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Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert‘s new video for “For Your Entertainment” is out now!

The sexy new video, which was shot earlier this month in L.A., crashed Adam‘s site earlier today when the video went online!

After having his performance on tomorrow’s Good Morning America canceled, Adam will be performing on CBS’ Early Show instead!

Adam will also be doing a meet and greet in the plaza after his performance – if you’re in NYC, head to 59th and 5th to meet him!

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
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  • carlo

    first to LOVE IT!!!

  • WOW


  • gigi

    This guy is so GROSS. I thought his performance last week was stupid and pointless. THE GUY IS A PIG.

  • WOW


  • Tristan

    LOVE IT! Awesome video! Can’t wait to see all the rest of his videos.

  • theComplex


  • MaryFrances

    @gigi: STFU!

  • gigi

    Make me.

  • [marie]

    I definitely see this guy along with Lady Gaga mainstreaming gay culture…

    Middle America.. Watch Out!


  • Real Bad

    That sucked! Adam is a no-talent butt pirate.


    pure garbage for the teenie bopper morons

  • harmony rose

    I think I saw this the first time when it was called the rocky horror picture show

  • missy

    So GAY………………………..whatever it is, its all yours!

  • t

    better than i was expecting

  • idotoo

    I really wished he’d pick a song that spotlights his incredible voice. This song anyone can sing — and I want the voice!!! His voice!!! Sorry, song isn’t that good…

  • Kirsten

    Adam you are so totally S&M ELVIS! LOVE IT!!!

  • jory


  • jessie

    The video isn’t as bad as his AMA performance that’s for sure and the song is so mediocre. His screams are getting pretty annoying too. He’s so blah and it seems like he’s trying to copy Lady Gaga’s flare with the outfits

  • Bruce Wagner

    Re: Adam Lambert on AMA:

    It’s a freaking KISS, America! OMG! Get Over It! Is this 1809?!? What a sick sick sad sexually repressed country!!!

  • Iggles

    This song isn’t good. I can see why he chose it as a single — the lyrics. But I don’t think it’s a good introduction to non-Idol fans. I don’t know what all the hype about him is about.

  • sunigal99

    Much more entertaining and sexy than the live performance. And what a spectacular voice! So hot and so talented. Love this video!!

  • helen

    Very nice video :-)
    I love his dancing

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    jared, keep the adam lambert threads coming! ahahahahahaha.. how many got posted today? i wonder how many will get posted tomorrow. don’t matter, keep`em coming. the homophobic haters cant take it. he’s getting more famous by the min. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  • ..

    I enjoyed this more than his horrible singing Live on tv the other night. his voice was not as annoying in the video but HE is just as annoying.

  • cory Smith

    Gigi and She Boy: I completely agree. Can some one extinguish the eye sore please!!!

    This video to me, seemed like he sat and watched “Disturbia” a billion times and then decided to do this.

    Someone mentioned him/it copying Lady Gaga’s outfits. Maybe, but her outfits are so other-worldy it be pretty impossible. lol. Love Gaga, Hate Adam.

  • cory Smith

    The thing I hate most about Adam Lambert is that he’s just so blatantly cocky.

  • Susan B

    awesome video LOVE IT, great great great

  • zoey

    @Bruce Wagner:

    Dude, i wasn’t offended by his excessively lame performance, I was seriously surprised that he sang like shit. Isn’t he supposed to be a somewhat talented singer? The video sucks too.

  • Kylie

    If he was straight no one would give a toss about this prat just like talentless, retarded Taylor Swift wouldn’t have won shit if it wasn’t for Kanye West’s comment.

  • Amanda

    I must admit he did a good job with the video and now that I listen to a version of the song that is sung better than the one at the sleezy AMA performance, it isn’t half bad either. However, he is still a classless, arrogant, unappreciative asshole and I can’t call myself a fan.

  • Tom

    He is such a boring celebrity. He is a poser.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Boring and VERY unoriginal, I feel like I already saw ALL that before, Disco Stick and all…….
    He’s too desprate for attention….Obviously

  • happy girl

    LOVE the video! Awesome Adam! Luv ya!

  • Ali

    not interested in hearing another sound from this guy. take him away.

  • Sam

    @Bruce Wagner: Nobody cares about the stupid “kiss” , Adam just plane sucks & sings crappy live,
    He just did it for attention. Hello??? McFly!!!

  • cutie pie

    What a dirty useless piece of trash!!

  • cutie pie

    Must suck to not have any talent and have to rely on trashy sex tactics to get attention, cant sing or dance and a man wearing nail polish and eye makeup .. how trashy!

  • Lacy

    BOOO!!! Hes just as bad as Craptina Uglyera by over doing everything (in a bad way)
    both have no talent so they count on “shock” to get people talking.
    *yawn* congrats Adam, people are “talkin”, whateves

  • deborah

    In our family we think Adam is simply the greatest new talent to come onto the scene in a long time. With his amazing talent, charisma and looks, he will be around for a long long time. Bought my copy of FYE last night and love it. Really great. All the songs are strong. Give it a listen.

  • Loo


  • Paulie

    LOVE him! His album is getting great reviews too. The haters can keep on hating. As for the homophobes, shame on you!


    I absolutely adore this video. HOTHOTHOT. ABC is stupid for canceling.

  • Andrea

    It should be retitled as “For Your Deprivation”

  • Dumb

    Another outdated sounding song and another trashy “performance”.

  • ILY Adam

    There are a lot of sexually repressed prudes in this country. Get over it.

  • Andrea

    Sexual repression and sexual control are completely different. Some ppl in this country believe in respecting sexuality not degrading it, like this video.

  • AdamIsNothing

    Funny that people call him Elvis. You DO know that Adam is a strawberry blonde with freckles, right? There is NOTHING real about this guy…his looks, his music, his personality, nada.

  • Paulie

    “Some ppl in this country believe in respecting sexuality not degrading it”

    You musn’t like any of the current pop stars, then. Personally I found underage Miley Cyrus’s pole dancing at the Kids Choice Awards more questionable than Adam’s performance. Kids are more likely to emulate Miley than Adam.

    As for the AMAs, I wonder why people aren’t getting huffed over Janet rubbing the crotch of her male backup dancer? Or the half-naked video playing on the video screen during Rihanna’s performance?

  • Paulie

    And I should add that Janet and Rihanna performed during what is considered family hour- 8 PM-10PM ET. It’s that time period that the FCC monitors. Adam’s performance occurred close to 11 PM ET, outside the watch of the FCC.

    This begs the question, why are parents allowing their kids to watch TV past the family viewing period?

  • n_n

    the video is OK… just one thing… please Adam no more dance for you!!