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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Touch Down Together

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Touch Down Together

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart land in Los Angeles together on Monday (November 23).

Robert, 23, and Kristen, 19, both star in the latest Twilight installment, New Moon which earned a new opening weekend overseas total of $132 million. This means, combined with the domestic total, New Moon opened to a whopping total of $274.9 million in its first weekend.

In other news, for those that can’t get enough of Rob, it was just announced that there is a Robert Pattinson documentary in the works called Robsessed that will be expected to be released in 2010.

FYI: Kristen is wearing 4 Stroke “Roseland” jeans in Beaujolais.

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  • Nancy

    I think alot of us are ROBSESSED!!!!
    But a documentary?? That’s a bit much… I think most people fancy him in the context of Twilight/New Moon…

  • naomi

    Soooo, are they boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends??
    what do you think??

  • LOLA

    i wonder what she is reading.. she usually has interesting taste on books….Anyone?

  • dundies

    congratulations on your shitty movie that got terrible reviews and a 4. something on imdb! drinks all around

  • dundies

    she usually has interesting taste on books
    like twilight?

  • emas

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. New Moon ROCKED. Totally loved it. Love those too, I hope they’re together!

  • Kayline


    They are definitely couple!

  • Kayline

    i love them together! i love their hobo style btw.. =)


    they are for sure together…….

  • sari

    No dude Robsessed is out!!!!!!!! I saw it in Best Buy hahahaha The title made me laugh for like an hour.

  • Emily

    Does anyone know what book is in Kristen Stewart’s hand? I can’t read the title but I can see a picture of I think a Victorian woman on it though..

  • Emily

    @LOLA: That’s what I’m wondering.. aha

  • katy

    love Rob’s style of clothes…he’s so hot!!

  • nn

    madame de pompadour – the book

  • Rosie

    Yea Robsessed is already out cuz I was at Target last night and my friend and sister made fun of me about it for about ten minutes… I like him in movies but some fans are a bit extreme…

  • Brianna

    Yeah, I saw it at Target too. I laughed. I like the books and movies, but come on ladies… Give it a rest. He’s a person just like you and me.

  • Michelle

    We can’t all be as refined as you. I do find it interesting that although you aren’t interested in them, you do find the time to comment TWICE! Get a life!


  • Amalie

    @LOLA: It’s Madame de Pompadour by Nancy Mitford.
    Great book btw.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i found it hilarious how every chick screamed at all shirtless scenes of taylor [jacob] and when edward cullen took his shirt off it was dead fcuking silent. i guess girls weren’t impressed by the airbrushed on abs.

    taylor should get all credit for new moon making that much money. the wolves were by far the most entertaining part of that movie.

  • Yumi

    The wolves were the most boring part of the movie..

  • Cindy

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    Haha! I so agree with you there!.

  • sarah

    #19 – Because he wasn’t supposed to look good, dummy. He was suicidal and that’s why he was so pale, skinny, sickly and “unnatractive” during that scene. It wasn’t a time to ogle over how hot he is. It was a heart wrenching scene.

    That said I still find him by far hotter than Taylor (even though he is a cutie). Love Rob! <3

  • Gail

    These two should stop lying and just come out with their relationship already. Don’t give me this crap how it was purely a coincidence they ended up on the same flight back to LA. Just admit it already, we all know the truth.

  • Amalie

    @sarah: Thank you, well said.
    I totally agree with you! 8)

  • Kayline


    I couldn’t agree more!
    Tay’s abs.. bleh.. bleh..
    I am sick to death of seeing him topless!

  • Its a scam


    Robsessed DVD is a scam for the idiot that made it to make a quick Buck promiseing new and exclusive information. Well all of his Information he gather is stuff he STOLE from other people including the title of the DVD from a blog that writes about Robert. Anyone who buys this DVD and contributes to his theift and lies is an idiot. he had credited many websites claiming they are loyal supporters of his only to be bombarded with e-mails from the site demanding that he take their sites down and do not link them to his crap.
    Just a little FYI on the robsessed DVD so people dont waste their money on this scam.

  • Shannon M

    I wish they would just come out and say that they are couple. I mean they are gonna have the paps following them no matter what they say so might as well come and out and say yes we are seeing each other!!!! No wonder Rpb can’t get a girl because everyone thinks he is with Kristen.

  • lizzie

    who cares bout these stupid teens!?

  • joi

    she was reading Madame de Pompadour

  • Julia

    I believe the Robsessed DVD is out already, I saw it at Target the other day. I took a photo of it:

  • c


    well said, and rob really is much hotter. and he worked out for the movie too, it is said in interviews.

  • Melanie

    She’s really hot. HE’s so lucky.

  • c


    well said. and rob really is much hotter. and he worked out for the movie too, it is said in the interviews.

  • joe

    The Robsessed DVD is already available at Target. I saw it there the other day.

  • dundies

    I do find it interesting that although you aren’t interested in them, you do find the time to comment TWICE! Get a life!

    i just congratulated them you cold hearted bitch

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    they look so damn COOL, and it was nice of them to thank the fans

  • Melanie

    They are a perfect couple!

  • anonimo

    if all know about theme ROBSTEN way all of you want that they come out, leave theme alone

  • Melanie

    They are a perfect couple! I hope they get married!

  • Elizabeth

    Kristen looks like a coke addict. No suprise there.

  • AnasiaCullen

    I love them. I read that book “Madame de Pompadour by Nancy Mitford” very interesting. New Moon: is and always will be the best! I love it. O.o It blew my mind! Go Rob! <3 Negative comments, like c’mon guys. Please, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. Please, get a grip. :) Well, New Moon rocked, lets see Eclipse!

  • KristenRULES!!

    Kristen is the boss!!

  • Mickey

    she is so dammm sexy.check out w w w . u s e x e d . c o m /sexy for some sexy and hooot videos

  • Melanie

    Kristen looks like a vampire. She is really pale. So why can Edward not hear Bella’s thought?

  • lakers fan in boston

    in the trailers for the movie, she actually looks cute
    but in real life, she’s not pretty at all, she looks dirty even

  • laura

    she reminds me of samantha ronson

  • okoibaboy

    rob is hot and that is soooooooooooooo…!!!!

  • twilight/new moon

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    the whole scene with the wolves are so boring to be honest there’s nothing entertaining about them and some of the wolves actually have a pot belly yikeeeeeeeeesssss! luckily, Kristine is so amazing in her portrayal of a broken hearted Bella that she was able to carry the movie, Kristine is the heart and soul of New Moon. And Rob did wonderfully as a self-broken/suicidal person and there is nothing to scream about Edward taking off his shirt to Die!

  • mary

    secondo me stanno troppo insieme….sono stupendi come coppia!!li adoro!!

  • ET

    Bless Robsten through this madness …
    stay strong and healthy!