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Jennifer Garner & Seraphina are Birthday Party Pretty

Jennifer Garner & Seraphina are Birthday Party Pretty

Jennifer Garner and adorable daughter Seraphina head to a friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Sunday (November 22).

The 37-year-old actress dressed Sera, 10 months, in a cute purple romper by Splendid and added a blue barrette to her hair.

Over the weekend, Jen was spotted with Sera‘s big sis Violet – the two went out for ice cream together.

According to the Boston Herald, Jen‘s hubby Ben Affleck and the cast and crew of The Town recently took a trip to Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn. After shooting scenes at the casino, they’re back in Boston to continue filming.

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  • Rita

    Violet is my favourite, but Seraphina comes pretty close! Love them Affleck girls <3

  • Ben

    Just look at my beautiful, talented, intelligent wife and my gorgeous daughter. I am without doubt, the luckiest man in the world.

  • YUCK

    Then why dont you spend more time with them?

  • jillyro

    Baby is cute, little bit of a pouty (and at times the same pissy look on her face Ben LOL!).

    Jennifer looks better with a bit of weight on her, her face looks harsh and rigid and mannish otherwise. She’s not a dainty type of women, she has such rigid/sharp angles.

    And this is what she wears to a friend’s birthday party??? Not even CUTE jeans and a cute top, but this crap??? She looks like she just rolled out of bed, horrible! I know she wants SO HARD to project the “I’m just like you regular Moms” image (figures it sets her apart from other celeb Moms), but us “regular Moms” dress way nicer than she does even in casual wear. Seriously, I wear something like this to work in my garden!!!! She is such a horrible dresser.

  • thelooniesareloonie


    exactly, Jen looks like a man. IS this what Ben gets turned on with?

  • SkinnyJen

    Check out the veins popping through on her forearms! She must be doing some serious weight work (not to mention low body fat!). I agree with jillyro – she has gotten too skinny in the last few weeks. Even when she was thin during Alias, she did not have her chest bones sticking out or her face so hollowed out as she does now, but some of that could be the aging process. I wonder whether she is actively trying to lose weight or whether it’s just dropping pounds from running after 2 little ones?

  • really

    She looks way to thin. she looks sick. is she on drugs?

  • coco

    “Hello Paps, we are almost arriving at the birthday party. Yes, you have the address right? Okay see you there. Free cake for you!”

  • wow

    she looks like a man here – no kidding, seriously, what’s up with her?

  • Yiolet & Sera

    We are so happy our daddy married the white, er, we mean thin, beautiful, educated WHITE Jennifer. Otherwise we would look like the dark Dragon Tale Twins with kinky hair. Our daddy is so smart!!

  • sophie

    so cuteeee!!!

  • LuckyL

    This is the most f*cked up thread…

  • love love love Jen :)

    they make the mostt adorable kids :)

  • Pippi

    One of the biggest reasons why I admire and look up to this family sooooooooooooooo much is because they are hillbillies just like me, so it makes them very relatable!

  • RaisingChild

    She seems like such a laid back natural mommy.

  • annab

    Seraphina is such a lovely child. She has that look of just waking up from a nap in these photos. Way too cute.

  • jillyro

    Woah JG is looking awful lately. Way too skinny and she needs to make a wee bit more effort in what she wears. She wore this OUT to a PARTY????

    Jen Garner is not nearly as cute as she thinks she is in her own mind!!!!! She thinks she is one of those women who can get away with throwing anything on and stil look cuter than her mind she thinks “I can throw any old thing on because I’m so dimply cute I can wear anything even-crappy clothes and still look cute, I’m one of those gals that doesn’t have to try and be cute”. NOT!!! Look in the mirror JG, not cute!!

  • Kelly Jay

    Ben is so lucky to have a cute family!

  • me

    lmao people come on here and comment like they know jennifer and her kids personally. they are famous and you are not, yes that is right. don’t just complain about their wardrobe and looks as if you were God…..

  • All Women Stalker

    Seriously, what is up with the comments here?


  • Jay Katie

    So is ben cheating on her or not?

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    Seraphina is so cute jenn looks so pretty i love her top

  • Beach Lover

    Little Seraphina looks just like her dad, don’t you think, while Violet looks so much like Jen.

    I do think she is too thin, Jen, that is, and because she has always been so healthy-looking and normal, this concerns me. Maybe she is getting sickly skinny for a movie role?

  • justme

    Where is Ben??? Does he not even get a weekend off to spend with his girls?? I think they split and haven’t confirmed it yet. Or they are seperated. There is no way this is a wonderful relationship, that they are madly in love because they spend too much time apart, it’s not healthy for any couple, they seem to rarely ever be together and she’s a single parent really. Other directors of movies get time off, it’s not like Ben is shooting Titantic or something epic, he’s shooting some little independent movie for cripes sake!

  • Relax!

