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Katie Holmes: Run In Her Stockings

Katie Holmes: Run In Her Stockings

Katie Holmes shows off a little run in her stockings while walking to the set of The Romantics with co-star Adam Brody on Monday (November 23) in Southold, New York.

While shooting her new movie, the 30-year-old actress is door is currently renting a private home – while the rest of the cast is are staying at a local hotel. “Katie is staying in a house in East Marion,” says an insider. “The rest of the cast is staying at the Greenporter Hotel and Spa.”

The house is hidden from the road, which is what Katie, 30, wants. “She reviewed about four different locations before settling on this one,” Century 21 Realtor Jerry Cibulski tells Life & Style. “Katie had people that contacted us looking for something with a lot of privacy and quaint amenities. It’s secluded but with great proximity to all the local spots.”

But just because Katie isn’t living with the rest of the cast – which includes Anna Paquin, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Josh Duhamel – doesn’t mean she isn’t bonding with her co-stars. She joined a group for dinner at the Frisky Oyster, a local seafood restaurant, on Nov. 11. And the next day, notes the insider, “Elijah and Jeremy [Strong] went to Katie‘s for dinner. Katie and a friend picked them up in a Chevy wagon.”

Where’s husband Tom Cruise? He flew off to Austria to film Knight & Day, his new movie with Cameron Diaz. Since Tom was away on his and Katie‘s third anniversary (Nov. 18), the couple celebrated on Nov. 14 instead, enjoying a romantic Italian dinner at Boston’s Bricco restaurant. The next night, the pair hit another Beantown fave, Abe & Louie’s – where they topped off their dinner with chocolate cake and key lime pie.

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Credit: StClair/Macpherson; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • tidbit

    Great more threads on this no-talent nonentity.

  • dani

    Oh geez, she has had her lips plumped. Looks dreadful.

  • x

    Hi Jared, I was wondering if you could ban all the negative comments because I get really sad when I read ‘em. All the posts… I know. I can choose not to read..but…sigh…….

  • riiip

    the thick legs are just bursting out of the jumbo hose

  • pt

    is this the homeless librarian look?

  • Fyn


    Hey! That was my comment:-)

  • Chris


  • Four

    You’re all terrible

  • Four

    You’re all terrible

  • luvglee

    adam is so cute

  • luvglee

    grow up people. katie is pretty and nice.

  • Liz86000

    She really looks MUCH better those days. But OMG: DIVA! To not live with the rest of the cast? Pfft..

  • http://deleted lisa

    jared please post more adam brody pics from the set.

  • Four

    You’re not a diva just because you want some alone time, #12

  • justme

    Another one who got her lips plumped…looks bad.

  • luvglee

    she’s not a diva. they are all pretty close,

  • ocsethummer

    Definitely post more Adam Brody he is sooooo adorkable. Please.

  • jill

    The Life&Style story 8is obviously false. Katie8isnot renting a home in Long Island. She’s staying in the NY apartment that Tom has owned for years. There are photos of her and Suri leaving the apartment. Geez, these tabloids just mae stuff up. I can’t believe people actuallly buy them.

  • Poppy

    does anyone know why dawson’s creek reruns aren’t on the air anymore?

  • Annie

    Ugly gross pig. HATE HER AND her CRAZY NUT CASE husband!!!!!

  • gokat

    Katie is a very pretty lady. She looks happy and I’m not surprised. Loving hubby, little girl and her career seems to be on track. I like how she just ‘does her thing’.

  • Jersey

    That’s hilarious how they are not paying attention to details in this movie. Shooting outdoor wedding scenes with Anna Paquin in a thin dress with no sleeves and her nose all red because of the cold weather. I mean, why not film in a warmer climate? And with Josh no-talent Douchemel in the lead. I say this movie has a small budget. Sloppily made.

  • AutumnM

    Katie looks nice

  • http://deleted tatu

    adam brody is looking so hot.

  • maggie

    Wow, what the heck did she do to her lips? They look totally fake and awful. Why do these actresses do this to themselves? Katie looks horrible with those gargantuan lips.

  • lizzie

    pff, so rich you can’t buy good tights?!

