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Adam Lambert & Kate Gosselin: Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People

Adam Lambert & Kate Gosselin: Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating People

It’s that time again for Barbara Walters to interview her her “10 Most Fascinating People.”

According to Gossip Cop, Among the 2009 most fascinating are reality TV mama Kate Gosselin, American Idol vet Adam Lambert, and Jenny Sanford, wife of philandering South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People will air on ABC on December 9.

WHO DO YOU THINK will Barbara’s most fascinating person???

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  • boo

    Kate Gosselin?!?!?!?! You gotta be effing kidding me.


    adams GMA performance was cancelled…

  • Riley

    He’s going to have a hard time finding shows on network television that will let him perform after the stunt he pulled.

  • Jen

    I can’t believe that abc cancelled Adam’s appearance on Good Morning America! Wow, are they scared he’ll do something sexy at 8 in the morning? chickens! Censorship sucks!

    But good for The Early Show for taking the booking. I’m glad, because I prefer that show a lot more anyway.

  • In The Know

    There is simply nothing fascinating about Kate Gosselin. She is the product of hype and reality TV, and the current inane obsession with tabloid culture. Barbara ought to be interviewing Marines that protect the freedom to have that culture, or people that have some kind of real talent, not nitwits.

  • sillyme

    Adam Lambert and Kate Gosselin? You’ve got to be kidding.

    As for Lambert, his cancelled GMA performance is not about censorship. It’s about that fool not knowing what is appropriate for family viewing audiences. He did the same kind of stuff on the Idol tour and parents complained about it. We get it, you’re gay and you’re “comfortable with you sexuality” blah, blah, blah. I’m comfortable with my sexuality, too, but it doesn’t mean I go around the office with my boobs hanging out or wearing a dress up to my butt. Ask Lambert if he’s ever heard of Blake Lewis…another AI runner up who was supposed to be big, but he turned people off with his immaturity.

    And, who does he think he is comparing himself with Madonna and Britney? They were established stars when they did the kiss (on CABLE, not network TV).

  • Payson

    KHATE GOSSELIN????????? WHAT is so fascinating about her?
    She’s verbally abusive,demeaning and berates her husband on national television and I won’t even start on the children—-she’s a waste of time.

  • karen


    great post… nothing left to add..

    Regarding Barbara’s fascinating people.. she really needs to stop with this list.. the last few years she has been so off base.. picking the ‘people of the moment”.. and the next year they are no where to be seen.. I would love to see the last 5 list of fascinating people.. I will make a bet that most of them are on Dancing with the Stars or some other reality show.. NO Longevity whatsoever..

  • Flo

    I do not find Kate Gosselin or Adam Lambert interesting let alone fascinating so will not bother to watch. Fake reality shows and fake sex acts are not what i want to see or hear on my tv.

  • Donna

    Is that the best she can do? I used to respect Barbara as a news woman and then The View happened and now this. Talk about crap on television.

  • anon

    For beating her kids with a wooden spoon? Kate has many secrets but she doesn’t have TLC covering up for her or buying people off either. Hasn’t BW picked dictators for fascinating people before?

  • anon

    Adam Lambert’s performance, not for national TV. Not fascinating either.

  • mickey

    I guess fascinating doesn’t mean what it used to.

  • watch

    Kate Gooselin? Has Babara lost her mind? What has Kate done? She had fertility treatments, had a liter of kids, put a tv camera in their faces and up their asses, took her husbands balls and ate them for dinner, and went on every program that would have her and lied/cried about not having money to feed her kids. Why is this woman fascinating? When I think of all the people in this country that have done extraordinary things…..for Babara to pick this trashy woman…it’s time to retire honey.

  • Rose

    The question asked was, “Who do you think will be Barbara Walters’ most fascinating person of the year?” My answer is Taylor Swift. No one has had a better year than that girl. Entertainer of the Year at the CMAs and Artist of the Year at the AMAs, Taylor should just retire now because 2009 showered her with numerous accolades she many never get again. Then again, she may surprise us all and her star will keep rising. She’s got the talent.

  • hahaha

    this list should be called the americas most desperate for attention. down with reality tv “stars”. they suck and the feel too entitled for having achieved so little

  • Erin

    I think Rihanna and Taylor Swift should both be in the Top 10

  • Naima

    How sad that this is where this country has gotten that BW is interviewing these two looser idiots. There really is no sense of true talent or art left in this country, how pathetic but then again we did have W as president for 8 years that should have been an indication of how stupid and tasteless Americans have become.

