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Good Morning America Cuts Adam Lambert From Concert Series

Good Morning America Cuts Adam Lambert From Concert Series

Adam Lambert‘s performance on tomorrow’s Good Morning America has been canceled.

An ABC News spokesperson reveals, “Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

In response to the situation, Adam told Ryan Seacrest, “Obviously I respect their decision, they gotta do what they gotta do. It’s too bad, I think there were a lot of fans who were excited to come see me.”

He added, “They probably had a lot of pressure coming at them from certain people who weren’t happy about it. I respect their decision – I don’t necessarily agree with it, but they need to do what they need to do.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of GMA nixing Adam’s performance???

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  • Little Bit Of Info

    yea! im first again!

  • katie

    well ya, you can’t just go on television, give a crude performance and expect this not to happen. I’m sure that’s just what he wanted though.

  • paula

    I just find it hypocritical b/c they would have no problem airing a performance by another artist (cough- heterosexual- cough) and have sexual innuendos and profanity in their music/choreography.

    I just thought Lambert’s vocals were off at the AMA’s- but I wasn’t really shocked by what he did on stage.

    If Madonna can simulate masturbation on her Blonde Ambition Tour circa 90/91, then Adam’s performance is not the least bit shocking.

    There is obviously some homophobia going on here (in my opinion).

  • rhonda

    that is exactly the response that he wanted. So congrats to him he is totally working the Pr system!

  • Yvonne

    Paula, cough…. give me a break, get of the cough…… homophobia card… He was really in appropriate in his performance, why?? Do we need to see all that, is he a Singer or a performer???

  • mickey

    He is lame anyway. Good for GMA. All he does squeal and try to get attention from shock value. What’s really shocking is that people actually care. He is a gimmick.

  • ivelise

    ok Rihanna can perform almost naked and get’s to be on Good Morning America once again with nothing on, but he kisses some guys and makes the AMA’s interesting and the condemn him for it that is absolutely ridiculous. I say he sue ABC for discrimination!!

  • wendy

    Totally homophobic!!!

    If Rihanna can perform looking like that, then he should as well.

  • LeeAnn

    Yeah right on GMA!!

  • Pandora

    @ #8 Wendy — so true. Seems there is a huge double standard here. A female can look like a complete skeezer but a gay man doing something suggestive is verboten. That’s pathetic.

  • AutumnM


    But Madonna did that at CONCERTS where people paid money to see her. She did NOT do that on National Television like Adam did where kids were watching. You can’t even compare the two. Big difference.

    I do have to say I think it’s wrong of GMA to cancel his appearence though. Adam did go a little too far, but come on, this is ridiculous.

  • Ilia

    He was picked up by CBS. F*** GMA and ABC. Their loss!

  • eimear

    more like Good Morning Homophobic America.

  • Ilia


    Learn to spell, or better yet, glance into a dictionary from time to time. WTF does “in appropriate” mean?

  • kk

    By kissing that guy and dong that crude crap he just set the gay civil rights movement back twenty years. Gays have fought for decades to end the stereotype of sexual deviants and to be seen as respectable family orientated people. This guy needs to dissapear. Forever.

  • Bobby

    Screw them. Who watched GMA anyway?

  • AYF99


    There is no homophobia happening here. He was on GMA for summer concert.

  • adrianna

    dear united state of america,

    it’s 2009 now (2010 in a month) so now i think it’s time to chillax, time to stop with the “puritanism” hypocrisy !!! times have changed in case you didn’t notice !!!

  • Cindy

    Good decision!

  • lizzie
  • hahaha

    in europe, adam’s performance is old hat. he’s is playing the gender card but it’s a joke. men have always had the upper hand in life especially in the music business. this isn’t a gay issue, this is a misogynist one that everyone is tired of. I bet you all the idol execs i regretting there decision to back adam because he will cost them more than he will make. he’s reckless and demanding without the chops to back it up. the biggest question is where can he go from here?

  • ommmz

    Adam Lambert isn’t doing anything that other avant-garde mainstream artists haven’t done; Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, Britney Spears have all rocked the world with racy intensity.
    Although, it’s an interesting phenomenon that the current society has more tolerance for provocative behavior from female performers.