  • Suri Trademark Dress $920!!!
  • The Lips

    Good or bad, Kate is obsessed with copying Nic.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    She has one of the most hideous trunk legs, same with Leona lewis.
    She is very thick muscled and should not do athletic sports like running. Instead she should chose a sport that stretches and elongates the muscles in a very feminine elegant way : classical balley, stretching, pilates method.
    Her husband is tiny so she should do even more effort to make those big bones, athletical muscles more thin and graceful.

  • gene

    “Get the Look?” LMAO That’s very, very funny, Jared!

    Who would want that “look”? Basically, go dig some drabby ugly clothes out of the Salvation Army donation reject pile and there you have it!

  • kc

    “Katie isn’t living with the rest of the cast ”
    yea , she’s special, like the kids on the short bus

  • dani

    Can’t get over those flubber lips of hers.

  • Mike Miller

    Jeez – poor thing. I’m sure she was embarrassed enough all ready, now here’s the thing exposed to the world. Ah well, I guess all those millions of dollars she has in piles in the living room make up for any downsides of being a celeb.

  • desi

    she’s on the set of her new movie. Katie is gorgeous

  • Melanie

    I hope she doesn’t cheat on Tom!

  • JenHagsSUCK

    What part of – “she’s shooting a movie” – “she’s on set” – “she’s in the clothes her character wears” – you thick-headed, lumpen proletariats dont get?
    And y’all wonder why America became the laughing stock of the civilized world?

  • JenHagsSUCK

    # 20 Annie @ 11/24/2009 at 12:46 pm
    Ugly gross pig. HATE HER AND her CRAZY NUT CASE husband!!!!!
    Annie, dont look now, but I think the men with the straight jacket are already at your door. Seems you escaped from the loonie bin and its not safe for the rest of us that you are not locked up in chains and with all sharp instruments removed from your reach.
    Fcuking psycho.

  • JenHagsSUCK

    dani @ 11/24/2009 at 2:39 pm
    Can’t get over those flubber lips of hers.
    Hey, dumbc0nt dani. The woman hasnt done anything with her lips. Obviously she’s blowing air out of the side off her mouth, like cigarrette smokers often do. And this clearly spread out her lips a bit. .
    First of all, its not unnattractive; and secondly, what a brave, conscientious, discerning soul you are – locked up in your mother’s hot, smelly basement, unwashed and spewing filth from your low rent mouth, about one of the happiest women in the world. Makes you feel important doesnt it? LOL

  • jen

    man,,,, her lips are huge. maybe Tom punched her in the mouth

  • Melanie

    Tom is so lucky, he doesn’t deserve her!

  • Kate Kuss

    I stayed at the Greenporter Hotel this weekend and saw Elijah Wood on Friday having dinner in the restaurant!! Anna Paquin came in with a bunch of friends to meet him. Elijah is a really nice guy!!

  • dani


    Well you obviously didn’t blow up the pics–she looks flubber lips in all of them.

    However, she is lucky, they’ll go down. You on the other hand have a flubber brain. Much worse. No cure. How sad for you.

  • KMcG

    Wasn’t sure about the lips at first, but if you look at her wedding picture, you’ll see that she has almost no upper lip there. Lips definitely looked plumped as compared to the wedding pic. I also think that the wardrobe people have it out for her – she’s never in anything flattering for this film. Mostly, I think she’s just a plain Jane these days – definitely not hideous, as some claim, but just very bland.

  • @JenHagsSUCK

    Geez Jen Hag–anger management issues? Men in white coats in your life?
    It’s a blog, chill out.

  • kit

    I don’t think it’s katie people dislike, but tom. They take it out on her because he won her over with the movie-star lifestyle.

  • yazlongfellow

    Tom was probably wearing those stockings on his head when he was infiltrating the anonymous squirrel base.

  • Mickey

    she is so dammm sexy.check out w w w . u s e x e d . c o m /sexy for some sexy and hooot videos

  • Melanie

    I wonder if she is pregnant again? Hopefully soon!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks ok according 2 higher standards
    which is as long as she doesnt look like a complete mess, it’s alright
    lol at the stockings stretching 2 death

  • sara

    Look how chilly she is, and she’s got more layers on than Suri ever wears! Duh! What a stupid moronic woman!