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Ben Affleck Picks Violet Up From School - Literally!

Ben Affleck Picks Violet Up From School - Literally!

Ben Affleck is back from Boston and picks up his cutie pie daughter Violet from school in Santa Monica on Monday (November 23).

The 37-year-old actor gave wife Jennifer Garner a much-deserved break from her duties and picked Vi up from school – literally!

Over the weekend, Jen and Seraphina went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles.

Bet the Garner/Affleck ladies are glad to have Ben back in town!

10+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck picking Violet up from school…

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ben affleck violet school 01
ben affleck violet school 02
ben affleck violet school 03
ben affleck violet school 04
ben affleck violet school 05
ben affleck violet school 06
ben affleck violet school 07
ben affleck violet school 08
ben affleck violet school 09
ben affleck violet school 10
ben affleck violet school 11

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  • Lisa2

    Seems like forever since we have seen Ben! I bet Violet was excited to see her Daddy!

  • philip

    Won’t her legs become atrophied from lack of use? It seems like she’s being carried an awful lot.

  • To Philip

    Don’t worry, she walks when the paps aren’t so close.

  • Ana-Lexie

    He did not literally pick Violet up from school.

  • alison


  • blue

    I am so happy to see together again ben’s family. he wears
    his wedding ring again. he is on time his favorite daughter’s
    birthday. Seraphina is still little baby, till 3 years old it’s so
    important time for her to give many good circumstance with
    parents everyday. at that time baby learn so many things
    for her life. from mother from father, from her sister she is
    learning many things everyday. maybe violet can play
    catchball with her dad. I hope mr. photographer will
    leave them alone. it’s enough now. though thank you
    so much for this photos.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    its great to see ben back with his family

  • AutumnM

    Nice to see Ben with his family for once

  • LuckyL

    Lmao, finally. Did you seek these out just for us Jared?

  • tom nichols

    everyone one in Boston is embarrassed of this man…he is a joke

  • marla

    Still his photo ops is not convincingly enough for me to dub him as father of the year. Does he have any movie coming up? This is the first time I see him with a member of his family. Every time I see Violet it’s always with Jen. I mean the way he holds his daughter is so awkward. Tom Cruise might be a nut job, but at least when he hold his child everyone can see the sincerity of his love for his daughter. Here Ben’s body language is not showing that.

  • to tom nichols

    you are wrong! not everyone in boston is embarrassed of this man. only you are. so speak for yourself and not the rest of us in future.

  • xxx

    I’m surprised that Ben knew which child was the right one to take home. He probably just guessed through process of elimination.

  • To xxx

    YOu are an *sshole. Ben is a great dad and he adores his girls. YOu see him more with his duaghtersthan almost any other celeb (except Tiny TOm and you know he just uses Suri to keep his popularity up. Ben rather be alone with his little girl than in front of paps..

  • Powersave

    wow. he’ kinda starting to look hot again..he must have a love interest @ work..wile he was not doing any movies, he was very unkempt..a sign that he didn’t give a damn about looking good for his wife..Im tired of waiting for the divorce.

  • blah

    @tom nichols:

    care to elaborate why?

  • coco

    “Hi Paps, it’s Ben. I am picking my kid up from school. See you there in 10 minutes. I plan to look surprised. Thanks and bye!”

  • shamrock7

    Oh my, there he is in FINE form! Mr. Benjamino is back to his school house duties with his lovely doll. I’m glad to see him back in town with his girls for the upcoming Holiday. He’s a REAL looker~

    All the best to the familia~

  • AutumnM


    That made me laugh so hard for some reason

  • Four

    Stop with this body language nonsense, #11.

  • Killraw

    Ben likes men.

  • Pippi

    @Killraw: true that!

  • clay

    I know the photographer caught been off guard by taking this picture, so he sure wasn’t prepared, but Ben sure doesn’t look happy. I know, I know. Who would look happy with photographers always snapping your pix?

  • Lee

    @Four: whats true is true. get over it

  • clay

    “I know the photographer caught “Ben” off guard by taking this picture”

  • wow

    @clay: cuz he’d rather be banging a sexy babe in her 20s rather than picking up a 4 year old kid from school. he soooooo looks forced into picking her up

  • clay

    I’ve read in interviews that he felt so stung by publicity when he was dating JLO. Maybe now he just has an aversion to paps.

  • The Real Parent

    Ben has finished producing, directing, and starring in a film (WAY more work than Jen Garner will EVER be able to do), and now he picks Violet up despite still having to edit The Town.

    And he does his best to SHIELD Violet from the photographers, unlike Mommy Dearest Jen, who’s let Violet get photographed so much she’s a celebrity in her own right.

    I’m not a fan of either Affleck, but at least Ben is the real deal to the best of his limited ability, unlike that phony a$$ wife of his.

  • Alexa

    Wow, Ben is seen with Violet for a change. Does this kid always have to be photographed?? I’m sure they are more paparazzi pics of Violet than Ben and Jen have in their whole family album.

  • ellie’

    Just love the Affleck family another best of mine in Hollywood… I’m sure hes been seeing his little girls all the time.. B/c Jen was there visiting him… I guess some of you once again took your hatred pill again..


    Ben does not have an aversion to the paps.. at all.. !!! It is not forced
    kid named Suri goes from the studio to studio… and that is about it..
    Wippie both fathers are working hard and are with their kid.. so give
    it up for now please.. he is a great dad who loves his eldest daughter
    so lets enjoy these photos for now..CLAY THAT WAS AN OLD INTERVIEW FROM 2004 SO GIVE IT UP.. OUT OF CONTEXT…

  • Melanie

    Don’t they take the bus to school?

  • sweet

    I hope they try for a boy. Their little girls are so cute. A little boy with Ben’s eyes and Jen’s dimples would be beyond cute. I like this couple so much.

  • H

    Aw. I love this family, i don’t know why people are hating on them so much, Ben is adorable with his kids, and they are adorable in their own right too!
    Jennifer looks like a great mom, and they seem just to be a normal happy family.
    Violet and Seraphina are the cutest girls ever.

  • Stone


  • MMA

    A dad’s work is never done.