part of the dance. i barely noticed

  • aeon

    Jared you are cruel. I like JLo

  • sasha

    LOL the performance was so whack I changed the channel before that happened!!! But that’s funny!

  • Sarah

    No butts about it!!!
    She picked up very quickly though.
    She did good.

  • pump it

    Its sad when “artists” that where once big and mighty keep pushing and pushing and just end up falling flat (pardon pun). The irony of not being able to stay up on ones Louboutins while “singing” about them. That’s pure gold.

  • bebe

    Jenni FROM da BLOCK NEEDS TO GIVE UP this ghetto wanna be act, PERFORM CLASSY LIKE jANNET and AGE appropiate like MADDONA and stop wanting to be 25 AGAIN.

  • dieu

    one fugly, fake fake bitch… that’s not singing… pure shit…

  • dieu

    one fugly, fake fake bitch… that’s not singing… pure sh*t…

  • gal

    yeah she did fall on her ass but DAMN. you were pretty tactless with this posting. animosity?? hmm?

    i just found it really ironic how she views herself as this amazing dancer and then she falls on her ass. ouch. that hurt me. lol

  • katie n

    She fell, but, boy did she get up fast or what?…put women half her age to shame there. No need to give up if she can take that fall and still keep dancing.

  • Boring music

    Music today is boring. I feel sorry for young kids today. The music acts have no tllent and all sound alike…

  • s

    I can’t believe I had to watch that boring performance and listen to that awful song JUST to see a milli second of her fall… which is NOT news worthy… NEXT!!!

  • jfv

    lol…did anyone notice that she started “singing” b4 the lyrics came out??!! shame shame shame

  • emma.

    I love her. She’s awesome and always will be. I kinda feel bad for her but she recovered well.

  • weber from Brazil

    I didnt like her song… so bored… too tuned…
    Her performance was… bleh…
    Definitely Jennifer already did so much better performances before

  • sarah h


  • shenanyginz

    she got right back up. good for her.

  • [marie]


    Sit your old @ss down J-Ho.

    Talentless old br0ad…

  • http://www Caty


  • lol

    ahahahahahaha It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. lol

  • jane

    I would hate to be anywhere near JLo right now, you know bitch is hella pissed. JLo is trending on Twitter right now, not because she had a great performanc ebut because she straight up fell on her arse… See JLo all that voodoo you do to others was gunna catch up to you sometime…

  • xxx


  • lol

    she’s fat for a dancer

  • [marie]

    Marc Anthony looked sad at the end Ha!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, she got up like a veteran though.

  • LuckyL

    This sounded like a combination of Michael, Katy Perry, and Madonna.

  • lol

    Why do these clowns bother holding a mic when all they do is lipsync?

  • Joe

    J Lo got matronly & moves clumsy OMG
    and has no voice(never did)
    hang up the performing
    get out w/dignity.
    You cannot compete w/Gaga’s & Riri’s & legends that had real talent.

    You’re not sexy or cute or edgy or talented JLo.


    i prefer Shakira perfomance

  • asdfjkl;

    Didn’t even pay attention to it. The song was bad so I just listened and played with my laptop.

  • liz

    It sounds like you are making wayyyyyy too big a deal out of all of this. Yes she fell on her butt, though it didnt hinder her performance at all, and she got up and did a great job.

  • ck

    Gonna need a new stage

  • J-HO busted her butt!


    …I would feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a FAKE DIVA! God don’t like UGLY J-HO!!!!
    …I love the way they put the camera on her hubby and he looked concerned as to whether she was hurt, but he tried to play it off!

    J-HO is sooooo freakin tired! I remember when she wore that GOLD dRESS to the Golden Globe awards show last year, then she HAD to be the first presenter, and she started yelling at the people in the audience to be seated, saying “….mamma talkin’ now….’. How fr eakin ARROGANT!

    Also, HOW COMMERCIAL CAN YOU GET!!…Imagine, she’s singing about a pair of shoes!! Is she trying to be Kerry Bradshaw from 10 years ago S ex in the City??? FAIL! She paid that guy who says ‘LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE’ to introduce her singing/performance on AMA’s, but then she busted her BUTT!! HAHA! I want to like her, as she’s from NY and supposedly hispanic, but I CANT TELL!! she always tries to steal the spotlight from other women!!! B ITC H!!!

  • G

    I am glad she didn’t get hurt when she fell on her ass but lol… i must say..WTF..That song sucks..
    That is a piece of SHIT!!

  • lisa

    It did not look like a fall.. but look how fast this went to youtube and jj.. just unreal how a rumor can spread..

    the problem is that the song is terrible. The “fall” could deflect the bad song..that to me is the problem.. not a 2 second fall if it was that..

    Jlo has had some fun songs in the past. This is not one of them..

  • Enrique

    She has so much ass, she just bounced right off like nothing happened! Good for you JLo…

  • http://justjared minda

    she’s too old for that kind of performance and doesn’t look good on her anymore just let the younger ones do it

  • fan

    Her butt touched the ground and she got right back to dancing. Dancers know how to recover from a slip. People act like sheffell from a 4 story building head first then butt second. . Adam Lambert fell too.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..if you didn’t notice it – you’re a re`tard. ahahahaha.. she deserved that shiit! out of all the performers she’s the only one who lip synced, and badly at that. her music career’s over. bad outfit, bad dance moves.. just bad.

  • cutiepie32

    Well thats what happens when you literally walk all over people. Bitch!

  • lol

    She seems to forget she is 40. lol I g The song is a kind catchy though. Jared it doesn’t sound like you at all,lol

  • fan

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    No Janet mouthed her words too.

    J.LO is a pro, that’s not even considered a fall in the dance world. It’s nothing for her.

  • shanghaikid

    Falling on her ass was the best part of her performance! LOL