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Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs

Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs

Jennifer Lopez attempts a big jump and falls down on her ass while performing her new song “Louboutins” at the 2009 American Music Awards at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday (November 22).

Thankfully she’s pushin’ plenty of cushion as the 40-year-old singer got back up right away, got into a costume change and finished off her knock-out performance.

Watch J.Lo falling on her ass at the AMAs below!

Later in the evening, Adam Lambert also took a tumble during his performance.

Jennifer Lopez Falls Down, Busts Her Butt At AMAs
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for all those hating cause she was lip sycing heres a newflash: NO ONE was singing live yesterday. (cause u cant sing and dance at the same time without sounding like crap) && for those hating on HER..

SHE IS JENNIFER LOPEZ! shes still working shes married has gorgeous kids and is FORTY years old–had twins–nothing is sagging. im sorry but..the woman is STILL the bomb.

you know who she is.. i know who she is.. and everyone in this world knows who she is. && she doesnt know who YOU or me or anyone else is.. so whats the point of hating on her? :)

sshhii_baby @ 11/23/2009 at 1:39 pm

Jlo had her moments back in the days..She is still a pretty lady and all BUTT…she should know when to bow out gracefully. She never was a real singer to begin with. leave that ghetto-fab to the young chickadee…well atleast it was a fast recovery..almost unnoticeable.
ALMOST!!!! hehehe

TopperGem @ 11/23/2009 at 2:03 pm

@katie n: she jumped and was able to deliver an amazing finish. That is what you want…keep on pressing through it mistakes and all. ‘Cause we are ALL capable of making mistakes, ours are not seen by millions.

I’m sure the tremors from her huge loppy behind hitting the floor were felt all the way to China. Gawd I hate this flat-faced has-been. Too bad her fall wasn’t fatal.

I’m sure the tremors from her huge loopy behind hitting the floor were felt all the way to China. Gawd I hate this flat-faced has-been who never should have been.

Nobody cares who Jennifer Lopez is are you serious? It was over for her the moment Ben Affleck dumped her. She is box office poison ans can’t even get a reality show on TLC. Shows you how much people care about her doesn’t it?

for a mother of 2, she looked great. did not like the song. but give her credit, she is doign her best with a voice that is not that extraordinary. and the girl can dance. i liked her hair style too.

Racist ******* on this site just hating on Jennifer because she is a Puerto Rican and rich. None of you flat assed pale face goons can compare with her.

Please stay at home with your kids, do something else, but PLEASE don’t act like a twenty-five year old any more. YOU ARE 40!!!! Act with dignity, you are embarrassing yourself.

haha, that is too funny!

Don’t you people find that she is looking very masculine lately?

Oh shut up Lisa. You sound ridiculous!

Deb Donohoe @ 11/23/2009 at 4:11 pm

More unfortunately for her, the show had the camera on her as she went back stage after the performance. From her body language and quick head movements back and forth, you could tell she was giving the director or a stage hand? the 3rd degree. Obviously, she felt none of it was her own fault. Another spoiled diva?

who cares @ 11/23/2009 at 4:12 pm

Nice recovery. I remember thinking it looked like a hard routine when she was in rehearsals.

She needs to retire,How about her lip singing? She sucks!! That song is hideous, she could of done better. Get Diddy next time to help you, just like on the 6 was ok.

Can not take any more of Taylor Swift. She can’t sing. Now i’m not saying she isn’t talented . She can play quitar and write songs. But she talks her songs out and when she sings low you can’t understand her. Sometimes she hits the ON key. But lets get real she will never be a Carrie Underwood, nor a Reba Mac Intire. I can’t believe she beats them out. Lets get real. She is a baby and hopefully she’ll get better as she gets older. And better that Beyonce , NEVER. Just like Miley Cyrus. She is getting better. But she too was phoney as they come. Now who agrees?

JARED THANKS! way too generous with this one honestly. its so cute n sexy

yawn who cares
even her falling is boring
she should just quit, i dont really no why she’s attempting 2 come back

I bet she was miming.

Does anyone care about Jennifer Lopez anymore? When was the last time she had a hit (song, album, or movie)??? I’m surprised they even had her perform. It’s 2009, not 1999.

JLo I miss you dearly, especially your dancing. You should of thought about it twice before coming out with that ugly A@@ outfit and song. I know you can kick some but in dancing and wearing it well. You failed big time on this one. Still love you.

JLO, what the heck happened? I know you can dance and dress. This time it looked like Show time at the Apollo.

If you’re going to come back, please, please, give us something good; not this crappy A@@ song, crapy outfit. The hair, oh gosh, the hair. I used to do my cousin’s hair like that when she was 6. Still love you J Lo. But don’t try so hard.

TRYING HARD @ 11/24/2009 at 3:25 am

omg the trying hard singer is back, lol!

the blaze @ 11/24/2009 at 3:51 am

It could be any one. No one is perfect so kip cool.

I wonder if she will go on tour with thta skit.

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