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Taylor Swift Takes Home Five American Music Awards

Taylor Swift Takes Home Five American Music Awards

Taylor Swift cleaned up at the American Music Awards on Sunday (November 22), taking home five awards, including the biggest award of the evening, Artist of the Year.

The 19-year-old singer also won Favorite Female Artist (Country), Favorite Female Artist (Pop/Rock), Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist and Favorite Album.

Tay watched the show via satellite in London’s Wembley Arena, where she’ll be performing tonight in a sold-out show – she accepted Artist of the Year at nearly 4 a.m. London time!

“Music has never been ultimately about competition,” Taylor said. “And to even be mentioned in a category with Michael Jackson, who we will miss and love forever, is an unimaginable honor.

I just want to say that I’m sending my love to the Jackson family, and to Janet for reaching out to me the way that you have. And, to the fans, you have given me so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving…..l miss and I love you. Thank you so much!”

Congratulations, T!!

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  • tori

    LORD…who votes on this stuff? seriously, do the teenage girls/boys get to vote for these awards? Love taylor, but she is an awful, awful singer. To beat out most of the competition in her category, it’s just a disgrace! It makes me stop and rethink the quality of our music industry..Oh, and another question…that crazy adam lambert lost AI, but sang on AMA, and had a front pager in Vanity Fair???

  • why

    my ears bleed when she sings

  • ivanka

    congrats taylor:) wow she has acomplished a lot of things at a very short age, a lot of people are jealous right now

  • maddie

    why?!? i mean she sounds fine on the radio/cd versions of her songs but live, she is horrible… people are still feeling sorry for her and that whole kanye thing… how else could she beat out such top heavyweights like Michale Jackson & Eminem?!?
    I am so sick and tired of hearing how shes the best blah blah blah!
    make up your mind if your country or pop!
    congrats on your “win”

    i guess

  • Shawna

    This is so sad that she is winning all these awards. She even beat out such greats as Reba McEntire, who has an AMAZING voice. Taylor only sounds good on her CD’s where they clean up her voice. Go to youtube and type in Taylor Live and you can see that she honestly cannot sing at all. And the worst part is all these TRUE artists are being snubbed over for some little blond in a miniskirt.

  • malak


    the same ..!

  • Katie Momjeans

    I love her. She is so amazing and perfect in every way!

  • Robert

    Never been a big Taylor Swift fan. Something about her face–big cheekbones, eyes too far apart–just annoys me. I know it’s wrong to judge people in that way, especially musicians, but I can’t help it. Good for her, though. Congrats.

  • Mika

    How could she beat MJ, KINGS OF LEON and LADY GAGA!!!! The world is going crazy… she is so blááááá.
    and sereously, beyoncé is much better than her. in every sense of the word.

  • Rhonda

    I think it goes by sales and she beat everyone! I do like the fact that she writes, she plays her guitar and performs and doesn’t have to look and dance like a stripper. good for her

  • happy girl

    very pretty girl. seems genuinely nice. but artist of the year. overrated and undeserved. come on. seriously. no way.

  • Sunshine

    Rhonda, I agree with you. She has a lot of fans, sold millions and have been selling out venues in a matter of minutes. I also agree that she does not sing very well.

  • JIll

    Unreal she is winning all these awards! Amas are fan voted so that makes a little more sense. But sweeping at the CMAs?? Craziness!

    I agree she has no vocal talent! CD/Radio fine live awful! Song writing is her strong point!

    Grammys should stop her madness!

  • Brooke

    Taylor seems like a nice girl but she is OVERRATED in every sense. She’s sweet and all but she cannot sing. She does NOT deserve to win over Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Teeny boppers vote for these awards. She does not deserve to win over Reba McEntire who is a legend in country. She is not and will never be a legend. To be honest, I like her because she writes, but her songs aren’t that great. Sales success she deserves but awards like this she does not.

  • Brooke

    I agree with you

  • lexy

    She’s awesome and she deserves all her winnings! She works hard and deserves the recognition! Don’t why she send out her sympathies to those vultures aka the Jackson clan but she’s young and probably star struck!

  • nat

    Good for her! She seems like a very nice girl and is a great role model for all the young girls our there.

  • Rhonda

    Has she won all these awards for the same album? or is there more than one album?

  • ping

    If it’s Carrie Underwood sweeping all the awards, I can understand. But Taylor can’t sing, and she is making pop music while telling people that’s country music. Good marketing strategy to sell something that’s not what you adverse but not very honest.

  • Dina

    Kanye should have interrupted her ass again! She so didn’t deserve it

  • May

    Well, congrats o her, though i’m sort of tires of her winning everything.
    I love her music and her person but i think thre’s a limit. She wins everything.
    It’s like I don’t even have to watch the categories she’s being nominated for because i know she’s gonna win.

    As I said, Congrats anyway!

  • jana

    she is not that great, i don’t get it! also she is not cute, there is something wrong with her eyes.

