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Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert‘s new video for “For Your Entertainment” is out now!

The sexy new video, which was shot earlier this month in L.A., crashed Adam‘s site earlier today when the video went online!

After having his performance on tomorrow’s Good Morning America canceled, Adam will be performing on CBS’ Early Show instead!

Adam will also be doing a meet and greet in the plaza after his performance – if you’re in NYC, head to 59th and 5th to meet him!

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
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  • Skynner317

    i dont understand people, if you didnt like him and thought he was gross in the first place, then why would you watch this anyway?! You guys are just proving that you have nothing better to do in your pethetic little lives. Keep your hate to yourself, and let the people who actually like adam lambert enjoy his music.

  • adamlambertrocks

    if u don’t like Adam, then why did u take the time to watch the video and post a comment?? thats even more pathetic then u claim the Adam fans to be. How can you hate someone that you don’t even know? I think this video is amazing, just like Adam =] i bought his album, amazing. His voice, amazing. And i actually think the song is really good too =] The song isn’t even that perverted! There are a lot of songs that are WAY more perverted than this that got a lot of hits. for example, touch my body, love in this club, sexi can i. (not saying that i hate those songs, just saying that they are worse than this) and the Ama performance wasn’t that bad either. If u are mad because your kid saw it, too bad! Why would you let your kid stay up till 11:00 on a school night to watch an award show with adult content!!?? Its your fault that your kid saw it, not Adams =p I truly think that if Adam wasn’t gay, there would not be all of these hateful comments. if it was a straight guy doing all the stuff adam did with a straight girl, people wouldn’t be complaining as much. which i think is absolutely ridiculous. If u don’t like him, don’t go searching things on the internet about him! It’s that freakin simple!! Ur just giving him more attention by posting your hateful comments. Face it, u haters are just as obsessed with him as the fans =p

  • Stone

    Hell, I’d wear a condom if I were shaking his hand!

  • Rita

    Looking over these comments, it appears that either you love him or you hate him. I’m gonna assume that a majority of all the people that said they dispised the video and him in general are homophobes. I know not all of you who said you hated him are homophobes, but a majority of you are. I don’t think we should really care if he’d rather have 5 men licking peanut butter off him at night, than get to take a tour of the Playboy Mansion; because all we should really care about is his singing and his songs. He’s a performer people, not a role model. I understand some of you honestly just don’t like his singing, but then just say that! Cause some of you are saying that you don’t like HIM, and you can’t say that because you haven’t even met him i’m guessing. I actually have met him and he’s a really sweet person, even if i didn’t like his singing i would still like him as a person. So your probably wondering if I’m a fan of his or not… i’m just gonna be blunt……OMG HE’S AN AMAZING SINGER AND THIS SONG IS AWESOME, AND HE’S SOOOOOOOO SEXYYYYY I LOVE HIM <33333333…..but you know, i’m not like OBSESSED or anything ;)

  • http://google valentina

    Adam is so sexy! Love his music and his performances!

  • http://google valentina

    Adam is so sexy! Love him!!!!!

  • Josh

    I think this is catchy, but is a song that will be soon forgotten. It has no meaning, and no talent involved. Yes, Adam Lambert has an awesome voice, but not in this song, I think he can do much, much better than this. I hope that his next single is less worried about getting money, and more worried about expressing his talent.

  • Antiquity

    Love it love it love it! Stop bein such damn haters everyone! I agree and understand that everyone is entitled to your own opinion. But do it with some RESPECT! Tell us if you like it, love it ect, but none of us here need to hear all the ways that you want to bash the man into the ground .. If you dont like him, stop watching. If you dont like his “screams” or his voice, stop listening. Simple as that. No one is forcing his music down your throat. He does what he does for the love of it. Those of you who can not show enough respect to be proper in the ways you express your opinions are showing to the world that you are childish. Please grown up and give the man all the credit he deserves. Think about this one statement. Can YOU safely say that the one childhood dream that you had while laying in bed at night, came true? That YOU worked so hard that YOU made it come true for yourself? I didn’t think so. Hell, Mine has not even come true. If you are a select number of people whom it has, then congrats. I give you props for aiming and achieving high.

    Last but NEVER least – Adam if you are ever out there some where reading this, I want you to know that you are kickin some serious ASS… Dont ever stop and keep tellin em all to take their shit else where. Your rockin it out and deserve happiness … Rock on Adam! I Follow you on Twitter and will continue to do so! Till then!

  • Antiquity

    Ok I am sorry but I need to add ONE more in here that just boiled me the WRONG F’n way – People in here want to talk about being gay!?! WTF are we? Back in HIGH SCHOOL!?? *omg look at him he’s *whispers* gay!* GROW THE HELL UP!!! Do you know what the word gay means? It means love.. happiness.. respect.. companionship.. lover….friend…equality… all the same G**DAMN things that being straight means … If you for once think that because this man is gay that there is something wrong with him, you are living in a small pathetic little life. How DARE you judge him .. How DARE you judge who it is it that HE chooses to be with.. that is HIS choice and NOT YOURS so do not pass judgment before you YOURSELF have been condemned my friend!

  • UMM

    Lol, trust me this is not “gay”. It’s camp and intentionally so.

  • jas9999

    Love it!

  • carrd

    If you people don’t like him then why are you following all his articles on the net and commenting. Why don’t you find someone you like and follow him. I think you’re just a bunch of jealous people who wish you could be Adam.

  • carrd

    And I loved the video. What a talent and let’s face it….it’s 2009 everything has been done already. That’s why there are so many remakes on the old songs and movies. But this guy can sing and that’s what it’s about. Don’t care about all the other stuff…just want to keep hearing that voice!!!

  • Missah

    He is the hottest thing alive.
    Makes me wish I was a man; I’d totally be gay for him.

  • hola

    Okay if you people don’t like him and think he is sooo annoying then y on earth r you’ll watching his video. You people r so stupid you don’t watch a person’s vidoe that you know you’re not going to like duh, there is no point to it. U need to freaking get over urself. Adam is awesome whether he is gay or not.

  • Tianna

    everyone who is being rude about Adam and his performances and his sexuality really do have a major problem and need togrow up and accept the fact hes just like any other human being on this planet, not is he just like everyone else he has a major talent not just for voice but for performing and acting as well, so if you dont have something nice to say keep it to yourself and get over it cause hes just as awesome and beautiful as anyone else on this earth.
    So whhhhhhaTT!

  • alibaba


    Then you must be so vain, look in the mirror then youll see a PIG, AND BIG FAT ONE 2,

    Hypocrite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • XOXO

    F*****ing pure s.e.x. love this bish.

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