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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kushiyu Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kushiyu Couple

Eddie Cibrian holds the door for girlfriend LeAnn Rimes as they leave sushi restaurant Kushiyu on Monday (November 23) in Tarzana, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor and LeAnn, 27, were all smiles as they left Kushiyu after eating lunch together.

Eddie has gone through with his promise to sue a publication that insinuated that he was cheating on LeAnn.

“Since the separation from his wife, Eddie Cibrian has not had a romantic or sexual relationship with any woman other than Ms. Rimes,” his lawsuit states.

According to E!, Eddie is seeking at least $1 million in damages, as well as an injunction against republishing of the story.

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Credit: SRV; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Pandora

    Since his separation? LOL How ’bout prior to? And if he hasn’t cheated yet, he will! She looks poorly dressed, as usual

  • gwen

    So now we are supposed to believe that Eddie loves Leann and isn’t cheating on her because he holds a door and goes out to sushi with her? It’s Monday and just like Eddie has done in the past he appears with Leann to hype up his show. These photo-ops just prove what Life and Style has been saying all along. Quick, someone get Eddie a sign that says “WATCH MY SHOW”. The media/press should be honest, Eddie is just using Leann for publicity.

    Sienna Jr and Getty Jr are doing a great job at making the puiblic dislike them. Where is their remorse or consideration for the pain and stress that they caused DS, BG, and the kids? That doesn’t matter when EC is on his way to becoming an A lister? Didn’t Getty Jr say that he wasn’t going to air his dirty laundry? Well there you go, if Getty Jr doesn’t love his kids enough to keep the promises he made on Rachel Ray, then there is no way that he loves Leann. Eddie had a chance to show just how much he cared about Leann and what he proved yet again is that he is all talk but no action. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He filed that lawsuit because he was fafrid of losing his cash cow and meal ticket, the exact same reason he threw his family under the bus. Money and fame is his top priority.

    Sienna Jr just keeps proving that she is unstable and in no way should ever be anywhere near a child. Why does Sienna Jr take so much pleasure in what she is doing to BG and DS? Because like so many have pointed out she is obsessed with one upping Brandi.

    Leann is not Eddie’s girlfriend, she is his cash cow and meal ticket. So if EC had enough money to keep going out for sushi, then he can afford to pay BG expenses. you would think that Eddie and Leann would exercise some common sense, but forcing her farce down the public’s throat is more important.

    He can not blame Life and sTyle for the condition that his reputation is in. Everyone knew that he was a cheater and not a good father BEFORE the life and style article. What man who claims to love their kids would elave behind the legacy that Eddie has established?

  • Pa@

    What a Cute Couple!!!!

  • gw@

    This is True Love, Wish them all the best . She is beautiful and he is just so handsome!! What an Amazing couple!!!!!


  • Zoe

    I dont’ knowf if it started out wrong or right (only these people know) but these two really seem into each other and are very caring with each other.

    I predict they will go a long way.

    Sorry folks… and now let the backlash begin….

  • Sara

    Shouldn’t that read “he isn’t cheating on his wife with anyone but LeAnn Rimes….”

  • yoyo

    Gross pigs.

  • micheala/lydia/validate

    =Zoe, Pa@, gw@

  • Jen

    No thanks, anything that starts with cheating, ends with cheating.

  • Mer

    LeAnn looking great, love the outfit! I love love the last pic of them smiling at each other, soo cute, and Eddie is soo sexy.

  • bebe

    TRASH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRASH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gwen

    Oh look. When Leann and Eddie don’t have the support that the lone fan thinks that they deserve, what does she do? She tries to “balance” the thread by making 4 posts saying that EC and LR look happy, are a cute couple, and are in love because they are smiling. No matter how many times you write that EC and LR are cute, in love, or look happy it won’t make it true.

    Didn’t EC look happy, smile, and cute with his wife after his affair with Leann was exposed? So Eddie is a creature of habit. He smiles and pretends that he is happy, but in reality he is CHEATING. Well that is no surprise.

    Of course EC and LR will go a long way, LR is EC’s meal ticket and case cow in and LR gets to fulfill her need to one up BG.

    They deserve all the backlash they get; afterall, Eddie did say that he wasn’t going to air his dirty laundry. Everytime he steps out with his mistress he airs his dirty laundry. To bad EC doesn’t love his sons to be the father he keeps talking about in interviews. So EC doesn’t love LR because if he is not even capable of loving his sons enough to follow his promises.

  • Say it like it is

    The lawsuit is bs -bulllsheet.

  • gwen

    @Miss Anonymous:

    cbme (aka miss anon, michela, lydia, validate, mer, merc, Zoe, Pa@, gw@)

    We know that you are a troll. We know that your life is a very sad one, hence why you spend it posting on message boards and stalking other posters.

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice? You can not get mad because people won’t take the **** that you dish out. If you don’t like it then STOP the STALKING.

    Leann is also a troll, no one in their right mind would keep gloating like this.

  • micheala/cbme/lydia/validate

    =miss anon, zoe, pa@, gw@, mer

  • Scottie

    LOL how dare a tabloid tarnish his solid reputation as a one woman man!

  • Tia Baggio

    They are the perfect couple. He is just the right age to father her children.

  • gwen

    EC and SMJ are the perfect the couple?

  • michaela

    Very nice! Thank you Just Jared !!!

