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Ben Affleck & Violet: Balloon Bunch

Ben Affleck & Violet: Balloon Bunch

Ben Affleck picks up his sweetie pie daughter Violet at her school in Santa Monica on Tuesday (November 24).

With three balloons reading “Get Well Soon,” a smiley Violet was carried out to the car by her famous dad. Hope everyone’s okay!

Ben is back in town after being in Boston for work on The Town – it looks like Violet is happy to have her whole family back on the west coast again.

15+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck and Violet heading home with balloons…

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ben affleck violet balloons 01
ben affleck violet balloons 02
ben affleck violet balloons 03
ben affleck violet balloons 04
ben affleck violet balloons 05
ben affleck violet balloons 06
ben affleck violet balloons 07
ben affleck violet balloons 08
ben affleck violet balloons 09
ben affleck violet balloons 10
ben affleck violet balloons 11
ben affleck violet balloons 12
ben affleck violet balloons 13
ben affleck violet balloons 14
ben affleck violet balloons 15

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  • Lindley

    Ben is such a good dad. He has a teddy bear like quality to him. :)

  • ellie’

    That Violet is happiest little girl ever.. Nice always to see Ben.. Love the Afflecks..

  • uoy kcuf
  • Tiffany

    that polka dot bag looks nice on him. he should wear that out with the fellas.

  • Annie

    Violet is such a sweet little girl….she has two wonderful parents that obviously devote every moment they can, to her and cutie pie Seraphina….what ever her Dad is saying to her it’s making her laugh…..he’s probably saying – “here we go again Vi, the paps are here again” – he keeps a cool look on his face but underneath he probably wants to knock someone out…..I certainly would if it was me….Violet has only been back at school a week or so and in the past week there have been at least four days where she has been photographed. Before you nasty bloggers get on and say how ugly she looks and that Ben and Jen are pimping out there girls – which is the most disgusting thing you could say about young innocent children – one who is still very much a baby – they are only trying to give their daughters a normal life but have to put up with slimy greedy people that want to stalk them – because that’s what they’re doing – STALKING – I love seeing photos of Ben and Jennifer and their two gorgeous girls but at the same time feel that they deserve the privacy and respect that any human being wants when they are trying to go about their normal day things. OK they’re celebrities/actors and they know what to expect but just because they make movies doesn’t mean their lives should be intruded like they are. A gorgeous family – girls are always laughing – there is a lot of love and happiness in that home. xxxxxx

  • enough of these weirdos!

    @Annie: yes you know so much. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cutiepie32

    Does anyone else think its wrong and creepy for paps to be hanging out outside of a school trying to get a shot of a parent picking up their child? I think celebs kids should completely be off limits to photogs.

  • Sarah

    @cutiepie32: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally agree! JUST PLAIN CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri

    Nice pics…but I think you should have blurred out the street address for the school…..that’s all they need – more paps/crazy people!

  • blue

    I hope their calm and peaceful of life, just we
    hope ourselves life like that. i think mr. photographer
    also hope their peaceful and calm life for their
    children too. so please leave them alone and
    hope their children’s happy child life.

  • Cute

    dad and daughter look cute :D
    jen is so lucky to have pretty kids and a handsome husband..

  • christine (WeHo)

    Whatevr Violet! My dad’s bettr lookin than urs!

  • Jokergurl

    Creepy yes for paps to be hanging outside school, but cute picture this is. Sorry Yoda moment over with. Ben is BUFF!

  • plez

    Anyone thinks it’s weird that they don’t move their child to another school where there is more privacy? NO

    Because they like the attention. Don’t let the whining by Affleck or Garner fool you. This couple are big attention whores.

  • Wow

    @plez: I know right?!? I’m sure there are a lot of other schools with a ton more privacy…but these fame whores choose to not take that route.

  • KC

    She’s such a beautiful, happy little girl She seem really well adjusted and so sweet!

  • carrie

    whaou! has she a father? i thought her mother was single! (sarcasm)

  • sskiks

    Anyone who genuinely doesn’t want their favorite celebs to be photographed outside of working need to stop leaving comments and not click on photos on any site that appear outside of promotions. It’s called supply and demand – if you don’t demand it (by leaving comments, clicking on photos which shows interest) they will eventually stop supplying it because it won’t be worth their while. It all comes down to money for paps. so it’s up to you.