  • TY

    Taylor was quoted as saying that the awards were not about competition—then why does she go on all her sites and BEG for votes??????? She did not deserve these awards at all. She can not sing. Underwood should have won for country and Beyonce for pop. They can sing. She is so overrated. Yes she has had a good tour–but it is from the kids–twilight-Disney groups that are going. She CO-writes her songs with Liz Rose-not by herself. Underwood and many others CO-writes their songs also. The boy-girl break up songs by Swift have gotten old and boring. She only sings in 2 keys in all her songs and sings terrible live. The studio has enhanced her voice to sound better and sell records. They have fooled the kids into believing she can sing. She is not a teenager–she is 20 years old in a month–and dating a 17 year old boy–jail bait. Role model?? Don’t think so!!!

  • Lacey

    Sure she’s a great singer and a genuniely nice girl, but the is no way in hell she could beat MJ, the KING OF POP. (in my opinion) she’s wrote a couple of good songs, but she can even be COMPARED to Michael. He has beat out every artist there has ever been pretty much. and his sales are much MUCH higher than hers. (i know he’s been in the industry 40 years more than her but,) not to mention that he was the sweetest, more caring, beautiful artist that ever lived. he was truly a genius. RIP Michael, we will love you forever.
    (NO OFFENCE TO TAYLOR SWIFT, she’s a great singer and sweet girl.) :)

  • dundies

    its a very sad year for entertainment, wtf is going on

  • xxx

    Why does she keep winning so many awards??
    She has no talent whatsoever. Its a JOKE!!!!

  • anon

    It would be nice to see this girl sing on a bare stage without all the distractions going on behind her to distract the audience. LIVE…all singers should be judged in regular street clothes and bare basics, their voice. Earn it.

  • Tia Baggio

    I wonder how she stayed up that late. She should have pre-taped the acceptance speech! –

  • ann

    This pity party for Taylor really needs to stop. She’s not that good of a singer. How she beat MJ, Kings of Leon, Eminem , Beyonce, and Lady Gaga I have no clue.

  • kari

    Taylor has talent, beauty and a sweet personality, but I don’t get all the non-stop adulation. She is not really of the super star calibur. Oh wait, this is the same country of people who voted for Obama. Now I see…..

  • ckastillo

    Didnt deserve any of these awards!!!!

  • Qiana


  • spitfire

    i think lady gaga should have won artist of the year.

  • Ashley

    It’s the face of Satan.
    She’s so fake. She knew she was going to win.

  • Rhonda


    I love Michael too but he has recorded a record in years, they just made it up.

  • ariel

    whatever … Taylor deserves!! but Carrie Underwood should have won for country and Shakiar for pop!!!! xxx

  • Anna

    I feel a Swift backlash coming on and all I have to say is it’s about time! There can ALWAYS be another Taylor Swift. There can NEVER be another Michael Jackson.

  • Rhonda

    The AMA was the worst show I’ve seen in years. No wonder Amrican Idol is so popular!

  • pixy

    Ugh, look at her annoying little face up there. Sorry, it’s NICE that she writes her own stuff, but COME ON! She sucks live and all her stuff is WAY too cute. Beating Michael?!?!? MICHAEL JACKSON?!?!?! Damn, the music industry has really hit the crapper. Ditto to your comment Rhonda.

  • mimi

    I feel so validate reading some of these comments. I mean the girl cannot sing. I sing about as good as she does and I cannot sing even a little bit. Unbelievable all these people earning ob$cene amounts of money with very little talent. No wonder the economy is in shambles.

  • Nay

    What has this world come to?

  • lennie

    She might be sweet and pretty and nice and all but God she looks soo dumb and her songs are awful! Poor country if that is supposed to be the greatest artist of the year! What a shame…

  • =)=)=)

    people just feel sorry for her . dont mean to be rude but she suckss her songs are too tweeny and she sucks live and to tell you the truth she doesnt deserve to win at all

  • jlene

    @TY: Well said, I’ve always wondered about these awards shows, I know part of it is based on popularity, it doesn’t necessaryily mean how they do on concerts, it’s baffling, or is it because the committee feels that they like you or feel sorry for you that they don’t even look @ the voting process and already know who is going to win already, it really sucks that nowadays there’s not privacy, honesty, respect and dignity, it all comes down to the bottom line – the almighty dollar, America has lost all it’s marbles.

  • Melanie

    She is such an amazing person. Nobody doesn’t not like her.

  • pinky

    Taylor is so talented and she doesnt wear mini skirts unlike britney/lady gaga/beyonce! she won b/c of pure talent and has worked hard! unlike the rest of the ppl who sing gay nonsense songs like eminem…and Michael Jackson lost because he is a child malester…who shouldnt even be nominated…plus he is dead! move on!
    Dont hate Taylor just because you cant sing…and she is taking over the world…hahahhaha!!!
    If you are sick of hearing about Taylor, you might as well kill yourself because this girl is Fearless and she is not going anywhere! hahha!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    her reaction seemed really forced when i was watching the awards
    but congrats for winning taylor, u deserve it
    im so glad that ugly ho lady caca didnt win =]

  • brown eyes

    ihad a dog that could sing better than taylor swift. i don’t know what is wrong with peoples ears when they hear her sing. they make mine hurt!
    she should sing blule grass because she sings out of her nose.taylor you need to decide if you are going to be a pop singer, country singer or a bluegrass singer. i personally think you know that you didn’t deserve the cma awards you won or the american music awards you won!!!! carrie underwood should have won on the cma awards and american music awards in all catagories


  • Stone

    Industry fix.

  • MMA

    She desrves it!