  • gwen

    What does it mean when a poster says that they IGNORE your posts, but then will use direct words and phrases from your posts?

  • gwen

    @Miss Anonymous:

    micheala (aka miss anon, cbme, merc,mer, etc…)

    So in the other thread when you said that you IGNORE me, you were lying, right? So when you say that you are not posting under all these different names, then you are lying too, right?

  • gwen

    Yes very nice!!!! Thanks for showing everyone that EC is using Leann for free publicity and that he still has not kept the promise he made to kids on Rachel Ray!!!!!!

    When are we going to see photos of SMJ and EC at a hotel or friends home? Better yet, when are those photos of EC sucking on SMJ fingers going to come out?

  • michaela

    You know who is stuck in apesh#t gear!!!

  • michaela

    The last photo is beautiful!!!

  • gwen

    We know that Leann is stuck in ape*** gear. She just keeps proving that she is unstable.

    Of course you think this is beautiful, you also think that BG is to blame for EVERYTHING that happens to LR and EC.

    Now since you are IGNORING me, how is this going to work? Are you going to post comments to me because if you do, then that means you lied when you said that you are ignoring me. If you are lying about this, then that means that you are also lying about posting under different names, right?

  • gwen

    Did the definition of IGNORE change? Because I could have thought that it meant to refuse to pay attention to. So if IGNORE means to refuse to pay attention to, then how come someone keeps dedicating post after post to me and then using my words and ideas in their posts? So either this person is trying to save face or she is just a liar and nothing she says and does can be trusted.

  • Stan

    Regardless of the hater(s)m they are a cute couple!

  • Trish

    Still going strong! Luv them!!!

  • Catalina

    So he’s basically saying he hasn’t cheated since he last cheated.

  • katie n

    this woman is just 27? looks much older and plain. but not ugly.

  • Lauren

    I love them together, thanks for this! Happy to see that they are going strong!

  • Jay

    LeAnn you feel so foolish now don’t you. I remember him saying the same thing about not having a thing with you either. WAKE up!!!!!! Who’s the fool. DUH!

  • S

    He is gorgeous.

  • Ruth

    No amount of PR work will persuade the public that Rimes and Cibrian’s behaviour was anything but disgusting and abusive towards their spouses. The affair is not our business but their treatment of their partners, the lies and the public humiliation for weeks on end has caused the backlash against these two unpleasant nasty cheats.

    Advice to Ms. Rimes and Mr. Cibrian – next time you cheat, do it QUIETLY!

  • stacey

    Thanks JJ. Nice to see them so happy! Nice boots LeAnn.

  • AutumnM

    LeeAnn is so ugly. What was Eddie thinking leaving his (much better looking) wife for this? They are both disgusting cheaters anyway. They deserve eachother.

  • hag

    THIS is the true defination of a homewrecker.. NOT Angelina Jolie. this Leann wrecked a FAMILY. there are 2 young inocent children involved.

    BP and JA had NO CHILDREN. just 2 people who had problems already and MUTUALLY decided to divorce.

  • gwen

    Jay and hag make good points.
    Why dothe photographers follow her to give Eddie press when LeAnn andEddieare inTarzana, Calabassas?
    She is really out of the way.
    Anyway , it is all good press for Eddie.

  • annie

    LeAnn had better get used to the rumors about her lover because he is a serial cheat and won’t change at his age. His behaviour towards his wife and family was unbelievably cruel and nasty and now he is trying to make some more money by suing some tabloid. What’s the matter Eddie? Not earning enough to support your wife and family? I thought that LeAnn was a rich woman – why else would you be with her?

  • Sunshine

    These two are disgusting. They have not an ounce of good in them. LeAnn’s PR staff (which is one person) is posting heavy but everyone knows LeAnn as a terrible and cruel person. No one will forget what she has done and especially how she did it.

  • LeeAnn

    @hag: whatever hag.

  • just me

    S L U T S

  • just me

    S L U T S

  • Alexa

    Disgusting cheating pieces of trash. What’s with her smug smile every time you see her?! Never would of picked her for a cheating scumbag. Pity his poor kids. Don’t bother marrying him FugAnn, his kids will just hate your guts, if they don’t already.

  • Kingofspades

    Eddie be the Mannnnn! Take her money, bang her and hang her. She’s dead weight buddy.

  • cbme

    LeAnn and Eddie look right together – the feeling is there. Can’t say that they look right to the “angelic” group who posts here – but they are right for each other or they would not have lasted this long. I don’t know their personal lives but they do and they accept each other. That is good enough for me.

  • lavender1960

    Who is SMJ?

  • Melanie

    I luv them, they are so great together. she seems so happy!

  • Becky

    These are two of the most heartless people I have heard of. I hope they get married. It will be interesting to watch how lieing and deceiptful people exist in a “relationship”. Brandi must keep her beautiful sons away from LeAnn. She will contaminate them out of pure spite. LeAnn will use those children for publicity and to futher taunt Brandi. Rimes has moved close to Eddie because she is insecure about his “affection”. Rimes feels if she can convince Eddie’s children to lover her, then Eddie’s love for her will be complete. Rimes is a sick and devious person. Brandi, don’t give an inch on visitation rights. If Eddie’s mother cares at all about her grandchildren, then she too must stand up against Rimes and for the kids well being. Those kids will be permanently damaged if they have to go through another divorce.

  • william rogers