    It’s okay to be “out there” and be controversial, but at least do it with a sense of style and purpose (IE: Lady Gaga). But don’t act like the audience is stupid and can’t sniff out your emulation and desperation.
    And don’t go around expecting the professional industry to roll out the red-carpet when you’re parading around town with such brazen rebellion and disdain.

  • ommmz

    @hahaha: hear hear!!

  • hahaha

    so right. reality tv people need a dose of it. you want to play with the big boys, this is how it works. maybe he’s just surprised no one is buying what he’s selling

  • AutumnM


    But those artists you mentioned were actually established before they started really being over the top or raunch. Madonna for one was always “out there”, but she didn’t really start being over the top until later in her career and she certainly wasn’t doing what Adam was doing when she started out.

    All those artists you mentioned waited first to establish themselves and had success first before being completely over the top. It was a gradual process whereas Adam just put it all out there already without being established. Adam hasn’t even had any success yet. It was just a bad move on his part.

  • Liz


    At the time the AMAs aired, kids were supposed to be in bed, sleeping to get ready for school the next morning.

    Had it been earlier, I firmly believe Adam would not have done that performance. He’s a smart cookie. He knows what he’s doing…and he does it WELL!!! GO ADAM!

  • Cougarx

    Are you kidding me? That performance was within the mainstream of what we see in music today. The issue I have is that music has become much more about the visual image than the sound. I suppose we could blame Michael Jackson and Madonna for this. But what they did was pioneering. The result, however, is now you get people like Xtina Aguilera whose music “videos” are paid a lot more attention to than her “music.” Anybody talking about Adam Lambert’s music? Which to me was surprisingly bland.

  • Cidalia

    Yes ….on her tour.

    Why is it that everytime something negative is said about his performance people always mention his sexual orientation??????

    His perfomance was bad…he tried too hard .

  • Cidalia

    His performance was bad…he tried too hard.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    yeah! more controversy – more publicity – more albums sold – MORE FAME! you couldn’t buy this kind of press!!!!
    adam wins, AGAIN!. ahahahahahaha..

  • sally

    ABC is run by disney.. disney doesnt want some guy to make out with another guy on a basic cable channel. madonna did it on mtv a channel that isnt basic. there are different guidelines for basic channels and cable channels. cbs, nbc, fox and abc are suppose to be channels that are approriate before nightime tv comes on. therefore abc had every right to get rid of adam. he cant sing anyway


    Yeah perverted sluts like him deserve to have a time out and why not
    throw a guy on a speaker and simulate having sex with him.. Perverted
    sluts like that need to be taken down a step and realize there are
    reasons the station do this.. Of course Janet did not get charged but
    the station did for her nudity breast…So why should ABC have to suffer
    for a perverted slut like him BLAME THE RADIO AND TELEVISION

  • AaniGurl

    Good Morning Homophobic America..
    so it ok for Rihanna to perform wearing nothing ..
    janet jackson, madonna, britney always does it ..
    even 16 year old striper miley cyrus “taking it from behind” in from of all KIDS concert is somehow ok ??!!!!!!!
    so if he doggystyled or grind that would’ve been ok ???!!!!!

    CHILL OUT .. he just started a new dance move “oral sex” .. can’t wait to go to a club to demonstrate

  • sara

    Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing how a person who crosses the line, who is anything other than a white straight man is somehow being discriminated against? Guess what-people would be unhappy about any people regardless of their sexual orientation, mimicking the act of oral sex on an internationally televised peogram too! When you have artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood nominated/performing at the same show, who clearly have a very different fan base than Adam Lambert you can’t assume the audience who loves a girl standing with a guitar will be okay with watching the envelope being pushed that far. As far as I am concerned push things as far as you want when the audience is yours and yours alone.