  • anja

    Oh, Jared, you haven’t posted picture of Violet with PACIFIER – disgusting

  • anja

    But, let’s correct that mistake:

  • To xxx

    anja, what’s up your butt? Why do you click on this post? Do you want to keep seeing Jen and her family? You love them so much.

  • ugly

    awwwwww they both look so cute together but where is mummy J?

  • julia

    people always ask where he is: there he is!! I love this family! All of it’s members are flawless!! they look so happy and down to earth too! the pic of ben carrying violet is priceless!

  • Flo

    Violet is a beautiful happy little girl who’s parents obviously spend time wtih her like a normal family.

  • To xxx

    Let’s pray that Violet’s sunny nature will somehow infect those haters with cold black hearts who say nothing but negative things bout this lovely family….
    Here’s hoping!


    Gee now how many photos do we have of Suri walking up a sidewalk
    or with her mom and dad 200 compared to the Afflecks who only
    pick up their daughter.. You can tell how much Vi loves her father..
    Just seeing on the set photos of her with Ben..!! So NO MORE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS PLEASE SURI GETS WAY MORE PRESS

  • Wow

    A 4 year old with a pacifier, they win the award of WORST PARENTS IN THE WORLD. These people in this family are a bunch of lazy asses

  • Electrapuss

    Cute family. I can’t wait for violet to grow up and flashes her cute little poo ssy

  • I’d lick it

    What a perv parent Ben is, just check out how he pocks his child’s
    a ss.

  • Chris X

    Violet loves that school so why should they change because a bunch of asses with no real careers want to hang around places and take pictures of celebrities. They are the ones who are whores. No that is an insult to whores – whores actually work for a living, That school did get a restraining order so that the paps couldn’t actually hang around the school, gate and such, but the parking lot is not school property. No one has ever caught on to the fact that Ben smiles for the paps when it is a public event, or he is on set – it is just with his kids that he lookspeeved. But I am a vulture too – I love seeing pictures of them – together or separately.

  • Baby Kate

    Violet is so cute. She has nice teeth.

  • Chris XXX

    For a young child, Violet is quite the attention whore.
    How long will it be before her ugly parents realize they are
    raising a FamewHOre

  • Smelly Benjamin

    Lick it, I was wondering the same thing. I see a little of perversion on Ben’s eyes. I wonder if he is fingering the poor child

  • Carrie

    i am sadden to see age is catching up with Ben his poor face looks haggard and tired; there is no way Blake Lively would leave her hot boyfriend for this old family man. If he wants to score with Blake he needs a shower and some sleep because he looks just like the alcoholic man he is..

  • blue



    BEN IS A DOUCHE BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    I wonder if Violet get used to that attention from the paps.
    I mean, they are following her and her parents since the day she were born.
    when she’ll be older she’ll be an attention sicker!!!!! she’ll do anything to get that attention back!!!!
    I’m not an hater or something, I’m just saying the true!!!!!

    p.s I love to see Ben with Vi more then to see her with Jen!

  • Lynda Lollipops

    He’s not cheating on Jen

  • ok

    Yeah He helps out when he is around.He works non stop one shitty movie after another . He was bussy non stop . This is just for the cameras he will be off and Jenny and her daily parade will continue. One thing though he looks good than used be . Matt should take a notice.

  • bekky

    I saw Violet Affleck wearing her pacifer on PopSugar website a few minutes ago. She is too old for that. She will be four years old next week. She is spoiled brat.

  • Lilly Ledbetter

    Maybe jen is sick with swine flu.

  • jass

    @Baby Kate: are you blind or just being sarcastic? poor kid has buck teeth from her pacy! not her fault.

  • fynn

    @Electrapuss: you’re gross! how could you say that! PERVERT!

  • Karma

    Violet is still not potty trained -

  • Jacki

    They are devoted parents and yet live busy lives. Their children come first.

  • Stone

    Aren’t you not supposed to go to school when you’re not well?

  • Soaplover

    They may not be for Violet, they may be bringing them to someone, I don’t know lol.
    Violet looks really cute in this picture, I don’t know why.
    I feel sorry for Ben he always looks really mad at the paps. I can see why though.
    I miss seeing Seraphina posts. =-(

  • Soaplover

    They may not be for Violet, they may be bringing them to someone, I don’t know lol.
    Violet looks really cute in this picture, I don’t know why.
    I feel sorry for Ben he always looks really mad at the paps. I can see why though.
    I miss seeing Seraphina posts. =-(

  • computer man

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