    Don’t get your panties in a bundle .They are perfectly fine.Just jared wants to cause a controversy so he purposely doesn’t put pics of Ben with his family.You can find pic of Ben with Violet buying food here Just because he doesn’t follow Jen around like Jlo and her I mean husband doesn’t mean theres a problem.

  • yeah

    I use to like Garner back in TV and prefer her with Vartan than Affleck.

  • Pippi

    Yeah, see that pic from Popsugar shows that the paps are afraid to take photos of Ben with his wife and kids. They are freaking cowards plus they want the public to think that Ben doesn’t spend any time with his family. A lot of a-holes swallow the bait cause they believe what they want simply because they don’t want Ben and Jen together as a couple. Tthe Michael Vartan and JLo fan losers are still angry after what, (damn near six years) Well folks get the heck over it and find something else to fill your empty lives with. Just like Brad and Aniston are never getting back together, neither are Jen and Vartan.

    For the record, Ben spends way more time with his family than most WORKING Hollywood dads and yet everybody thinks he is an absentee dad. What a crock of sh!t. Ben always takes Vi to school when he can and often picks her up. Sometimes they both pick her up together.

    The paps are afraid that Ben is going to beat the sh!t outta them so they keep their distance. A much as I will miss seeing pics of the Affleck kids I can’t wait until the first of the year when the new paparazzi laws go into effect.

  • Tia Baggio

    Who is Vartan dating now?

  • To Tia Vaggio

    Who gives one holy CRAP about Vartan! Go to his stinkin thread! If he ever gets one that is!!!!
    Pippi make a lot of sense. These haters are all Vartan hos that spread vicious rumors about Jen 24/7. What are the nw paparazzi laws? As mucha as I like to look at pics, i realize this is unhealthy for children and they should be left the *ell aouta the pictures of the famous parents. They do that in Europe. When a kid is with his famous parents, thier faces are smudged out and the famous parents are the only ones you can see.

  • Kiwi

    @Tia Baggio: Unlike his former girlfriend, Vartan likes to keep his private life private. That was one of the issues between them, i.e. he prefers to stay out of the spotlight and mind his own business while Jen loves the limelight and wants to be seen all the time. She was far too ambitious for him, and he knew he could never advance her career like Ben could. They are better off as friends.

  • Pippi

    @To Tia Vaggio: Then go to Europe you biotch.

  • AutumnM

    Jen looks like a big ugly man here. She is so masculine looking.

  • Pippi

    This is to Tia Vaggio, please ignore that a-hole at #31 like the rest of us smart people do. That psycho is obsessed with me the real Pippi and she uses my name to get noticed. Poor soul she has no friends, no life and is basically just a bloody waste of time. She is unable to stay off any thread that is about Jennifer Garner. Such a sad pathetic soul. Maybe she is still crying on Vartan. To the person that said Vartan didnt’t want the spotlight, not true. He was so broken hearted when he got kicked to the curb by Jen. He couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. He is now a nobody during nothing. He probably thought Jen was gonna wait around for him like his last girlfriend (imagine wasting 10 yr of that poor woman’s life and never married her. If Jen had stayed with him she would not have her beautiful little girls.

    She was smart to dump him. He took advantage of her when her wimp of husband left (Vartan was waiting in the wings to console her). Foley’s ego wouldn’t let him live off of her. He did not want to be know as Mr. Jennifer Garner. That when Vartan steps up to press his suit. I don’t think she was ever really in love with him, I think she was just lonely and heartbroker .

    Anyway, Jen is the lucky one. Ben is her equal in more ways than one ever though she lost a lot of fans when she hooked up with him. At the end of the day her life has proven very successful. And her loyal fans are still supporting her. The other ones are just hanging on trying to bash her at every turn.

    I think AutumnM may be the person who is using my name. I always see that name on Jen G’s thread talking sh!t So sad.

  • Pippi

    @Pippi: I AM A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM PIPPI THE LOSER!!!!!!!

  • chariya

    They are so pretty…

  • Steffi

    What’s wrong with you people?
    If you can’t say anything nice than it’s better you say nothing at all.
    Jen is great so leave her alone.

  • Soaplover

    So so so so cute! (Seraphina that is.)
    I agree. People comment that she’s just like every other mom, but I never dress that bad. You can be casual & cute. You don’t have to wear stinky ugly spit on clothes to be a great devoted mom.
    What also gets on my nerves is when people say: She’s always with her kids, she’s definately the best celebrity mom.
    There is no difference from Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes, Honor Warren, Nicole Richie; they are with their kids almost all of the time.
    The only difference is that they dress better.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks pretty bad
    ill give her the benefit of the doubt tho
    maybe next time she’ll look better hopefully

  • Jill Jewel

    I liked her in daredevil.

  • Stone

    Adorable? Surely you jest.

  • Soaplover

    Sorry, meant to say Jessica Alba, not Honor Warren.

  • MMA

    We all scream for ice cream.