  • ommmz

    Barbara Walters has OFFICIALLY lost it.

  • Vince Murphy

    This seems more like a list of people that everyone is sick of hearing about..

  • mare

    UGH Adam lambert your 2 minutes is almost up! not so fascinating. How about a solidier who is fighting for our freedom or atleast someone who can sing like Taylor Swift.

  • what a joke

    Fascinating?…….maybe in trailer parks

  • Pathetic No-Talents

    Fascinating—in the way roadkill is fascinating

  • Babawa Wawa

    Adam Wambert and Kate Gossewin are Most Fascinting Peopew

  • n_n


    I agree!! One of them is the number 1 MFP

  • Melanie

    Gov sanford is a lucky guy, he must be so proud of his wife!

  • Age

    Two words BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!

  • Age


  • forever56

    *sigh* unfortunately Adam is a little TOO fascinating. I was huge fan of his back on american idol and after. he has tremendous talent he just needs to know when to draw the line.

  • jessie


  • emele

    people who should be on the list….Taylor Swift for sure and i’d like to see Ellen Degenerous on it.

  • Melanie

    So is Jon Gosselin on the list too?

  • xxx

    How are they fascinating? They come off quite boring to me!

  • lakers fan in boston

    how is kate fascinating
    being a crazy annoying bitzch wife is not interesting at all
    in fact there are other woman like her all around the world
    not all, but some unfortunately
    adam lambert isnt fascinating
    unless u mean bring gay is fascinating, then idk

  • Rhonda

    Sarah Palin has to be number 1, 300,000 in first day, 700,000 first week, another million being printed. 2 1/2 million! Got to be Sarah!

  • Rhonda

    Kate Gosselin is annoying at best and Lambert is just flat out vulgar! Why couldn’t he just sing? and why can’t she go away!

  • Rhonda

    Taylor Swift is a good guess too! maybe!

  • hardup

    Kate and Adam? Barbara must be extra hard-up this year. zzzzzzzz.

  • Meela

    What a JOKE!!!!!! Tv is CRAP, music is lacking in talent! Just when you think you have seen and heard it all! Those two fame hogs are getting EXACTLY what they set out to do. Who needs talent anymore, being in the right place at the right time is the thing to do!!! It IS so sad that so many well deserving people are out there and the same bunch of clowns are making millions to freaking NOTHING!!!

    Both Adam and Kate need to be sent back to the trailer parks that they came from because they are BOTH TRASH!!!

  • Rhonda

    Obama must have an entertainment czar! Entertainment sucks big time! Barbara Wa WA has dementia!

  • Sasha

    Jonas Brothers

  • simpleman

    Barbara Walters, Adam Wambert and Kate Gossewin are the most fascinating person of the year. They all belong to the same “class”. Lowlife.

  • Gloria

    @watch: Very, very good. I agree with you 100%.

  • Cleigh

    If Barbara Walters airs the Adam Lambert portion on her Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People I will lose all respect for her.

  • aseret64

    for all the haters, you just have to work hard to become famous and be Barbara Walters so you can make your own list of top ten most fascinating people. as for now, its her list and not yours, so shut up

  • Kaylie


    Someone that can actually sing? Adam can actually sing, ALOT better than Taylor Swift. Clean your ears out. You can say anything you want about Adam, but don’t say he can’t sing, because he can and nobody can deny that.

  • belle

    You are so wrong. CBS snatched him up and NBC wanted him but already had Bon Jovi performing and would not have had time for Adam to perform. Let’s leave this double standard behind and enjoy Adam, a great singer and performer

  • belle


    Hope you are wrong about that. Of course 2 minutes of greatness is better than a lifetime of boredom. I believe he’s hear to stay and deservedly so. Don’t confuse a stage persona with a person. He is a wonderful person and performer.

  • Cathleen

    Fascinating does not necessarily mean exemplary, admirable, honorable or heroic.

    It can be contemptible, deplorable, despicable, or reprehensible.

    Adam and Kate fall into the reprehensible catagory.

  • kad

    REALLY? This is what its come to, I thought Barbara Walters had more class than that. I hope this is just rumor, bc if she has chosen Kate Gosselin its the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. What happen to people getting into the TV and movie idustry bc they had talent or some worth. Its disgusting