  • curious

    AL had at least 2 rehearsals before show the producers and ABC execs saw the S&M themes. So they didn’t have a problem with him leading dancers on leashes

  • mare

    This guy can saw good bye to his career. he is not good enought or popular enough to pull this stuff. Who really cares? It is not about a double standard it is about appealing to mainstream audience and to some extent kids who watch shows like american idol. His behabior was unnecessary. AGAIN GET OVER YOURSELF!

  • AutumnM


    I know u did not just mention Janet Jackson. Were u living in a cave or something? She got the BIGGEST BACKLASH ever for what happened at the superbowl. The backlash she got was 10x worse than what Adam is getting. You cannot be serious.

  • no talent

    screw this craterfaced fudgepacker and his Heat Mizer hairdo. his fans are suckers.


    Everyone keeps talking about how racy it was… I didn’t think so at all… I actually thought it was a lame attempt at being racy. It was very “hey look at me! Aren’t I soooo scandalous”… All I saw was bad singing and DEPERADO-ness.

  • Jessica

    Her Blonde Ambition Tour was something u had to pay to see or on HBO… not Disney owned ABC, tard. I agree with you but, to make a point you cant be an idiot.

  • Trash is Trash

    Personally I think all of them Rihanna, Lambert, Lady Gaga and now Shakira (who is talented but sold out to the industry pressures) are inappropriate for anyone to be watching or listening to the garbage they call music and performing.

    Unfortunately, in todays society people are so desensitized to what is vulgar that it is now called art or an expression of their talent. Well I call B.S. and thankfully there are still people with some common sense to see trash and know it’s trash!

  • michaela

    Art? Music? Think not!

  • AaniGurl

    i love janet jackson i didn’t mean the superbowl thing..
    i’m talking about the dance moves ..
    all those girls touch themselves and touch the dancers the same way ..
    and to who sayin ABC is run by Disney.. disney has the biggest whore on their channel MILEY CYRUS striping pole, half naked photos, doggystyling in concert with not “might be kids watchin at 11pm” but def “all kids watching in day time”
    they CANNOT do anything to Adam coz it’s pass 11pm .. ha!

  • Sunshine

    Adam, who closed the show, gave a very provocative performance, shoving people’s faces into his crotch, leading dancers around on a leash, acting out S&M fantasies and kissing both men and women.

    It was too provocative for regular TV…they should cancel him.

  • KathyC

    I just switched my DVR from GMA to The Early Show!

  • khalil

    I really that i’m so crazy to sed adam lambert so crazy , i luv america culuture i wanna be paparazzi ^_^
    I hope so
    My facebook is : Ôrlandô Bloôm

  • athena

    I think the cancellation of his show is overated…it’s not as if no one has seen this kind of act…anyway, between 8 – 9 in the morning…most children are in school, and most teens and adults are either at school or work.

    As it is…Someone in America is working hard to re-instate American values and purity of thought. Good luck…the box has been open and a million vices are floating about…lol….I would have loved to see his performance…Adam is Madonna’s long lost other…lol…

  • johnosahon

    janet jackson performed that famous “if” routine, where she touches the crotch of the male dancer, that gets NOTHING?

  • shelby

    THANK YOU GMA! Finally someone stands up to these performers who think they can shove their inappropriate crap down our throats. Stop acting like the victim. We wouldn’t have appreciated that from anyone… gay/straight/male/female. The AMA’s was NOT the place.

  • Lola


    The difference is that Madonna et al never did it on network cable tv. You even mentioned yourself – Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour. If somebody wants to be really raunchy and sell tickets to that event, fine. People can buy tickets and go see it. I don’t think it should be out there on cable tv where just anyone can watch it (grandma’s, kids home on sick days, young children with their moms) We don’t need Adam Lambert shoving his dick in everyone’s face. The other performers like Madonna et al did it on tours, dvds or late night television.

    Oh, and it’s not a gay issue. I am no bible thumper and I have quite a lot of good gay friends, but that does not mean I want to see Adam Lambert sticking his dick in people’s faces first thing in the morning.

    And besides all that, he sucks. He can’t sing or perform and his song is really bad. One of the worst songs I’ve actually ever heard. Hence all the dick thrusting to take the spotlight off of his no-talent