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Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere

Adam Lambert‘s new video for “For Your Entertainment” is out now!

The sexy new video, which was shot earlier this month in L.A., crashed Adam‘s site earlier today when the video went online!

After having his performance on tomorrow’s Good Morning America canceled, Adam will be performing on CBS’ Early Show instead!

Adam will also be doing a meet and greet in the plaza after his performance – if you’re in NYC, head to 59th and 5th to meet him!

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment
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121 Responses to “Adam Lambert - 'For Your Entertainment' Music Video Premiere”

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  1. 76
    Baby Kate Says:

    He is such a huge talent and has no ego at all.

  2. 77
    Guinness Says:

    Very goth. Creatively down-under. Great dancing…garb looks the same as other vids….singing is great. He really gets into it!! I hope he “goes far”, the “mainstream” needs to be streamlining all talented artists, and not discriminate because we will lose the way forward if we do!! good luck, good-lookin goth gay guy!!!

  3. 78
    Go Adam! Says:

    LOVE IT !!!

  4. 79
    LILana Says:


  5. 80
    LILana Says:

    You rock adam loved it sooo much!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  6. 81
    LILana Says:

    You rock imma #1 fan Lambert Go ADAM <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  7. 82
    helen Says:

    adam is wonderful, he is so talented. that performance was great. having said that; the man really blew it. the american music awards was not the time or the place for that kind of stage show. yes, i know there’s the double standard. but i think he has already experienced his first back lash; good morning america cancelled on him.

  8. 83
    Lori Says:

    Love the video. Adam has an amazing amount of charisma and talent. A fan forever.

  9. 84
    Lilly Ledbetter Says:

    I don’t think his album will sell

  10. 85
    donna Says:

    love it simply love it!

  11. 86
    elin Says:

    best Idol music video ever!

  12. 87
    wsm Says:


    #47 You hit the nail on the head! I agree 100%. This guy is the biggest poser I’ve ever witnessed. Please go away! Your music and perfomances are trashy and your desperation to sell your sexual music is pathetic. Don’t like this moron at all!

  13. 88
    wsm Says:


    Hey gigi, everyone is entitled to their opionion so why don’t you STFU?

  14. 89
    wsm Says:

    @Bruce Wagner:

    Hello Bruce, It wasn’t the kiss so much as the other stuff that he did. Wow!, if you were on the west coast you got the edited version.. I saw it on Central time and thought is was disgusting. Not only did Adam look like a clown, the vocals were horrific, the dancing pitiful, and the sexual (very bad) was something I hope I never have to witness again. This jack ass is just that… a total ass! Go away you loser!

  15. 90
    charlie Says:

    @cory Smith:
    I agree with you, he’s beyond cocky and thinks he’s all that! Hate this scum bag!

  16. 91
    charlie Says:

    Wow Deborah, I feel sorry for you and your family when the only thing you have to love and look up to is this useless piece of ****. Do you not get the fact that he doesn’t care about you or his so-called fans? This dude is nothing more then a fame wh**e that is in it for the $$$. Can’t stand his music or his ugly ass fake face. Please go away Lambert!… Far Far Far Far Away! Get lost you fake ass poser!

  17. 92
    Big Pimpin' Says:

    @Tom: not worse than megan fox. she’s a poser.

  18. 93
    Big Pimpin' Says:

    i had high hopes for this guy. but he has messed up his first outing as an artist.
    looks? check.
    can sing? absolutely.
    can keep you entertained? yes. he doesn’t dance, but he moves with the song and has star quality.
    has talent? yes.

    with all he has going for him why did he come out with this below average song (sounds like a pop song britney would pass), childish lyrics, act so nasty on the ama’s, and now a below average video, where all he does is pout at the camera??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    adam you have the talent to be a superstar like Elvis or Michael. USE IT. STOP TRYING TO BE BRITNEY, AND GAGA. stop this pop crap. i will pass on you and your album till you be the Adam I was blown away by on Idol.

  19. 94
    LSCHN Says:

    And yet, you went out of your way to find and watch his video. Hmmmm ….

  20. 95
    LSCHN Says:

    @Real Bad: And, you’re an idiot who is apparently so obsessed with Adam that you go out of your way to hunt down his videos just to post negative comments.

  21. 96
    LSCHN Says:

    If you don’t like Adam, why are you going out of your way to look for his music videos, news articles, etc. just so you can post hateful, negative comments? Don’t you have a life? Or, are you such a hateful piece of poop that you have no friends. Sad…..

  22. 97
    LSCHN Says:

    @AdamIsNothing: You DO know that Elvis was blond and dyed his hair black, too. Right? And, since he was blond, he must have worn black mascara because his eyelashes were not naturally black.

  23. 98
    LSCHN Says:

    @Big Pimpin’: Pop is short for popular, which means it’s what the majority of people want to listen to, which means money. If you’re looking for some obscure rock singer, I’m sure, if you look hard enough, you can find them. But stop trying to dictate what everyone else listens to.

  24. 99
    LSCHN Says:

    @Andrea: So, why are you watching it? Apparently, you don’t watch a lot of music videos because this one is tame in comparison. I guess if men were shown blatantly humping women, as in so many videos, you’d be okay with that. You’re pathetic!

  25. 100
    m Says:

    he reminds me of the guy from the Rocky Horror Picture show….

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